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  1. And that's why this one is going to be worth big bucks to late 90s Nissan foamers with a soft spot for 2000s car mods
  2. Bart, the pain of you skulking about to get some grommets, when an entire box can be delivered to you overnight, is unbearable
  3. Pretty sure my tiny home was more. Such a rort
  4. This is what $150 ish gets you in old xplod gear It's not entirely period correct, but that's fine. Because I'm retarded I spent extra to not only get a 10cd stacker, but then extra to get a head unit with a proper input for said CD stacker, tho I think I could have hacked a lesser head-unit to run one easy enough. But this one has front and rear L/R outputs too 1000w amp 1300w sub I have no idea where any of this will fit without taking up folding flat boot space, I may have to make some rear quarter pods, put the stacker in the glove box, and the amp under a seat or something. Current sound system is some after market head unit, factory 6x9s in the D pillars and I'd guess factory 4-6" in the front door panels. Probably just upgrade the front speakers and bridge the rear to the sub. But still...... I want flashing lights and a fibreglass pod that takes up the whole back
  5. This bike kicks back way more than every other dr200 engine i have, im assuming its cos theres a pool of oil leaked into the cylinder, normally its a lazy kick and away they go. Its got some nice bars and a battery tender on it, wonder if its got a milled head too 1999 DF200. TIL that DF200s are actually different from DR200 farm bikes. They are a road frame converted to farm bike spec. pillion pegs, different rear rack mounting, provision for only 1 kick stand and anodized black alloy rims I can see why the deleted the rear peg loop, if you drop the bike it bends them, it breaks the frame, and the pegs then cut the swingam..... noting too bad for a farm/bush bike tho being a bush bike means its really a river bike tho
  6. You will pay 15 at supercheap for a 5 pa k so buy the box
  7. I got a boxed assortment off trademe, pretty decent. I assume they are alispec but I wanted them nao Was like 15 bucks or something
  8. i found that the covers just popped off with a couple of well placed taps with a screwdriver
  9. will be lighter to lift the flat one up, wont have as much air in it plus
  10. They have been twin turboed in L200s to great success
  11. I change my bikes oil every 1000km or rebuild, which ever comes first
  12. Dial in your tyre pressure Remove rubbish from back 100mph tape over all panel gaps Fuel card
  13. if you take a motorcycle starter apart and put it back together with the centre 180 degrees out it will spin backwards does the subaru one have a bendix i guess
  14. 2001 is old-school now That's like a 1985 car in 2005 which is what this forum is built on
  15. INOX MX2. seemed to help that one, i have another that came from dead to just stuffed but not quite usable
  16. "sealed" not really, the caps pop right off and i have done so to bring it back to life before lol. As its one i keep in the shed rather than drive around with i think itl be fine getting bogged up i might soldering iron plastic weld it, its all above the acid line
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