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  1. The beyond reproach part Made me think of hanging up and saying the opposite to all questions
  2. tortron

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    Do you have it turned on when starting it? Apparently that's bad for the bulb
  3. Fuel is 87% carbon atoms Gallon of fuel weighs 6.3 pounds Weight of carbon in a gallon of gas 5.5 pounds Then most of the weight comes from oxygen added from burning it which comes out to 20 pounds
  4. tortron

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    Nope lots come from the factory like that. Have had all-sorts with that set up. Has not been an issue.
  5. tortron

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    Bolt through the B pretty standard on old stuff
  6. tortron

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    Opening window hinges always freeze up. Keeps the windowseal together and not leaking at least. Gona paint it?
  7.|Model%3ACorolla|Make%3AToyota Worth more than the car?
  8. Silicon spray from mitre 10 Bunnings has it $0.06 cheaper so they will knock off 10%
  9. tortron

    Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Yeah not sure what's going on here apprentice was let loose with the gas axe in here somehow. Guessing the sills were replaced at some stage. I think that strip of steel at the bottom is the remains of the original sill. For some reason the new one has a line of rivets. New every thing I guess Already done the front a while ago
  10. tortron

    Vehicle Positioning Jacks?

    I move my cars around the garage with a trolly jack under the diff. You could get wheel dolly's. They are cheaper. But have seen them bend the wheels and buckle. Ideal would be some dolly's with large wheels for rough surfaces
  11. Might want to dubbin that seat
  12. Make a few bucks on the ride home
  13. tortron

    Con’s chopped ve discussion

    Tyre width is obscene. Will they fit my mx5? Is this going to be drag strip only?
  14. tortron

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Join the club Oh wait....