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  1. Yup, mine does this, sticky Bendix. I cleaned all the smoo out of it and lubed with graphite and she's all gravy
  2. I did underside of Morris all black, and brakes and suspension guy kept saying wow someone’s run new brake lines under there! Did you know! Never seen someone do that!!!! he was a Barry tho, no mention of welds on chassis tho
  3. L200club sport has steel ones and a nub of straight rubber hose at the end for joining
  4. Dakar's in Bolivia now. I rode some of the tracks. Bit bumpy
  5. Just go to new place. No issue (obv you pay the wof fee at the new place)
  6. If you are scrubbing the sidewalls it's a little bit too far
  7. They pulse on every stroke tho, so spark could be out of kilter with the cam
  8. Green and black dealie on the auto shifter. Can open it up and clean the contacts and bend them a bit. I've remembered it wrong. It won't crank in that fail. You hotwire the grey with blue stripe wire to start relay. Do you still have a fusebox? Check fuse 10 I think, that goes to efi relay. The fail I'm thinking of is the ECU. Mines got a dodgy connection and doesn't turn on the efi. I just unplug it and plug it back in and it comes right
  9. I constantly have problems with my auto park switch. Will crank but no power to fuel injectors. Can bypass that with a live wire to the relay to check
  10. Does the fuel pump run when key is in start/crank pos. The oil switch is supposed to be connected up to the fuel pump. The idea being that if the car is upside down there's no oil pressure and fuel is cut. There is a bypass so that when car is cranking I think the fuel pump works in order to start. Then the wiring from the oil switch is supposed to take over. You may have one of the few cars this was correctly wired up in? Try hardwire the fuel pump maybe to check
  11. Con1 on left sitting in drivers seat Orange clip Wires left to right at top are red black stripe. Empty. Brown. Black. Pink. Brown red stripe Con 2 in middle Blue clip Wires left to right at the top Grey, grey,brown white stripe, brown white stripe. Green. Tan Con 3 right hand side pos. Orange clip Wires at top. Empty. Black white stripe. Empty. Brown yellow stripe. Empty. Empty.. My Ute starts and drives with no cluster
  12. Yup yup But it should run without the instrument cluster at all
  13. I do t think the dates will work for me, but if they do il be there