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  1. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Ever onwards. I'm over fixing rust, dents, and generally making things right for now. So on to probably the first actual modification/upgrade I've done to the ute. Standard 1st gen 3.88 open diff out 2nd gen 4.22 LSD in So far so good. I noticed the 2nd gen handbrake cables have square ends, 1st gen ones are round. Don't think it will be an issue. Other than that I just need a brake hose C-clip thing to mount the soft line to the diff.
  2. // When I was a nipper, my dad's mate had a chalky yellow L200 with orange and white side stripes going up the doors and tray. It was the first car I ever pined over and I had hoped it might be mine when I got my license. Instead it rusted out and was replaced by a dark blue 4wd L200 with flatdeck which I liked less. Been thinking about how useful a ute would be, mentioned it to 3onthetree and how I though a Buick v6 would be good in one. This combo was highly applauded and so I had a casual look on trade me at what was available and in my budget. I wanted 2wd Standard ride height Single cab Tow bar Not a flogged out old farm truck Able to do the speed limit This was the best thing I could see within 150% of my budget, was advertised without wof rego. I figured it was a guy who picked it up not long ago Went and checked it out. Fresh wof and rego and new shocks, battery and brakes Bloke had owned it 19 years, a tear came to his eye as I drove it away Built as a shop hack by master motors, this ute has never left Auckland, except to tow the previous owners stock car around. Features a cut and shut later model tray, l300 brakes, nolothane bushes all round, sun visor, power steering and a Holden 3800 with 4 speed automatic Never late with a 3.8 Has had a bunch of rust patched over the years and had a bare metal respray a few years ago so it's still looking pretty good. I also ended up with enough paint to fully respray it if I want. Seller was very upfront about a few little bits that's will need attention. The interior was never finished, so I have a bodged in commadore gauge panel that doesn't work, would like to swap that for an original one, also no carpet, half finished console etc, and an alarm that will reset itself while driving and go off when you get out. All in all I'm super chuffed, I don't really have to do anything to it but drive around and tidy a few bit up
  3. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Right, that's good enough for now. Obviously will need some further work before paint, which wont happen until I shrink all the roof down. With a bit of panel beating I should get it pretty much spot on, I would like to get away with just a coat of primer filler. I might need a smear of filler on the top weld, I couldn't get the roof and patch to sit quite right, so I have a little bit of a valley. I did however just make up a panel spoon to get up in that corner and edge and got it 90% in a few minutes, so theres still hope. Not sure if that line along the inside of the drip rail is supposed to be there, its not there at all on the other side. Might be a seam from where the gutter joins the drip rail. I suppose il replicate it with a little filler. You don't really see it when the gutter trim is on (yes it still fits, I tried. not the drivers side tho, I need to remove a hair of thickness on my new inner A pillar)
  4. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Am I doing it right? I don't know if i will need 5L of bog doing it this way. Masked off the inner roof and sprayed some zinc inside the remaining hole, will eventually spray a bunch of cavity wax inside too
  5. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    $50, sweet I should be able to get $75 for mine then
  6. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Continuing work making some patches getting the cab lines measured out before cutting the rest of the old patch out, then cutting more out to get rid off the old brass work this side had a poorly shaped door frame in the corner, so that came out too. I'm not 100% on that swage line under the drip rail, but the other side has one roughly in line with the top of the door frame and to the end of the drip rail. So put one in where I guessed it should go a little more fine shaping to go before welding them in, but pretty close. I will also need to make up about an inch of drip rail as this side is missing some
  7. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Ok, into that patch how do these cabs rust out here idk, still have a feeling this thing has been either on its roof or had a new roof, theres some weird seams and double brackets at least it wasn't bog over rust this time eh not much left of this bracket. cant see this one on any of the body diagrams, fortunately the one on the otherside was complete so I had a rough idea of how it should look. It was spot welded in crooked at the factory. Nice. cad it up if you don't have one of these, get one. so handy for around door frames and inside panels lucky the back of the cab needs repatching because I needed to make some more access for the welder because this section had rusted out where it joins the drip rail area two brackets to go in
  8. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Let that be our little secret
  9. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Mrs doesn't let me do this
  10. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Metal got a bit thin on the passenger side roof. How come every truck I get has a drip from the roof. Keeps you awake I guess. Have brushed down some of the more suspect spots across the inner roof and they look passable.
  11. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Il put the LSD in this weekend, then take it for an alignment. Must be these new tyres mate, they didn't even last a week
  12. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Cleaned the LSD up with new paint, spring hardware, cylinders, and oil. It can go in when the paint hardens off. Had a bald front tyre so got a couple of desert duelers put on, only 15*215s available today. Swapped the best one to use as the spare. Forgot how crusty the spare rim was, should have grabbed a good one from the shed. Came home and polished it up abit. Will remember for next time. So far so good, they might be a little less balloony so haven't rubbed yet, and no squeeling like the old baldies
  13. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    I can get the whole roof to oil can in. I can also get about 4 seperate areas to do it, so a bit of shrinking is necessary. Some old pitting and a small area that's resulted in pin holes. There's a bit of surface rust on the interior roof, Il need to strip it down. Potentially it's a big patch as the other area of pitting is about hand size. Possibly sat for a while with a caved in roof. Note the dark patches, looks to me like some attempts at shrinking it with a torch. Currently painted satin black, and it's about 20degrees hotter inside. After sitting in the sun one of the canning areas stiffened up, so Il stretch that one
  14. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Wish it would have come off in slabs for easy clean up
  15. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    The roof line is at least pretty good on this side. Big step where the roof is attached to the a pillar, same as the other side, I assumed standard Todd motors fitment, but now I'm wondering if it's had the roof replaced, and it's warped to hell, maybe a roll over is why it was dereg in the 90s
  16. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Oh, yea that seems about right
  17. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Other side Looks pretty good
  18. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    All thriller no filler
  19. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Dig that beat
  20. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    I dunno man, maybe I'm getting old, but it literally only took the playtime of blister in the sun to knock out 90% of those dents. Only levered them out and haven't started panel beating yet. Surely that's better value than a gallon of bog even on special. There's a bit needs shrinking down in the middle and the windscreen corner is a bit tight to get under, but Il knock that out sometime soon
  21. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Oh yeah I recognise these marks. Footprints
  22. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    New wire cup brush, who this?