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  1. I believe there's words to the effect of they must be mounted as close as practical to those corners. Splitscreen Morrie has always had wof at bottom right, they keep sticking it back on there without asking. Top right would be directly in your vision
  2. the gt200 rims i have are 1.6" the 3.00 sr244 fits well, about the same as a dual sport 90/90
  3. There were some hidenau scouts about, but I had trouble finding them again, so I now have a golden boy on the back of gn Shinko 300-18 sr244 front rear dual sport on TradeMe $66
  4. Could have been a Buick V6 tho Get yourself on some social media. Murcia Gona love this
  5. Don't ride into fences, off cliffs, and keep distance from GNs
  6. can go for any style of tyre up front, he doesnt expect to put it on the ground much