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  1. Not 100% sure mate...will have another look next time I'm out stripping it. I am going to take everything that is usable off and scrap the shell.. Then sell all the stuff I dont need. So I will let you know mate.
  2. Fuck no mate.....its far beyond me. Just wants parts
  3. Who would have thought that a car this rusty would have rusty nuts..bolts...and screws.. So far it's been vice grips on all.
  4. Discussion here ahhhhh the other mk3... as some of you know i bought a parts car for my 4.1 mk3 im building ...this one when i got it. i stripped every part i needed from that car done to the loom ,nuts and bolts and even the pre facelift dash... i did put the facelift dash back into it tho. i then added some seats i had sitting around and some random wheels and sold it off to a mate as he just had to have it......it meant that i got most of the parts for my 4.1 build for nothingin the end. as it sat when i sold it. (minus lights and grill....at best it was a good rolling shell) and i did get the bonnet for it as well.. so some weeks later my mate asked if i knew any one that would buy as he just couldn't be arsed having a car around that didn't run....i knew it was a good car and just needed a facelift mk3 or a mk4 or a mk5 parts car and it could be put on the road pretty easily....as reg on hold.......(origanal black plates) registered with the mighty 1300 xflow tho......not the big block pinto....bugger... i had sold my mk2 to another mate so i bought it back.....and put it in storage and kept an eye out for a parts car..... now i had seen a few around but they had been parts cars for others and i didnt want to have to find screws ,missing nuts and bolts ect ect....i wanted something complete that had never been pulled a part..........so i could pull it apart and then i found it on trademe the almost perfect parts car for my parts car ...i say almost because it doesnt have a 1300 and manual box......its an auto pinto.. so i won the auction and the car was in invercargill i had 20 days to collect...and we did that yesterday... a mate bought a fwd fiat ducato (ex ambulance) converted to transporter on tuesday and we decided to drive it to invercargill on Saturday....so we loaded up a vc valiant to take done for his mate got up at 5am and hit the road....the lights died just after asburton ...fixed that. the auto played up going into dunedin.....fixed that (kinda) .got to invercargill and droipped the vc off....drove back out of invercargill to pick up the cortina that was 3 feilds deep off the road in a barn....no tracks just knee lengh grass and massive mud holes where the 2 hedges we had to pass were.( the guy had a tractor but it was broken down next to the cortina we only just got the fiat in there we had to gun it threw the mud full on duke of hazard style ...he showed us where it was and asked us to shut the gate and buggered off.....justb then it started pissing down we tried to air up the tyre and only got 3.....winched it onto the truck and then backed the truck under cover to strap it down....had to strap the bonnet down as well and the rear door..as well as the passenger sided doors.....then we tried to leave....but wet grass,pissing down rain,fiat fwd ,,,,no lsd or locker just the 1 tyre fryer ...took us and hour to get threw the 1st feild and didnt stop till we hit the road....broke a head light,,ripped the sump guard off .....shut the gate and headed home.the auto was having a fit....by the time we got to gay old gore we had it sussed flick it into neutraland back into drive and it would select the next gear......down shift worked ok ish.. so after 1200 ks 17.5 hours door to door its back at my mates place and here is the little sweet heart. 1 careful lady owner ..never been raced or rallied rolled bowled or arseholed...has been on the road since 84 i think i know right ...what a wee darling .but its all there on the inside and what all i need....even put a battery on and all the lights work the motor turned over but wouldnt fire....sorry about the long read but cheers
  5. Yeah easiest way mate.... the stock car lads have been running them carbed for agers now ay....work well .
  6. Yessssssssssss. 4.0 straight 6 goodness..
  7. was having a big clean up today and making room for the wife to park in the garage (1st time in 20 years lol).. put the diff in and slapped some rims on to roll it around but this is the closest its been to being on wheels in the past 2.5 years.
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh winter ..strange time of year. work slows down and so does the extra cash....that and its bloody cold Leeds to me having a massive lack of motivation. but in saying that i got heaps down in the lock down and have had parts arriving from time to time so i have got a few things done today. calipers stripped , cleaned , painted and rebuilt with all new seals and pistons as well as a spacer kit. all bolted up to the cleaned and painted hubs and axles with all new seals and bearing (spacer came with washers to move the caliper over a wee bit but had to drill them out to fit.) bolted to the cleaned , painted and re bushed front end with new upper and lower ball joints..(used the old shocks and springs as they will be the very last thing i do when all the weight is in the car and i sort out height)....just need some tie rod ends and maybe look at doubling up the front swaybar or getting a bigger one made..and thats the front i couldnt find a good set of XF injectors so found a cleaned set of BA XR6 ones ...fit really and same plugs.. i have also been thinking of going coil on plug ..so i grabbed a set from the same BA XR6 ..they fit well and with a mount made and a heat shelf i think they will do the job...the only issues i can think of so far is if the XF TFI dizzy (hall effect) isnt a good enough trigger for the link atom ecu.(might have to sort another trigger out.)
