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  1. Some of its clear fracture, some looks a bit more bashed I dunno
  2. tech spam question but what does this actually do? I seem to recall it being in the black arts of 4age and 3sge exhaust design
  3. will be following, i need someone with more RFB knowledge than I to guide me on Z31
  4. @4AG_Addict first pic had me loling but blue was an improvement And yeah ok 1st red one and the olivey one are getting there Pleased to see slam and rims theory still holds true
  5. Against all odds people have made some k11s look cool with slam and rims. Is it even possible with a cabrioleven?
  6. that last point as a topic overall I guess is semi related to this thread @rotorhoe
  7. I stand corrected then, I thought if you used the pedals from a manwell and swapped them over then it was ok
  8. From what I recall, manwell swap using factory gear is fine
  9. cheers had a read through, good to see detailed pics of what someone has done and their thinking
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