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  1. Duluxe Rebuild on starter too while i had can out spritzing this morning's welding efforts. E85 is getting through the float chamber gasket a little bit..... guess i better find a new one of those in the near term other than that its a happy beast and lush to cruise on now.
  2. Bought my kids these 24v Electric scooters from kmart last year they go ok but battery life is average. So i biffed 2 milwaukee m18 drill batterys in one no smoke came out and made hoon time around an hour and a Cringe worthy 55-60 km/h top speed (Limited with a grub screw back to a sensible yet fun speed for the kiddies) In short the white one had a chain drive arrangement the other are Gilly belt drive when the white Finally cooked its motor i started looking for a bigger watt leccy motor for it which are reasonably Priced Batterys ARE NOT so i cast my eye to my new waterblaster in the garage.......... The Dummy Up So after this i wasnt happy with the solid plastic rear wheel so hit trademe up for an alternative and found a cast alloy centred one that came with a solid rubber tyre its also got a neet little drum brake Got Stuck in today made up the engine mount plate i opted to sit the engine over the rear wheel to give a bit more deck room (i future proofed it here and predrilled the plate for a 7hp motor as well) Which Leaves me here i need a jack shaft to make it all work Opinions and hookups for stuff would be appreciated im hoping to get it all running for christmas holiday hooning should be pretty well balanced and 87cc 4 stroke should be plenty to haul my ass around to the dairy etc. it runs a tiny sprocket and chain on the rear wheel im hoping i can use it but may need to swap it out for something bigger bearing in mind the wheel is only 6.5".
  3. Welded some gussets in at base of forks and frame it pulls up hard now on the brakes so wanted to just make sure it doesn't crack up or let go. Only tube i could get to slip into the moped down tube was 4mm wall steam pipe so better safe than sorry with the difference in wall thickness turned heat up and these in for good!
  4. Into this, little bit more to do to get it down to one wire conduit i ran out fucks do do it today.
  5. Just pissing around with the E85 tune today..... fark it smells lovely shes now getting a frost on the inlet manifold. Its COLD!! ticking over so nicely have gone to 10w-40 in dash pot as the plunger was just jumping around and generally sounding like rod knock. Quick vid of dew on manifold at idle.
  6. Muncie

    Posture/lower back support cushions

    I fitted aftermarket seats in my Triumph from STA. The seats in my mk4 vw golf are bliss and i actually get out the car feeling mint maybe think about walking around a car dealer seeing what feels nice and hitting up a wrecker. First thing though what does your wallet look like? You would be surprised how many people sit on 30mm of cards and paper and get a sore back not realizing thicker than that below you'll notice it.
  7. Moved those goofy bloody headlights to 2 random 6mm tapped holes in forks looks way less dorky. If you squint and cock your head sideways it could pass as factory built. No longer has go ped proportions anymore its definitely more of a moped on steroids.
  8. Test ride complete fuck its different has that slight low speed wander of anything with some rake but is sweet by around 7-10 kph. Brakes hydraulic fucking brakes what a magic invention! I underestimated my weight on the front suspension turns out im not as fat as i thought i was sits about 10mm higher than i was expecting which is fine. The sketchyness moving off is gone now power comes on forks rise then settle as you would expect really happy.
  9. Almost done its ridable everything is hooked up just misted it with black and called it a day. What a massive job.
  10. What a dumb idea.... got there in end i wanted some decent rake and option of a seat so was worth it. Getting everything where it needed to be took fucking ages! The extensions are sleeved with steam pipe heavy as fuck but its solid as now.
  11. No turning back now...... at this stage i decided you know what im sick of it having no deck room and flexing so made the decision to lenthen it 250mm
  12. So i got creative today..... One last snap before plugging in the 9"
  13. Yup have a spare needle in the other carb i have so will experiment. Think E85 will be close tune wise on the mixture its running now it blows smoke but isnt quite fouling plugs its running iridium plugs now as well seems to like those too.
  14. Naturally when your a sucker for punishment and find to get the mixture right in the top end you get a rich idle, most would just change the needle in the carb but im impatient so have converted it to run on E85 Race fuel seeing as i fill up at Gull Hampton Downs its fairly convenient. Im committed to riding this to work now as ive changed jobs and am on end of 3km private road which is the ideal opportunity as my car gets filthy driving in. Will fit my second 1.5l go-ped fuel tank i bought ages ago and purge it all out tomorrow and get the mixture dialed in ive got an oxy sensor spare will see if i can be bothered getting that high tech...... Im next to a runway too once the forks are on will maybe see what she can do over 1/8th mile.
  15. Took this for a blat along a Bush track today new tyre is frigging bliss the back is nice and planted probably could of been outrun by a mountain bike but it felt awesome got the hang of dirt squirting round corners. Been a learning curve getting the hang of the throttle again clutch bites and shes off with a hint of wheelstand takes some getting used to. Managed to feather it a bit better after around 40 minutes of riding could of been clutch a bit warmer to smoothing things out. Sucked up some dust after a few donuts and ran a bit shit then came right. Happy with the power again but cant wait to get some suspension under it body is feeling at bit battered.
  16. Rear caliper amazingly lined up with an old bracket tucked up in a way better spot too.
  17. Got the old cover to fit with some modifications hides wires and fuel lines nicely.
  18. Nah he swears at everything that moves his wife kids my kids people walking they're dogs you name it hes been blind drunk by 10am since Christmas. Caught him recording me in garage today 3 times creepy as fuck! One time off was enough when i do give it berrys its burnouts.
  19. New tyre and rim with big diameter disc on gotta sort a caliper mount looks fairly easy. Took it for a spin up road literally new tyre made it bloody squirmy my grumpy neighbor loves it so much hes started recording me every time i ride it......
  20. I was going to turbo it but giving it one last hurrah na as i cant quite be bothered with gapping pistons and building manifolds oil lines just yet. This might tide me over for a bit as its seriously given it a hell of a kick!
  21. Cured it. needed 2 full turns on fuel idles a bit rougher than before its now wheelstand city and revs to the moon! Needs a progressive throttle to help things a bit but fuck me what an improvement! Ive heard SU's had been modeled on the devil's anus before hey they work just few teething problems from sitting for so long the float bowl had clearly been filled with water too 20 or so years ago.
  22. Carb stripped cleaned with a scouring pad inside and out the plunger now slips into the pot like its lined with teflon no unwanted tight spots. All the galleries cleaned out, fucked around with oils in the damper settled on WD40 to start with giving enough damping but not to much resistance for the engine to try lift...... hopefully its what it wants. This side of the engine now has the mongrel factor the other side has with its exhaust chains and clean alloy. Carb looks sweet! Just needs a air filter of some description.
  23. Got this thing idling beautifully again after a patch of running on one cylinder had dropped a plug again a recurring problem they just die...... Anyway it wont rev past 2000rpm i suspect the plunger in the carb isnt rising hoping its just a blocked vacuum passage. it wants to go but just dies, it sporadically clears for a second before dying off again. Will blow the carb out with compressor.