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  1. Has anyone had any luck with cheap roof racks from the tard? This kinda thing https://www.trademe.co.nz/3064181419 According to proracks website my car would use the same style mounts so it probably would fit
  2. More nylock nut spam Just wondering if stainless steel nuts are = to tensile class 8.8, I'm looking at 80nm for m14x1.5 and 50nm for m10x1.25. I cant find the answers online. Cheers
  3. If my tie rod outers used castle nuts but a rock auto replacement uses a nylock nut, would I be alright safety wise using this nylock nut replacement+red loctite?
  4. Fuel stabilisers: snake oil or the real McCoy? I have a car that has a 3/4 tank of bp98 and has only run a few times in the past 4 years, idled, driveway moving etc. And I wanna know if a good fuel stabiliser is worth it or should I just run injector cleaner as I plan on running it a bit more. Cheers
  5. Eastwood? Urchfab
  6. AE101: A mate told me the rest of my engine bay looked dirty with clean parts hanging off one end Called up my old $4 friend can of motortech underseal to help, followed with 2k clear Did the intake manifold and exhaust heat shield in high temp black Installed my pipe thing Replaced old brake fluid Enjoyed some low speed hoons Downloaded an app called "PerfExpert", it's an app that using a lot of parameters and calibration allows you to turn any quiet straight country road into your own personal street dyno.
  7. SW: I've decided that I'll get the chassis straightened up professionally at work. Hopefully it all goes to plan. Currently, I've just been focusing on getting it "sorted". That entails sussing out the suspension, as younger me installed lowering springs to see what it'd look like (post-crash), without doing it right. So far I've installed: 3/4 strut boot kits (repco messed up my order) 4x sway bar end links (from rock auto, old ones were seized) Waiting on: Spring insulators, dust seals, brake hose clips (Amayama) Tie rod outer, ball joints, caliper re
  8. Working on 90s things, there's more hoses and places for stuff to leak. Plus less space so it would help to pinpoint where the leaks are.
  9. Has anyone had success using UV leak detection oil? I think it would be super handy but is it safe to use in engine oil/coolant, not just for testing ac systems?
  10. Pretty sure you shop dont do automotive parts. What I read on their ts and cs when I had a hissy fit about rockautos unconsolidated shipping
  11. @kws I'm guessing theyd work with non superstrut fine? I'm considering KYB AGX front excel g rear and whatever decent spring I can find. Yahoo japan has RS*R but I'll have to find a corolla wag or ceres Marino at pick a part to just make sure they are non-ss. Pretty sure they ain't, just better to be safe than sorry.
  12. 87creepin


    @kws what colour are you doing your marina in? I may suggest sanding back all the old paint, as it may react with the primer you're putting over it. I know you don't want a show finish but if it's like black I'd suggest high build primer over everything not just the repair and block the whole thing down.
  13. @cletus something that has no business being certed, a 4afe ae101 haha. I'm just working out costs of lowering my daily.
  14. 87creepin


    agree, link please
  15. So Maxspeedingrods are a hard no? Lol
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