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    Sound deadening

    track car? get some fitted ear plugs and save the weight
  2. Too aggressive, needs to be soft and cute for the ladies to want it
  3. Nah nah nah, paint the windscreen frame black to match for a seedyal special
  4. They all have the capability to scan whatever already. Parking tickets just drive by and the cameras scan the plates
  5. If you are having trouble getting the PC to connect, try a new cable, one with a ferrite bead on it, that seems to have been an issue.
  6. ecotec v6 i can only imagine
  7. i keep it in the sump and let it mix with the fuel via the rings
  8. Ehh dunno. Maybe. Not good pistons for a dr125 as they have an open combustion chamber and would want a domed piston. Might keep digging around and see what I come up with
  9. This really opens up the world of Suzuki 125 tuning as people were trying to track down NLA wiseco big pistons for extra cc. Possibly I'm the first to figure this out thanks to the future of cheap Ali parts
  10. Man some days I just CBF with this Gn125 piston - 57mm 150 kit 62mm Here's a 150 kit one and the CBF ones to show deck height with he small ends aligned
  11. Camo, but the splotches are bikes
  12. That night I caught a ride with the gambler’s wife Had a brand-new lay-down Rambler She parked outside of town, laid the Rambler down, She said she sure would dig it if I drove her
  13. I got a tin of lime green with gold pearl here.... Quite liked how the exploder came out in nardo grey. This would look pretty swish with a little lift and meaty tyres I think (and light bar obv)
  14. AliExpress rev counter and gn125 mechanical rev counter both gutted Guts pulled apart, LEDs removed, wires extended Mounting holes drilled, existing hole embiggened for cables. Heat shield and case shield made from old welding helmet spatter shield. Double sided tape to help with vibrations. Needles cut and shut. Looks like there's a 3.6% difference between numbers when using a protractor on the two faces (reads high) I believe I can adjust that with the trim pot. Going to tune it live at 10000 rpm with an inductive counter and then seal the gauge up
  15. 0-100 and stop + repeat brake test so probably
  16. Got a press? Could spend an hour or so manipulating your shaft to work the kinks out
  17. Pick the right filler and then case harden it on the bbq Or lathe it down and loctite a speedy sleeve thing on it, are those available for shafts?
  18. Hey m8 i have a eprom burner etc for rewriting the 808 ecus. You just need to unclip the eprom from inside the ecu, plug it into the burner, then put it back in the ecu gnerally you would have been better off with a link or microsquirt i see you have the live chip tho, from memory you need an older laptop, the software is available on the pcmhacking site, the 808 is pretty slow at feeding info back \ do you have the data cable and software from the site?
  19. recommended powdercoaters in Auckland? making some steel doors
  20. Have her drive and see if it's the same
  21. so if the seat squats back, does it make a pinch point at the crotch of the pillion?
  22. agricultural
  23. sorry its industrial use only, cant use it at home