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  1. You could tie some string front and back and in an X inside the car, then go take some hard corners and see if any droop during the turn
  2. I think you will find the smith's terminal shouldn't be wiggly. Some of them have the terminal rivited/peened on in the centre and being fairly soft brass they get like that
  3. Yeah that or panel bond 3m also make badge and trim adhesive which would work, but a tube of screen goo is probably easier and cheaper to get
  4. I hope this is set up on your 10 speed Mangere bridge noizy bois represent
  5. Those were thr numbers I switched around. I changed them just after I noticed
  6. I would just press thr "prime" button for a few seconds when I got back in the car tbh
  7. No I think it's fine (Some drift in the vinyl, can mainly see it in the Os, should be fine once I get the cutting mats, oh and i reversed some numbers...)
  8. We need a new oven Why, what's wrong with it Numbers are all worn off. Should we get the $600 or the $700 one
  9. That gives me an idea Maybe a legitimate use for one of these lol
  10. Actually now I remember it had SACS LOL
  11. Seating position requires high and tight location
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