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  1. Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    i use some home made saddle wax on my rust its bees wax and lemon oil
  2. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    cool, the radiator hoses still had their holden parts numbers on them, they are standard VP commodore hoses, just cut down about 30cm and bend a bit to fit
  3. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Frigg, BSA parts
  4. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Using this every day again now so is due a few maintenance items. Getting a little green drip out of the rad cap, so new one of them. Just a 13psi one, probably I should run a high pressure one like a commodore? I don't know but it has no problems* creeping cool even on hot days in traffic. (*More on that later) The only fluid I haven't changed is the trans fluid. It looked ok on the stick and I was hoping to be able to make a few internal improvements with a shift kit and Corvette solenoid, and weld in a drain bung and relocate the trans cooler Infront of the radiator Well that didn't happen as I felt it was getting over due Millimetre clearance to get the pan off. But it came off ok and I didnt spill oil everywhere. Oil was darker thank it looked and the magnet was covered in sludge, so probably time. New filter went in, then came getting the pan back on No good. Exhaust is as close as it can be without touching the pans front prongs and the corners foul on the trans crossmember - clearly a well thought out design. I wonder the filter has ever been changed? Anyway. Angle grinder that to a better shape And it fitted right on. If I ever need a new crossover pipe Il move it a little out from the trans And the coolant issue? The top rad hose has a drip from a hole worn into it by the hose clamp. Just noticed it today and It's getting bad so a new one tomorrow I hope. Looks like a VS bottom tube It never ends
  5. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Sure it sounds like underwater farts, but that's a bit harsh mate
  6. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    You could also push that stuff out from the other side. Depending on the panels behind you could make up an engineer's jack, or get a small car jack in there. Make up a wee shaped dolly/spoon/leading edge to go on the panel to be pushed out
  7. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    There's some neat demos on YouTube with these stud puller lever set up things that use like 50 studs. You can do it with just a slide hammer tho Cos then you can have 2 projects instead of one
  8. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    couple of afternoons with a hammer and dolly i reckon m8
  9. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    Mangled panels? Looks pretty straight
  10. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Pretty bad but workable still. Some old patches behind the wheel arch Oh and 8 layers of paint plus bog
  11. Sheepers latest Ms75

    Grimacing from the acrid rat piss tbh
  12. Sheepers latest Ms75

    The obvious solution here is to cut this and the grey one up and make a limo
  13. Infinit WDEBDY Hillman Minx

    They usually have a decent cam for supercharging too Like it was ment to be.
  14. Infinit WDEBDY Hillman Minx

    Very easy Just attach a 1 3/4 SU before the charger You can probably work out what needle you want easily, I have all the graphs here
  15. Infinit WDEBDY Hillman Minx

    The body isnt going on that l200 chassis? Angry flatheads sound cool tho. Il race you