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  1. Did the valve lash adjustment set gaps on plugs got it all spot on. They were tight infact probably holding valves open slightly on rear cylinder, As expected its spot on now absolutely sings crisp and happy, i mowed the lawn with it today in lieu of a blat up road. I really want to throw a grumpy cam in it.....
  2. As a bonus bores look mint and have no lip no slop in pistons. Certainly sounds way happier really thumpy out the exhaust and snappy on the throttle. Still think it could benefit from electronic ignition as the rear cylinder seems to die off at a low idle it comes in and out probably a slightly sad coil. For now I'll just run a higher idle. Any geniuses know how i can make a coil on plug conversion?
  3. Boom it runs! Took all the sharp edges out of inlet as well but overall these heads were mint! Lapping in valves took some work but did eventually come up really good. Started first pop normally takes some cranking. The part thats been attacked with the angry end was a hard edge that extended out really choking the exhaust. Once i had that opened up and smoothed out the rest of the port was actually pretty good, i opened up the port at the flange to match the exhaust and called it done.
  4. Heads all stripped down stoked to find inlet is factory CNC ported (fuck yes) exhaust is a bit shit though, I'll tidy that up do a valve grind and put back together. Found the valve seats clearly weren't sealing well obviously has been left sitting for years and got some surface rust.
  5. Well cant leave the house so why not rebuild and port heads on this. Its always had just enough compression to make some power but knew there was more in it.
  6. Could use Holley float bowl sight glasses chuck 2-3 in potentially smooth them flush with the tank could look cool and be functional
  7. What type of cert inspector would i need to involve to build a trike? Preferably so i can register as a car to save on the massive rego costs will be running my Honda gx690 engine with a turbo on it for added fun. Will graft a narrowed independent subframe to a bike chassis to keep it all fairly straight forward.
  8. How much power does a motor like yours punch out? That drive belt is massive.
  9. Im tempted to buy a tube bender and start again to be honest as this works bloody well now but has its limitations being stand up and hard tail yet i dont want to cut it up. Ive got a pair of 205 50 13 Eagers stashed in roof for a rainy day. I'd like to build a trike with a sport bike front end on it to get it nice and low with some rake added. One of these engines would happily drag a good size car at highway speeds so i reckon a trike would be pretty rapid. Even something like this floats my boat.... i might consider a bit more chopping to convert to that.
  10. @Kimjon Cheers will see how i go im running an electric pump to keep the SU carb happy at moment, it runs a battery and charging system. My sons mobility scooter could use one though its always running out of gas. Probably going to be Christmas break before i get out of house though
  11. Hey just spotted this on TM pretty cheap would be compact enough for your stretched bike.
  12. What do you do when you need a big fuel tank but your surrounded by fire extinguishers...... Shortened and rewelded needs a tidy up and some caps and a AN-4 bung put in it an a few tabs to mount it. My fuel pump shit itself on Friday so will maybe relocate new one up front with the tank to free up some real estate for a bigger wheel and new exhaust pipes ive got sitting in a box.
  13. Cheers ive found the pocket bike tyres are really a shit fit to the rim one i fitted had 5mm of slop on the bead so wouldn't even inflate. My current one is a snug fit with a tube and i used an adhesive similar to loctite to stop the rim spinning in the wheel, its a bit of a fuck around but finally takes the abuse im riding it 10ks at least every day at moment. I really want to bung an axle under it and make it a trike with some suspension.
  14. I owe @Kimjon these fuel tanks for his projects problem is im riding it to work. Building a little one from a fire extinguisher this weekend to keep me going in meantime. Sorry mate will get them to you.