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  1. coil packs ..i went for GM/LS cop (coil on plug) with built in ignitors ..just to get things simple lol i looked at the motor for hours wondering where to mount them as the throttle linkage is in a funny place and having 4 intakes theres a lot of moving parts and i had to think about wiring as well. so ended up with this.
  2. i got a few things ticked off the list today. trigger 1..i bought a 36-1 trigger wheel for the pinto but it bolted in front of the pulley and i didnt like the look of it ...so i made the hole bigger and mounted it on the back...just a few tacks for now till the sensors turn up and i decide where to mount them. then it was on to trigger 2..i bought a 63mm 36-1 trigger wheel as it was just small enough to fit inside the pinto dizzy buuuuut.....didnt even think about the dizzy to inlet manifold being a problem....well it turns out it is. i thought about cut
  3. was thinking about temp sensor for the ecu and where to put it.. couldn't put iy in the factory position as the factory sensor was there for dash temp gauge.. thought about the hole in the head between #3 and #4 inlet port but there is no way with the linkages for the inlet manifold... so then i thought about the frost plug at the rea of the head...there is about 30mm from the rear of the head and the fire wall and when i popped the plug out and measured the depth i had ..that was 60mm from head surface to 34 cylinder wall...........and the temp sensor itself is 60mm long.
  4. yeah man seen most of them. its a pretty good motor...would be way better in a lighter car. I'm trying to get a complete head sent out from the uk to give to a mate at kennelly cams.....see if he can give me a hand to get it over 200hp at the wheels with itbs. just hard to do with the car being daily...lol.
  5. whats that classic ford magazine. a bona fide moder classic
  6. hi mate. how's the car getting on now...still holing together?. hay getting back to the oil spray bar for the bores..the issue you had with oil pressure being low. would that lrob8still be there if it wasn't a criss drill cam. I'm building a turbo pinto and I would like to use the cosworth bore oil squirter.
  7. hhmmm page 6 ay... pretty slack. sorry for lack of updates but in my defense i haven't done any work ...at all on them...due to a small health issue and my body letting me down on more than 2 occasions .. and i have taken this year off the cars to get some stuff done around the house.....and if i try and do that and find time to work on cars ill just get fucked off...so year off. the cars are still there i have been playing with pintos tho as less room and just keeps my mind ticking over. i had sorted the falcon CPI for fuel injection and was starting to make a ha
  8. one of the issues with these is the inlet manifold runner control (IMRC) they have a small motor in the with a spring some cogs and some other shit...they can stop working... what they do is the inlet manifold is basically a drum and the runners to the motor are on the top edge and are short ..the IMRC controls the extended runners so when you start the motor the IMRC pulls a rod with extended runners on them and rolls them up to the inlet runners (for low down torque) and then when you get about 5000rpm it removes them........its on the firewall behind the inlet and the cable snakes arou
  9. we in the vain of preempting all the problem parts ..i fitted a new coil pack and 8mm leads to go with the new plugs..(the old leads and coil pack hasnt failed YET so i put them in the spare parts box i have under the spare wheel for breakdowns lol) there is a thing that i actually hate and thats the rear wheel tuck ..they should have moved the axle out or gave it wider wheels...the front isnt to bad but i will do something with at somepoint .. as for the rear they have been racing and rallying these things for years so you can get parts and people have fi
  10. I got mine from America of all places....landed for $400. i also have a copy of the flange i had cut from auto bend and a die a mate made to form the tubes in a press...if the helps.
  11. the BMW me throttle bodies are around 50mm and have the injectors in the aswell as idle air tube and tps .. can find them cheap aswell...just need to make a manifold to bolt them to.
  12. was starting to button things up on the old girl and noticed the wiper mounts lose ..tried to tighten them but they wouldn't ....so out come the heater again the wiper and the panels to get to the wiper mounts them selfs only to find no washers or anything ...so i had a look at the wipers on the white one and ended up steeling the parts from them.. i had the ends of the intercooler cut down and some 90 reducers welded on the end..so not it fits better ; i painted it black and finished the mounts of so it all in and secure i had to cut the ends of the radiato
  13. i did mate and i willing to work through the issues....might eliminate some later on down the line with a black top head and maybe inlet ....turbo and a link ecu. lol
  14. so i bought a new (for me ..actually the newest car I've ever owned ) daily driver.(had it since august now) its a 2003 mk1 ford focus st170. i have wanted one of these for a long time and we didnt get many at all here in nz so they dont come up for sale ...very often .. they are problematic and are known to had issues from the day they came off the production line. but that problematic nature got me a good deal..it was $6900 from the dealer and had been traded in..(177000 odd ks.......should have imploded by now)..but evertime time someone test drove it the check engine light
  15. well that was an exercise in patience.. I'm not the best with wiring but I do enjoy the challenge and problem solving side of it... but what I thought would be a couple if hours this morning splicing one loom into the other ended up being 8 hours....but most of that is the fact that no bulbs worked in any of the housings I had....so I had to pull apart and clean every terminal included the fuse holder.. but 3 part looms later....the list of things working is better. heater , wipers (both speeds....I know flash guy) , dash lights , glove box light , park lights (front and ba
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