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  1. Motopests sans frontiers DR200 needs it's maiden ride
  2. you can probably hammer it in by eye with the help of a sack full of sand to act as a dolly tbh, but see how it goes
  3. The indent there is maybe for a big grommet to go in? thats real easy to make tho. just cut a circle of flatsteel and press it into a female buck with a press/ hammer it in another way to do it is to cut your exterior circle out of the panel. Then cut a circle out slighltly bigger (by the amount it steps down) then make a joggler tool - just get a bit of 8-10mm rod and cut a slit in the end of it to the depth of the step. Then you go around the edge and bend it up, go round a few times to get it 90 degrees then weld it on
  4. I’ve turned my car back to stock, what do I do now to make sure I can get a WoF?Returning a previously certified car to stock is an easy one. Just call your local certifier, and they can have a quick look over the car and remove the plate. The plate will then be sent back to LVVTA, who will then let NZTA know, and will have the removal of the mention of the cert plate removed from the system. This is quite common for vehicles that have previously had hand controls fitted for a disabled driver or a car that's had adjustable suspension removed and standard suspension fitted.There is a small cost
  5. i dunno what that crossmember looks like, but on my ute i got some wire/rod and put a loop/hole in the end of it. then i doubled up some bicycle brake cable and left it a few inches long then inserted it in the cavity, attached the free end to my drill, and let rip back and forth for a few minutes. blow it out with air gun, then repeat a few times
  6. and accidentally lose half the stuff like the old plates info eh
  7. What's the fail on them? Not fit for purpose?
  8. Noticed the upper triple clamp was hitting the tank when turned all the way left. Starting to leave a mark on the tank and it would suck to bust a nla plastic tank (but I looked into it and I'm pretty sure I could fit an aftermarket dr350 safari long range tank) (or a steel dr200 tank with some mods to the front mounts but that's lame). The stop on the frame was a little bent up at the front, hammering that back down helped a little but still hitting. So welded a bead on it, now it's perfect Tail light is nice and bright, really happy with how that came together
  9. no i just was curious if i could get any info on its time in japan life on a japanese farm, providing gentle nangs to the cows etc
  10. you might like this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDqqX5W_jIGBrfTdzouAV1w
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