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  1. Hasnt missed a beat or broken anything since i fitted the CVT smoothed the engine out nicely and has the top end of a GN250 with a tailwind. I sold my turbo motor (got Ls1 money for it) so no need for a box now. Quad getting v twin bike motor i scored. Currently happy nothing to do on it...... it just works now.
  2. @vk327What would you like for it? Currently running a VR set i bought 1$ off trademe in despair and it fired straight up after nothing else worked....... does get ridiculously hot though be good to see if that's not normal.
  3. Yeah worth a try they appear read well but something weird could be going on at startup giving weird signals to ecu.
  4. Your input is bloody helpful for me trying to get my head around this shit. Im bloody determined to nail this gremlin so i can move onto fabbing some nice pipes and jam a turbo on and tune it myself.
  5. My rough cold start symptoms persist still.... improved with new ecu but still there im not getting fault codes yet so something on the engines playing up. Time to collect more data annoyingly the problem only exists from stone cold (morning) and 2-3 minutes,setting up for a data logging at 5am is a pain in but. Ive got a brand new DFI that the car wouldn't run on i will throw back in as it fully seems ignition related. Of note too the car runs hardly any different with the cam sync sensor disconnected revs a bit sluggish but not terrible.
  6. "HOT Tune" yeah nah car didn't like it tried to run but kept stalling. Got a check sum error after loading it so stuck original tune in fired straight up and ran fine. Will find something else a bit more mild perhaps.
  7. Sweet Downloaded XDF File now i can see whats goin and turn stuff on and off. Compared the tune I downloaded from net against stock from the ECU I installed only minor changes so will zap it in tonight can always go back to stock if its balls.
  8. Can cars catch computer viruses..... oh well guess ill find out just downloaded a file called "hot VY tune" has 98 octane map and raised line pressures in trans.
  9. Fuck yes i did! If only it wasn't so expensive and burn 3x as fast.
  10. Cold start still shit as expected. However drives way better rev counter needle no longer flicking so must have been an issue with the CAN output to dash. Hoping i can now flash a stock tune into it and that will sort the cold start. Did some data logging lastnight nothing untoward going on (no weird spikes or flat lines)except the ecu isn't commanding the IAC to do anything at idle hence very low idle.
  11. So after saving some data from the original ECU i fit the replacement Ecu hooked in with OSE Flash tool and loaded the Bin file. Successfully too after a second attempt i got a scary pop-up message first go that wasn't mentioned in the step-by-step from leaving the the ecu with no vin number so no start. Seems a bit more peppy and idle is better when warm than before. My bet when its stone cold I'll have the fucked idle still because ive cloned the ecu. But now i can safely jam a new map in it and i know this ecu Hasn't had the ignition system shit itself while plugged into it. Getting there.
  12. Read the bin saved 2 copys but for whatever reason i cant figure out how to open it in tunerpro to unset it from the parameter tree. Failed somewhere.... ecu is still happy though connecting fine etc so original back in. Data errors i was getting are gone after changing a few settings so thats a start. Watched few videos and got different results gah! Frustrating.
  13. Succuss im in....... and probably doing irreparable damage fuck it though im learning always risks.
  14. Got new ecu in opened everything on laptop then this happened, could of been worse 5-10 minutes later i would of possibly bricked the new ecu.
  15. Yeah cars still matching numbers and got off original owner hasn't been apart so hopefully i can discount wiring as the issue. Might see if i can plug into my dads vy as thats 100% happy just to see if i get data errors have had the lead a little while now. Finally got my brain on task and understanding what im trying to do stoked new hobby! Down the rabbit hole i go.