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  1. Muncie

    OHV twin cam

    Curious is this double under head cam? EG Pushrod with a cam per cylinder in the block or a cam in each head assuming its a twin.
  2. Muncie

    Battery chargers

    Shit..... that trader has stopped selling. Still rate the aliexpress options Super cheap and Repco seem to think they're good enough to throw their names on them.
  3. Slightly side tracked scored a Robin 5hp motor this week and another dead electric scooter a few months back so pretty sure ill bang the 2 together. Just need a wheel a sprocket and to reuse some old stuff from the first 2.5hp version to get the kids able to charge around with me.
  4. Muncie

    Battery chargers

    I bought a $90 jobbie off aliexpress can charge at 20 amps but also has enough balls to jumpstart, bonus feature is a desulphation function which breaks up the acid crystals that fuck batteries. Its revived several big 6 volt deep cycle batteries now bloody good value.
  5. Have had to turn out the flanges I had cut for the heads as there is ample meat left in the ports I've decided to open the heads up to gx690 spec from gx610 to help it breath better down the track. Exhaust ports will be going out to around 30mm and tidied up the inlets I'll go to town on too no water galleries to hit.... what can go wrong right?
  6. Muncie

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    Housings are massive you could tuck some portable suns like my VW Has up in there ( the whole headlight unit) probably wouldn't be too noticeable if they were tucked well back in the VK housing. My vx commy had ghastly dim headlights LEDs went in and it was brilliant past its wof with them in too, i know above said nope to them so only an opinion i guess.
  7. Drome bikes able to do anything? Mine is running and doing milk and bread duty might have the turbo on by drag day otherwise its ready as is. If i cant race id be keen to pop a tyre or 2 maybe fall off a few times.
  8. Have also owned one of these. Awesome little cars mine gave me no issues when i drove it daily. Handle and stop pretty capably stock a 4age in one would be awesome.
  9. Muncie

    Fuel line flame explosion prevention

    I just pulled a set of carbs out of storage a few weeks back last night went to pop the hoses off man they were tight on there. Looked in reasonable nick from the outside the inside was dust basically. Fuel pressure would of seen fire for sure.
  10. Anyone got an old ramflo filter they dont need?
  11. The manifolds going to need to feed from the top but i cant see it been to much of an issue it should be ok, whole shebangs gonna be slung over back wheel as the extra weight side mounted would have been a bit much though would look mental. The fuel pump has to move under the deck with the battery as thats the best place i can think of fuel tank will also need rehoming.
  12. Clocked housings and sat everything against each other with the oil drain pointed straight down this will have to be how it sits to work i guess. #Novice
  13. Did some work on the compressor housing today, chopped off everything not needed ported everything up to the turbine (left the actual inlet alone as i dont want to mess up any clearances? The SU carby lines up real nice too.
  14. Muncie

    SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    Could you bung some leather in there maybe to fill the gap in the dies?
  15. This excites me. 10mm thick turbo and manifold flanges the one shaped like T is a weird adapter as the oil feed and drain are next to each other. Still need to drill the mounting holes as these were traced onto A4 scanned and emailed because i was away for work so measurements are close but not perfect. im not too worried about as i still need to attack the heads with a die grinder and will finish them up with a file.