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  1. highlight of day seeing startup vid on the gram, well done ol chap
  2. mind your pedestrian gate out to garage - it may sag over time, sorry to point out but the diagonal is technically going the wrong way, ideal is tranferring load in compression back to the hinge side. It may be stiff enough as the leaf isnt too wide. Its just sticking out at me though
  3. Poorly explained sorry, I mean in the areas not covered by roof, does it fall away from the carport or direct water in? Overland flow It will drain yeah, but not as good as normal lawn right, so you could get standing water if it's a spot that will collect water. From memory your site is pretty flat and falls down to the footpath so you might be sweet
  4. Have you got a fall away from house from where you've stood to take pic? I know you're not doing concrete but that niche would be an annoying area to have water pooling in a big storm if you have cars in the way Also why gobi blocks and not a slab? Will grass even grow?
  5. So use the right materials and prove its within a safe tolerance (x%?) Of original state as demonstrated by a physical test (what test?)
  6. What is allowable in terms of wheel repairs, more thinking for cert than wolf. 2 of my SSRs had cracks on inner barrels so have now had them welded up by TTT. Currently not ground back or anything so you can see all the welding but are wheel repairs on cert or wolf mans radar?
  7. @srf @cletus @Bling Cheers guys, srf, good to know there's another z31 out there on OS, would be keen to chat Clint, yeah I had previously spoken to sheepy who suggested retaining the divorced spring and damper, tbh thats my preference rather than fuck around too much. It's only been in looking at what people are doing in US and JP that it seems really common to use the damper mounts - and thats what is supported off the shelf - but all reasons listed above are what's in my mind and TBH I'd rather not be pulling the interior apart and welding things in just to make some coilovers work do you reckon there is any value in creating some sort of adjustable spring platform for the rear springs, or just try get it right? I saw the setup @sheepers constructed one @Snoozins KP on the live axle which made me think of this - am I right Richy that that's what you were intending to wind some height or low in should you need it?
  8. mmkay, so I want to slam the fairlady, been getting some work done by Tim at TTT on minor bits and pieces. He can get ok prices on a coilover brand called gecko, which while distributed from states appears to be generic taiwan spec like BC/D2 stz. First question is how horrible are these likely to be, Tim reckons go for softer spring rate to achieve 40mm droop and probs get less of a bang bang ride. I'm only looking to get slammed and enjoy driving, track days probably unlikely in Z as its targa top and I dont want to die Z31 has a spindle spec mac strut on front so need to weld on, no major dramas there The rear features separate spring and shock, it seems many (japan, usa) just mount the coilover in the shock hole. Allegedly can thicken or seam weld some stiffness, or do gussets, strut tower brace if really needed. @cletus what would cert god say? Gecko Site https://geckoracingusa.com/ Rear Damper/Spring Rear Subframe stz
  9. Did you build the gate yourself? Not familiar with a domino machine will have to look into it. Is there science behind angles/position of middle rail? What's your length? I have approx 4m to cover
  10. Sheepy, deets on gate setup please. It's the one (of three) things I need to do still on front fence. I had assumed a metal frame but timber would be more in line with the look I have - ship lap with large main posts and top rail
  11. lush, next purchase is likely to be a ute albeit 4x4 so keen on feedback
  12. You guys should organize another. I'm sure we can do more than 1