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  1. pretty easy boss For a full rebuild, this series was so damn good have a watch through of any parts you are concerned about
  2. I always assumed they used factory hole positions to align it, then leave the bolts in cos american fabricators cant be trusted to weld
  3. circle jerk crew https://themotorhood.com/themotorhood/2015/6/19/club-meet-controversy-kings-circle-jerk-crew
  4. Looks good enough to save. plus it only has to look good in the photos so you could get away with putting a backing on it to mount using other holes and bogging and painting the rest. New plates have a different font
  5. https://www.assda.asn.au/blog/221-strengths-of-stainless-fasteners#:~:text=The vast majority of stainless,tensile strength of 500 MPa). some info here
  6. Cover everything with a rag Then forget to take the rag out
  7. Dig out the bit you are jumping over so it looks higher
  8. Fuel stabiliser saves fresh gas it doesn't bring back old gas. But yes if you have some Jerry cans the gas will last a couple years if you add it
  9. Probably full of shit. Run a tap down them. Check bolt threads too
  10. lots of interesting things going on here stationary engine turbo fuel injection car with just the engine does 100
  11. I gotta see numbers on a bit of paper tho. Cos they used to bolt a bit of metal inside the chamber of flathead to increase performance and I'm entirely sure all it did was increase preignition lol Pretty sure that one comes from the same guy who makes rings on the back of valves
  12. Also saw that being done to the high performance ecotec 3.8 moo edition. But just to the plenum and not the runners. To trick the plenum into thinking its bigger than it is as above Of course no data to back it up, but looks cool
  13. Probably want to change the petcock while you are at it, even with the overflow you still gotta turn them off what year is the bike?
  14. Keep the original wall switch. wire up a central locking actuator so it pushes the switch via some kind of rube goldberg machine
  15. This is bad enough that it even causes the same on morris minors if you can believe it
  16. That's on the vtnz form. If you make up your own all it needs is the statement that you solemnly swear the vehicle is legally yours, then your details and the vehicles details
  17. ALT documents form, to be used when no proof of previous NZ rego available https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/32876/Alternative-documents-form.pdf From motorcycles being rereg with zero paperwork and no plates
  18. probably comes up under fiat 'van' or LLOO, the data entry is pretty garbage
  19. you will need the sellers name and address for the stat declaration, i just went to the local vtnz and got them to print me one of theirs out (on their dime) Take lots of photos of the rusty screws holding the numberplates on, old dealer stickers etc you at least have the old plates still attached and probably a chassis number which is great, for further 'proof' you could try for example the local fiat barry club and get a letterhead from them stating what range of chassis numbers were imported as Ky said in the other thread, there is actually a backroom of data not avail
  20. here is the information @azzurrothat is useful to you, i went through all the available info looking at a different vehicle earlier this year as well https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/entry-certification/i-and-c/required-documentation-and-registration/re-registering-a-vehicle you may get sent to the assessments team if they think its sus. so this is actually a time where having more is better. Looked like a fire service sticker on it, may have been owned by a firestation once? 1.1 Proof of previous New Zealand registration unavailable In cases where the veh
  21. Theres no separate legislation* for bikes they just get lumped under the car virm https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/entry-certification/i-and-c/brakes/inspection-specifications you had to provide the brake declaration because you failed the brake test and had to 'repair' them The carjam data with vin, rego etc is taken from the same database that vtnz checks when identifying the vehicle There is a clearly defined list of paperwork that is needed *post 1990 the brakes dont get taken apart by the inspector because they
  22. police dont sign anything saying somethings not stolen anymore, liability stat declaration seems all the rage DR200 was in the system and had a vin plate but dead for 20 years and missing number plate. my experience in march was bring in bike bring in statutory declaration (with the guy i got it froms name and address even tho not last reg owner) pay registration check pay rego and pay wof That easy No brake declaration is needed if first rego in nz prior to 1990, surprised you had to do that kws. for a motorcycle at least its easy t
  23. Genuinely from that first picture i assumed the van was in eastern Europe somewhere
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