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  1. Are they pulsed, or CIS like an old K-Jet setup?
  2. The former owners of the ex-Summerfield VRS practically left a jizz stain when they saw the wife's one sporting 99% of a genuine WRC kit and were fizzing at the prospect of taking moulds until they realized out the amount of work involved and the number of replacement parts they'd need for a season.
  3. The museum at Omaka airfield should be able to tell you straight away if you send them pics, as they've got a ground-running condition Bristol Freighter in their possession.
  4. Any markings on them at all? Are they hollow, or do they just have a blind hole at the root end?
  5. Local English tractor and truck Barry has a super tidy, stock as fuck 1.6 Mk1 wagon in a solid blue tone. Not keen on that early front end myself though.
  6. The sister's got a BMW 6-speed auto behind an RV8 in a Skyline, so it's plenty doable.
  7. Bout 40-45kg? My Golf is a fatty at 785kg, but that's because it's got a slushbox. Whip the seats out and collect all the loose change and debris while you're at it.
  8. Thanks! No biggie for me, as I'm replacing the belt anyway but just curious since there's a growing number of electric/electro-hydraulic steering setups now.
  9. Wof-men: Is a cracked serpentine belt a wof failure of it's own accord? Has been crossed as a fail under the Steering Components section, however the car has electro-hydraulic power steering with absolutely no belt or engine connection.
  10. No doubt, but there's issues with the metal in the components too. I wouldn't willingly own a hand grenade like that, but hopefully he avoids any issues.
  11. That and they were just absolute fucking dogs - Of all the Mk2 Fabia RS in the UK, there's less than 10% still rolling around with the engine they left the factory with, and a substantial majority on their 3rd or 4th engine.
  12. Nice work on the shifter! My Audi, although a difference linkage setup, had the same ball/spring/dome setup in the pivot. The ball was effectively gone, leaving the spring to fall to the bottom of the lever with no feel as to exactly where it was or what gear you were in. Added to that the shifter knob was almost flush with the center-tunnel surround as a result. I attacked a yellow poly bush in a lathe to make a ball, fitted that and ended up with a very stiff but rifle-bolt sharp shift - That loosened up to a comfortable level after a few weeks use though.
  13. Alfashark

    diesel spam

    Remap - It's not a VAG product, so unsure of the usual suspects to deal with down here but give these chaps an email and see what they can do. http://www.quantumtuning.co.nz/car-remap-tuning-remapping.aspx?Make=Hyundai&Range=Sonata
  14. Or just use the remote to switch off the sweeping louvre function? Probably stripped a tooth on the actuator.
  15. @V8Pete How did you find the owner of that plate you bought for the Fez?
  16. Other alternatives which may be a bit easier to source than the A-class would be a 99-07 Skoda Fabia or VW Polo of the same era. The Fabia option is definitely remote reservoir, sitting on the opposite side of the car.
  17. Not extending enough to make contact with the flywheel, or flywheel missing teeth.
  18. Correct, my Superb had all that jazz... As for GT Mechtronix, try emailing them in a week or two. Seems like they have a remote office offsite and one little geezer doing all the leg work at the workshop itself, so he's probably taking a well earned rest.
  19. Awesome result! I can wholeheartedly relate with your issues when I had my Audi - I never personally got as balls deep into playing with the control pressure as you have, I sent the car to a chap that knows more about the system than Bosch do...
  20. Coarse-pitch prop and one of these is what you need... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/sports/kayaks/other/listing/2404399209
  21. Like @00quattro00 said, I wouldn't be pulling it apart. See if you can lay hands on a spare one and either play with that or swap it in and see what happens. Either the injector insert sleeves or the o-rings will be rooted through age and heat cycles. Mine turned to powder when removing...
  22. My 5-pot Audi did very similar things once upon a time. Since I had time to clean everything possible, just about all of the fuel and ignition side came out and was put back together after replacing only a few vacuum hoses that were well expired. Between that and reseating all electrical connections and relays, the problem disappeared so I never had to chase it further.
  23. Also, it escapes me right now but do these use a tachymetric relay to keep the pump powered up when the engine is running?
  24. Being a lazy bugger, I haven't checked your progress thread but when you pulled the pump/accumulator out, did everything go back exactly how it was to start with? Possible you dislodged some crap and it went into the line post accumulator which could be starving supply at the metering head?
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