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  1. must be around 3000squids for a 20ft container to nz. buy all your bits in one go and it would be ok (plus split the extra space with brit owning weirdos)
  2. Probably 15 years ago. It was a piece of shit back then too ha ha I remember the flaked off paint. Typical east coast truck, bet you find some crop remiants in the back. Don't get shot towing a red car through Whakatane
  3. Lol i remember seeing this being driven around
  4. whizzbanged a couple of brackets up out of half an engine stand a slot so I can get a spanner on the nut on the bumper bracket, and a dusting of satin black Sit at about the height of the towing eyes so a good height I think don't have any decent wire around so might do that next week....
  5. // When I was a nipper, my dad's mate had a chalky yellow L200 with orange and white side stripes going up the doors and tray. It was the first car I ever pined over and I had hoped it might be mine when I got my license. Instead it rusted out and was replaced by a dark blue 4wd L200 with flatdeck which I liked less. Been thinking about how useful a ute would be, mentioned it to 3onthetree and how I though a Buick v6 would be good in one. This combo was highly applauded and so I had a casual look on trade me at what was available and in my budget. I wanted 2wd Standard ride height Single cab Tow bar Not a flogged out old farm truck Able to do the speed limit This was the best thing I could see within 150% of my budget, was advertised without wof rego. I figured it was a guy who picked it up not long ago Went and checked it out. Fresh wof and rego and new shocks, battery and brakes Bloke had owned it 19 years, a tear came to his eye as I drove it away Built as a shop hack by master motors, this ute has never left Auckland, except to tow the previous owners stock car around. Features a cut and shut later model tray, l300 brakes, nolothane bushes all round, sun visor, power steering and a Holden 3800 with 4 speed automatic Never late with a 3.8 Has had a bunch of rust patched over the years and had a bare metal respray a few years ago so it's still looking pretty good. I also ended up with enough paint to fully respray it if I want. Seller was very upfront about a few little bits that's will need attention. The interior was never finished, so I have a bodged in commadore gauge panel that doesn't work, would like to swap that for an original one, also no carpet, half finished console etc, and an alarm that will reset itself while driving and go off when you get out. All in all I'm super chuffed, I don't really have to do anything to it but drive around and tidy a few bit up
  6. Cut and shut the two clusters together. The black surround will need some finishing sanding where I've cut the original sections out, and repaint. The two sections are currently curing where i have bogged up the gaps. Now to start making an entire new instrument loom and order some small led's for warning lamps
  7. Nah, throw away that horrible rotary engine, they were never any good anyway. Take one out of your hondas and have an RXVTEC
  8. Parts pile continues to grow 4.22 LSD 2nd gen diff and spindles/brakes from the same truck. Spindles let me run vented risks and I have more scope to upgrade the brakes further, rear brakes should also be ever so slightly better which this truck really needs. No way was this thing towing anything heavy. Should also do a mean skid, but I mainly wanted it for the better handling and brakes........... Also got a auto shifter surround from a VP which IV hacked up and will fit to the centre console so it looks more finished
  9. Not to be rude, but what you paid for it, and especially what you have spent on it fixing it is really just a sunk cost. It's a neat one, but it's still a Vauxhall and there's no Vauxhall tax yet
  10. It's a Vauxhall, so 2k probably is a good price (for you)
  11. You better not be telling yarns m8 It's not 4.11's for 11s, but 4.22's cos 22's are cooler right Yeah got an LSD from a 2nd Gen, might swap it in this weekend
  12. SACT
  13. i have growing keenness for a 1st Gen 4x4
  14. Argue the collectable tyre aspect, not dissimilar to a fine cuban cigar, as long as you don't put them up in smoke they are covered
  15. Shes an absolute hunny that truck, actually one of the most reliabe cars i have owned, although i mostly own British cars. Hope its what you wanted/expected/as described, shes been looking a bit sad without any use If you are wondering why theres so many rivets in the roof, theres a photo in with the manuals of how Mark used to have it, in its two tone, chromed up, roof boxed glory
  16. Truck Barrie's used to run up and say, boy you don't hear a gearbox like that anymore
  17. back of a ciggy packet
  18. Just add a few coils in the line, will last forever
  19. 2x44gal drums on the roof. 1 for fuel, 1 for oil
  20. Could you water jet/Lazer a wrench to fit or does it need to be a socket?
  21. Finished the instrument panel? I don't quite think I have space for a backlit symbol, but I think I'll grab some of the flat top LED's and use them and a small label for the idiot lights
  22. ReWOFed no worries All it took was 2 new tail light units (and rewiring them to actually work) Tie rod end Rebuild power steering box New rear handbrake cables And of course all the work I did prior. Nice
  23. She tows hard for what she is Got my pick of an 83 going to scrap Better dash, just 2 cracks rather than it being all split, plus it's a lovely tan Owners manuals Complete gen 1 tray, a "little" rusty but within the realm of me repairing it. Bottom of the tailgate is the worst and a few patches around the well side bodyline seam. Might be best to get it acid dipped. Also a bunch of plastic trim and a step end tow bar/bumper.
  24. Don't try to church it up sumpsan