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  1. You guys should organize another. I'm sure we can do more than 1
  2. Supposedly it doesnt close until 31 October so there could be more opportunity but @V8Pete is in town so gunna hit Mercs for some nostalgia THURSDAY 1230pm @UTERUS @Testament @Poo @sentra @sheepers @Corbie
  3. Ken to see how this goes, I've long wanted to turbo the wife's family's patrol as while it's great it's a bit asthmatic I won't hijack yet but also have some petrol turbo questions
  4. Ah yeah ok i missed the +t. So hoops req is non factory/modified driveshaft and/or power >50% factory
  5. But trigger for a cert in that case is cos swapped engine family from ca to sr?
  6. xsspeed


    Considering same except in black for my falcon. I really cbf doing it myself/have no time Also the crowd I went to on occasion in the past has changed hands and are only interested in insurance/collision repairs now so no idea where to start looking for someone remotely trustworthy
  7. Stink one, take it easy chief. Even with the jam squeezed outta the donut you're making progress
  8. Rich input coming from me (though ill claim the pun) but just need to get this stz driving and get some smiles per mile IMO such a super lush build, do some doorts/skids
  9. Fuck mate dont blame me for mismanaged expectations Also no dont have louvres im selling
  10. I made some things, took me fucking ages cos im a noob Because new radiator (300zr) is bigger than old radiator (200zr) - 50mm taller and different top mounts. Y u do dis nissan? /i gambled on 300zr being the same via rockauto Using the existing mounts it would stick up New: Old: So also had to cut and reweld some lower mounts. Now it fits inside the nose cone again Dummy up of how the radiator cradles will work with mk1 prototype lol
  11. @Bling It took me way too long today to make two of these for mounting my new radiator I had to make new mounts cos i gambled on a 300zr radiator being same size as 200zr. Turns out its 50mm taller. So Ive cut and rewelded the lower mounts and made these as top tank cradles to hang the top of the radiator. Had to do all that cos at 50mm taller I couldnt get the nose cone back on Ill stick some rubber inside these
  12. Lol after all of mixing and matching hoses to cut up i didnt even think of doing it inline with a 90 degree hose ffs
  13. Does anyone know where id get one of these easy enough in nz maybe a swept bend not a mitre. https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/511176/10002/-1 I played match the radiator hose at supercheap with @GuyWithAviators today. Got a VL rb30 bottom hose which is sweet engine end but with my V mount radiator under the nose cone I need to make an additional turn