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  1. So currently this is at work in storage while i sort the stuff that keeps breaking and work out of town. Anyway did some more turbo stuff, So i took a punt thinking surely if i move the spring from one side of the diaphragm in the actuator to the other side it will move under pressure instead of vacuum. Sure enough it does but now how the hell do i seal it?? Im thinking of using 2.5" triclover flanges to remake the can so i can crack it open to change springs easily as this one might not be quite right now its getting a different signal.
  2. Thats the exact brake setup and rear wheel ive got my eye on. (Actually on my watch list) Ive come up with 3 options 1 fit the 10" pit bike wheel hope it works 2 fit the pit bike wheel shunt the engine forward and fit a seat. 3 fit another pocket bike wheel swap the engines from this and my sons mobility scooter and do huge skids on that. I have a 4th option of a golf cart im working real hard to get my hands on.
  3. Received replacement wheel last night fitted the new hub brace bolted it it all together then proceeded to spin the rim inside the tyre just trying to crawl away from a stop. Fuck sake..... rim survived fine but new tyre is garbage it looked cheap and poorly made might be time to give up on the pocket bike wheel combo. Have found a 10" pit bike wheel that would go in the gap as a bonus has correct sprocket out of box. Its $ though and i am severely keen to fit it to a go kart or something else really soon.
  4. Might be the easiest thing to do then add an external wastegate at least then if the vanes seize...... no matter. Will see if adding a vacuum port to the actuator will work first be cool if i can get the variable vane set up to work.
  5. Yup its a vane turbo off a touareg cant see it getting cooked to quick longest ride it gets is 5 ks before its out of fuel. If it does die I'll parts bin something else on.
  6. Back to the turbo...... everything is sorted for this i thought bar the manifold until i tried actuating the wastegate/vane thing it needs a vacuum signal not pressure. Got me a bit stumped maybe drilling a second port on the other side of the can will make it work. Anyone got an electronic boost controller floating around the shed? Just realized i will need one.
  7. Yeah nah not this time i can't pop the tyre over the rim due to pocket bike wheels been made from some sort of aged cheese if i can find a split rim it will work The hub girdle thing will absolutely work too unfortunately the above chedder grade rim cracked trying to fit the pocket bike tyre to it so ive got another complete wheel on the way....... because i cant be fucked fitting tyres they really are a cunt to get on without damaging them or the rim.
  8. Just discovered today that this rim will accept the tyre off a cessna 152 and the width is ok to clear the frame. Will try it and decide if it's worth doing is a pretty big baloony looking thing but would be similar size to front wheel....
  9. Scored a new back rim for this to get it going again. Ive added this support to the drive ears and bearing carrier to take the drive directly to the hub instead of the 3x m5 bolts its a very snug fit i wont weld it on though so i can get it off to fit to the next wheel after vaporizing this one. It Will get 3x m8 bolts through it to bolt up to the sprocket.
  10. Another thing ticked off. Turbo oil adapter yes 10mm plate is excessive but i threw it in with a job lot of other stuff through work so it was free cant complain. Fuck yes speedflow stuff looks the goods!!
  11. End goal for this is building something road legal. A trike fits that bill for me so i could try avoid the exorbitant registration of a 600+ cc bike.
  12. The engine is the real project on this eventually I'll pluck it off and put it in something else cool for now though I'll keep at it fix what breaks, brush up on my welding and get my head around turbos by building this whole setup from scratch. I need to figure out electronic ignition for this as well I'd like to use coil on plug for compactness and the decent output they can provide.
  13. Ive been fucking around with it so long now its been refined if anything its overbraked and cant spin a wheel on anything but gravel because its got so much traction. The 2 guys at work who have ridden it are motocross riders no way I'd let anyone with no handling skills near riding it.... ever What it does well is make heaps of noise and makes going fairly slow a heap of fun standing up your sense of self preservation kicks in pretty early.
  14. Well shit..... did this again blew another rim to bits ive got a permanent fix for this but i might go to a 10 inch rim first same as front. On the the upside ive got the oil feed and drain 80% done for the turbo just got to weld the AN4 next to the AN6 fitting and thats it then it just needs the exhaust made to get hot gases into it.