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  1. Came up a treat! No before photos cause who needs to see gross v6 stuff. Will paint the rocker covers got plenty of colours at moment will need to decide. They'll go back on for now to make engine watertight so i can go to town with the degreaser again to get the rest of the gunk and paint the block.
  2. Stripped off the rocker covers, throttle body and manifold from throttle to supercharger for a trip to the parts cleaner at work, bit greasy externally but internally everything's tidy especially the rocker covers. Pretty sure this engine has had a leaking power steering pump or hose failure which has showered the engine in oil attracted dust and not been cleaned up. No warning bells so far everything looks good. Going to port the throttle body and inlet manifold to the supercharger as there's meat to spare for sure.... maybe a v8 throttle body if i can find one with a cable.
  3. Was expecting this to die 18 months ago thrashed snot out of it ran it on kerosene while i got it for free. Played with tuning etc its been through a lot and just keeps running doesn't burn oil or use water....... now ive said this it'll probably blow a head gasket on way to work tomorrow. Just needs to last till i get new engine in.
  4. Been running stock ECU so shouldn't be the tune..... will get some new oxy sensors as they're old as fuck and a new fuel filter just in case my my fuel pressure is a bit sad. Looks very lean.
  5. Randomly shit a coil pack on the ecotec last week limped home running on 4 fitted a spare complete ignition module from my hoard back in action and only hour late to work. Something must of caused it though so rockauto'd some new plugs what do ya know 2 melted electrodes so probably 2mm spark plug gap that'll do it.
  6. Dont know why i find this stuff daunting looks very logical. Ive found a transmission place in Auckland who supply alot of good quality parts and good stuff for gm transmissions. Think I'll throw my existing transmission in with the new engine with a shift kit and just be nice to it for a while as its done plenty of k's but isn't giving me any problems. I'll find a lower k box to rebuild with some upgrades at a later date then turn the wick right up on the engine.
  7. I didn't even get it in garage before waterblasting the shit out of it! Less greasy its obviously had some love in past as it looks ok. Now to plan, do i pull the heads and clean the ports up fit studs and new head gaskets........ or just get it in hmmm.
  8. New engine is home so finally got a chance to look it over...... its fucking filthy! Power steering hoses must of leaked forever and they just topped it up. Cool stuff though after a casual poke around. Billet mace engineering oil cap cheesy but cool, A mace modular blower pulley setup has been fitted so its a piece of cake to change sizes/boost Egr delete has been done on head fully gone! New looking water pump, belts and rear main seal have been done recently. It came with the pcm bcm and ignition key so i could potentially just slam it in if its compatible with my c
  9. Currently trying to decide if going turbo would be worth doing in scheme of things i could have a manifold and turbo on for $1200 bucks. Would simplify the exhaust for me.... I would really struggle to talk myself out of taking the blower off though. Why not both? Thats what i keep telling myself. Then i remember my Transmission has been labeled the box of neutrals by the internet which brings me back to reality.
  10. Whoever decided to not put a drain bung in the pan of this needs a dick punch huge mess, but overall easy job good to check it out no real sludge or anything in there. Will dump again when i do shift kit which will ensure all the old fluid is flushed out of system
  11. New engine arrived at work today from Wellington, while i was off sick which is balls means im going to have to go to work tomorrow instead of having another sick day. Anyway i got stuck into a transmission fluid change as it has been in there ages and smelled slightly funky.
  12. The yanks do try to make heavy things fast which probably doesn't help the poor old 4L60e's reputation, the fact they take more than one massive hit from a turbo LS blows my mind.
  13. Box of neutrals? Haha I'd like 400hp (budget probably gets thin after that) and i wont be racing it every weekend so hoping extra line pressure good fluid and 3.9 ratio in diff will help situation. 4l60e's theyre cheap enough and easy to change so will see how it goes.
  14. Muncie


    Hosed the boys KXD (Chinese KTM) with some of my homemade chameleon paint looks awesome and covered really well over black 2 light coat and satin clear i had laying around. Hes pretty stoked.
  15. Ive never gone any further into an auto transmission than a filter change im now wanting to take my daily driver a fair bit further power wise so the trans will need some help to live, educate me..... Transmission is a 4L60E it will be going behind a Holden L67 with decent helping of boost in my commodore im using the ecotec transmission as its in there and in good nick. Im looking at a stage 2 kit im happy with a firm shift and may think about a 2500rpm hi-stall converter at same time, Any tips and tricks when digging in to the valve body or other things i should consider to save my
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