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  1. Took this for a really good ride around 25-30 minutes think my stash of E85 has gone stale though as it goes like stink off line and falls on its face around 4000rpm like its fuel starving. Plugs tell a different story as theyre perfect. Will get drain tank and try some fresh 98 and wind the jet in (SU LIFE!) the carb has enough adjustment to swing through anything i throw in it. Small win my mrs who is staunchly anti motorcycle has had a zip around our very quiet subdivision and can absolutely see what all the fuss is about now. And is now ok with my idea of getting a bike to commu
  2. Hobeca in Auckland do them just got a few sets from them. You'll have to open an account though.
  3. I was on that so damn fast and still missed out. Stumbled on the listing messaged immediately but was getting loaded on a trailer. Be great engine in a GN250 or something as it has so much torque and actually can rev too been the small stroke version. Im looking for a bike to commute on might be next logical step if i can find a decent frame, probably not a hartail though as ive already had a L4 L5 spinal fusion done (my custom performance spine) This thing will always be around just throw another engine on it'll keep living.
  4. Yeah it is, keeps me out of mischief. Plan is to bang an aliexpress cafe racer seat on it now (or make something) No more standing up on it with this round of mods though, hopefully this has just strengthened it all back up and moved the weight back onto the heavier built structures. It is built like a tank though!
  5. Wow that went swimmingly with no interruptions. Engine moved probably 150mm in end it just ended in a great spot can service everything the oil filter is no longer fighting for space with back wheel and the carb is no longer fighting it out with my ass. And the muffler now doesn't extend past the back wheel so it now fits on my trailer again.
  6. Taken today off so thought I'd dig into this a bit chains have been running really noisy and i haven't been able to eye ball them very well with it in one piece. Boom! Many pieces. Ive wanted to flip upside down and check some welds as i built this thing while on morphine after back surgery...... surprisingly only one crack has appeared and its on the engine mount, i only built it to take the 2.5hp motor and the twin has been cantilevered off the back of it so kind of inevitable. While its off I'll fix the crack and brace it back to the jackshaft mount as thats all 25x3 box section a
  7. Tortron Millyard. Convert it to 2 stroke for less valve hassles? About 86% serious, reckon you could do it half the strokes 2x the power.
  8. Ive always found the 3.8 pretty good for a big ish engine. Im getting the good mileage without having to baby it too which is useful as i go through at least 2 tanks a week. Ended up rolling back the last re-flash as it had a flat spot i wasn't happy with. Ive taken to downloading other people's tried an tested BIN files running them for a few days. Now I'll start copying tables from the maps ive tested. Eg: ive got a file that the engine performs perfectly but the trans shifts are a bit doughy so I'll pull that trans tables from another file that i like and merge the 2 to make
  9. @johnnyfive Shes a teenager so has the self preservation thing going for her, scooter is really user friendly now controls are simple being a twist and go. Shes decided burnouts and donuts are the most fun though. And my son can't because his 125 has nobblys so in her mind Shes 1 up on him.
  10. Been punching around on this a reasonable amount recently It started to develop a vibration in back end under deceleration not quite sure what was initially as nothing seemed out of place. Till i let my daughter ride it after she started suffering FOMO after my son bought a dirtbike. Did i mention she is an absolute animal.... and also found the problem .
  11. Yup i reckon i can still eek a bit more out of it too. Its settled at 8.8l/100 now though it goes does go out window towing trailer to around 10l/100 Factory supposed to be around 12-13l I've actually not even got it that bad towing a massive trailer in any of the 3 ive owned even the supercharged one.
  12. Flashed a new map in this morning, more timing again and more line pressure in trans. Quick spin around block trans is good holds a bit longer with foot down and is pretty snappy between gears, interestingly the induction noise is quite different bit of a growl to it now. There is a high idle though so will need to see whats causing that. Stoked as previously this map didn't work the car would try to start but a few things were obviously not quite right. More running to see what the fuel consumption is like in normal use.
  13. Solution for your AN fittings space issue on oil lines, Tap for tapered NPT or BSP and get some angled fittings. Then you you can aim them away from each other enough to get the hoses tightened up. Or get some crimped to suit with bsp one end and AN female at other end to hook up to filter housing.
  14. Muncie

    V6 exhaust help

    I'd be inclined to get a big twin in single out chambered and baffled with stainless packed muffler made to fit between the gearbox and diff with a big straight through at back. I had this setup on on my supercharged v6 commodore and it was smooth as silk with no twang and didn't drone at all.
  15. What oil do you have in it? I run penrite HPR10 In my commodore its full synthetic and it doesn't use a drop between oil changes (up to 20,000ks), these engines seem to like it and it comes out only slightly darker then it goes it. I do romp on it quite often too.
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