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  1. While I feel for you handing over cash and getting excited about finally having that garnish, fuck that gave me a LOL.
  2. Sheds happening at a good pace.. And a nicely lowered internet bee To make it symmetrical, I got the only cheap chrome remote-control valiant door mirror on trademe..$40 delivered. Been watching them for a year and they hover around $150 Probably scruffy but it will match the other side, hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll give it a spruce up when it does.
  3. Hahaha, I’m not surprised! my headstone will probably read ‘always bit off more than he could chew, swallowed it whole instead’ Cheers!
  4. It went to its inspection, haven’t heard back though. My garage situation means I needed to hustle and get this vulnerable metal sealed and protected. Fucking marathon of shitty jobs and many hours spend rolling around under the thing over a week but I’m starting to feel like I’m progressing the way I want to! My eyes still crunch when I blink but it’s worth it? Rear end needs another coat then I can sling it back in. I used a can of cavity wax in all the orifices but I’ll need to grab another tomorrow to finish, then a second coat. Don’t get it in your beard. and one shed down! Contractors have pushed a week so I’m chilling on the green shed demo for a little longer.. I’ve got a crooked spine so I get wrecked after doing physical shit and I’m ok with a wee breather.
  5. Yep it happened, they didn’t even take it off the tow truck! Took photos and send it home. Haven’t heard anything back yet
  6. Slung the engine and trans in so I don’t have to store that heavy shit outside on the lawn while the sheds being built
  7. And proof the roof was blasted, cause I realised I hadnt taken any shots. Sounds scary but the sand is suspended in water so it takes away that friction-heat on contact that roots flat panels with traditional sand blasting. Just having a coffee and a feed then suit up and spot-sandblast where I’ve been this week.
  8. didn’t find any goodies at the swapmeat today but that’s ok..
  9. We’re on schedule, couple more bits tomorrow and some hand-held blasting to merge in the repairs/ take the shine off grinds then I’m calling it. First time I’ve had all the wheels on it, Shame it’s got no panels hung! Looking pretty clean but there’s still cuntloads of sand
  10. She came back on Sunday morning. despite putting bungs in all the holes then electrical tape over the bungs, and stuffing plastic into the rear quarters; still managed to fill the rails and quarters with wet sand. If it wasn’t wet it was ultra fine silica sand and goes every fucking where especially eyes..it’s been in the shed with dehumidifier on ever since and I’ve spent hours blowing, vacuuming, slicing around down seams with a hacksaw blade, digging it out with my fingers through the holes and sweeping it. It looks grouse though..did expose about 20 pinholes and a few weak areas I needed to address. Feeling confident, I booked the repair cert inspection for Wednesday and started into it the evenings. Several engagements popped up which will hinder progress but yesterday I got the call to say the garage company wants the shed levelled by Wednesday to rip up the pad and start our new 4-car garage which is months late (summer) but earlier than their next ETA (deep winter). FUCK I should have the car done after the weekend, then have taken leave to pack, move and demo the current sheds. Having a bare metal car at this time of the year is shit. Not having somewhere at home to store it, or etch primer it after inspection (all going to plan) is shit too! Fear not: git ‘er done now, die of stress related health issues later..and try not to damage all our possessions it the damp weather
  11. Back to the blasters today for him to shoot the repairs, removing weld oxidisation and making a huge mess….thoughts and prayers for some nice drying weather when it’s back next weekend but knowing my luck it will rain until September
  12. Got the shock moving again so now it’s got some slam. My spare lowering blocks don’t fit the bottom plate so I just loosened the old ones right off for some static sag, hahaha. The seats are still soaking wet,so not installed.. the mesh visor is just for a laugh, might be a bit goofy.
