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  1. i know your going to get it all in and running basically standard and get a cert then build a motor......thats when the updates will be needed.. i havnt seen or heard of anyone doing anything with the old ford v6 in what feels like ever.
  2. holy shit.......the last update was april 2016... as for your motor for the mk3 ....probably the engine build im.most interested in ....in a long time.
  3. so as you know if you have read this topic this year i swapped the original motor out (because it was starting smoke real BAD!!) i put the one that came in the parts car i bought in after swapping all the shit from mine onto it......and all was good with the world...it started ,ran well,and didn't smoke..... this one and then one day on my way home from work it started rattling ....and it didn't go away.....and it started bleeding oil all over everywhere i parked.....(at this point i knew J-W-G was selling his 2.0 out of his mk3) so thought i would try and fix/fuck mine https://youtu.be/BaPxkhkxBoE 2 things happened that night ...1 i didnt fix/fuck it....2 it sounded better and the rattling when a away........................................for 9 hours. so i bought J-W-Gs motor and he kindly dropped it off for me on the Saturday....i didn't do anything with it till the flowing Monday... Drove the old girl to work and it was getting worse so came home and pulled the motor out swapped the flywheel ,p-plate,clutch ,inlet and carb onto the motor(3rd this year) i got from Jesseas i know they worked well on past 2 motors (and against my better judgment not the water pump or thermostat) ....put it all back together and it ran like a dream fried straight up and didn't sound like a diesel...after a couple of days it did pick up a slight knocking sound (that when away when the clutch pedal is even lightly pushed (so wasn't to bothered )..and had a massive hesitation when you put your foot down.(found that to be coil to dizzy HT lead........the hard way......heeeelll of a jolt). then this monday i left to go to work and got a few ks from home and temp was well over half way(normally the fan is just kicking in as i get to work )...it was a hot ass morning tho. got it back home and it was very low on water.....so i bit the bullet and pulled the motor back out ....replaced the water pump and thermostat from mine......i know....i know. found the knocking to be a stone jammed in the sandwich plate ......before you ask ...fuck knows. i also decided to give it a blast and quick paint...and water last the engine bay and put it back together..... and give the old girl a wash......shes happy as now and back to being 100%. cheers all
  4. just a thought mate but the SC manifold inst blocking a water gallery off ?
  5. it cant be a massive airlock can it.?. it does sound like a water flow restriction and it doesnt take much...1 small hoke covered by gasket and coolant temps go crazy
  6. i hate coolant temp issues so i feel your pian mate. the factory head gaskets should be fine...ive seen 500hp turbo 1uzs that havnt been pulled apart ( not long for this world...but 1 of them has made it almost 3 yeara so far)and the they stay cool with factory coolant setup and radiator. i would be so tempted to pull the heads off and check that there isn't an issues with the gaskets....wrong side....wrong way around....stuffed.. apart from that ill keep reading replys
  7. well after being in storage for just over 2 years now...the old girl has been sold. its gone to a mate who only hounded me for 20 months.....and has big plans for her. so everyone wave good buy to the mighty mk2. it has been replaced with another cortina ......and that has taken up its space in storage.
  8. if you dont need the money ...keep it man...bloody clean car. and if you want to be able to jump in and drive all over the country without issue and good on fuel.....mx5 the bugger you would regret selling it mate and they fit pretty well......even with a wu-tang war whistle hanging of the side
  9. so start of a new year (even tho its February now lol).thought i would clean the garage out and that met putting the mk3 back on the rotisserie and also making casters for it so i can move it out side....ive got some metal prep to do before POR15 and that en voles being able to hose it down..and dint want to do that in the garage.. bit of a bloody mess all cleaned and ready to go
  10. WOF yeaterday...again another clean sheet..so all leagal for anothe 6 months. when i swapped motors i also swapped the 4 speed back in...( live in chch..fuck all motorways...flat....my work school home round trip is 32ks) and i prefer it to the 5 speed. also put a quick shifter in and it makes it heaps better. almost had ghe old gjrl 3 years now and love it...second longest ive owned a car. lol.
  11. started seeing if i can get the interior in and see what broken and what goes where.(they will need a good upholster to sort it all out...has been painted black and lots of rips.) started with the back seat. the bottom clips in the car that hold the bottom of the seat have broken off so i drilled hols and riv-nutted them. the back seat frame will need to be straightened after sitting around with crap on them for years. as for the base and as most of you know the base is held in with these little thin tabs. and screws into these small hole with what is basically a PK screw so i cut up some 3mm thick box section and welded them on and cut the old ones off drilled new holes and used rivnuts back seat all bolted in. i bolted the front seats in and realized im in a situation ive never been in before.(i have moved seats,bolted in other seats,,,) but im not a small person and normally everything isn't where it should be for me...like controls .gauges facing me ect ect. but im still yet to weld the dash and everything in place ....so i could make things better for me while im at it.. i bolted the EPSC in place (still fits as same pedal box as facelift) and put gear stick in gearbox and sat the center console in as well. now i can start putting dash all in to suit me....still need to make it all fit around the wiper motor and heater i made to fit the facelift dash. on a side not ...1st time i have ever had seats in this car .........of cause i sat in it slamming it threw the gears making engine sounds.............i am human
  12. got the dash support painted and put the rest of the dash together......very happy with it ... pre face lift GT dash now bog standard face lift. car has a new owner as well....i have my mk2 stored at a mates and he dropped the other mk3 seats off for me today and couldn't take his eye off it (it is a bloody good body) so we struck a deal and hes going to put it in storage until he has all the bits to put it back on the road.......its a good day...dash lloks mint....cars going to a good home
  13. got the re face lift dash support out of the parts car and the face lift one welded back in.....first time ive ever done it....this was the worst part...think the one going in my car will be easier. can start puting the parts car back together with all the shit i dont want/need and sell it on.
