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  1. A very generous dyno, 108kw atw, 144hp at the wheels. They say it reads about 10 percent over, if so its still a good engine.
  2. 3 days after it got its 1st wof in 24 years Probably done 2000miles since dec
  3. Many years later, and the car is finally on the road. All my old embedded images are long gone, so need to use your imagination... sorry, will try find some of the older pics and repost
  4. I know someone that would be interested, Formula Ford guys need them to meet the specs of the class.
  5. A auto P11 4wd with Sr20de is not a bad set of running gear. The autos are similar to fwd, with a transfer case added and pretty reliable. The rear diffs are fine, and nothing generally wrong with the transfer case. Manuals can have issues with 3rd gear if driven hard, but mostly just due to age rather than a total piss poor design. Whats the noises? Could be a CV or driveshaft related?
  6. Before After This has been a long drawn out job, only in my spare time. Will be loosing this workshop soon so needed to get the paint on it before winter. Bought a Iwata gun for the final coat, instead of the $150 gun i used for the primer. Just didnt want the risk of it going on bad, glad i did, but prob could have done ok with the cheap gun too. Now it turns into a assembly job, which is going to be prob as much work as the panel and paint, in that its never really been assembled before, so its going to be like a jigsaw puzzle, without the box, and grey side up!
  7. Boost leak, dirty maf, aftermarket leads, old spark plugs? Fuel pumps are getting old so thats a fairly strong contender too. Does it have a stock BOV? Stock airbox?
  8. I recently picked up a 1997 Hilux with 22r engine as a work vehicle. Initial driving was pretty terrible, very low power, flat as under full throttle. 1st couple of tanks of fuel i was getting about 370km out of 50l of petrol. 7.4km/l or 13.5 litre per 100km. So far ive removed the old rusty cat converter and replaced the front part of exhaust, leaned out the idle mixture screw (im pretty certain this only affects idle, nothing else), and its gone from idling at 12.8 : 1 to 15:1, and is around 13.5 at light to moderate loads, but is still 11.8 : 1 at full power. On the weekend i removed the massive air stirrer on the front of the engine, as the viscous clutch was seized and fan was running at full speed all the time, and fitted a really decent elec fan. It sounds way better now, and has a little bit of character, can rev out a lot better, and has way better throttle response and seems to have a lot more torque. On this tank (Z 95 octane), ive so far done 420km, and its not empty yet. Im not sure where to go next, but looking at the secondaries and why its running turbo spec fueling is the next step, but need to pull the carby apart to adjust jetting if thats the case.
  9. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43814-darryls-3rd-1200-coupe-discuss/ Thoughts on the color? It looks a bit cream atm, but then the sample taken outside looks more like what i wanted. Next step is to sand the overspray and block the primer with maybe 400 grit, then i can put all the doors and panels on and get them lined up ready for top coat paint over the rest of the body
  10. Well ive been pretty busy. Blocked all the primer back, fixed a few bits i wasnt happy with, and then laid another coat of 2k primer on again last weekend. No point posting pics, as it looks same as last time. But ive mixed the color, so close to it. The large patch is what it is atm, i might add a little more tint to it as its maybe a little lighter than No2 atm. No3 is way too dark, its almost got a green tinge which is too much, prob want it to be close to No1 sample. Next step is to fire some color on the jambs, engine bay and inside all the panels, then i can do a fine blocking of the primer and sand off any over spray, then fit all the panels for final color coat.
  11. Big day today, after a lot of prep and sanding, finally got some 2k primer on the car. Made a spray booth up out of a $149 Mitre 10 party tent, and a big fan in window with a duct at back of tent to keep fumes down. Used Durapox 2k. Ordered grey as the car will be white, took can out of box and its Black! Argh. Panic. What the hell, its Waitangi day, but worth the phone call, and put dude was there, told me to come over and swapped for light grey, whew! Brand new gun performed like a champ, but learnt that filtering the paint is a must, got a few splatters in a few places. Big thanks to James for running the gun, was a team effort to keep the paint mixed when required and move things aorund Come a long way!
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