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  1. Brian crower has some rods and other bits on clearance on the website for around $250us was looking for buick stuff. Have a gander
  2. Over the red line on tach so 6500rpm maybe a little more. One thing that just popped into my head is the car has massive wheels with sticky tyres if I built a small angry engine I'd probably snap cranks if it wasn't auto.
  3. My best 1/4 with boost wound up on an L67 3.8v6 was 15.1 It's extremely sad that a 1nzfe (in theory) could probably push the same car faster. Fuck......
  4. @Roman was joking about a 1nz swap.... I'd definitely do new crown wheel and pinion anyway whatever engine goes in as that was always on cards easily available new and fairly cheap. Would give any transmission a go if it bolted up fairly easily. If the 6 stays in I'll keep the 4 speed just because it works. Hmm For shits and giggles though give me the 1nz numbers for "educational purposes" GM 4L60E 4-speed Automatic Transmission First: 3.06 Second: 1.63 Third: 1.00 Fourth: 0.70 Final drive currently 3.08 could be anything in future. Curb weight 1522kg Sedan Wagon One Tonner Wheelbase (mm): 2788 2938 3200 Front track (mm): 1569 1569 1569 Rear track (mm): 1587 1587 1597 Overall length (mm): 4891 5046 5230 Overall width (mirrors) (mm): 1842 1847 2047 Overall height (mm): 1450 1545 1507 Ground Clearance (mm): 150 153 132 Wheels and tyres Are 245/40/19 Coefficient of drag 0.319
  5. Hmm more rods to throw out of different areas of block
  6. Thought about the possible look on Cletus face if a k24 or 1nzfe swapped commodore got booked in for cert.
  7. Just need some variable compression ratio rods.
  8. Barra is a fucking fantastic engine but it is huge and capable of making more power than my licence can handle, And there is already a Barradore on the forum that's going to be way more epic than I could hope to build. If I can build something that makes good reliable power that doesn't destroy gearboxes and diffs that would be ace.
  9. Engine has so much endfloat the crank angle sensor sometimes struggles to find a signal if I brake too hard. I drive it but nowhere getting out and booting the harmonic balancer back in would cause issues/road rage.
  10. If it wasn't for price of petrol there'd already be one in the garage.
  11. Probably no worse than an Accord a high stall converter would liven it up. Have had a Type S CL7 Accord a few years back stock it was awesome. Ive gotta remember I'm 40+ now so I'll 90% of the time just be cruising around so peaky kinda suits my needs lazy normal driving and on boost like a bottle rocket would work.
  12. The poor neglected thing hasn't had a tank of gas for 6 months wof ran out march. Will drive it around and get the fuel tank emptied get the new fuel pump fitted and think more about an engine swap everything ive bought so far bar the head gaskets will work well on another engine. Hmm what would the purists think of this combo. Just spitballing but would give me everything I want.
  13. I pulled the heads off a while back on the l67 have come to conclusion..... its fucked heads are full of cracks and bores are scratched to shit looks like someone pushed on with a skid when it was clearly starting to seize. I'm tossing up throwing a set of good rods and forged pistons at the bottom end some ecotec heads as I don't need the injectors in the ports anymore. Or.......... fitting a honda k24 and not wasting my money on the buick the turbo ive bought would be excellent.
  14. I used some more bits and cobbled up a muffler to go on the end of the system I made. Used a 140mm shortened harley V Rod muffler so it fit the frame its got quite a nice bark to it for a 125cc. In a moment of weakness I let my son ride it to top of the street and back only to get pulled over by the cops 4 doors from home. Thought we were fucked but shook cops hand and just agreed I'd ride it home I just pushed it as I was still shitting my self.
  15. Just need some rods from a bike and a meth scale balance job on them and the pistons.
  16. Could be keen on a rear wheel drive bellhousing in future..... repower my commodore with a compound turbo 1nz maybe. Definitely slot something running back in the hole asap even if it's just to drive it to its next storage destination. If it's running you'll be more inclined to not cover it in banana boxes full of other car parts.
  17. Aquas are pretty popular ram raid car at moment so you've chosen a good donor. Setup a give a little page I'd definitely throw some coin your way to see one of my favourite builds not stall. Also how close to the moon were your RPM's when the guts flew out?
  18. Might want to drop the rev limit 30 rpm for next engine...
  19. I'll chuck $20 towards a spare bonnet and loan you a grinder.....
  20. If the cam isn't chewed up new lifters should work fine. I'm no expert it did work on mine though with no ill effects. Heaps of assembly lube and did a cam run in process on mine just to give it best chance.
  21. Would recommend replacing the lifters if its clattering make sure you prime them with oil first. Rovers have shit oil pressure so once your lifters are a bit tired the valvetrain will get noisy. I went through same thing with my VDP bought for $500 because it sounded terminal and was gutless, you can check the cam out at same time as these engines eat cam lobes(hopefully yours is good) Once I sorted the lifters it was a beautiful machine again that could break diffs at the drop of a hat.
  22. Which lead to a full hour of riding this afternoon.
  23. I got it running pretty well wouldn't mind betting the exhaust valve and seat are pitted to fuck but it'll do for now(ever) It needed some back pressure to give it some legs so I created the king of jank scrap bucket exhaust that directs heat and noise away from the rider from all the titbits of shit under my bench.
  24. Go fundme page for a bulk purchase of BW35's To be dumped on sellers doorstep?
  25. Test ride done with no exhaust pretty peppy once it's moving but 90 ks it's on the redline with the farm gears. Gave it a wipe with an oily rag and gotta say it's pretty mint! A puff of paint and it'll be too nice to let the kids on. Amazed it's been on a farm and the seat is immaculate foam is soft vinyl isn't rooted gave it a clean and leather cream it's glossy as. Tell me about farm reg? I want to get it back in system but not pay full bike reg yet.
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