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  1. Interested in hearing prices from autolign for bilsteins. Still havent scratched the surface on coilovers for fairlady
  2. Yep confirmed to be as good as fwd bluetop
  3. fuck me what a bigport barry, this thread is bad for my health
  4. so likely a ae92 bigport/2nd gen AE82 fxgt at least didnt have those mounts, was single piece rad hose around cambelt side of block. Can't speak for AW11 though
  5. https://www.toymods.org.au/forums/threads/28455-I-D-this-4AGE/page4 is this what you've got? edit: yup
  6. I have no e80s to look at anymore for reference lol. You'd have thought I'd remember. Drivers side mount on ae82 is definitely different to e90, possibly was off the block (rings a bell) I'll look at some old pics
  7. I thought all bluetops were equal and the revision came with the 2nd gen bigport that was in early ae92s This had the bigger crank, could it be that @kytelers head was actually a 2nd gen? Would more likely explain the intake difference to me In4bluetopnangs
  8. @kyteler endorses gold mesh
  9. xsspeed


    Went alright torrie? I didnt even know they had DA polishers at all
  10. xsspeed


    its got some accident damage that needs to go in for repair but was going to get them to quote for full paint. plan is to tidy it up once then run it into the ground (again)
  11. xsspeed


    want to paint a BA falcon wagon?
  12. increasing the velocity of rotation as it tries to conserve momentum?
  13. hah was trying to work out what that was
  14. is this a project thread or a discussion/i love the spare forlornly falling out after the roll
  15. /first boat nats was about 10 years ago...there were 2 boats
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