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  1. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    New box is good! Took a few clutch cable tweaks to find the sweet spot. Didn’t get to test it on the open road but looking forward to it. Yesterday I made new gaskets for either side of the carb spacers between the body and the manifold, trimmed back to factory the bits I added to the actuators to bring the secondaries on earlier (when I was persisting with the vacuum setup and seeing what it would do), and blocked off that unnecessary vac takeoff. Also evened up the float levels, were close though. it fired up just off the key stone cold and idled like a champ. It has no choke. This is amazing! Must have had an air leak before.. pretty damn happy, will do some more tuning on Friday cause it’s canty anniversary and working can GTFO.
  2. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    5 forward gears! Just need to fill it and go for a test. and the new wheel nuts from mint16. He also checked over the timing last week, I was paranoid I would put a hole in a piston cause things just weren’t lining up like they should but it went really well, and wanted a second opinion turned out I had an extra vacuum hooked up I didn’t need and it allowed the idle to be lowered enough for the timing marks to be bang on.
  3. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    Fed it some new engine mounts and trimmed the gearbox mount-2-xmember bolts..they were almost touching the member and certainly did while driving resulting in rank vibration and noise.
  4. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    Went for another drive and all went well. Also ditched the vacuum advance on the twin carbs and made my own actuators. Lots easier once the vac gear was out of the way and I could cut off the wee leg the diaphragm arm went onto that was fouling my previous design. not in a rush to put them back on just yet, will keep putting miles on the engine. Maybe when I have it apart to put the HD valve springs in once it’s run in
  5. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    ..Another 4 hours and the box met the engine. jesus so fucking sore and tired and angry. the spines on the clutch plate got a bit caned and it just wouldn’t go home. Ended up putting old clutch back in. Outside the car this time. also put standard single carb on, as yesterday I had twins on and it was shitty. Today it hauls fucking well!!
  6. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    Engine came back, put er back together, looked sharp as a pin..acid bath ate all my paint off the block so hazed it again. engine guy gave me some syrupy green assembly shit to use. I found it way too sticky and I had trouble with bearing caps sticking and trying to spin so had to re start that a few times. went in beautifully, always usually a jerk to line up the box. oil pressure straight away, ran like a clock. 25 minutes at 2500 to run in the cam then went for a drive to the hills to bed it it. on the second run it started making a funny noise. Bee lined for home and it got much worse, yay. dropped the oil and it was great. Wiggled everything and it was tight. out she came. the fucking flywheel came loose. Despite being torqued to spec and loctite 10hours prior.. so stoked it’s not shot, perplexed how that happened. Also found a torn engine mount and the gearbox mount mite be poked too. then I spent 3 hours trying to get the fucking gearbox lined up, had a big ole rage and went inside.
  7. Mr Mk1's 1200

    Yeah, most of my friends use them and Ive found them real good too.
  8. Mr Mk1's 1200

    Engine Reconditioning Services, tai tapu
  9. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    Got word from the machine shop that I can pick my engine up on Thursday! it came in at under half what I expected to pay so I’m fizzy! they did new bearings throughout, frost plugs, ground crank, acid tanked block, resized rods, measured up the rotating, removed + cleaned + tapped and bunged the crank. tore the engine out after work in preparation, jazzed on a long weekend refit and run in. also got some lock nuts and maybe some freebie chrome wheel nuts. good week
  10. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    I got the old gal some new boots. Always planned on wider and 13in anyway. mate sold her van and kept the wheels so had no use for them, I’ve always liked Jilbas so once I test fit and they cleared, we struck a deal! Two were pretty grubby and brake dust starting to eat into them but they cleaned up pretty well with some truck wash, my electric toothbrush and a fine steelo pad. SSR Jilba 13x6.5 Type A. Nankang 175/50swith decent tread. Now I know how much I need to lower it, the front especially. It’s quite high at the x-member.
  11. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    May be of no help but I found a random WP pulley today that’s destined for the bin if you want it
  12. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    I was looking forward to driving it to work the other Saturday cause my work car is boring, but when I did it was flat as fuck, boring and generally disappointing. when I got home I put the timing light on it to find it had moved a little, so tightened. Needed a warrant so I put a standard carb on, so it had choke and wasn’t a jerk to start for them. hosed gas into the engine when you shut it off. pulled it apart and cleaned it, did the same thing. then discovered the power valve actuator was frozen up Freed that up and it was mint, but The morning of the warrant it started doing it again. passed with a clean sheet! Was a totaI knob to start afterwards so I hotwired it and wouldn’t rev out, popped and banged, so chugged it home. They didn’t mention it doing this to them so she must have behaved. more of the same. Have since thrown the twin carbs back on. it pulled a bit under brakes so I ripped the other caliper off (did the opposite side before last warrant) and: one Piston was a bit scabby so used a spare and got it back together, cheers to mint16 for the bleeding help! cheers also to the above for making my sweet rocker shaft spacers. likely overkill but it’s a cool old school mod which replaces the springs with a brass bushes to stop the rockers moving laterally under revs I also modified the mazda air box a while back so the bonnet closes over it. required me to cut most of the base, push down at front and then fill the pie-cut section with panel steel. and found out the hard way that if you leave the key on while you go check something else, it can get ultra hot,produce a lot of rank smelling smoke, drip Brown shit out of it and fail! Lucky I had a spare generic one, cooked one was a GT40. I have a new one, but I’m planning to go electronic dizzy soon so needed to be a non-resistor type. Heres a shot of the current state of play. I used to have the fuel line running over the rocker cover into a tee, but discovered that the factory hard line will reach with a little bending. Much tidier and safer.
  13. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    Certainly improved, would be happy with it if I hadn't already driven er with bike carbs on ... Now has a bit more noticeable punch I reckon a few more tweaks to the actuator shape and I'll be getting somewhere
  14. Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

    I decided I'd make some of my own actuators to see if I could make the arm longer and change the fat of it so it moved the secondarys more/sooner. After a few volumes, I gave up. it was a Shit, confined by other bits it would try and hit or you clear that part then the shape is wrong and it would essentially jam wide open. So as a compromise I just built up the part the screwdriver is pointing at, so it engages the secondary's sooner. Will have a test hoon tomorrow night