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  1. wish i had known about a place like coopers at the time
  2. Chur should have read the first page
  3. Chart is a way better set out btw
  4. @KKtrips thanks mate As far as compiling this how was it done? Looking at various manufacturers recommendations? Ultimately curious about the variance in rim width based on profile, is that because a 70 profile is generally designed to be a balloon sidewall but a 30 profile designed to be rigid?
  5. cable basket idea is lush
  6. mudflap dimensions gunna be written on cert plate?
  7. @cletus a "centering system" is a bit vague, one could argue tapered nuts on their own are centering, although it then says if tapered nuts used a close tolerance is "recommended". Presumably hubcentric rings are acceptable? As Richie says, impposibru otherwise
  8. hey @cletus is there a link we can look/provide feedback?
  9. such a cock tease @KKtrips xox
  10. Can easily get in sub 6kg territory with some light wheels, ssr type x etc (not sure they came in 14s tho?) Obv not free, but would be a good combo
  11. Butt/nang dyno was right all along
  12. AL2# tercel I had a 2a with 16v head on it that i bought for the head once upon a time, had been built for 1300cc rally class, although that 2a was from an AE80
  13. Happy for you man, fingers crossed for straight forward compliance
  14. yeah just found that one myself, is a listing on a kumho site from the reliable interweb good enough for a cert guy?
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