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  1. Some new parts from Rockautoparts.com and some new sensors from @vk327 Should get things back on track, Will look into setting up a Wideband when i redo the exhaust soon so i can do some proper tuning once i get the new engine in.
  2. Went to go get milk and bread on Saturday and it died all of 200m from my home, another bloody crank angle sensor issue for sure ecu shows no rpm when cranking mindful it could be a broken wire or something. So to rule out the sensor im chuckin yet another new one at it, doing new o2 sensors as well so everything is fresh for when the l67 goes in. On scrounge for some headers if anyone knows of any???? Will be going twin 3" into single 3.5" with resonators into a Flowmaster 44 series will probably put a truck muffler at the end to knock the noise right down. Have already started hoarding parts as money allows. Decided to go single incase i go turbo later on saves a bit of fab work and parts too. Should sound pretty mellow and flow all it puff out, after all im getting older and cant be fucked with a droning exhaust.
  3. @vk327 Hey mate have a squizz at this currently running this modified code in my spare ecu runs better than stock, i have a few tunes to kick things off with hence im willing to give the flash ecu a go. If it doesn't work.... well i might have a wiring loom job for you or will go manual and chuck a decent aftermarket ecu in it.
  4. I'll pop harmonic balancer off and see what its up to and if its indeed eating sensors it didn't seem to to have made contact. I need to replace o2 sensors have logged them theyre poked probably original new engine doesn't have any on it. Have replaced the DFI with new one so far is behaving. Curious why you recommend the upgraded pre flash ecu over the later type? Noob question but if anyone knows it'll be the guy who works with them frequently.
  5. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Haltec ECU'S? I want to retain the factory one for transmission duties only and get a standalone unit to run the engine and ignition, and also allow me to run a better crank trigger.
  6. First day at new job she started randomly dying full engine shut down no sputtering rev counter straight to zero fortunately i was only going to pick up my work ute. Suspect ive killed another crank angle sensor (number 3 its deaded) though could be an ignition module i have new one so will try that first. Im going to have think about improving this with new engine getting to be pain in ass.
  7. Before anyone freaks out yes its a expensive norbar wrench but its been on production line for a few years and would no longer hold a calibration this was the perfect retirement for it.
  8. Built this for an old workmate who absolutely is the epitome of "everything is a hammer" so much so all torque wrenches got referred to as torque hammers on site. It still functions and will dampen shock if you adjust it down , pretty cool kind of dont want to give it to him.
  9. Liking the "Billet Timber" coil cover you could be onto a trend there if you get some clear coat on it.
  10. Something has happened. Ive combined this with my sons now retired motorized mobility scooter as he just got to tall for it but it had a very stout chassis. Quad front is welded on seat will be dropped down heaps and moved back, axle placement will settle where it functions best and gives enough leg room. Robin engine will go on to work out kinks but vtwin is been sat in as i go so it fits for when im happy its all going to work.
  11. Grind all the paint off....... rust is lighter than carbon fibre.
  12. Haha "its an elaborate solution to a problem that never existed" Its the one thing that i can always fuck with and get instant results for fuckall money. Its actually bloody sweet to ride now though i would like to drop some scooter body panels over it too hide all the shit going on.
  13. Could you use a centrifugal blower or even a roots supercharger and spin it with a briggs or something? Even a small one should move plenty of air for a single cylinder.
  14. Section 6 if you still need any clarification, buy a .5 meter 1 ton roundsling from Cookes and 2x rated bow shackes 2+ ton so they arent too dinky. Should serve you well for decades.
  15. On my supercharged vx i scored a full Remus system basically the same pipework as an HSV System but has a single twin in twin out middle muffler that tucked well up in the tunnel. The rear muffler was also twin in twin out with slip joints it sounded awesome with the back muffler off dumped at diff but was a bit to loud. The whole system though was quiet (for a performance system) had a real deep mettalic sound to it obviously flowed well. Tempted to replicate the remus system with a bigger middle muffler and v banded big muffler at back so it flows well and is quiet but can drop the back off for noise and max flow without it been too loud, these things shriek with the boost wound up!
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