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  1. This is much better, but it kind of reminds me of my grandad's home made belt driven table saw and home made belt driven wood lathe. Both in wooden frames. They both worked fine, but were fucking terrifying.
  2. The RS models have rear disc brakes..
  3. I've been waiting all weekend for the trip report!
  4. I can probably help m8. I'm in Glenfield. 021 0249 3707. Edit: just seen you posted last week. Get it sorted?
  5. With that thinking, you could be a bottle scientist. Reckon it could be decanted and sprayed with a normal primer gun? I'm hoping to get quite a smooth finish.
  6. I spotted this on one of those little Mercedes Vitz things at the workshop next door.
  7. I've bought stuff from Car Colours before. Are any of the alternatives tintable? Sorry for the spam Hampie, nice firewood haul.
  8. I started replacing photos, but that was sucky and slow. I'm just gonna dump a bunch here to celebrate 12 years of ownership. I've made new front struts in the last little while, so now it should be able to get a cert. At the end of last summer I got halfway through replacing the fuel lines, then it started raining. Since then there's been a puddle of mud under the car (which I can't move), and I haven't been that keen to climb under. Updates soon. Hopefully.
  9. Where do you buy Raptor, and what does it cost? Keen to do the bumpers and wheel arches on my Paj with it, since it can be colour matched.
  10. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you only want a ballpark price to gauge budget etc too.
  11. Mods, please feel free to take this down if not appropriate. Hi Everyone, I mentioned this in the DIY thread, but it's open to everyone here. I do all the estimating etc for Unity Scaffolding here in Auckland. I can help you out with scaffolds large and small, or simple roof edge protection. I can't do it free, but I can give OSGCs the same rates that the big boys get. If anyone here is a builder/painter looking for scaff on their projects, we're Sitewise accredited and are currently doing all kinds of commercial and residential work. Happy to work out good deals for y
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