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  1. Swing-axle life - If you think you've come in too hot, don't lift. Bury the loud pedal and keep that rear suspension loaded, left-foot brake to punch the nose in and as always, make sure your bollocks are safely tucked into the wheelbarrow you're carrying them in.
  2. Seems like an awful lot of Barrys don't understand the fundamentals of driving something with the engine in the right place...
  3. Maybe, just prior to the VAG takeover would make sense. 50/50 really - Time, effort, money either way just in differing amounts.
  4. The ole 4x98 problem strikes again... I'm sure I found something else incredibly obscure that ran the same stud pattern, besides the usual Fiat/Alfa/Lancia/Lada suspects, but that was a few haircuts ago now.
  5. Probably thin on the ground now, but 33s had a nice simple 14" pepper pot alloy, with Series 3 QVs having a 14" with "spokes" and larger teardrop shaped slots.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll pass that on in case he doesn't check back here.
  7. I'll just jump in here for him - Currently needs some rust dealt to and brakes to be made operational. He's a competent welder/fabricator, so dealing to that shouldn't be an issue. I've suggested that if he tackles the rust in the rockers/sills, he document the process with photos for every little step - Correct?
  8. @AllTorque @cletus Can someone please move this to the wof/cert/reg thread? The man has a 1955 yank tank that was imported roughly 20 years ago and has sat in barns and sheds for most of that time. It's never been inspected and assigned a VIN in that time, but appears to have a mountain of paperwork including the bill of sale from the States, right down to the ID of the container it was freighted here in. Is it a case of packing it up onto a trailer and wheeling it into VINZ in Hamilton and starting the process?
  9. Small world eh? It was a mutual friend of ours that had the red one on OZ rims that I mentioned a page or two back, and likely what gave Paul the itch that his GTIR scratched.
  10. Paul Barnett? He's got a black one that seems to spend 99% of it's life waiting for parts for whatever's broken this time.
  11. Bit of diesel to get the GTIR going in a heli and you were golden. GTX/GTR usually ended in tears, diesel or not.
  12. Relevant if it's a newer car (I struck this issue for the first time on a 2010 model): Sometimes you may need to tell the car via OBD2 device that it's a new battery, so it doesn't try and pump a squillion ergs into the new battery...
  13. Haha! There's an offshoot of the DUBNZVW/VASK group exclusively for VR6 models, known as Wookies in the wild...
  14. VR6+T is a very common mod, and there's shitloads of material online about it, plus a wad of aftermarket bits. The engine itself has been around forever in various configurations - 2.8 12V, 2.8/3.2/3.6 24V. Yes, they're heavy but as mentioned, they've got a lot of meat in the block. 15° angle between bore center-lines, so they run a conventional inline-6 crank and firing order... Add to that the asymmetric port length between cylinders (inlets are on one side of the head, exhausts on the other) and they sound absolutely awesome. 1000hp+ is achievable - Just spend 30 seconds on YouTube looking for VR6 Turbo Mk1 and Mk2 Golf conversions...
  15. Mate had a red one on white OZ rims, about 20 years ago. Had all the go-fast bits, to the point where it was nicknamed "The Paralyser" because at least as a passenger, you couldn't do anything but sit in the passenger's seat with a grin that a belt sander couldn't take off when he'd launch the fuckin thing. Fucked a gearbox trying to do helis like the cool kids in their Evos... I can recall things getting decidedly breezy over 180-ish as the outside air would start to find its way through the door handle cutouts in the door-cards too.
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