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  1. Got my 10" wheel..... its pretty skinny i guess i can throw a wider rim on it at a later date but for now will just get it on and use it. I need to address noise i don't really ride it much in built up areas but even when i trailer it to the middle of nowhere i either get thumbs up or sworn at. Ive always loved the oldschool as Supertrapp mufflers or even the Harris style mufflers from the 90s but im not spending $700 on either. Will probably be one of these Aliexpress knock offs if anyone has used one are they shit?
  2. Since ive padded out airbox as a seat ive been out on a few hoons, it handles so well i leaned it over so far the other night i bottomed out the rear of the Hardtail, taller rear tyre will move this up about 40 mm and fix the proportions, bloody keen to get it on a go kart track.
  3. Been looking for a 10" rim for ages this is the closest thing i could find with right combo of sprocket and disc. Will replace the knobbly with a normal scooter road tyre (once i melt it all over the concrete out back of work) Hopefully the spokes can handle the torque.
  4. My mate has a triumph Tigress buried in a factory somewhere I gave up pestering 10 years ago to sell it to me, thanks for reminding me as hes having a hoard purge. Will see what i can find at swap meets in summer if not.
  5. And long range alchohol safe adventure tank fitted and plumbed! Need to trim my fuel line a bit and fit a 90 degree end to it but you get the idea, deck needs a slight trim then can bolt back on. Will put some pegs on as well...... one day.
  6. I've since drilled and tapped the breather to take a AN4 bulkhead fitting which ive welded a pickup straw to (will trim it down a bit more) will cut down the spout down as well. Has a nice little spot up front end it slots into like it was made for it. Also cleared back end for a 10" wheel motor will need to slide forward a bit but cant see it been much of an issue.
  7. Small update on this today, Kimjon came up with this sweet little stainless fuel tank as a swap for the 2 go ped tanks i had.
  8. Rock on man you and the mrs can have driveway races.
  9. @SOHC the governor mechanism is still in the engine but the arm is just connected to a spring that's it, it tugs away to its hearts content but isn't part of proceedings anymore. Will get around to removing it soon as i think a cam needs to be next to make the most of heads exhaust and carb. If i can only find a Cam shop that doesn't think im joking. (Trust me ive called around) Think i need to throw it in a trailer take to Franklin Cams and see if seeing the thing in front of them is proof of how utterly mad and dedicated i am to these engines!...... i also need a mad turbo grind for the other one
  10. Anyone got a 10" wheel and tyre with a 420 sprocket? 110cc pit bike seems to be a donor candidate. I have a slight issue with the carb misbehaving at idle due to the vtwin inlet pulse you can see the damper jumping around its fine once its got a few revs but its something i have to work around. As the mixture goes all over show with jet jumping about.
  11. It certainly popped and banged out exhaust at idle so i gave it 2 full turns on mixture that stopped it. Ive got 2 colour tunes boxed away might bung them in and see what its up too on another night ride.
  12. Reason its sitting again is it needs another tyre my old fuel pump dribbled E85 all over it which has caused it to throw a big chunk of tread off. Im happy enough with engine for now im going to try get a 10" rear wheel under the ass to get rid off the pocket bike wheel s they are only just doing the job.
  13. Need more seat time to mess around with the tune. I got it ok ish whole lot of changes in one hit ive not ridden further than end of street since, I ported heads manifold valve grind and changed back to ethanol in one hit and literally wound mixture in and out while riding with one hand. I should go back through this carb if you've seen my other vtwin build i found a chunk of swarf upstream of jet after float chamber, that carb was the matched pair to this one off my triumph which also did this. Youve given me something to look into if its rich that'd be great, i did start with the brass jet set as per manual flush with carb body as a start point. On this engine with this carb it'll idle and run fine at this setting but as soon as it sees load it wont even rev enough to fully engage the centrifugal clutch it just wont rev past 2700rpm. 1 turn on mixture and bang 5000rpm small adjustments and it just gets better...... i need a wide band and some data logging and to punch it along a long stretch of road i know.
  14. Ordered a bigger barrel and piston yet?