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  1. Helmholtz resonance chamber thing - My Gti-6 had one too. Noise + pressure waves to maximize intake runner pressure/flow/magic.
  2. Manifold off and in the oven for a bit? Used to do two Skoda alloy blocks, side by side in a double width oven for installing plugs and main seals.
  3. Fair question, but no. Sky geezer arriving this morning for an install, so I'll ask while he's shagging about too.
  4. TV/Stereo question here - Old house was running a regular UHF aerial, direct to the TV and TV audio through optical output to the amp. New house has a dish, and have got that dialed in with the same setup. What we're finding however, is the volume is needing to be approximately double what it was in the old house, to achieve the same sound at our ears... Is this purely down to the quality of the broadcast/reception via dish vs UHF? Sound being played ex-dvd or via phone inputs requires only the same volume setting as at the old house.
  5. Old mate's mum had one of these, forever ago. Another mate had the other turbo model - A bit shorter in length than a Tomcat, but just as quick.
  6. Excellent ta! Are they worth anything? The tops of the throats are filled with assorted detritus, but the butterflies move well enough.
  7. Would one of you more wise and clued up chaps be able to ID this carb I found in a box while performing scorched earth tactics in the garage?
  8. 3k was probably so they had something to post about. Factory intervals (10 or 15k) for everything I've owned and never had an issue, including lunar orbit spec mileage on a few of them.
  9. What's the battery like? Lots of modern stuff gets the whole random Christmas tree of dash warnings/everything goes dead intermittently when the battery is on the way out. Also, likely the immo is part of the cluster and would need recoding.
  10. This reminds me I must go and retrieve the ones I have on display at Classic Flyers, since those ungrateful arseholes haven't met their end of the bargain for those of us who pitched in a lot of time and effort to get that place from a pipe dream, to a working, functional museum.
  11. Alfashark

    diesel spam

    Very! When it was in getting a DSG service I said "What do you know about DPFs?", knowing that mine's getting tired. His reply was that they'd never fitted a replacement one in 10 years due to the price - Near on $4k. They remove the unit, which appears to be about 4" diameter and cut it open. Gut it and then weld in a section of 2.5" pipe between the inlet and outlet flange, then zap the unit back up and reinstall. Once the heat shield is back in place, there's no way to see their work.
  12. Alfashark

    diesel spam

    14 - No, they won't be able to tell there's no DPF in there short of complete disassembly.
  13. Alfashark

    diesel spam

    Wagon's getting EGR and DPF delete later in the year - 15hp gain straight off the bat from the DPF delete, gets combined with a mild re-map since they're already going to be coding the sensors for soot loading and regen out. All up $1200 and 2hrs for a 40hp increase.
  14. I'd say your battery is rooted. Throw a known-good one at it from another car if you have one handy - if it works, that'll be the problem.
  15. Are they pulsed, or CIS like an old K-Jet setup?
  16. The former owners of the ex-Summerfield VRS practically left a jizz stain when they saw the wife's one sporting 99% of a genuine WRC kit and were fizzing at the prospect of taking moulds until they realized out the amount of work involved and the number of replacement parts they'd need for a season.
  17. The museum at Omaka airfield should be able to tell you straight away if you send them pics, as they've got a ground-running condition Bristol Freighter in their possession.
  18. Any markings on them at all? Are they hollow, or do they just have a blind hole at the root end?
  19. Local English tractor and truck Barry has a super tidy, stock as fuck 1.6 Mk1 wagon in a solid blue tone. Not keen on that early front end myself though.
  20. The sister's got a BMW 6-speed auto behind an RV8 in a Skyline, so it's plenty doable.
  21. Bout 40-45kg? My Golf is a fatty at 785kg, but that's because it's got a slushbox. Whip the seats out and collect all the loose change and debris while you're at it.
  22. Thanks! No biggie for me, as I'm replacing the belt anyway but just curious since there's a growing number of electric/electro-hydraulic steering setups now.
  23. Wof-men: Is a cracked serpentine belt a wof failure of it's own accord? Has been crossed as a fail under the Steering Components section, however the car has electro-hydraulic power steering with absolutely no belt or engine connection.
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