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  1. tortron

    Slideways' Purvis

    Excellent moldering porno il bet the steering wheel is bent like that because 1. its not very good 2. owner was swinging on it when the got in or out of the car
  2. I'll probably remove it and restamp with an appropriate/funny one
  3. Its just had an oil filter relocation kit put on it The real question is why bother changing the number. They get removed when you skim the head anyway
  4. Absolute skullduggery 9MUH engine tag on a block with an upright oil filter at the back
  5. Surprised you didn't spin up some phosbronze bearings for the throttle spindles I have done the o ring fix. But you could Barry out and tin the shaft and valve grinding paste lap it in to fit
  7. I have 2 options to swap hubs for my front wheels. Option one Fit a sleeve over the spindle to adapt the inner bearing and dust seal. Option 2 The spindles are held in by a small lip, a big circlip, and a friction fit. I can press the original one out and fit the one from the donor car. I would however need to get the upright machined out a very small amount as the donor spindle is a hair oversize. The donor spindle is arguably a little stronger although it would be unusual to break either, I would need to fit an adaptor but only for the inner dust seal lip. Either way the wheel position/track stays the same Either way I need new bearings. Here's an idea of the setup More of a tech question possibly? I'm not super keen on the bearing sitting on a sleeve, but locktite is probably fine.
  8. I have nothing to add except I lost a white air filter housing from my FA50 on old creamery rd about 15 years ago. If you find it you can keep it
  9. How strong is an average trampoline spring? would one hold 5kg?
  10. I have something similar connected to a screen washer pump to mist my radiator on hot days
  11. This is so good. But it's Gona add a few months to my build
  12. I think you could use a single injector and screw it in where the jet goes underneath the SU Maybe I should make a few for the guys that don't want to use a sidedraught style hidden injector
  13. Ok, I have just located some screw in fuel injector bosses...
  14. Triumph mechanical fuel injection adapted to fit would be a saga