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  1. While I feel for you handing over cash and getting excited about finally having that garnish, fuck that gave me a LOL.
  2. Sheds happening at a good pace.. And a nicely lowered internet bee To make it symmetrical, I got the only cheap chrome remote-control valiant door mirror on trademe..$40 delivered. Been watching them for a year and they hover around $150 Probably scruffy but it will match the other side, hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll give it a spruce up when it does.
  3. Hahaha, I’m not surprised! my headstone will probably read ‘always bit off more than he could chew, swallowed it whole instead’ Cheers!
  4. It went to its inspection, haven’t heard back though. My garage situation means I needed to hustle and get this vulnerable metal sealed and protected. Fucking marathon of shitty jobs and many hours spend rolling around under the thing over a week but I’m starting to feel like I’m progressing the way I want to! My eyes still crunch when I blink but it’s worth it? Rear end needs another coat then I can sling it back in. I used a can of cavity wax in all the orifices but I’ll need to grab another tomorrow to finish, then a second coat. Don’t get it in your beard. and one shed down! Contractors have pushed a week so I’m chilling on the green shed demo for a little longer.. I’ve got a crooked spine so I get wrecked after doing physical shit and I’m ok with a wee breather.
  5. Yep it happened, they didn’t even take it off the tow truck! Took photos and send it home. Haven’t heard anything back yet
  6. Slung the engine and trans in so I don’t have to store that heavy shit outside on the lawn while the sheds being built
  7. And proof the roof was blasted, cause I realised I hadnt taken any shots. Sounds scary but the sand is suspended in water so it takes away that friction-heat on contact that roots flat panels with traditional sand blasting. Just having a coffee and a feed then suit up and spot-sandblast where I’ve been this week.
  8. didn’t find any goodies at the swapmeat today but that’s ok..
  9. We’re on schedule, couple more bits tomorrow and some hand-held blasting to merge in the repairs/ take the shine off grinds then I’m calling it. First time I’ve had all the wheels on it, Shame it’s got no panels hung! Looking pretty clean but there’s still cuntloads of sand
  10. She came back on Sunday morning. despite putting bungs in all the holes then electrical tape over the bungs, and stuffing plastic into the rear quarters; still managed to fill the rails and quarters with wet sand. If it wasn’t wet it was ultra fine silica sand and goes every fucking where especially eyes..it’s been in the shed with dehumidifier on ever since and I’ve spent hours blowing, vacuuming, slicing around down seams with a hacksaw blade, digging it out with my fingers through the holes and sweeping it. It looks grouse though..did expose about 20 pinholes and a few weak areas I needed to address. Feeling confident, I booked the repair cert inspection for Wednesday and started into it the evenings. Several engagements popped up which will hinder progress but yesterday I got the call to say the garage company wants the shed levelled by Wednesday to rip up the pad and start our new 4-car garage which is months late (summer) but earlier than their next ETA (deep winter). FUCK I should have the car done after the weekend, then have taken leave to pack, move and demo the current sheds. Having a bare metal car at this time of the year is shit. Not having somewhere at home to store it, or etch primer it after inspection (all going to plan) is shit too! Fear not: git ‘er done now, die of stress related health issues later..and try not to damage all our possessions it the damp weather
  11. Back to the blasters today for him to shoot the repairs, removing weld oxidisation and making a huge mess….thoughts and prayers for some nice drying weather when it’s back next weekend but knowing my luck it will rain until September
  12. Got the shock moving again so now it’s got some slam. My spare lowering blocks don’t fit the bottom plate so I just loosened the old ones right off for some static sag, hahaha. The seats are still soaking wet,so not installed.. the mesh visor is just for a laugh, might be a bit goofy.
  13. Have scored these missing bits so far: seats door cards arm rests rear screen front 1/4 window valence Will have a bit of a working bee on it this weekend and get some more photos
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