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  1. I had to do a wheel bearing for my warrant. Otherwise good!
  2. the PV skyline ones are big compared eh. unfortunately I found another car on Facebook that’s very similar in colour to what I had in mind for all these years. Essentially, I’ll have more stripes and gold pearl.. so will press on with plan, lol.
  3. Also a place called Dawson’s springs and wireform in Chch?
  4. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, been busy with mrs car, change of work, wee motorbikes and then lazy. i did do the H165 diff swap! My boss went away for 3 weeks and left me his car so I took the opportunity to sort it then. No great pics but after I cleaned it up I hit it with some black zinc and then spare 2k black my flat mate was using. black zinced the springs and bolts and brackets and shit, swapped the shoes and cylinders etc over, cut the old shock mounts off and welded to new diff, swapped the hose mount to opposite side, tidied and swapped hard lines and handbrake cables and made a small bracket to move the cable mount about 50mm across. Cbf cutting it off and rewelding and painting again. had to shorten and balance driveshaft using the larger rear flange off Ute to suit the new diff. Also scored a factory style output seal for the box with the the steel shell through a supplier at work. i don’t like the new ratio ill keep an eye out for a different head I guess. Have spent ages adjusting the brakes and starting to get somewhere. Then a yarn cam up of a NOS roof skin in a blokes shed roof. calls were made and it showed up a few weeks later. Was damaged in transit yonks ago and the guy tucked it away for a rainy day. well everyone knows my roof is fucked from a fire way before bart and I had this so it’s forever changing shape and now the bog has cracked. Time to re-roof it. Now because it’s a datsun, of course the cunt was rusty despite never touching a car and being dry its entire life.. It had a few dings and scrapes but most hammered out well, the rest will be done when it’s stuck to the car so I have some rigidity. i buzzed it All back and wire wheeled the Deep bits and hit it with 2K epoxy etch to seal away the baddies. The inside was much better so just got rust converted after wheeling. sorry to the neighbourhood for 90 minutes of this bitch singing on the panel stand, very harmonious for a Good Friday. so yeah, dunno when I’ll attach it now. Means I should do new rubbers and change to a better screen, a real headlining at the same time too. $
  5. Not sure what bit’s you need, but I replaced the main one with some generic rubber From basis, I can get the part number. The rest could be found at para rubber with some patient searching. Ute stuff will be available new genuine but may need modification/trimming to suit sedan
  6. Cool, done! Just waiting for x member and some 2pot calipers from an NA 4 stud stagea, skyline etc to start mounting, mod tunnel and front panel, maybe area above diff.
  7. Welds aren’t pretty but they are proper stuck. Gave them a quick grind and zinc sprayed. Stoked! again, one side had a bit of a gap from the side to the tub and was gay to weld but got there eventually.. was more important the other 3 edges lined up honestly
  8. I put in the new master cylinder, swapped the new accelerator pumps out for the old ones, was a big bog when stood on.worked a treat. Swapped drivers glass for a spare I was given less the scratches. Sealed the quarter windows into their surrounds again. Random pic of how it is. Painting in the garage means cleaning outside. falcon diff for escort and H165 for 1200.
  9. Painting in the garage means cleaning outside. falcon diff for escort and H165 for 1200.
  10. Beside LH bonnet hinge. Yeah I welded that knick up after Inner and outer here too.
  11. Welded the tubs and zinc sprayed. First one went well, second was a bit gappy and had some blowouts but cleaned up ok.Will be smeared in sealer when finished so.. Left the ends Incase I need some movement for final fit. The escort heater bubbles always rust out. Mine was decent but it was certainly going to reappear if not chopped out fully. I made some patches years back and glued them in today. Hit it with the sand blaster first, the rust started again since I had bare metalled areas before storage. That lip usually pokes out an inch the whole way but I’ve pushed it down for clearance of engine and to drain better. It can chill like this until I start mounting stuff and then can be trimmed more or brought back up or whatever. i started on another patch but left the rust killer and copper spray drying, filled some screw holes & pinholes and called it a day.
  12. the other day I slotted the mount holes and hung this in
  13. Spent a few hours yesterday getting the tubs mocked up.
  14. The hubs are S13 4 stud. The s13 disc (254mm) and calipers (single pot) are decent but they HP vs size bracket I’m aiming to be In Requires 2pots and 280mm vented. would be perfect for an NA setup.