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    Im in. Spose ill have my clutch done in time since the last one lol
  2. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Fine im actually a middle aged divorcee cat lady
  3. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    I found one thats bush based rather than a polyurethane block with bolts dubiously poked in it
  4. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    It was the cheapest on trademe at the time
  5. Thought I updated this after drag day Any who fried clutch on my last burnout ao havent done anything. Its in the garage and Ive been slowly advancing clutch install while tinkering when I havent been building fences Today got rained out so mucked around in the garage and investigated a few things on this. The trans mount was flapping about so investigated further... Turns out its an assembly... And this rooster is toast So looked at rockauto and they only sell auto ones which have the wrong hole spacing. Can get a replacement from other sites for like US$220 or go a more solid urethane mount for like US$70 Theres a solid aluminium block one for similar price but I think without replacing all other mounts id end up breaking some other part When I first got this I also got a spoiler made by this joker Finally dummied it up. Needs a trim and a skim but should look alright
  6. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    sounds perfect for two up thighs and shoulders touching romantic blokey bloke driving
  7. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    I have not lol, I find the fairlady pretty snug as it is
  8. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    yeah i know, hence why i was looking at spitfires with hardtops lol
  9. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    i've oft' considered a rotary powered as being a when i have infinite more time and money kind of thing, but it was also ideally a GT6 in my mind - at least yours has a hard top tho
  10. xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    lols been quiet in here, i did drag day fried my clutch on last burnout, limped back up the bombays and put it in the garage. Then I bought a clutch and took my gearbag out....time, things.....still gearbag out I'm fitting some new(old but better) parts and fixing the cooling system properly while it's garage bound, bidding on some rims as we speak in japland, and got some spare front suspension to hack up the spindles for coilovers Plan is slam and reyums then start tidying paint so will stay a bit rough for a bit
  11. what could possibly go wrong...
  12. my Z speedo and therefore odo wasnt working when it came in, and i guess as a result i dont have a GENUWYN VERIFYED KAY EMMS sticker
  13. Gav’s Honda N360

    /twenny debt
  14. Sheepers latest Ms75

    Vote for tang desprang and mirror tints here
  15. wtd - man with little dinger

    Ken to hear how this pans out, tempted to do same. Also tempted to use as excuse to buy digger then sell when done