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  1. Thought I'd quickly chuck the side trim on this morning before moving on to other things. Err....... no ..... The $1,000 USA respray from 2010 comes back to haunt me once again. Looks like the door jambs must have been painted after the lower side valance and I only noticed the ugly over spray when I got down and personal. If it was just colour that would have been okay, but it's bloody primer too. If I'd have noticed it earlier we could have painted it at the same time as the doors, but oh well. Managed to ease most of it off with a piece of 1200 grit water paper followed by a bit of rubbing compound. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than it was. Thanks for looking.
  2. It's a bit of a feeble update today. Doesn't look like much but it took me a good while to align the rear quarter window frames with the door window frames. Gaps are almost spot on now. Just need to clean my dirty paw prints off the chrome. With this out of the way I can now install the rear quarter inside panels and then the parcel shelf and back seat.
  3. Just after morning smoko the courier pitched up with my 2 inch lowering kit for the rear axle. Much excite. Unpacked the parcel and ....... instant fail. Not sure what this kit is for, but it's definitely not for a 66 Mustang. Absolutely nothing fits. Just waiting to hear back from the supplier.
  4. Spent the morning fitting the glass and winder mechanism into the driver's door. Wow, what a difference the refurbished winder mechanism makes. Smooth as silk. Cracked out the new weather strips and door seal and fitted those too. Final step was to fit the interior door panel and related bling. And, that's the driver's door ready to rock and roll.
  5. Today's mission was the driver's side rear quarter window. Again all 3 rollers riveted to the window frame were seized solid, so first step was to replace those. The little roller pins were well rusty. Before installing the window backing plate I wrapped the rear wiring harness in new cloth tape and threaded it through to the boot. Gave the rest of the window components a liberal coating of spray grease and wrestled that puppy back into place. With both rear quarter windows now installed I was able to finally fit the new weather strips and rubber end plates. You can see just how bad the old belt lines were. I'd even sourced new screws for the rubber end plates cause I'm a lost case. Thanks for looking.
  6. And .... that's the last of the rust proofing done. Pumped two litres of goo into the driver's side rear quarter inner as well as both front chassis braces. Then spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the mess. With that mucky job behind me at least now I can get on to the good stuff, being the reassembly.
  7. And in other news I discovered this amongst the debris. When was the last time you saw a bobby pin ? Probably lost by Peggy Sue during a bit of back seat passion at the drive in movies back in 1969. I guess it might not be the only thing that Peggy Sue lost that night.
  8. Today's little mission is the last of the panel cavities being the driver's side rear quarter. I started off by stripping out the quarter window and mechanism. Again, the backing plate has been butchered and since its a tetanus shot just waiting to happen I'll tidy that up. The mechanism has seen a bit of loving in the past and has a date of 2011 scratched into the surface, so I'm guessing it was done as part of the major USA rebuild back in 2010 and 2011. The factory sheathing on the wiring harness is well shagged so I pulled that out and will give it a birthday with some cloth tape. Apart from that the metal looks pretty solid. A bit of debris including more dog hair and a little bit of surface rust at the panel joints, but nothing a good clean and a little bit of rust converter won't cure.
  9. It's another sunny day here at Rough & Ready Restos and today I thought I'd finish off the refurbishment and installation of the passenger side rear quarter window. During the cleaning phase I noticed that the 3 rollers fitted to the window frame were seized solid. Unfortunately they are riveted in from factory so not that easy to replace. Since the rollers were still pretty solid looking I thought I'd try to free them up. After giving them a good soaking in de-greaser and a good tickle of WD40 I managed to free up the rear roller, but the front ones were still solidly seized. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new set that is supplied complete with new factory rollers. After spanking the rivets with a flapper disk I was able to knock the old rivets out, and fitting the new rollers and rivets wasn't as difficult as I initially thought it would be With all of the parts now spic and span I gave the mechanism and tracks a quick coat of spray grease before refitting. The window now rolls up and down smoothly and I am one happy camper. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks heaps for the feedback. I must admit that I agonised over the wheel decision for quite a while. I definitely wanted to go back to something close to the original diameter, but like you say I didn't want to end up with something common. One of my favorite cars is an AC Cobra in that dark metallic blue colour with the original Halibrand knock off wheels and I figured the new wheels with the classic unfinished looking centre and a polished lip would hark back to that era. I've got a set of polished aluminium knock off caps on order and can't wait for them to arrive. In my opinion they should complete the look that I am aiming for.
  11. Even although the underlay and carpet are going to hide the 4 floor mounted cover plates, the OCD in me just couldn't leave them looking shabby. So to reward myself for a good job done on the rust proofing I treated myself to a bit of flapper disk work followed by a light tickle of primer and then a dusting of satin black. Even did the screws cause it's a sad life that I lead. Smeared a little bit of non hardening sealer on the edges before screwing them down. Final score : OCD - 1 Me - 0
  12. And .... that's the driver's door cavity done. Did I mention what a mucky and tedious job this is. Spray a bit of goo about the place.... clean your hands..... wait for the mist to dissipate..... take a few photos cause my head is too big to fit inside the door ..... check for missed spots in the photos...... rinse and repeat until you are happy with the result. A few photos to prove it actually happened:
  13. While I was in town picking up the new wheels yesterday I dropped by the paint shop and purchased a 4 litre tin of the rust proofing goo, so this morning I slapped a few liberal coats inside the passenger door. It's a real mucky task, but I'm feeling much happier now. Just the driver's side door and rear quarter cavity to go and then the assembly work can kick off in earnest.
  14. Thanks for that mate. I really appreciate the feedback.
  15. Mama got some new shoes today. Just waiting for the knock off spinners to arrive to complete the look. I've now got heaps of fender gap so I'll be able to dial in a bit of low which will make my heart sing. Before and after shots:
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