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  1. It was a white one, with the plate TIKTAK owned by a GC named Amar.
  2. I fell in love with one of these when I was in Melbourne a couple of years ago, a guy turned up to a little meet we went to in a super cool 5K swapped one. He was a GC, and he drove it pretty hard. I've pined for one ever since, but chances of owning one are probably pretty slim. Definitely one of my dream machines. Keep it K. I can't believe I'm saying that, but the character that this little KE15 had with the 5K in it was just so perfect for the car. Couple of doorty sidedrafts and you're good to go.
  3. As long as you're in it'll be stark raving mad, Simpson.
  4. Kelford 193B. I don't think that number applies to anything else.
  5. That's cos Freyberg alumni know how to build a nice car
  6. I also like #5
  7. Stoked for you guys and what a cool plan bro! All the best and I look forward to following the build.
  8. Give it 6 weeks or so.
  9. It looked like this last week. 1979 Triumph 2500S-61-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr Then I had to get a WOF and now it looks like this. 1979 Triumph 2500S-125 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Now it's on Trademe for sale, get amongst it.
  10. Well that's a bit stink, I didn't know the Dynalite had been updated.... a bit of a shame to have to mess with the guards!
  11. If you switch those calipers to a Dynalite (they are a Superlite) they'll fit behind 13" wheels, assume the rotors are a 250mm. I get my Dynalites inside a 13" with about 4mm to spare before it tags the bolts. All my single piece wheels have plenty of clearance. IMG_3160 by Richard Opie, on Flickr
  12. ^ I dropped in to say the same thing! Doesn't look toooo bad really... I guess it could have surprises under the skin, but you could be dealing with way worse. Plus it's a PI wagon, so totally worth saving.
  13. I hope you've requested the windscreen banner....
  14. Man, you need a windscreen banner proclaiming the Soul Synchro Machine. That's a great slogan, and the world needs to know it.
  15. Set of 193b's sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing at all that would surely be lush.