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  1. A few years ago I was in a car crash, hit something solid that wrecked my wheel and tyre and pushed that sides suspension backwards. I'm now fixing that car, it's an SW20 MR2 lol. I've replaced/in the process of replacing various damaged parts and I've bolted up everything okayish so far, but I would like opinions on this damage where the LCA bolts into the subframe. Like is it too bad, is it repairable? The good side And the bad
  2. Scrolled through silvias on the tard just for fun https://www.trademe.co.nz/2839141045 Some guy asked "does it have a cert for widebody" Surely this isn't a thing if the parts are bolt on replacement front guards, glued/clipped on bumper extensions, I.e. no welding
  3. Today I downloaded fusion 360 with the 1 year free trial and for fun tried to create a sketch of my front bumper with the end goal of seeing if I could model a lip/extensions different shapes etc. Not much luck, I'll have to keep playing round with it and watch more YouTube!
  4. I want to be an anyport barry, put me down as a 4A barry as I can confirm yesterday I put 3 kids and a mother in law in me 4AFE ae101 and the extra weight slowed things down considerably.
  5. Damn so if one wanted to make a few copies of a part say a bumper, that mould is only good for x amount of parts?
  6. Cheers, sometimes posts in here are on another level and I have to go away and do some googling lol. Alright, ADR 243 + 140 hardener, what's the best place to get fiberglassing stuff from? I have seen nzfiberglass.co.nz but had to go to https://www.adhesivetechnologies.co.nz/Products/Laminating,-infusion-and-pre-preg-resins/ADR246/ for info on ADR resins etc I could always just get an aluminium drink bottle/container etc of the right volume, or 'flip' the oem overflow to the other side of the car, but my window washer bottle is fugly and takes up a lot of unneccessary space (plus lo
  7. Another option is going to ripco or superthief and asking to go through their narva book. Itll have part numbers dimensions pictures etc in there.
  8. I would probably cover the area that I want the bottle to now occupy and fill it with packing tape etc then use foam to rough out a template.
  9. Has anyone tried to make a coolant overflow bottle? I want to do one as there's bugger all room in my engine bay (and bugger all for intake piping + filter). Would probably have to be able to withstand temps of the hot coolant + engine bay. This polymorph stuff looks like it could be worth a try using as a mold material? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/esun-polymorph-hand-moldable-plastic-250g-bottle.html?queryID=826ea9d05e567fda145397744300bd71&objectID=52809&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products I wouldn't worry about looks, except for the top thats visible really.
  10. 87creepin


    I got a torq fx polisher I bought on Amazon in the days when I had a credit card Yesterday fucked it up by trying to get the backing pad off without the correct tool /lol I'm sure the foolpros wont be that bad.
  11. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has followed above guides and made up some awesome coilovers for le$$? Any success stories, tips, fails, would be great.
  12. You handled that calmly even though you said you were pissed.
  13. 87creepin


    I'm doing a few resprays, plus it'll let me do wheels and other bits. I think the plan I've got is expensive-ish but worth it, next best thing is getting a profe$$ional booth installed.
  14. 87creepin


    Setting up for painting at home, how does this plan sound? Compressor in an external shed, with sound deadening to hopefully quieten things down Proper-ish explosion proof extraction fan with filters Hopefully a few cheap fans around to help blow air around rather than extract fumes Two separate air lines, one for the oiled Sanders etc and one for the paint gun which isn't oiled.. I think that's correct, but correct me if I'm wrong.. I'm going to go to town with masking drop sheets in the garage, and will wet the floor for extra protection against dust.
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