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  1. Engines back in and plumbed, borrowed a standard inlet and carb from mint16 to use while its run in to eliminate teething issues with twin carbs. just missing one carb bit and I can fire it up. Haven't attached headers to exhaust yet just incase it needs to come out for any reason. Even though they are 120y flows they clear everything well, just had to trim the last 4 inches off cause it tilted upward and was touching the modified gearbox member but now it's trimmed off its nicely in line with the old system. hoarding cured a few problems I had with radiator and breather hoses so that was a good result with no outlay! stand by
  2. Things happened and the motors in the bay
  3. started off a bit hmmmm. the hardner went off so tried some other stuff I have laying around and seem to have gotten away with it! It's touch dry and I can leave it sit for a week. Yes I painted over the brake lines but it's so frustrating unmasking them that I now just put paper behind them and spray them black with an aerosol.
  4. Good day today, went well filled and tidied 20-something holes that weren't needed, cleaned and sanded, masked up ready to spray some red tomorrow. Also painted the horn, brackets, regulator, wiper motor etc. chopped out some wires that went to nowhere, trimmed back the old fuel return.
  5. Got the thing assembled...mostly Heres the cut and shut manifold we made, came out wicked, thanks nick! Was choked by the gasket set missing 2 sump parts and a rocker cover gasket... ACL set had lots of spare Manifold and hotbox gaskets and missing the vital ones. Permaseal has EVERYTHING! the set was left over from when engine builder supplied gasket set for wife's A14. And I too had permaseal from work. That and no crank pulley bolt. Pinched the wife's one while assembling and luckily remembered to give it back.
  6. Out you come old chum
  7. I'm back! had another jobs taking up all my spare time but that's out of the shed and I can forge on with Mine. in the interim, in no particular order I got some dobi springs and mk1 golf gas shocks, front of car bottoms out pretty bad when cornering and bumping. Probably doesn't have bump stops in there but may as well upgrade, they were cheap. Need to shorten the struts to accept the shorter golf shocks. nick the fab wizard at MFS has the manifolds and carbs to cobble together. I got Rob to spec up a cam and kelford ground it, gave stuff to ERS in tai tapu- head planed around a mil, he skimmed the block for free 'cause it looks good and the gasket will grip nice', and installed the cam bearings. brendon gave me a stack of rockers to go through and find a good one so I did, pulled it apart and cleaned up ready. picked engine up last nite so today I cleaned up the ports and casting marks, cleaned the head, lapped the valves, loaded the springs and put the rockers on. also cleaned and polished the crank, rehoned, cleaned out the block and galleries. i was in the mood to assemble it but a mate is keen to see how they go together so I'll hopefully do that this week.
  8. The body is done! Just need to put some sealer on the underside of wheel arches then move onto the front guards and bonnet. Have a donor bonnet that's good apart from one back corner so will slice it off the blue one.
  9. The last time it happened, was also on a public holiday!
  10. Then I was doing a patch in the sill and RAN OUT OF GAS. Fucking rage. So I was left to make all the rest of the body patches and rust kill and seal seams. While feeding rust converter all around through a hole, the brush posed no resistance.. FUUUUUUCK. Most akward placement. like an archaeological dig in the rear guard, that's about 4 inches of dirt. found a bulb. Luckily the rust hasn't eaten through the inner yet so took a good clean and rust kill. made patches for the bottom of the guard x2, outer C pillar x2, another 4 in wheel arch and the ugly one for the inner guard, coaxed the frame off the other front guard then gave up for the day.
  11. I didn't get a decent pic but the piece beside the new patch directly above was cut out, but was actually fine underneath so I cleaned it up, rust killed and welded back in. i did other life stuff this morning so only a few hours this afternoon. More tomorrow and Monday