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  1. Window washer rerouted to mist the intake Probably don't spray methanol on the outside of it tho
  2. Needs a star exhaust tho to maximise the spin
  3. Id get the police to send an email saying that they dont give out that info, then submit that lol
  4. Is this not a standard Rereg? Stat declaration stating you are the person entitled to register it should cover a plain old rereg If so, honestly start submitting complaints because they need to get their acts together
  5. https://www.police.govt.nz/can-you-help-us/stolen-vehicles?nondesktop
  6. Owned 2 bikes in my name for 3 months, they dereged one the day before I picked up, the 2nd they took the plate but didn't dereg The system works
  7. Damage or factory QC casting?
  8. This dude keeps cutting up engines and making twins, triples, v twins, 4 into 2 stroke etc comes out just perfect https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzXoHko5UdtqEYwJODaOyw/videos
  9. Got any horsey girls around? Go get a couple of old girth straps and make like an old time bonnet Plus you get to use the word girth in a conversation
  10. Didn't have a pontoon frame fall on your head? Lol, nah just looked Coregas site still says bunnings has it
  11. whats the clutch doing?/not doing? probs already left it, probably lost its cow poo rejuvenating properties
  12. good thing you had that supertrap installed, probably saved your life
  13. Is it actually grot brit 4 stud 101.6
  14. On the upside, if its everywhere Auckland can come. Churrrrr
  15. Aww fuck, I can't believe you've done this Probably no change, lockdown is for Auckland only
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