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  1. just a quick 1...... passed its 1st WOF in my possession
  2. wee up date. i had a 10" fan on the radiator and it was fine but once i hooked the trailer on and fulled the fucker with wood i noticed that the temp was getting higher than it had before.. so i grabbed a 16" fan as it would fit perfectly in the factory shroud but NO!!!!! well it did fit perfectly but even with moving the radiator back in closer it still hit the water pump. so i had to put it on the other side. and fuck me it blows......gets up to temp ...fan kicks in and it turns off withing a few minutes.....(just idling) and then i started on the spot light. (karl pointed out tome one day that there are dimples in the panel for mounting holes) so after drilling them out i mounted the ..............um ....mounts now all wired up and working ......even changed to the mk4 grill
  3. also changed to a mk4 grill..........much better and once the brackets are here ill get the lights on
  4. sooooooooo i wanted some more lights as it does get pretty foggy down here and when i leave for work its before 5am. i dont really like the factory lights in the grills like this below and wanted to go more this way but the original carello lights cost chit loads and hard to find. sooooooo i found a guy in the uk that remakes the original brackets so i have a set on the way and decided to go with some hella comet 500 (in yellow cos euro)
  5. They work very well. Was on mates 2.0 for year's with just an old link ecu
  6. Haha..pretty good throttle body injection
  7. Yeah man
  8. Yeah I want to keep it as it is but panel and repaint it and I do have a 205 long block and some turbo treats...... So maybe 1 day
  9. Yeah they do some amazing stuff.
  10. No think I'll just stick with the pinto....maybe turbo but leave it pinto. All ready got a 6 cylinder cortina
  11. IF i was going to put a barra in it mate i would go NA with 6 side suckers ....and some cams...that would be plenty of power and the sound.............oh the sound but no im not going to put a barra in it. now back to the valiant with you mate........go on..........off you go........i want to see that thing back on the road
  12. could do but i love the height of it.......i tell ya lifting your car to factory spec will be the new slamming the shit out of your car.....like stance nation but will be 747 nation
  13. well 1st trip with the trailer after finishing it. and glad to say both car and trailer survived it....arse end of the car dropped when he dumped the logs in.