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  1. That scaffolding is wild. What happens once the cladding is on and the joinery is in? Does anyone know what the system is called?
  2. There was a fella on Toyspeed who reduced the size of his smallport intake valves ... something something helmholtz. /ling Edit: intake ports, not valves. It was an interesting theory, but I think that in this situation the vessel (runner) length would be a better variable to play with, rather than restricting the intake to get the resonance you wanted.
  3. I got everything together on Saturday, then had to charge the battery, so I got it started on Sunday. It was idling nicely, had a couple of fairly loose tappets: Tightened those up and then attempted to take it for a drive. It was missing really badly under load, really badly. I started losing my shit about putting the timing chain back wrong, then remembered that it was also missing really badly before I took it apart. I'd just assumed that it was a symptom of the BHG. So after checking the plugs etc I decided that the coil must be bad. I borrowed
  4. I wasn't planning to do it immediately. I just have a hole in the cooling system that needs a bung and I thought I might as well put the correct thingo in the whatsit to save draining coolant later. It doesn't actually look very hard though, so maybe I will do it soon.
  5. Thanks @kpr. That's exactly what I needed.
  6. I want to convert my D21 to run an electric fan, just because. I've found a whole bunch of thermo switches that will fit the available hole, but I'm not sure what temperature range I want. It's a bog stock Z24 engine (carb, sohc, low as anything compression). It does do a bit of sitting in traffic and the odd light thrashing etc, like any daily driver. Everything seems to be available in the right format from 'On 85 - Off 80' through to 'On 105 - Off 100'. Any advice?
  7. Some of the mangling I did to make the Z20 manifold work. The most stressful bit was finding that the bolt spacing for the carb was slightly different, I ended up using a drill to slot two of the mounting holes by 4mm each. Overall the manifold looked the same, enough so that I didn't actually start finding differences until I started trying to put things together. Mostly different bolt spacings and a few more of the cast bosses are actually used on whatever car it came from. There's the obvious cut in the throttle cable bracket around the base of the carb, but the bolt spacin
  8. Long time no update. I wasn't really planning to post, so the pictures are a bit lacking. I sold the flatdeck Navara yesterday. Also been getting busy on finally fixing the blown headgasket on FEG. I got the Z20E head cleaned up, though I ended up wishing that I'd just got the one listed on kiwi cylinder heads' website. Cost the same and I still have to put up with a few flaws on mine. I've spent the last few days sorting out making the Z24 carb and associated gubbins fit onto the Z20S intake manifold. I also bought a D21 Terrano for part
  9. The average meet is under 10 people anyway, right? I was keen for this one...
  10. I've noticed recently that another channel I follow (Aussie Arvos) must edit out almost all of the ums, ahs, and pauses. The video is a little choppy as a result, but honestly I find it preferable over a video that's 2 minutes longer with zero additional content. Also, don't be worried about short videos I reckon. They're way easier to fit into the day. Watching 20+ minute videos means actually taking a fair bit of time to sit down and get through.
  11. There's already a big improvement between the first and most recent video! You're clearly getting a bit more comfortable talking to the camera.
  12. Indeed, minus a tiny bit of compression. His main objective is raising the front bumper up. Assuming a front overhang of 750mm, a 15mm spacer raises the front by 19mm, pretty decent.
  13. Is it acceptable to space down suspension top hats? A friend has got lowered spring in his accord, which are great, but he wants to raise the front of the car by about 8-10mm. We were thinking that getting a nylon bush made up to match the top hat would be a neat solution.
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