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  1. Alfashark

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Normally have the injector seats machined out to suit modern injectors. @00quattro00 might be able to advise further.
  2. Lol. Unless your mate is going to the effort of putting a cold air box around that filter, he's going to lose power. It may sound a bit throatier, but no performance gains to be had in that application.
  3. Mint! Thanks lads. I'll finish cleaning the bastard thing out and then get to applying some snot.
  4. Never used paper gaskets from the factory, just alloy on alloy.
  5. Righto lads, what the preferred breed of sealant/snot for an inlet manifold -> spacer -> carb assembly?
  6. Probably from the same voices in his head that tell him that anything less than max factory height is a mortal sin. Wet-clutch DSG units require a fluid change every 60,000km and have a very clearly documented drain/refill setup. Dry-clutch DSGs were designed as a filled for life unit, but received the wrong oil from the factory - global recall and refill via the drain and refill ports...
  7. Familiar with any workshops who may be prepared to loan you their brake meter for a box of beer?
  8. Also, when I had my CGT, some genius had played around with the K-Jet setup so it ran like a bag of dicks - I persevered and got it back to a healthy state, but I did a bit of research into converting it to carb and Holley had a carb+manifold available as a kit at the time, maybe 2009/10.
  9. Alfashark

    Battery chargers

    Load and cycle dependant - The battery in my Golf is good for 2 years between charges, then just whack it on the Ctek overnight and it's good to go for another 2 years. No clock, no stereo, no alarm. Only gets started to move it out of the garage if I need access to the shit stored behind it.
  10. Pick-A-Part? Takes about a minute to grab each element...
  11. Eh? I mean he just removed the factory upholstery from the seats, yoinked the elements out and stuck them down onto the foam in his existing seats. Ran them off a rotary 4 position switch.
  12. Yay. In saying that I'm only familiar with transplanting the units from a car that had them as stock, into an older car. Seemed to work out well for him though.
  13. Alfashark

    Doullamas panelvans

    Looks like the steel to rust ratio is improving mate! I'll come and drink coffee/sharn if you're about over the weekend.
  14. Maybe some saddo slotted a rotary into a Vitesse at some point, creating the British equivalent of the Roadpacer in the process. Behold the Roadleisurelystroller!