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  1. Man, making fuel lines sucks heavily! Was ok in the vice for a start, but vice is a metre away from everything in the shed and there’s like 5 metres of line.. cable ties and clamps as I went helped a bit.. At least the brake lines are copper-nickel and much easier to manipulate (he says, having not made them yet..) Also got the hood skin goo’d to the frame and spot welded back together. Used Bostic and it was fucking awesome! I quickly buffed and painted the throttle linkages, hood latch and a fuel tank vapour breather this arvo too, have some clips soaking in vinegar.
  2. These two from my brothers phone didn’t make it onto the daily updates..just an after pic with quarter panel on
  3. More goodies.. Shoes, pads, LH thread wheel nuts, rocker covers The Mr. Gasket breathers have been display pieces on the shelf for ages so it’s good to finally have a use for them
  4. Another message from south today, a photo of the to-do list with only one thing remaining and a photo of the new boot edge. Not a lot else to report, just started a new job at Mount Shop, so energy is directed into that and hours have changed so I don’t have as much shed time after work. I flicked some satin black on the dash top and will pull some black vinyl over the dash pad..the weird green interior will slowly make its way out the door so I started with something that’s not going to be accessible soon as dash related things are a screen-out job. Sourced some demister vents too, mine are sun buggered and cbf making fins to complete them. The new ones aren’t from a b-body but are pretty close so I’ll just linish them until they sit into the recess nicely
  5. I’m speechless! What a fucking sweet car An excellent write up too, good job! Sounds like we are on a similar buzz with what we like and retaining original feel, really look forward to seeing it come together
  6. This made my day! I had the radiator at the shop to see if they could stop it weeping along the bottom. They filled that and then found the whole core was pinholed. Because this was the ‘big’ radiator, they struggled to find a suitable core and would have to make one. $780+ Im sure this isn’t the correct radiator for my car anyway due to how it was mounted. I asked on the Facebook groups and a guy 30mins away had one he replaced with an alloy rad when doing engine conversion. $50!! Super stoked! Always Wanted to stay original. Will drop it into radiator shop and get the mounts re-attached and then I’ll tidy it up.
  7. Just in from alexandra.. drivers floor pan, tunnel section and more firewall patches.. By my calculations, that’s all the main fucking holes filled, we have a god damn shell again!! Still some hours of checking it over, finishing spot welds and the usual completion stuff then we wait for the repair certifier to give us an inspection appointment
  8. I know, Shame the wheels suck! Gonna slap some paint and stripes on to keep the weather out and do it properly in another colour down the track
  9. And that’s my last day on it, back to reality next week. brother still has a wee list of holes to fill but she’s bloody close! Diff back in, wheels on and rollin! rear valence almost dialled Hard to scale but that’s a big pile of cast-off Chrysler
  10. @RXFORDIt’s a p7 and came from farra engineering
  11. Central custom engineering. The forming gear is my brothers hobby, only just got pullmax a week ago. Waterjet was a govt scheme a couple years back to help local business and bring in more jobs. Incredible machines! It’s a Maxiem 2040 and can cut on axis’ and all sorts of shit
  12. Back on track! When you have a waterjet on site, rooted shackles are no problem! order number workshop the middle of the rear panel is holey so they waterjetted a profile for the pullmax and hooked into it! made a full length piece but wasn’t worth the potential hassle as it’s a w shape so just chopped bits out. the underside piece was shit so replaced with disruptions and great difficulty here’s a wee bit where ya feet go I made yesterday raised this portion wrongly stamped in the Chang 1/4 The dumb floor was too small in all directions so trying to transcribe it.
  13. Shit day. I was on my own and It didn’t flow well. Sandblaster played up, welder was fine when testing but weird when necessary, hurt my self a few times, just didn’t go great. I did grind up all my shit welds, made some firewall/floor pieces, fixed a clip in the door that kept popping a rod off, stripped the springs and replaced eye bushes while I had access to a press (full beanbag job with someone else’s tools, ham rattle gun and rusty bolts) let’s try again tomorrow!
  14. Would have been my choice too but welder wanted to do it that way. Don’t agree with a few things done but not in a position to argue
  15. Da truck floor is all but finished! And I forgot to take a photo! Cock move! Here’s a patch under the rear seat, there was some rust and it got mangled when we took the old spring mounts out. And I got the floor out and in, fit magic REALLY wish they had stock of the LH side when I ordered it. They had to supply pieces and they sucked. The front was a home-made looking piece that didn’t reach the edges of my rust, and the rear was actually in good shape so unrequired. Would have loved to have two nice pans and would have been half the work to fit
  16. Haven’t presented themselves yet.. Will have to borrow the 12 slots and eagers off the falcon until they do!
  17. Hell yeah, plasma cutting & Turfing the old pieces in a pile was pretty satisfying too! the guy I got the car off has a 2-piece pressed boot floor on trademe but there’s no way in hell I’m giving him any more of my money! (Also wants to triple his money by the looks)
  18. Mean! We have chassis rail and torsion bar crossmember. Stuck the suspension back in so it can go on the ground and lose the bracing for floor replacement soon. Part way through the boot floor at the end of the day. I have no rhythm so it’s my fault we buggered up the hump and we had to chop it out and make separately to cover the high portion of the tank.
  19. Just a wee mish today but buttoned up that corner
  20. Good day had heres that channel I spoke of last night. This wee channel sits under the parcel tray and out to the edge of the boot. Wasn’t too bad till I hit it with the blaster and the bottom became Braille. Bro amalgamated the rear rail fell out, took some of the torsion support and floor with it I replaced the lower arm bushes and the radius rod bushes and lubed everything up while it was apart. Like a penis, I left the tin of paint in chch I intended to coat all this suspension stuff while it was apart! I got some black zinc in the tight places and I’ll get the rest at a later date.
  21. Had a shit as sleep so today was a proper mission. spine of both quarters is welded and ground, didn’t move too much with the tig. this is drivers side behind the end cap above tail lamp Progress shot. rear parcel tray, tulip panel and window corners being gutted out. brother fanged out a new piece for parcel tray dropdown.. it rotted as the piece above rusted. he also made that bit which is a C section same profile (not pictured) here’s a throwback reminder. I fluffed around with the corners, pretty crazy shapes involved and 3 layers.
  22. I got to alex about 4:30 and brother had spent most of the day on it so I snapped some pics quickly one side zipped up and quarter being welded on, other side not far behind!
  23. hinges cleaned and blasted. Carefully hit the wiper motor too. The wiring sleeve has disintegrated and my brush on tape went hard in the cupboard. Mrs suggested epoxy glue/araldite so I drizzled that on and worked pretty well! Have painted half of it just waiting for some to dry, to mask off of. Was about to black epoxy-etch the hinges and inner of guards but it had gone weird.. I mixed the living piss out of it and decided to try it anyway. Avoided doing the hinges because they would be awful to blast again if it stayed soft. Heater blower, love this colour! Although VHT engine enamel, SP405 from memory..Left over from Mrs old 302 rebuild Guards got plenty of epoxy, narrowed the nozzle and jizzed it into all the gaps and holes, suck it corrosion; you’ve had your turn with this car Starter received a good clean and some paint. Wish I had a vapour blaster Anyway, I head back down south again tomorrow under level 3 to do more of the body! Here’s a nice example I spotted too
  24. Got a few coats on the power steering setup Happy with the guards now. Goodbye huge aerial mount Also got second coat of hammerite on the guard splash-guards. Need to hunt out a tyre tube and make new gaskets
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