  14. well i havnt build the new motor yet .....because i have other shit to play with.....but the old pinhoe has been getting worse......blows shit loads of smoke and sounds like a diesel... the mk3 parts car i bought had a mighty pinthoe in it... so i pulled it out pulled the clutch ,flywheel,pressure plate,inlet and carb , thermostat and water pump of mine and slapped it on to the other one.... reason being mine ran and i had done them last year. some new plugs and oil.....and man it starts first pop.....no smoke.....and so quiet . old pinthoe other old pinthoe blooody good
  15. when i bought this it was a shell and i was missing heaps of parts but the shell was the starting point for me. i did buy some seats and door cards as well as the rectangle lights and a few grills (i like the look of then and the 1st ones to come along)from a mate but still needed lights and lots of other stuff..so i all ways thought that one day ill stumble across a parts car.. being a face lift 76 it has the same dash as the mk4/5 and i dint hate it but lately ive been thing about after market gauges and maybe subaru b4 seats front and back or maybe bucket seats in the back as well. then a mate rings me on Friday morning and tells me he will around soon with a trailer......and later that day i had a parts car...........oh what a parts car. its got everything that makes a GT a GT in it. so i stripped it out on Saturday and got a pile of GT goodness. the seats are pretty bad and will need an expert but they are all there. the only part i dont need is the steering wheel and i have no idea how much they go for so i put it on trademe at $1 reserve.. the body of the parts car is pretty bloody good and has live plates and tags..so the plan is to take all the stuff i want and put all the stuff i no longer have a need for back on and sell it on to someone whos after a project.....far to good to just cut up...theres rust in the rear panel and i think thats it. the big job is the dash steel back part....the face lift and pre facelift are totally different as you know so they need to be removed and welded back in ..in the other cars. so i have removed the facelift from my car today i will fully weld up all the areas with it out now and clean and POR15 what i can before i remove the other one from the parts car and weld it in. cheers
  16. oh good...i tnought you sold the lot mate.. im a huge fan of the starion and you dont see enough around anymore....or the early l200 utes.
  17. love the old l200s mate.... and man life was so much happier (for me) when you worked at repco... did you sell both stations Zac
  18. made some panels to covers... the firewall recess
  19. this is the 1st set of headers iver ever made and no i cant tig weld so mig was used........they will be wrapped to cover my shame ........and heat. so i dont like any of the off the shelf headers for the 4.1 and much prefer the huge looping JDM style headers .. these are the crap headers that cam on the motor. the only good part was the flangers so i cut them off to re use. i was talking to a guy in aussie that builds high performance 200 and 250 xflow motors and he said the ideal set up for a street car and will work with a lot of setups. 6 into 2 using front 3 and rear 3...41mm tube 660mm primerys 3into 1 collector.....then 2" -2.5" dual exhaust to the rear of the car with mufflers and a v8 stlye x pipe.. so i ordered some bends.........and i got all 6 within 10 mm of the 660mm and each other. at least there is room to play with then started with the setup i wanted it to look like before i build the rest. then made the rest front 3 rear 3 bolted in
  20. some exhaust bits turned up so i made a start on my 1st set of headers ive made.... just need to get somemore bits and ill fully make them up.
  21. ticked another off the list......heater well more so demister...( only ever use the heater in my mk5 for the screen).. once again it had to be made with off the shelf parts for ease of replacements. so i started with a 72 camaro heater core... so i made a box for it that will be welded into the firewall like a pocket. trial fit then i cut a hole in the firewall just behind the glove box. then put the box in and plug welded the front. (will fully weld the back once back on rotisserie ) made a front cover the fan i bought is a pc fan but will run on 12v and cut your fingers off......5200rpm and moves 253cfm of air. then put it together. im going to make covers to clean up and cover the back of the fire wall.so all will be hidden. this doesn't do it justice as the battery i used wouldn't even start a car
  22. i was wanting to have a look at the wipers and see what can be done. ive never been a fan of the ugly motor bolted to a plate screwed to the firewall setup... and when i tried it in place .....seems the flacon motor is in the way.........lucky me. i could have just unbolted the wiper motor and clocked around a bit and drill new hole......but it would still look crap. so i maked out where the center of the motor kind of needs to be and looked at some option..... i found i could just bolt the motor under the dash and bolt it threw the firewall using roofing rubber sealing washers then i just had to cut the rod turn the end around and weld a rod into join them. much better.....hopefully the heater core i bought turns up soon so i can start making a heater.....or even the bends so i can have a go at making headers.