  13. Have scored these missing bits so far: seats door cards arm rests rear screen front 1/4 window valence Will have a bit of a working bee on it this weekend and get some more photos
  14. Hopes and dreams are cheap and don’t take up much space.. But there’s no fun in that! With a 289 and C4 in stock, and a couple of grand burning a hole in her pocket; it didn’t take much thought when this popped up local and a deal was done The kicker for me was how straight it was and how much was still there. Came with a few spares and 3 more 13x8 wide rims! The plan is a gasser axle under the front, Valiant or falcon diff in the back and use up all our spare shit while having something fun for dirt days/car shows/kids can play in it and I don’t have to stress about them breaking interior shit! I spent a few hours hanging the doors better and assembling the dash again but the main priority is to source some windows and keep the rain out (came with a full set but they must be zodiac)
  15. Refer to page one, said I wanted to get a proper wheel for it.. Well I couldn’t believe it when one popped up in my daily trademe favourites! $500, buy now! I’d have liked to spend less (as always) but they are a bit skint second hand and are usually rooted. The aftermarket ones are over a grand and buyers have said they weren’t too happy with the quality. This presents perfectly for a used/driver car! Glad to tick this off. The factory wheel was all green, cracked and pretty ugly so a no-brainer to skip putting work into it. I’m a sucker for a skinny, big factory wheel. I got the passengers door under control and in primer, ended up putting the other hinge pin kit in it since it was off the car..it was pretty good but now it’s better and the metal-on-metal factor didn’t sit well with me. Broke 2 hinge bolts but managed to get the captive plate out of the door and into the vice..drilled out just undersize and picked the old threads out. Mate finally dropped my caulking gun back so I’ve seam sealed the engine bay. For a change I’ve opted for quick and thick production line style. I usually go overboard, mask and smooth everything and finish with thinners so you don’t end up seeing any sealant. I kinda dig being able to see it on this car. I’m leaving the character wrinkles in the bulkhead and things too.. it’s not a show car and I’ve had to remove and replace so much car; it’s cool to preserve Dodges slap-happyness where I can Made the filler for the front spoiler too..only 280mm wider than a Datsun sunny..lol Offered the rear bumper up for the first time, brought some new bolts, trimmed some of the rear valence for bracket clearance and it fit. I’ll bugger round and see if I can get it to sit tighter than factory.
  16. When I put the tow bar on almost a year ago something wiring related occurred and the fuel sender failed. I couldn’t find one anywhere and got a universal sender and gauge in desperation cause I was dailying it and it was unrequired stress. problem was I could never get it to seal nicely and didn’t want to modify tank because id always prefer to keep this sort of shit original. As it spends most of its time tucked up in the back yard, it reeked of gas and just wasn’t cool. Mrs found a falcon wrecker out north Canterbury and he let us loose on a few wagons to see if any worked..found 3 variations but one identical, slung it in and Wooohooo 1/4 of a tank! also grabbed the last missing dash part..a tiny rectangular knob to operate the vent!
  17. Don’t worry, Haven’t been resting.. we’ve now got the front guards, drivers door, valence and scuttle/engine bay bogged and first coat of 2K epoxy primer. Engine bay rubbed back ready for some paint.. I will go dark grey and terminate it along the guard edge and the seam across the firewall.. so it’s a neutral colour with whatever outer schemes I do down the line and I won’t have to tear everything out and hand sand it again which is aids. But not as aids as black enginebays. Other door torn off because it needs a good skim and it’s less back-breaking sanding flat as opposed to vertical.. always like to leave the car together as much as possible but I really hate this stage so anything to ease the dreadfulness will prevail. Bonnet rubber bump/rest kit arrived too (4 wee wedges that locate into edge of guards) old ones literally shattered, lol Interior guy sounds keen to get started next month nobody cares for bodywork photos so here’s a parting shot as I walked away for the evening. Chairs
  18. I’d tell you if I’d heard anything!! I was peaking about waiting but now I’m bogging and sanding doors and front guards I’m occupied. Will hold off doing the rear end until I hear back.
  19. *slap* Time to get back amongst your green machine again yet?
  20. I did clean and clear the wipers and they still look tits. Boring update, but you never know who it might help. there’s no swage in my door and it relies on the crown for strength. I noticed when opening and closing doors to align them that the skin flexes way more than you’d like. Today I saw these on another forum and though it was brilliant and easy. 20 minutes later slam some epoxy glue on them & bolt them back up and they will stick to the inside of skin and spread the load..no silly cracked paint/undesirable distortion!
  21. Blast’n’bits Vapour blasted my wipers, photos don’t quite do justice but they are like new..the satin finish means I’d never be able to clean them up nicely without polishing but vape to the rescue again, it’s just a magic process. There some finger prints I need to clean then I’ll clear them
  22. Free bit of Weekend spent hanging/ aligning the doors, guards, valence and bumper for good. Pretty OK! Sorry the pics are shit, was in a rush. I’ve had this B310 panel-steel chin spoiler for years and finally bit the bullet and decided to run it. I could have gone Camaro style and had it inset, but the ends made problems when it came to mounting. We made the call to chop it, and the ends practically fit the sweep of the valence after all! just used a random number plate to fill the gap (lol) but it works well so I’ll make a bracket. Not finished but you get the idea. I took the 20 degree angle of the indicator to set the spook angle. And the tyres flipped and lathered in tyre shite to help lift the new-tyre scum and release agent Then, started blocking and bogging. Fucking Joy
  23. Glad that’s sealed up! Can see the lumpy nature of the RH side now
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