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  1. 110ish. Maybe a little more on a good day/cable stretches
  2. I'm Gona narc Will you be able to beat a gn125 now?
  3. No one cares, just looks odd on the history report
  4. You don't need an odometer unless you pay road user charges.
  5. Drill it out to as big as you dare, the dissolve the steel with alum
  6. Same here. Dunno what you are complaining about @RUNAMUCK it was lovely
  7. There were a supply of those adv tyres I got in 18" on trademe
  8. You could go a bit different and have the brake lights in the headlamp trim ring.
  9. East coast history sharns Great grandad on grandma's side hand built the road from Motu to Matawai. He and great grandma would set camp. Build the road for a while, then decamp, load it into a wheel barrow, and move on to the next spot. Frig A Sack Also 5hrs at full throttle to get down here. No issues other than getting 70km less to a tank before reserve. Might have to recalculate my fuel fills
  10. I believe it's worded in a structural integrity way, so a big dent or hole would be covered
  11. Can't fail you for having a shit looking car. Trust me
  12. Wire brush and some rust converter. Not close enough to the hinges to fail
  13. Stones? Man that's great around the fire drum while listening to a triumph herald based trike skid into the crowd
  14. Goddam that's on a slant
  15. Door is being a pain in the ass to hang. The problem being that every point of reference has been dicked. Got the lines pretty good, but the bottom of the door over hangs the sill by a good 1cm in places How, I measured and checked everything and used the other door frame for reference. The sill is dead straight. Oh the door is bent Some hammer and dolly work and it's coming into shape. Looking at unmolested utes, there is a prominent angle here. Mine is smooth and bulbus . I assume it was either bent out to match the previous sill, or was bent already and the bogged the sill to match. (Same issue with the roof lines, bogged over and rounded off)
  16. Close enough Fender is a reproduction, so I made a best guess as to panel gap. A little filler, a little seam seal and she's seamless
  17. I can't get no satisfaction Except some times I do Was at a bit of a loss as to how to line the new sill up. Luckily A series engine components came to save the day. Looking at the step/scuff panel part of the door frame, it looked pretty squashed. Must have been stood in a few times. The section right in the middle where the seat frame mount is attached was unbent. So I used a rocker shaft from a 1098 Morris minor to reshape it. This must have worked because when I then set the top lip of the new sill where the old one was, the bottom of the inner sill also lined up (it was well out before) Needs another day to make a rear cab corner and join in the front of sill to the bit behind the guard
  18. Not Gona lie, sounds worth it because it's a dirty job
  19. My Ute just has an external efi rated pump and a return line and goes fine. Probably better to use a surge tank and lift pump however