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  1. Thanks for the tip nzed. Appreciate you sharing this. I'm a total noob when it comes to all things Toyota.
  2. Funny you should say that Tori. I was also thinking some kind of oil heater. Level sensor didn't even enter my mind until Sheepers mentioned it.
  3. Thanks for solving the mystery Sheepers. First time I've encountered one of these. Luckily the sump on my mock-up engine doesn't have this so I'll swap the sumps over and get rid of it. Looks like I could do with a new sump gasket anyway and would be good to give the bottom end a bit of an eye over at the same time. Bryan, the dipstick is about the only thing I can get to with the 4Y fitted in the Thames LOL.
  4. I was crawling around under my Toyota HiAce donor van this morning and noticed a strange looking plate bolted to the side of the sump. Looks like it has two electrical wires sticking out of it that have been cut off. Pic below. Anyone know what this is ?
  5. A pair might overdo it, but a single might do the trick.
  6. Thanks very much Simon. No worries at all. I've got heaps to keep me busy in the mean time.
  7. When I last updated this build thread I was struggling to get the donor HiAce to start. With some guidance from Browndog I managed to get the coil wired up correctly but wasn't getting any spark at the plugs. After swapping a few further yarns with Browndog it became apparent that the distributor needed a birthday. I had planned to source a new set of points and condenser as well as a fresh cap and rotor, but got offered a brand new replacement dizzy at a keen price, so decided to go down that path. Picked up the dizzy yesterday as well as a new fuel pump as the old one was shagged. Fitted the new dizzy first thing this morning. Chucked some fuel down the carbie. Twisted my temporary wiring together and was amazed when she fired up on the first go. Only ran for a few secs as I haven't fitted the new fuel pump yet and no exhaust so didn't want to piss off the neighbours. But to say that I am suitably stoked would be an understatement. Figured whilst I was on a roll I'd try to restore the original wiring so that I can use the ignition key rather than having to twist wires together. Only took me a few hours to sort out the wiring puzzle and she now starts with the key. Found the missing piece of exhaust in the back of the other HiAce, so fitted that too. This van hasn't run for a good few years so I was a bit dubious about the condition of the fuel tank and its contents. Figured I wouldn't fit the new fuel pump as I didn't want to fill it with crap. Dropped the bottom bung out of the HiAce fuel tank and was amazed to see that it still had about 10 litres of fuel in it. Fuel looks surprisingly fresh with no sediment so I'll take that as another win. Replaced the bung and put the juice back in the tank. Plan for tomorrow is to plumb in an inline fuel filter and fit the new mechanical fuel pump. Talking about the fuel pump I see that it has three connection points. One of the connectors has a small hole, so I'm guessing it must be some type of vacuum pipe. Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks for reading
  8. Thanks Simon, if you do have a spare I'd be very keen. I'm based in Aus, but happy to wear the extra freight costs as SUs are pretty thin on the ground here. Let me know how you go. Cheers Gordon
  9. Thanks for stepping in Lump, my bad I should have mentioned that the HS6 is the 1 3/4 inch. KWS that chart of yours is perfect for what I need to work out, so thanks for sharing. The HIF version that Bryan has mentioned is the newer generation carbie that has the integrated float bowl. The HIFs are metric so the desired model would be a HIF44. Valiant and JustHarry, thanks for the offers to take measurements. Hang on for now as I should be able to work out what I need from the chart kws shared. If not I'll get back to you. If my plan works out does anyone have a spare HS6 or HIF44 that they would be willing to sell ?
  10. Is there anyone out there in oldschool land who has a loose SU HS6 carbie lying around and is able to take some quick measurements off it for me. I'm needing to confirm the measurement from the lowest point (bottom of float bowl) to the centre of the mounting flange and then the highest point (top of pot) to centre of mounting flange. I'd be really grateful for any help. Ta in advance.
  11. Hi Damo, Chuffed to hear you've won with your Commer. I'll flick you a PM in a few secs. Cheers, Gordon
  12. Thanks for the info Bryan. It's definitely worth investigating.
  13. Too true Conrad ! I'm hoping that the fact that we are out of a major metro will work in our benefit, but time will tell I guess. Glad you got to stock up on the essentials Hope you get some quality time with your van.
  14. Oh, just saw your PS Conrad. Hope you get everything you need to keep you busy during the lock down. Gotta say that NZ has made the right call on the full lock down. OZ is just postponing the inevitable in my opinion. At least we have got our projects to keep us occupied. All the best.