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  1. I need to rethink the front of this thing starting to feel sketchy again fork bearings are suffering a bit. If anyone has some pit bike forks and a frame i could chop up id be keen. Tightened bearings up and took it for a blat around an empty subdivision today.
  2. Muncie

    Rock hard brake pedal issue help

    Does your brake vacuum line have a check valve in it? Might be in backwards or just jammed shut.
  3. Have this at work in Hamilton now as my lunch bar runner hasn't missed a beat in a fortnight so far. 1.5l of petrol doesn't last long though its flat out at 50. It can go faster but i doubt it would live long over 5000rpm needs a cog swap to give it some legs but will likely kill the clutch as it is only a 9hp rated one.
  4. Hmm looking very very promising this is on a front rim which is very snug. So will adapt this to the back first which needs to get on with pulling its weight a bit better in the braking stakes, the rim is far wider out back so more room for the caliper ideally will run twin discs on the front. Plan is a big spacer to pick up the discs 6 holes and bolt through to the original 3 holes on the rim. Probably go 5-10mm thick so i can tap into it for the cap screws.
  5. If the disc isn't a prick to fit i will invest in hydraulic just wanted to look them over and see they'll fit on the 6.5" rim without clashing on forks or tyre everything is tight!
  6. Amazingly this thing has been rock solid lately and ridden heaps with nothing falling off or breaking. So ive given it some routine maintenance with a new chain and tweaked the back wheel mounts so i can slide the wheel back an extra 15mm, an oversight when i built it left the rear wheel a bees dick of clearance from a brace the runs behind the engine it used to grab stones and jam them into the brace shredding the tyres. Im trying to sort some better brakes too as it stops but not amazingly the rear does sod all and the front are a bit overworked so will see how these go. Could go twin up front but will need to go proper hydraulic to get back working well as the cables stretch to much.
  7. Muncie

    Will this intercooler be sufficient?

    Go water to air and stick the heat exchanging radiator in the tray so it doesn't get clagged up with muck when you do use it off road.
  8. Those still the sack trolley tyres ? They dont like been used to carry anything faster than walking pace have had them let go on sack trolleys with annoying regularity let alone at speed. Chinese quad bike tyres are $20 each treat it to some new ones.
  9. Muncie

    Sharpening Drill Bits

    I learned from 2 proper oldschool engineers. The first was my boss the second a guy he contracted who i learned all the good tricks from. A bench grinder with a fine stone is a must i use the side of the stone, eyeball the bit parallel with the stone using a scooping motion commit flip it over usually 2 dabs its bang on. You'll get to know when the helix of the drill is resting on your finger right and time it takes to put an edge back on. Ideally you want to put fuck all heat into it bit of water handy helps. Once a drill bit is thrashed and turned blue drilling holes it wont hold an edge long.
  10. Muncie

    Kimjon's Harley bobber project

    Ive been looking forward to you getting back to this....... and eagerly await you finding a place where a Go-Ped part fits perfectly.
  11. Had an interesting conversation with my spine surgeon around what the torque settings are for the hardware he fitted during my spinal fusion....... Said no one had ever asked, i asked again he kinda went pale and admitted they were "pretty tight" one more thing to worry about, he had me on 3 monthly xrays after one shifted during a big sneeze.
  12. Muncie

    OHV twin cam

    Curious is this double under head cam? EG Pushrod with a cam per cylinder in the block or a cam in each head assuming its a twin.
  13. Muncie

    Battery chargers

    Shit..... that trader has stopped selling. Still rate the aliexpress options Super cheap and Repco seem to think they're good enough to throw their names on them.
  14. Slightly side tracked scored a Robin 5hp motor this week and another dead electric scooter a few months back so pretty sure ill bang the 2 together. Just need a wheel a sprocket and to reuse some old stuff from the first 2.5hp version to get the kids able to charge around with me.
  15. Muncie

    Battery chargers

    I bought a $90 jobbie off aliexpress can charge at 20 amps but also has enough balls to jumpstart, bonus feature is a desulphation function which breaks up the acid crystals that fuck batteries. Its revived several big 6 volt deep cycle batteries now bloody good value.