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  1. d.p.n.s 1970 mk2 cortina 1G GTE

    new well for me ... steering rack turned its from an avenger and i really want to say thank you very much to @The Dude for going above and beyond for me. you sir are a legend and they should be bottling your sperm/DNA/blood just in case the world goes to shit and they need to repopulate
  2. a wee small update on th old girl (picture less ) she flew throw her 2nd WOF in my possession... i also swapped th aftermarket hard as fuck engine mounts that shock evry thing to death out for the old factory ones in th mk3. so much better but the engine sat a wee bit lower and that in turn lifted the arse end of the gearbox and then that made the driveshaft rubber doughnut hit the tunnel.. so i spaced the gearbox crossmember down and man its so smooooooth and awesome to drive. i also swapped the heater motor out (chewed to fuck and on full tit vibrated like mad) for the mk3 motor...man the heat and silence is perfect. on a side note with the 5speed i am now getting just over 500ks of daily driving goodness to a tank of gas. so all in all still happy with it..(needs and LSD and 100 more HP)
  3. just a wee update. still daily driving it and all the maintenance i have done is a set of plugs.. but yesterday i swapped out the 4 speed for a 5 speed... to be honest i think i prefer the 4 speed but the 5th gear will make it nice driving back and forth to work. the throw on the gear stick was like rowing a boat so i shortened up about 20-30%. all in all. very happy
  4. d.p.n.s 1970 mk2 cortina 1G GTE

    had planes to convert the mk5 to 5 speed this weekend but managed to partially de-glove my fun finger on Wednesday at work so was going to make it hard to do...even got a cheeky look at the bone just sitting there as they peel the flap back. so thought i would start making a template for the caliper mount on the old mk2 rear end. even tho i am pretty much make everything again i am going to try and get it cert approved the 1st time. asking checking the hobby car manual and asking on our tech page i have decided to go 10mm plate , 1 piece , flat with no offset. and bolt on via all 4 bolts that hold the axle to the diff housing..so just need to make 2 brackets.
  5. d.p.n.s 1970 mk2 cortina 1G GTE

    started looking into the old girl again now the new house and garage are sorted. i wanted a frame to make it easy to roll around the garage to work on...to be able to get the motor and box out as well as the back end. i also wanted to bolted through the jacking points
  6. d.p.n.s mk3 cortina

    have decided that i love my mk5 the way it is (apart from the 5 speed that will be going into it.) so i m going to put the turbo pinto into the mk3 build. we were playing with a few things today and decided that we should try the setup on a running motor for tuning before we slam it on a fresh rebuilt motor. that when i thought about the shitty old pinto sitting in the mk3.....fuck knows what its like but i can turn it over by hand so it will run. its missing heaps of shit including a clutch,p,plate gearbox and drive shaft but i will need then in the future so may as well get some now. so far replaced the manifolds to check for fitment ...removed the dizzy and replaced with efi dizzy...all in all its a good fit. will have to sort out wiring as well as thats a fucking mess.
  7. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    mmmmmmmmmmmm kissing cousins
  8. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Out of all the cortinas the.mk4 and mk5 Are the closest looking to eash other
  9. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    i dont need the full set......unless a mk1 or a mk4 crossed my path .cheap or cheaper
  10. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    hmmmm hyundai......intresting.
  11. d.p.n.s mk3 cortina

    discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/57595-dpns-mk3-discussion/ so ive known about this car for a while now..pretty sure its been sitting in a container at work for close to 2 years and in a store room before that. i have thought about buying it a few time (as the mk3 is possibly my favorite shape... ) but never had the room ..we have since bought a house with a 4 car garage so its only human to full it. so i was at work last week and was asked if i wanted it (for a very very very cheap price) or its of to the scappy . i didnt want to see that happen and i thought worse case build a purpose build burnout car. havnt never really seen it apart from the front end . well to be honest now i have it home its very fixable it does have the origanal plates and tags (died 20 years ago) and is a factory 73 with a 2.0 pinthoe .the dash is mint....fuck all rust apart from the back end. so i am thinking of sripping it back to metal panel by panel and sorting them as i go till have a mint straight rust free shell and go from there. i do want to get my mk2 done next year but while i wait for parts the mk3 is just my time for now.. so heres some pics.
  12. d.p.n.s 1970 mk2 cortina

    yeah same mate...i love that mk2 and im building it for me. as for the mk3 i seen it a few years ago but its been sitting in a container at work for that amount of time....i know there is lots missing and the reg is now dead. the girls have wanted me to build a car for burnout comps so was thinking that could be worse case... if its repairable might look at a mild resto and revin. i do want a mk3 but knida got my heart set on a mk3 wagon.