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  1. Cool its going to work. Bees dick clearances but a gap is a gap chain appears to fall in right spot. Exhaust will not sadly.
  2. Right that on the floor needs to go right where my lovely swoopy exhaust is..... might just experiment with new pipes at same time. CVT Time excitement! off the line punch and top end, up till now ive only been able to have one or the other. And the compromise of the exploding pocket bike wheels or a slipping clutch on take off for top end. Was on special finally from Motiveparts (nz company) so i decided to finally do it. The long suffering clutch was only ever rated to 8hp this one is 13hp the guy i bought from assures me it'll take my power easy because its light and gearing is pretty decent.
  3. It looks wrong but probably isn't looks like a normal sidedraft must be internally different for downdraft duties. Failing that i have a pair of 32mm Mikuni's...... nope must not fuck with it ffs im terrible.
  4. This will be happening BTW have found it to be lazy easy fit to the quad i was building so will just make it be and get it ridable asap Sprocket and disc have been fitted to axle just need to change sprocket to 428 pitch on engine and start moving mounts around to make chain line up. Currently needs to move 20mm to right and thats it. Unsure if carb is actually downdraft looks wrong to me so may need to jam a 90 degree silicone joiner in there.
  5. I got in to work yesterday morning and theres an envelope on my desk with the full wiring loom diagram and some hand drawn notes, The good bugger that gave me the motor found them when moving house and made a trip in to work make sure i had them. So i unboxed the loom and started plugging stuff together and quickly realized this is an entire bike loom, brake lights indicaters dashboard plugs the lot. Here i was thinking it was an extremely complicated stand alone loom. Its going to need some extras plugged in to make it run, ill grab an aliexpress digital bike dash so i can have some idea whats going on and go from there. Meanwhile theres Engine mounting to be done.
  6. Muncie

    Aubz dragped

    Would a 125 spool a turbo up a VZ21? Tiny unit but they normally need a 250cc + and plenty of revs to get them spinning. Failing boost a rapid fire whipped cream nitrous oxide system for max power minimum outlay. Nang till she goes bang
  7. Muncie

    Aubz dragped

    Jam a small blower on it a AMR300 would be about right. EFI could make it really easy or really hard depending how the small engine stuff works.
  8. Found this vid of it first time it worked long enough for kids to ride it. Might actually rebuild it as i still have the exact same scooter unmolested in roof stored away. It then evolved to this
  9. Sparked this up today after pissing around with chain alignment and tension it had this weird harmonic going on when you got to about 40 ks thats gone now. it could do with a roller on the chain that runs to the jackshaft but seeing as I'll be going CVT fuck it I'll just keep it on tight side. Anyway tune is good on 50% ethanol mix with taller gearing the SU is way happier plugs are nice and clean. Went for a 10k ride along a closed stretch of road and used lots of petrol this things effortless though just cruises along and doesn't fuck around for a second when you give it berries! Top speed? Dont know didn't get there just enjoying it not breaking shit and getting pelted by bees and sand flys. Hard to believe it started as this thing now. Very little remains maybe the throttle cable and some tube, and the battery box, the rest was chopped out and replaced with heavier tube at some point i didn't photograph.
  10. If you don't mind me asking whats a vespa worth these days? Your idea about throwing the bodywork over my scooter still is burned into my mind.
  11. Yeah they're what i tell people to buy. They dont need backing off and unless they have been used as a breaker bar seldom go out of adjustment. Been calibrating wrenches on and off for years and they certainly are my pick. Edit* i should of said in my hoard of tools i dont use enough.
  12. Yeah its evolved beyond what i ever thought id do with it and to be fair i don't have a lot of money in it but i hate to think how much time. It feels like it's got as much power as my old triumph Bonneville chopper i built in my 20's Haha. First time ive actually heard it from somewhere other than on it today since i did the port job on heads and switched to running a bit of ethanol, Its pretty barky as soon as it gets some load on it thats for sure!
  13. So rebuilt myself a 300nm torque wrench today essentially was put into work and found to be uneconomic to repair, the good thing is when you get enough broken ones you can raid parts to make a good one. Made it work than decided to try calibrate off my aviation spec deflection beam warren&brown Worked a bloody treat! Got it bang on. Excuse the shit on floor ive been active in shed recently.
  14. Father's day tinkering complete. Let the young fella have a go with the tall gears its really tame. I only let him roll downhill so he could used to it but no real wobbly moments slightly more than jogging pace.
  15. Ok could be changes happening here a lot of things line up nicely and mounts need only be moved around instead of fabricated. And the chain lines up which is always a prick to sort.