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  1. lols that last video is kiwi as fuck, dogs chasing and barking at the ute A+ "farkin epic! nice work boys" will trade again
  2. @0R10N hmm, I'll prob struggle this weekend then, doing waterview tunnel stz on sunday avo, I'm clear for next months C&C for sure though
  3. What time is it? I have nephews birthday to attend feat. captain america at like 930
  4. lol it took 7 weeks
  5. As per project thread it's road legal, have been going through my emails and text correspondence with compliance place, can't believe it took so long for what, after the panel work, was so little. Anywho, made a cameo at auckland burgermeat on wednesday night, looking forward to a drive or few this weekend
  6. Yeah fcrb
  7. The reason for not doing it myself was id have only had 20 days to do everything including the repair cert process if id taken it off site, whereas by staying onsite they can take a mich (much much) longer time and i dont have to repay for another compliance inspectiom
  8. Also wheel bearing was done yesterday arvo so leak from steering rack is the most major thing left. Then some tyres and other guff and we'll be away. Lets hope the rack doesnt take another 2 months to sort
  9. I did consider and actually thought theyd be faster than me...
  10. Shitty Update: The Z31 is STILL at compliance place, it needs: LR wheel bearing, steering rack leak fixed, 2 front tires, wiper blades, brake pedal pad. I went to see it yesterday, still hadnt been up on the hoist. A bit frustrated with how long its taken. It had to get a repair cert for a few things, old repairs and fixing some rust and floor pan damage, it all looks super lush under neath now as its been resealed. Couple of pics for an otherwise lame update
  11. Well the compliance centre said monday but thats probably just to get ball rolling
  12. Yeah for sure. Was a surprise tho. Still nothings certain till repair cert man has a look
  13. Quite a long list from compliance Mostly around rust but also possibly some chassis rail work - they have some dents on underside. The guy who runs the yard (not compliance officer) put the shits up me talking about chassis alignment but he wasnt sure if required. Wont know until the repair certifier says exactly whats needed which will start monday Not unexpected just had fingers crossed for plain sailing. Just got to get on with it and spend more coin