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  1. now im kinda disappointed you didnt go for some retro fisher and paykel service van logos haha
  2. never had an issue with using them on a grinder. even on big long panels.
  3. wire cup brush on a grinder would be my go to
  4. some "pros" used to (and some still do) just spray the whole lot and sand to shape. i guess they figure its easier than hammering the few trouble spots, i.e ive mixed this paint already may as well use it/
  5. You might cut that tube and solder a dowel inside to bring the strength back?
  6. unless you wanna cut all the cab mounts out for me
  7. honestly i have already replaced at least 50% of this cab. theres no more original mitsi rust left (im sure theres some in the lower rad support but meh thats easy). if i had sandblasted/dipped this cab when i first got it id be all over a different one, but i think im on top of it now
  8. would this for example apply to a nurse's private car needed to get to work?
  9. tortron


    in my experience paint stripper removes the paint in layers, expecially the weaker stuff. my ute tray took 6 applications where it had been resprayed several times. very frustrating for me, potentially great for you
  10. tortron


    could try one of those sticker remover wheels that go on a drill. basically a claybar?
  11. tortron


    woops saw you tried thinners probably if you let it soak in, wet sheet, cover in plastic?
  12. il do it if theres no one local, send to me with return postage