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  1. Nah reuse the gasket and rings itl be fine on one of these
  2. Yeah same as the gn125 I reckon. One side sits in the grooves under the head gasket and the other is held in place between the barrel and head It's honestly a 10 minute job so you may as well replace the guide as well. If the chain was worn out the guide probably is
  3. we had an identical one, except for peeling paint on the roof turning overdrive off uses an extra half a tank between opotiki and gisborne lol
  4. About 1/3rd of a panel is what you want, it's diminishing returns after that. But more is always better right
  5. Yeah she's got drovers boots I don't look at the wife's dog credit card statement and she pays no attention to the car parts piling up
  6. Shes a bit soft tbh irl but we are going on a snow camping hike later, so probably useful
  7. Turned wife's hoodie into dog cloak Needs a bit of velcro for the belly strap and I think I will fold the front bit over, but otherwise not bad
  8. The ones i have dont have, but slightly different model. The glue is a known issue
  9. you mght look into a mass loaded vinyl for that
  10. i lost like 4kg from swapping in the lithium battery. so with the rear wheel swap, indicators, guard chop, and tail light swap, oh and im sure my pannier rack is lighter than the stock one, i must be doing alright.
  11. 110kg wet i think it was and im aiming for 100. basically there but yeah, like 2% of the bikes weight is just in the stop light and indicators everything is built solid to last (except the frame)
  12. tortron


    so you have 2 things going on here add weight to the panel to stop drumming i.e dynamat stuff on wheelwells, flat panels but then you also want something to absorb the sound so you want to use something like automotive underlay or a dense closed foam sheet product if you have stuff rattling you use thinner foam sheets or fabric tape dynamat will help with tinnyness, give the doors a nice thunk when you close them, but you gotta have something else as well to help with muffling noise
  13. they have like a double wall construction so tie wireing them on doesnt really work, they are way thicker than normal grips
  14. Happy little accident. Ordered some gn125 indicators off aliexpress, they arrived and are about 1/3 the size they should be. So I'm taking the originals off the advgn, painting them black, and putting them on another bike. So that means the GN gets small indicators. Originals Massive 914g New ones 220g Looks OK (can't bring myself to say a GN looks good) Quite a bit of weight off it now without really doing anything
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