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  1. That’s better. The epoxy glue kinda sucked so I whipped up a wee reinforcer plate. Once bolted back in against firewall she’ll be safe. And I scaled back the front runners. ..just for sandblasting.
  2. I freed the wiper! fucking pot metal shit. The shaft runs on brass bushes either end and the middle section was full of some now-solid shellac sorta shit which jammed it up good. I have cleaned and lubed it, now trying to epoxy the housing back together. It doesn’t have to look good as it’s not seen, but it needs to be reliable when used. The ugly repair method should work in my favour, I just have to take my time and let it fully set each time
  3. Tranny all sealed up again. Fuel tank straps cleaned up, welded some soft bits, rust killed and painted silver. Still working on the wiper pivot. decided to grind off the rivet and drive the shaft out then clean up and reassemble, weld where the rivet was to the bracket. walking back from the grinder the fucking alloy housing just crumbled and both wings fell off! I have an idea for a fix but not today.
  4. They go way hard. Even have electric door holding jigs that’s what apprentices are for
  5. Well that was never coming out intact with the rubber. theres 2 distinct sheets of laminate with a gap in between which crunches and cracks. Also, there clips in the corners on both sides so you couldn’t get in to ‘flick’ the seal out. bit the bullet and sliced the seal. pretty happy! Hasn’t broken through anywhere, just scode and pitting. Even saved most of the trim clips. lovely niece of original paint Was good to access the top dash fasteners and swing the dash down for a look (cool design has whole dash pivot on two bolts in front of the door
  6. Sorry all my photos are rushed and shit looking. I’m going to try take more care and make them better No before shots cause we’ve all seen used transmissions but I got lots of crud off the box without going too spaz and using all my products up. inside was nice, filter and gasket was new but I’ll replace. Gutted the mrs didn’t have any in stock today..I was keen to have this job done and stashed away in the corner again this weekend. replaced shifter seal which I dare say was a big factor in leaky ness. fought this fucking ass output seal for ages, just didn’t want to sq
  7. I’m hanging out so bad! The waiting part is inevitable but the more parts I clean up and paint in the mean-time, the more I gag to put them back on the car and feel some sense of achievement, lol! havent really dialled-in how I’ll be suspending it while doing repairs cause there won’t be shit left to rest stands/hoist pads. future problem
  8. I’ve been crook again so wasted a huge portion of the first long weekend I wasn’t working. achieved wee bits before crawling back inside. the bumpers all painted and assembled again. and I got the fucking rear screen out intact!! I held my breath for way longer than is healthy. the rear ‘deck lid’ is a A+ rust trap for B-body’s (I’d dare say most American cars of the era) so I knew it was fucked up but I’m happy to see it’s not totally missing under the glass! Shoulda added one to the cart when I ordered panels but I’m a fucking Scrooge. The rest of
  9. Wire wheeled the whole thing yesterday and got a coat on today.
  10. Today’s mish was to clean up and paint the bumper, then it rained. I got a bit done but not the bulk of it as the compressor shat check valve. I wanna do the frame in hammerite but I’ll be patient and let the black zinc cure first. whipped the overspray and sealant off the screen trims and straightened a few bits.
  11. Blaster was keen. Some sorta glass and water deal, but won’t bugger anything left attached. Pulled the bumpstops and exhaust hangers, blasted and zinc sprayed. Quality template (just a reference pic for later) Stripped the hinges, power steer, brake lines & more wee bits off the front and firewall, screen Trims came off cleanly (plenty of bite on the clips, was never going to fall off). Got rust in the lower rear screen like all the other cars but the front was lush! Cooked old vinyl still sandwiched in there. cracked the screen! Next to no effo
  12. I just assumed it was a cheap aftermarket finger trimmer fan painted black but she’s original Part of me wanted to paint strip and polish up the alloy blades; but the rest of me just blastedit all and painted it black. In other news there’s a fucking ship wedged in the Suez Canal and global shipping is all up the shit until god knows when. sigh
  13. Allan at Bare steel, I’ve known his son for yonks and he’s not far away from here.
  14. The consolidator fucked around for a week and we missed the container. Gotta wait another month until the next one, then another for it to float over. Fuck you Robert, I’m sour! Leisurely scraped some underseal + all the old deposits and shit off the diff to aid the sandblaster. Pulled the rear brake hose to match at work..it’s identical to the fronts just a little shorter so that’s a bonus. talked to the blaster tonight and will tee up a quick inspection in the weekend.
  15. That’s a balls-deep sorta list. And a good way to spend 4k NZ ive done plenty of little stuff on the car. I spent ages blowing all the crap out of the scuttle/plenum. Was all nice and dry and came out entirely with the long nozzle air gun. Lots of ancient blue tarpaulin strands.. I then poured a heap of rust converter down the grates and what dribbled out the drains got collected and sent back down the top! Que the air gun again and it got maximum coverage. I’ll send some cavity wax down when I do the rest of the car. the current state of the bay. I’ll blast and etch this t
  16. Chrysler rocked the vinyl. Mod tops and floral too!
  17. Happy birthday coronet! In 1970 On a probably overcast day in St.Louis,Missouri..you were as rust free as you were ever going to be! some parts showed up from the states today-indicator cancelling cam and camber bolts, My 2.5L tin of hammerite which should be enough for a few cars-worth of lovely black protection too. first coat on arms: And just because, some reference for vinyl top and stripes (it won’t be green) ive never really been a vinyl roof fan but this looks tits so I’ll put one back on mine.
  18. I just pulled the column out, got to top bolt (only just) and booster off! Can’t just paint this one..Its leaking lots of brake fluid and I’m certain it’s not supposed to. Off for a rebuild then
  19. Still battling with the top arm ball joint. Thought I’d weld a scrap bracket on and give it a belt. it tore. sandblasted them and gave a coat of brunox in the mean time. then if by some divine intervention the mrs dragged me out of bed early for a swap meet. Chris was there flogging some of his pop’s gear (Chrysler man) and amongst it was the fucking ball joint socket! Donated to the cause along with some new valiant + Desoto ball joints, a valve stem seal set and a cool vintage car jug to carry it home in. Thanks! Can confirm the bushes are the same as those listed
  20. Hot rod! wonder if it’s cammed? Lol i don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of modifying a V8 for a long while. Wouldn’t mind some extractors though. The manifold bolts were mad rusted to the flanges and extractors always look boss
  21. I also see some double valve springs, new looking retainers and clean valves. Interesting needs a clean and some rust removal on bits..it’s obviously been pulled from the cuda or installed with no covers and some shits got I there. Gaskets cooked too so they must have put the original coronet ones back on
  22. Sorry I missed these posts! I’ll go have a look and report back
  23. Woohoo! it has a pinhole or two but immaculate compared!
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