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  1. good luck getting your money from insurance
  2. Yeah I recall someone jbwelding their port or something lol
  3. are you fucking with the 2nd or 1st gen bigport?
  4. Black hubs will probably actually look tuff AF
  5. Chuck a wee supply fan in to his room if you can, or garage extract fan. /both
  6. Always wondered if good eating, I've had parrotfish in the islands but what ive seen kiwis call parrot fish is normally pigfish
  7. parrot fish? was it red - pigfish?
  8. ling I'm now going to the tree auction on monday that this crowd is running /ling
  9. @sentra needs this dozer https://auction.abauctions.co.nz/lots/view/4-1MUV13/early-1950s-international-td-9-bulldozer
  10. If it planes ok then that's good, permatrim really just helps them get out of the hole, they are just a foil afterall
  11. on ya, good to be out there doin it did the motor get you two up on the plane at all or just good to chug along?
  12. Interested in hearing prices from autolign for bilsteins. Still havent scratched the surface on coilovers for fairlady
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