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  1. Certainly improved, would be happy with it if I hadn't already driven er with bike carbs on ... Now has a bit more noticeable punch I reckon a few more tweaks to the actuator shape and I'll be getting somewhere
  2. I decided I'd make some of my own actuators to see if I could make the arm longer and change the fat of it so it moved the secondarys more/sooner. After a few volumes, I gave up. it was a Shit, confined by other bits it would try and hit or you clear that part then the shape is wrong and it would essentially jam wide open. So as a compromise I just built up the part the screwdriver is pointing at, so it engages the secondary's sooner. Will have a test hoon tomorrow night
  3. Nah fail, it was better but no full secondary's. Pissed about with it all afternoon but never got there. I noticed the dizzy wasn't advancing so I put mine in, tweaked the feet of the secondary's so it's just about touching the primary's actuator. pulled the diaphragms off and they checked out, put back on with some sealant on the gaskets. I though maybe the airbox might affect the vacuum situation so I also sliced the bottom of the air box, pushed it down to where it cleared the bonnet and filled the gap with panel steel. Didn't get to test drive it but didn't seem to change with free revving on the spot. A keen mate decided I needed mirrors so went and scored a few from some wrecked Cedrics, I made a pair from the best of them, cleaned up well. Stoked with the look, sedans look best with rectangles as opposed to round sporty ones. were now cooking up some 13" wheels so I can utilise the golf shocks and lowering springs I got a few months ago. likely have to reset the leaves too but it needs to come down. I like the current wheels but they..aren't 13s
  4. I was in the shed for about a minute last night before I noticed a linkage rod on front carb had over-centred, so righted that and it seems to have full travel incl secondary's . So I'll test that on the way to work tomorrow!
  5. Today I decided to try my twin carb setup so I could dial it in. once the exhaust was sorted ( fucking thing came out right under the modified gearbox x-member so had to trim excess threads and piecut pipe, it plumbed up easy and with some gas down the throats it fired straight up! went for a test fang but had no vac secondaries. didnt like to idle but have hooked up vacuum hoses and it's good now. yet to re-test. i have a wee video but can't upload
  6. Went for a hoon over the hills and took in a few country pubs with some other 1200s and a 260, car went well and no issues. Today I butchered a couple of old standard A12 downpipes I no longer need and made a flange so this will make life a lot easier in the future! Not to mention tidier looking. There's a pie cut left open cause I don't know what angle it needs to be yet
  7. Got the exhaust off the floor and tweaked the pipe by the idler and took it for a fang. It goes really well! Sounds fantastic but on the loud side. Have since tidied up hoses and things but I needed a picture
  8. Shit, maybe? I remember only one half has the centre groove
  9. Got to the go ahead to modify so a few pie-cuts and welds and the exhaust was clear. got it running last night after figuring out which of the various hose tails was the fuel inlet, and blocked the (anodised purple) vac block off as I have no brake booster, and finished the exhaust and a little more tidying today, drove out of shed. the throttle cable is lacklustre and I need to come up with a nicer bracket. Got a good bark to it, quite funny watching it jiggle away at idle. Will need to readdress the exhaust as now it's a lot closer to the floor in one spot and the idler is almost touching
  10. I've seen it running in the vanette it came from a few years back.. quick google says Datsun mechanical pump 2.5-3.5 and R1 2-3 so be interesting to see what happens under load. its an H89 oval port head that's been hucked out to round and ported n polished, can seen different guides at the very least
  11. The cranks getting machine and I needed cheering up, and the car for a tiki tour in a fortnight, so borrowed this A15 with R1 carbs and a bit of work done. the manifolds are on the same flange and it's to suit a vanette so the extractors hit the idler and the floor so I might need to modify a little but might also just flag it and use my carbs and extractors
  12. I like your moreys trick to help build initial pressure noted in another thread .. Do you fill the filter with oil and feed the moreys into the pump until it's about to puke into the block, spin filter on and bolt it up?
  13. Yep
  14. The plunger was gone when I checked. well! it turned out to be a dud ignition switch. i hotwired it and it fired straight up, ran great but then I wound on the revs to run in the cam and it started rattling. so out it came, apart she went and it's fucked I'm rapt I got to the bottom of it, gutted it's taken a month, a lot of stress and cost probably $500 all for the sake of one bung wire. we will rebuild! I'll send the crank to the shop and see if it will polish up cause there's 2 pretty dull journals, otherwise they'll get the rest and I'll have it assembled oversize, lob the head on and throw it back in. and look for a new ignition
  15. Clint wins the chocolate fish, hotwired it and fired straight up. BUT it's making a decent rattle so it's gotta come apart again anyway. will start tearing out when it cools down. sigh