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  1. So yeah nah, I gave up trying to fit the 29s it was going to be garbage. The solution? Buy 3 new bikes First, a Raleigh pioneer which accepts the 29" no worries May set this up as a single speed or 1x7 or 1x9 depending on what parts I dig out of my pile. Would also make a legit tourer, have the original fork too but I gues the stack height was a bit low for the guy. 2nd I wend and bought a nice modern mountain bike. All clean and shiny Then took the wheels off it 27.5" fits nicely with the mods I've don't to the rear, will still need to widen the forks a bit, but won't need to clearance the top of them. Also there's disk brakes, so some brackets for them, and some gussets everywhere else If anyone wants the remains of the other 2 bikes (a Canadian mixtie and a small melvern star complete less the wheels HMU)
  2. Better keep out of sharning distance from any GNs then
  3. Have 2 year wof but My Rego expires just before. So no
  4. Boots, jeans, jacket Low speeds so probs just a denim jacket with tassels is fine. Gloves because I've still got east coast gravel in my palms from years ago
  5. No better place to replace them than on the side of a gravel road m8
  6. No. But I got told to put some in because it would hurt in a crash My suggestion of the roof hitting your head not worrying about 3mm of foam was not taken well
  7. Cold rolled sheets from Steel south Auckland in wiri and all the section stuff I get cheap China stuff from Magellan imports
  8. Separate work light switch for light bar?
  9. tortron


    Paint will handle the high temps alright, it's just the brake dust that ends up burnungt/melting into it and looking crap. Don't think there is anything practical that holds up long term
  10. Guess who's not going on this Have a tent site at the lake and at Gisborne already paid for for 2 people Anyone want?
  11. Oil tank with a hand pump to pressurise it like a 1930s English bike
  12. 1st gen. I can give you all the mitsi part numbers/diagrams if you like