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  1. Yeah, leave those in the boot and fit some mud terrains
  2. Some heat sink pipe could be cool to run in addition to the radiator
  3. Slammed, wide steelies You will fit in just right here
  4. I hope you mean you will install the dropped spindles upside down for more Baja clearance?
  5. you know you arent oldschool when.
  6. Is this one Brazilian steel?
  7. have read this in 1930's round the world on a motorcycle diaries. hard to come by in nz
  8. Have you opened up the pump? Last mechanical one I had was full to the brim with shit. Enough to pull just enough for idle but no more
  9. would make a good mail box how complete is it?
  10. Get the high top and use it as a boat
  11. Steeb you closet moggi minor owner eh
  12. cool, il dig around in the shed this weekend and make sure its not gone missing
  13. I have some pretty beefy woven earth cable left over, plus some solid copper lugs for it, you can have it if you like, i think theres about 1ft left. Dont need a huge crimper, just drill a hole in the lug and blowtorch some solder in there
  14. must be around 3000squids for a 20ft container to nz. buy all your bits in one go and it would be ok (plus split the extra space with brit owning weirdos)
  15. Probably 15 years ago. It was a piece of shit back then too ha ha I remember the flaked off paint. Typical east coast truck, bet you find some crop remiants in the back. Don't get shot towing a red car through Whakatane