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  1. I think we're going to see a goped have 3 digit top speed. Dromegedden quarterly would be great.
  2. Hard to believe 2 years ago it started as a electric scooter like the one on the right....
  3. Jack shaft to wheel appears to have stretched it's chain nothing is bent so wheel must have smacked the ground at full clack when I assed off. She did a big rev as the handlebars did a few spins and ripped all the cables to bits fortunately the factory low oil sensor did it's job and shut it down. Chains cheap fortunately pity they don't stock the gold stuff anymore haha it's so tacky it's cool.
  4. Not the racing I'm worried about it's just the high risk of death and injury from the shit I've built. At least it has polished rocker covers now for people to chat about while they hose me off the racetrack.
  5. Frame is getting some extra love and bracing around the front forks. I'm pretty happy the back end is sorted so will de-dag any old brackets not needed and whole thing will get a few coats of paint..... probably in metallic purple or green I'm undecided. If someone could fold me up a fuel tank? I'd be bloody appreciative.
  6. Did some engine stuff. Re routed wires etc and covered everything in oven cleaner and scrubbed shit out of everything aluminium. Convinced my son to polish the rocker covers while i painted the plastic engine cover. Fitted an oil pressure gauge so I can see how healthy the pump is.
  7. Going to try equal length straight pipes that both will be about 600-800mm long at present the exhaust ends 200mm from the head and both are merged into one. Hopefully more bends will get some Db out of it and look less huckery while freeing up the exhaust side. Otherwise it'll be Supertrapp time!
  8. One thing I might need to do is a quieter exhaust at present it's not much to look at but sounds amazing! (Read) loud. I have tube to do it I just don't want to make it sound terrible.... or like a Honda.
  9. That was my first thought but add the brake caliper into the mix it got harder then I could be bothered trying (had no metal to attempt). i lost 50mm of deck then gained it back by shortening the handlebar tube. Swapped in the bmx bars took another 100mm from tube and gained more deck room than before just need to paint it all looking like fruit salad at moment.
  10. On the downside it's just grown longer again. Upside Meremere dragway have said I can get it tech inspected to race.
  11. So as an added bonus I've taken about 120mm of height out of the front it's at 100mm at moment reckon I could take a bit more out. There will be more bracing back to the front tube to stiffen it all up and stop any twisting. The cause of my crash was the lock nut backed itself off on the forks allowing it to start the wobbles. Not helped by the lofty ride height. I intended this thing to be a bit of a skid toy so hopefully dropping it back down and adding wider handle bars will make it a bit easier to Chuck around. Will finalise the rake on the front weld it back up and hopefully not fall off it again. At least if I do it won't be as far to fall.
  12. So it tried to kill me so I chopped it up and added some better tube and some rake to the front.
  13. Haha engine alone is around 45kg on mine not to mention the 10mm plate I mounted it to hoping it wouldn't pretzel up. Think I'll build a lightweight one and tow it on a tiny trailer behind the big one.
  14. Sprockets and chain are on their way to you. Looking good that exhaust shaped up well little muffler looks sweet where it is. Envy the ability to transport this easily in say a car......