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  1. well it is for a pipe that's having to move air and water at the same time (resisting rabbit hole)
  2. 2e alternators could definitely bolt up to a 4age, from memory they were a bit smaller, and lower amp rating tho. Basically race spec
  3. I have a few (mix of 2e, 4a, 3s) alternators in the way in my garage if you want to play lucky dip
  4. now i had to trawl through different nissan shitboxes, something like this
  5. Oh maybe, I thought wingroad but maybe it was some other povo pos that's even worse than this
  6. this is like the worst thing ive seen on oldschool A+, subscribed etc My memory of these is they have comical legroom for both front and rear passengers, like anyone driving who is not a midget needs the seat right back and that automatically means noone can get their feet in the tiny gap that remains, also maybe the factory radio just had a centre speaker on the dash?
  7. wish i had known about a place like coopers at the time
  8. Chur should have read the first page
  9. Chart is a way better set out btw
  10. @KKtrips thanks mate As far as compiling this how was it done? Looking at various manufacturers recommendations? Ultimately curious about the variance in rim width based on profile, is that because a 70 profile is generally designed to be a balloon sidewall but a 30 profile designed to be rigid?
  11. cable basket idea is lush
  12. mudflap dimensions gunna be written on cert plate?
  13. @cletus a "centering system" is a bit vague, one could argue tapered nuts on their own are centering, although it then says if tapered nuts used a close tolerance is "recommended". Presumably hubcentric rings are acceptable? As Richie says, impposibru otherwise
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