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  1. SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    Jeez that's long you could fit a Toyota 4k in there.
  2. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes!

    That go-kart track at Hampton downs would be mint for this thing!
  3. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes!

    Main advantage I can see is if you fall off your only a few cm from the ground and already in the fetal position.
  4. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Needs the turbo from an XR6T Falcon that'll upset the purists and add smiles per gallon.
  5. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Hey for your airbox hot air problem have a look at a vx one they got a nice slim snorkel that sits above the radiator should work in your mitsi. Supercharged ones flow hunnits and most people pull them out for pod filters so they can hear the supercharger doing it's thing. Should be cheap too.
  6. Look forward to you attempting to ride both at once.
  7. Nope was looking for a Bigfoot for Mrs randomly found that. She changed tack wanted engine on that other scooter i have waiting it's turn.
  8. Haha been watching that on Facebook.... found a good home.
  9. A few of the last tweaks have had a combined effect it now revs to around 5000rpm does rolling burnouts with 75kg of me on board.
  10. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Stainless steel wool jammed in the muffler works a treat found pot scourers worked best on my Bonneville can hook em out with wire. Can fine tune it between power and noise they don't last forever but stops unwanted attention.
  11. There's a guy in my street who owns a noisy as fuck Harley the ghastly stretched American tv style. while I was cleaning my car the other morning watched him try and fail to start it for around 10 minutes the peak of this was him trying to crash start it and it fucking off up the street without him while he watched from the ground having tripped trying to jump on it. He saved it just before it hit my neighbors car but it died again outside my house cue Death-ped and jumper leads and a sheepish Harley owner getting told he needs a earth lead on his engine because he's frying his clutch cable. SMUGFACE.JPEG
  12. Make a T and start the bastard with a drill.
  13. Did you find out what killed it after the post mortem?
  14. I did muck around with the front brakes today turns out the mount bracket was bent so the pads were missing part of the rotor and had worn a bit weird. Straightened bracket machined pads with my sander and slapped it all back together yay the grinding sound from my Go-pro vid is mostly gone.