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  1. Took this thing for few hoons lately its finally running pretty good again ive gone back to roughly a 50:50 mix of ethanol and petrol the carb just couldn't suck enough fuel through on E85 to let it rev out. Ive also stuck the external carb bits through the ultrasonic cleaner at work which rattled out plenty of chunks of shit (mostly lead) It now starts runs and revs out nice again. I changed the exhaust a bit to a 1 1/2 slash cut end to help it exhale a bit better which has doubled the noise it makes as well.
  2. Bought my kids these 24v Electric scooters from kmart last year they go ok but battery life is average. So i biffed 2 milwaukee m18 drill batterys in one no smoke came out and made hoon time around an hour and a Cringe worthy 55-60 km/h top speed (Limited with a grub screw back to a sensible yet fun speed for the kiddies) In short the white one had a chain drive arrangement the other are Gilly belt drive when the white Finally cooked its motor i started looking for a bigger watt leccy motor for it which are reasonably Priced Batterys ARE NOT so i cast my eye to my new waterblaster in the garage.......... The Dummy Up So after this i wasnt happy with the solid plastic rear wheel so hit trademe up for an alternative and found a cast alloy centred one that came with a solid rubber tyre its also got a neet little drum brake Got Stuck in today made up the engine mount plate i opted to sit the engine over the rear wheel to give a bit more deck room (i future proofed it here and predrilled the plate for a 7hp motor as well) Which Leaves me here i need a jack shaft to make it all work Opinions and hookups for stuff would be appreciated im hoping to get it all running for christmas holiday hooning should be pretty well balanced and 87cc 4 stroke should be plenty to haul my ass around to the dairy etc. it runs a tiny sprocket and chain on the rear wheel im hoping i can use it but may need to swap it out for something bigger bearing in mind the wheel is only 6.5".
  3. Muncie

    Chris's Lloyd 600 50s Drag Bike

    Run an SU on it. 1 3/4" seems about right on my 600 it just opens as much as it needs to.
  4. Muncie

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    Good choice! Thats way nicer then the meth ute. More doors for and gopeds will be handy. Im always amazed at what fits in the boot of mine they're a tardis in a good way.
  5. Muncie

    Oil Pressure Senders

    Pics for reference?
  6. Muncie

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    Bummer about the ute. If it doesn't sell ive got the diagnostic gear to go through the body modules so at least you could dig a bit further.
  7. Muncie

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    My vy sedan weighs around 1600kg on the tip weigh bridge. Cant imagine a ute would be very different in weight. Carby conversion would backdate an LS to small block screwdriver tuning.
  8. Muncie

    SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    Diesel mileage on a motorcycle a thing or has that been missed? 18hp will get along nicely if you fit a torque converter.
  9. Muncie

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    Hope your planning a hectic 2 stroke outboard motor in a car?
  10. Muncie

    Re Chrome Alloy Wheels

    You could get them ceramic chromed by HPC or Pro Coat finish is very similar to your spray chrome above but is really durable.
  11. Could you make a feature of the spark plug leads ? Make it look extra hemi.... with a pentastar chucked in the middle.
  12. I also sorted some adjustment for the jack shaft so no need for the chain tensioner anymore looks way nicer and fitted nice new chain. Did burnouts...... needs a tune again bloody race fuel.
  13. This thing has been a bit of an ornament lately as ive tried to sell it had a few people look at 1 rode it and came back white as a ghost shaking....... he decided his son would be be better on something a bit more shall we say docile. So on to repairs and fine tuning things, the chains were fucked and since i fitted the new back wheel out of alignment by about 5mm i ripped it all apart and set it all up nicely so the wheel just slips in. This meant spreading the rear frame i just jammed a jack in there and it didnt fight much. I had to sort the rear brake caliper as the wheel now been centered and frame spread it had moved everything.
  14. Ive got to modify my turbo to work the way i want....... so i need to learn to weld alloy below is my learning curve in 4 welds literally never welded alloy with a tig before. Dude at work set tig up for me gave me some pointers haha then off loaded his days work welding cable trays to me. Ive now started amassing AN fittings as we run them on some dangerous applications at work so they get used a few times and binned (still looking mint) and sweet to use on what i want them for.
  15. Truth be told i haven't ridden this since the above happened. Some aliexpress bits arrived this week so i thought i might as well fit anyway bit of tianium colored header wrap to prevent major jean destruction. Im toying with swapping the engines over with my sons mobility scooter beast as he loves this frame and has done some welding on it, he lives on a farm so could legitimately use it safely his 5hp Robin motor would work perfectly i reckon. I have acquired all the stainless steel parts now to do the turbo as well....... and sussed a cheap and cheerful way to run my carb blow thru for max ethanol spooly flame carnage
  16. It was a shit week for people on bikes last weekend. The guy i knew was my new boss I'd worked with him thru my last job he seemed to enjoy his job more than i was enjoying mine and helped me jump ship. He had just finished an awesome day off watching some racing heading home the long way no doubt he also went out having a ball on his new bike! If can sell this it will fund something new, projects i sell go in a pot for more new projects i might put a smaller motor on this and use the v-twin on something else.
  17. Muncie

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    Triumph 2.5 pi. Fitting pi gear to a 2.0 block will scream to 7000rpm if thats your thing compact but heavy.
  18. Hey guys make a decent offer on this just had a mate killed in a bike crash over weekend. I can't bring myself to look at it or ride it......
  19. Checked the bolts on the engine and jack shaft today.... engine 3 out of 4 loose 1 missing eek replaced with high tensile ones. Jackshaft the same all loose but present at least, so replaced and stuck spring washers on the lot. Attempted burnout it coughed cleared and instantly filled the garage with thick smoke awesome! suspension helps the front bite instead of sliding alot.
  20. Found a clearance issue with chain so that got reemed out its noticeably quiter no more chain chatter.
  21. Also did some fettling on the rear brake caliper mount now mounts of wheel bolt so it travels when i adjust chain. Ive used long cap screws for now as its easier to set the shims I've got in there.
  22. Been running the e85 for a few weeks now shes a fair bit thirstier with the big carb too however its mostly in tune. At extended doort it was running the float chamber dry due to fuel pump not having enough flow to it. Enter dual tanks...... Fuck this thing flys!!!
  23. My new favourite angle. Got the idea for the SU carb off a Arlen Ness Harley chopper i saw as a kid at a show it looked mental. Next plan is to get a CVT for it they arent cheap but will give me more top end without the need for revving its tits off i might need one off a snow mobile ive been told by the guru's who build these engines in the states. Then tech inspect it possibly i enquired with the powers that be and was told its possible but it needed far better brakes, think ive got that done now.
  24. Ive also mucked around with the tyre pressures and it rides so much better now feels normal smoooth and strangely safe and boring possibly also helped by the extra gussets and near zero flex in chassis..... you give it berrys it quickly gets terrifying and exciting though the brakes then sort that out! Stopping power is more than ample now for the engine.