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  1. I could have sold everything for a lot more.. but I sold it all for offers. So the motor sold for $1500
  2. And you will get your money back selling parts easy
  3. Yeah .. I could have held for way more money ..but I got the car back cheap and sold things for what people offered..... I made my money back and enough to get my mk3 all legal.... so happy as with that
  4. So the car has pretty much been all sold. *Motor is going into an escort. *loads of parts are going to others to keep other st170s on the road *and the rest of the car is going to palmside to be a race/rally car ....so thats awesome.....no waste
  5. I've bought the car back and will be parting it out if anyone is after anything
  6. normally I might be tempted. (ESPECIALLY if I found a mk1 wagon)... but its my daily driver so I need another one... So if I can buy it back cheap enough I will and part it out. Buy a cheap reliable daily and now I have 1 daughter about to learn driving and 1 not so far away from it it can also be something for that ...and use the rest of the money to get my mk3 legal
  7. Yeah ill see what happens this week. It was hard enough getting it insured for what it was as they could only go off a standard mk1 focus and wanted to insure it for $1800 and at the time there were none for sale in NZ to compare to (they couldn't even see that ment something). So ut insured for what I payed for it (won't be able to buy another one for that .). But if I can get it back ..then ill part it out
  8. Been a while and I have been pretty shit about up loading on here. . But the car is running and driving it is still on a factory motor (apart from ARP head studs) she is running 10psi at the moment and is happy with it.. We are still road tuning and she not legal at the moment ...but I have taken her to a bunch of meets and to work a few time... (its a fun car Lol).
  9. Well its all come to an end..... Thanks to some dickhead not watching where he was going .. Cut across the carpark and drove straight into me... I seen him and stopped he didn't and ....he didn't. Nothing wrong with his car .... but the damage to mine ..is enough for ut to be a write off..(bent chassis rail).......pretty gutted.. I am insured and he has accepted liability....but it wasn't insured for enough to buy another st170.(I will be buying it back if I have the chance). But for now ... I think ill just buy a cheap daily car thats reliable as I now have 2 teenage girls that are about to start kerning how to drive ...and ut can be something they can use aswell .. RiP..... by the way ....none car people DO NOT get it ... sometimes a car is not just a car and they do have a special place within.
  10. Thats the name I was thinking of. Is he up and running yet mate
  11. I did look him as he's only in temuka.. Might flick him an email . Cheers mate
  12. Hi all is it just the 2 Ian's we have here in chch to get a vehicle cert ?. I heard we were getting another but not sure who or if that is even happening now. Cheers
  13. Good on you guys.. Bunch of legends...
  14. If you need one more I should be able to help for a few hours.
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