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  1. More overnight parts from Japan Sydney wastegate arrived its a whopper! shoebox size package My possibly knock off 850cc Siemens Deka injectors arrived, these are what all the cool kids with turbo commodores run, I also have a map to flash in the ecu that will run these with a LS1 maf swaying my decision a bit to get them. List of things to buy has pretty much been completed for the big ticket stuff. Time to start fabricating pipework and whip the sump off to weld in a drain for the turbo drain,parts are coming for that.
  2. GIZ! so I can jam an ecotec in It.
  3. Despite some of the above advice I ended up buying the bigger turbo the GTX3584RS GEN2 I did have 0.83 exhaust housing fitted so that should help it spool up over the 1.01 a bit better. I don't mind some lag so I can still get good economy and be able to keep it from arcing up at highway cruising speeds once I change the diff gears for some 3.4's or 3.7's, I should then be able chop it down a cog and land right into the power zone.
  4. I've planned on going 3.5" exhaust front to back as I've got the room underneath car is 15-20mm higher than stock on the VF wheels (which I like) and will help later on not be a cop magnet. Sinco do these sweet bellows was going to to the crossover pipe in 2" with one in middle and heat wrap the shit out of it can imagine she'll grow a few mm on song. Will also put one on the wastegate between the outlet and where it plumbs back in.
  5. Went with the 60mm wastegate in end turbo arrived and is pretty damned nice so ordered same brand. Will be using the old flipped manifold method as after flipping the passengers side over it sits right where I need it, Will be room to give the wastegate priority flow at the merge of 2 exhaust banks as well Plenty of room to fit a 3.5" downpipe between chassis and engine.
  6. Just ordered a PULSAR 60mm wastegate to match the turbo direct from overseas 1/2 the price of the nz supplier. 60mm in my head sounds so fucking huge! Guess I'm not pissing around with a small engine though. If I can do a mid 13 second quarter with this combo I'll be over moon I'll be even happier if it does it without breaking the driveline immediately.
  7. Found an old build thread from 2010 of a vs wagon a guy put a monster turbo on, turns out if you flip the passengers manifold it's perfect. Just needs flange lopped off a 45 degree bend welded on and old Egr port once reemed out will be a mint wastgate location. Also driver side if I use a passengers manifold supposedly should exit under power steering pump ready to just cross over.
  8. So it's single scroll, 2.5" v band mount, was curious if it would be better to run dual gates or not eg one for each bank of the v6. One massive gate would make plumbing far easier. Aiming to start at 14-15 psi with any luck that'll be pretty peppy the block will take that no problem.
  9. I've had a lot of issues with crank angle sensors so much so I'm going to build the exhaust crossover pipe as low as possible so I can still get the harmonic balancer off. turbo is all v band though so would be easy to pull it off if it did clash with servicing the front of engine.
  10. What's the go with external wastegate sizing? Got to be some science behind that. Or do I just go large?
  11. Injector placement question, with my turbo Holden/buick l67 build I still have l67 heads which have a injector boss milled into them right above the inlet valve. I will be running a standard Ecotec inlet manifold which also has Injector bosses in the intake about 70mm further back up the port so one set needs to be blocked off (probably with Welch plugs). Would there be any advantages one over the other?
  12. Just ordered some 850cc injectors so I've got plenty of headroom incase e85 becomes available at pump again and I decide to go forged rods and pistons down the track and try make 500hp at the wheels its got plenty of juice available. Started looking where to jam turbo, definitely passengers side wont know where it will physically fit till turbo arrives plenty of room for a 3.5" dump pipe. Obviously getting drivers side exhaust over to other side of engine bay is going to need doing will go across front of engine no issues lots of open space there. Something like the below will probably work best enough room for MAF and air filter and straight shot out then down for exhaust.
  13. Must of got his hands on some Triumph 2500 Lucas radiator grot, ive had worse just wast expecting it this far into the 2020's.
  14. The fuck is this!? Antifreeze motherfucker have you heard of it?
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