  9. Lol....strange enough the most common commitment get..I do have a bag of them ...but theh got to be propper fucked before i grab another. Oh and my safety boots
  10. made a start on the clutch and brakes today. the mk3 has a pretty big booster much like this in my mk5 but i decided to ditch the booster and just run the master by its self. once you remove the booster from the mk3 it has the mounting face complete with captive nuts to run just the master (think the early mk3s were non busted.) for the hydraulic clutch setup i decided to use a nissan skyline setup including master slave and braided hose...once i decided where the master wanted to be i trimmed a small area and drilled the hole. i made a small bracket to hold the bolts and make bolting up easier. bracket in place and master bolted up. i needed to trim the corner of the pedal box to clear the clutch master but figered the 3 other bolts and 2 up under the dsah to hold the pedal box was plenty. the push rod for the clutch lined up right on the bend in the clutch pedal so i just drilled threw on a angle and welded a captive nut on. all on and working as well as slave cylinder on (had to slot the holes) hose on (ne) also need a release bearing and thats that done.ed to make some clips to keep the hose out the way now for the brake master ( removed the push rod from the booster as it matches the brake pedal) cut it down to work with the master cylinder. the master cylinder had a clip holding a washer stopping everything falling out so i found a washer same size but smaller ID so it just fits the shaft ...also put a slit in the shaft so i can put a circlip on the end and put it back together and used the factory master clip to keep the hole thing captive. both mounted all 3 pedals level and working as they should now its just a case of do i clean and rebuild this master or find a newer mk5 one .
  11. so i decided to make an accelerator linkage ..found a factory bmw one here in nz and it was $420 ..............wow. thats more than what i payed for the ITBs ...it sits in the middle of them (what im after ) but the cable would have been over the rocker cover (not what im after ........and screw paying $420 for some steel bracket .. the bmw one i wanted to use a factory cable ...easy to replace and already fits the pedal...........one end sorted so i bought some m6 rod ends and some other random crap in the garage and made my own. all in all works well.....sits in the middle of the ITBs ..the bracket and cable are hidden at the end of the motor ..the hardest part was making it all work with the 45mm of movement in the cable the full travel of the pedal allowed.....but i got there in the end....still needs 1 more small brace welded in and a small tune....but it owes me $20 and im happy with that.
  12. been a bit shit lately..getting back into work and sorting my inlaws out so they can get back to the uk..(and i can have my house back) but in the past few weeks some parts have arrived. i managed to swap some chrome i had for 2 sets of tail light lenses ...both pre facelift and facelift ....not mint and a few cracks and chips but better then the ones i dont have for this and the black mk3. managed to some new upper front ball joints (still need lower) havd to go hydraulic clutch so i grabbed a master and slave with hose from a Nissan of some sort.......will have to find room and make it work with the pedal.. front disc..... i ended up keeping ti simple...(.over thought brakes in the past and had issues )...my mk5 has solid discs and ive had a trailer on that with another cortina on it and not had fade .also the aussie 6 cylinder cortinas had solid discs and later on a vented disc...the old type16 calipers arnt that bad its just the solid discs that are the let down... so i went for 2.8i capri v6 vented drilled and groved discs and a caliper spacer kit. and last but not least the link ecu.....its a pretty basic motor setup ..fuel and spark and i bought a new link (first ever for me all ways 2nd hand) atom x with loom air temp semsor and 1.5 map sensor....still need to grab a o2 and temp sensors ...it will be wasted spark and the atom has enough to do batch fire on a 6 cylinder so that will work fine.
  13. I'm also still got this image stuck in my head
  14. Been plsyng with the suzuki combination switched. figured out where the indicators are..and the lights (just need to test them) but got the 2003 controls to work with 70s cortina motor. got intermittent ( car never had it) slow speed and fast. Aswell as when you pull the stalk for window wash and the wiper kicks in.....got that ...lol ( never had it before)
  15. Cheers it is hard man... All I know is it's a 2003 Suzuki swift. So it would have to be HT51S or HTB1S I also believe it may have been a golden Cruze in aussie and they were HR51S or HR81S.