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  1. Chur. and can be arraigned I’m sure
  2. i should man up and just get some, for the longevity of the cars sake
  3. Yep, boot is the only leaky part cause I don’t want to spend $70 on a new seal!
  4. Skeet skeet felt really good to finally drive it again, change gears, and get past 7000rpm. the falcon has been ok for daily duties but it’s not in the same league. Might need to sandbag it to get back to old ride height now there’s no towbar and less bog
  5. I scored a set of Deluxe cowl vents too. I think I like the Coupe vents already on car better, but it’s nice to have an original option. They are broken in 4 and missing a fin but they are always haggard if they ever do pop up. Much easier to repair than the couple of coupe ones I’ve fixed previously.
  6. Not sure I mentioned I have a NOS front screen from the defunct geraldine Nissan dealer? I got a B210 one too and sold that to recover cost. Still in the brown paper wrapping! the rear screen I have always had spare, but it’s much better than the old scratched one in the car.
  7. Seals arrived from Canada, can’t wait to Chuck the screens in and go for a drive!
  8. Haha, I remember the story! I put up with it for this long but it chaffed the paint off the valence and I cbf with that again after the effort to attach paint this time will swap irons. Or make quarter bumpers
  9. Pretty much back together again, currently masked up to spray the satin black on the pillars and window frames again. Have flicked some aerosol black around underneath to cover overspray and stuff too. im seeing if I can sort another front bumper cause this one doesn’t line up for shit. It’s pushed in and up about 15mm so touching valence in middle and pulls the sides away from body. I tried tweaking it and it tore. Lol. screen rubbers will be about 10 days away x Canada. Took a chance on quality but it’s half the price of local Thai stuff. have placed order for new headlining but no idea on a finish date. Here’s the last pic I took a few days ago
  10. THIS FUCKING TIME! On recommendation from some other painters who do home jobs outside work, I went with Baslac 2k and high solid through RA Johnstone. its fucking sweet, covered like a boss. I gave them the tin with the dregs from the first time I painted it a few years ago and it seems a good match. Haven’t had it in the sun yet but wag better than the orangey metalux stuff I’ve been spraying and sanding off lol i changed up my style a bit and whipped the bonnet and boot off to reduce overspray dry spots. Shot Michael laid on a 60% foundation coat after flicking come on any rub throughs or dark patches and let it go tacky then 2 decent coats and a final, 20% thinned full-bore last coat. i got a moth stuck in the first coat and a flake of paint off the masking but both were recoverable. otherwise it went perfectly. it has a tiny peel to it but it might flatten out after the fact, the heaters and lights are still on in the shed.
  11. I feel this car is over priced. It sold very recently after sitting for a while and now it’s reappeared further north. It’s weird it’s auto. But it’s the second turbo auto pillared one I’ve seen in 6 months. beware the rego cause the seller couldn’t remember if it was live anymore. theres def a market for them. A Manual and a tidy up might double the value. Off a friend I recently got a lapsed but quite tidy, functional complete SSS hardtop sedan Z18et manual IRS electric everything with loads of parts and better additions for much less.
  12. I got these from a guy who was looking to buy it in a previous life. sheesh
  13. Yeah, so It sprayed out nicely but I ran out of paint this time. it would have been ok if it wasn’t so goddamn thin and pissweak. The colour is too orange for my liking anyway. I’ll get some paint from someone other than spraystore after lockdown. Fuck everything.