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  1. stripped all the covers off this weekend and gave the thing a good clean has definitely been looked after brand new carb and air filter inside. Previous owner thought it had low compression as it was hard to start and struggled to stay running, threw 12 volts at it turned key with a puff of engine start away it went.... and then died without picking up any fuel. Fuel pump is shot sucks up just enough to make it run not enough to do anything useful but it definitely sounds sweet with no muffler. It also has a proper oil system so a turbo would actually work on it being 610cc it would spool up a small one too. Right i need a frame.......
  2. Hmm i only sat it on this so i didnt have to carry it..... this is how the other one came to be.
  3. Complete new frame i think may be in order. Rebuild is a priority these engines sound awesome so might look down path of something road legal.
  4. So 2.5hp is cool an all...... Been looking for something a little bigger found it. Shits about to get real fun
  5. So been a while has it been put in corner of the shed and forgotten about? Hell no its become reliable transport it folds up and fits in my boot nicely ive ridden usually 2 up bloody everywhere. Im thinking of building more in fact. Oh and my son has discovered burnouts much to the neighborhoods disgust.
  6. could go real simple for the heater couple of pc fans drawing air from some 2 inch exhaust tubing tucked under exhaust manifold then flexi tube it ahead of radiator so you dont get fumes. would demist mint.
  7. While your attacking the firewall should recess it 100mm so a Barra will fit..... Probably better to fit heater unit out of something 90's spec and Japanese the triumph units fill with leaves and rust out, or the internal gates seize and give you full time hot feet or wind in your face.
  8. There is a user on here called sparrow hes dropped a lexus v8 in a stag same engine bay as a mk2 basically . Hes using my old independent ford 9" diff in it and my wheels from my mk1. See if his links still work.
  9. My lexus to triumph sump was a 10mm thick flange with the pick up points for the trans at the back end, then welded the pan off an old small block chev i had floating around and modded pickup to suit. If you have a front sump supposedly possible to carefully cut the gearbox mounts off the ass end rotate the thing 180 degrees then weld back on for a rear sump. Not forgetting pickup mods too. Pretty sure steering rack will be in your way if front sump is tried i could be wrong though.
  10. Lexus v8 is a bitch to fit in one of these i sunk one into my mk1 back in 2003 custom sump headers everything is tight and in the way. Ls1 with a camaro sump would be way easier Commodore headers would fit with a few pipes tickled.
  11. Swap you the motor off my scooter? //
  12. Might grab a spare set of carbs its not first time its done this my old man tells me today.
  13. Tried blowing jets out with airgun and dropped drains on float bowls let it flow for a bit no real difference after putting it back together.
  14. Just resurrected my long dormant bike its been parked up since 2002 my dads taken it on the odd ride here and there. But it has been neglected since 2010 so has needed a few new parts to get it to start again new battery coils and drained tank and float bowls today, Few shots of engine start in a can she fired up and ran on 3 and smoked like fuck eventually cleared itself, set off for a ride gave it some berrys and it cleared its throat and screamed to the readline thru the gears on all 4 cylinders. Sweet its cured i thought till i pulled up in the drive it died. Now it wont do anything but idle and it needs 3/4 throttle to achieve that any ideas? Its running on all 4 (pipes are hot) but yeah its not happy.
  15. After several attempts to make the smaller chain work i just couldn't get it to stay on the sprockets, so after some head scratching how i could get a sprocket in 420 chain small enough to fit i ordered a 17 tooth front sprocket from a random dirt bike off trademe. After killing 3 or so drill bits it got 4 holes in it and bolted on it now works and doesnt throw chains. The carb however has decided to jam at 3/4 throttle and again at idle. Anyone know if a trademe universal 2 stroke carb might work?