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  1. I've got a locator beacon on my belt. Don't make me use it, they are not cheap
  2. i didnt sign up to get wet and a dirty bike! cmon j5 this is clearly satire
  3. looks like only a couple mm of rain a day, so nothing, usually over night but it is Te Ureweras so you get what you get on each corner
  4. I mean, there are a number of legitimate reasons you might want to have a big bike for touring
  5. im gona intentionally drop my GN infront of the GS's just to flex how easy it is to pick it up. then put it on its sidestand and spin it 180
  6. burried to the sills light bar on damn i want one
  7. wasnt last year there was a scooter group coming through the next week?
  8. Yeah DCT dual clutch trans Exactly what you want for reliability because when it stops working they will scan it and nah mate it's fine At least you can turn off the abs and it's got economy mode for when you are far between gas
  9. They might last one panel, I have used them, but imo get the D bottle and have it for every small job for the next 2 years I think I used one to do a set of 4 cyl headers
  10. Oh @RUNAMUCK. The new Africa Twin is auto clutch now too. You basically have a RTW ready adventure bike!
  11. we ride past my childhood home on day 1. id prefer not to live in auckland