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  1. Stupid question but is the startermotor connected/wired up correctly? many years ago I swapped starter motors on my skyline to discover I had connected the signal wire to the wrong tab
  2. Will put the other rear caliper back together one night this week, no rush as not like they can go back on the car yet ha Tire well came up ok after the rust treatment, put another coat on and will work out when I am welding the holes up, Thinking ill wire wheel the underside and rust treat that first tbh, need to do more painting so will get new brushes asap. Need to wire well the rest of the boot as well, need to buy some spray guns and some paint, ive got some primer already to go on once I finish removing the rust
  3. Got the steering rack out and removed the tie rod ends, also will replace the rack bushes while its out and give it a paint. Ive got a set of rack boots as well which I may also do but the ones on it aren't too bad
  4. Decided to do the passenger rear wheel well Needs a few minor touch ups but came up ok
  5. Looks like the rears taken a hit Cleaned it up and put some rust treatment on the rust, not sure what I will do here yet. Might pull it out if I get a slide hammer (weld etc) was considering painting this with the chassis seal as well but I think ill respray it factory white (just need to get the paint) Other side was actually not bad
  6. Repairs with a hot glue gun, not the best but it worked as a temp fix
  7. Give it all a good scrub to see what I was working with Discovered some damage to the rear bumper bar and the rear bumper mounts so repaired that as best I could
  8. Pulled the rear bumper off and the tow bar, will clean up and repaint these with some subframe black Behind the bumper was filthy, and surface rust everywhere, will put some fish oil down the chassis rails as well once I reassemble
  9. Ended up pulling the engine as well oops, glad I can still remove a bonnet and an engine on my own Going to fix the rust around the clutch master, reinstall a few things in the engine bay/maybe some touch up paint etc Need to reinstall fuel lines so this will make it easier, need to remove more of the front end for some panel work repairs as well Swear this car is getting more taken off it :s Will disconnect the steering column from the rack tomorrow and get it out
  10. Been meaning to pull the gearbox so that I can install the clutch/flywheel, needed more access to remove the steering rack so pulled it
  11. Managed to get the lower control arms and sub-frame out, discovered it already had whiteline offset caster bushes installed, seems all the superpro bushings I brought will be spares now :s Will give everything a good clean and then a coat of subframe black paint
  12. Decided to pull the other knuckle off and removed the lower control arms and steering rack etc Managed to not snap the allen key bolt on this side removing the big calipers and floating rotors (god they are heavy) Couldn't get the ball joint or tie rod end to separate from the knuckle Ended up cutting the tie rod end off, will put the knuckle in my 20ton press to remove the ball joint and tie rod end
  13. So today escalated Finished rebuilding one rear caliper, added a speed bleeder to help with bleeding once its back on the car pulled the other apart and painted it Piston seems fine
  14. Started doing the rear tyre well rust work, wire wheeled the shit out of it, blew all the dust of with compressed airand put some rust convert on it. Will weld up the holes/pin holes this weekend all going well, then chuck some paint over it till I repaint the whole boot. Will wire wheel the whole boot before I prep it for paint, car was advised as no rust lol, its a 90s mitsi its not does it have rust its where does it have rust. Will need to do the under body as well, have gotten 4l of chassis black underseal and some subframe paint Waiting on my 20ton press to do bushings, balljoints etc, brought a unimig 185 and a Fendi 14cfm compressor 12cfm fad so should be ok for basic painting when I get some guns Have new tie rods as well so they will be fun to change Hands are sore tonight
  15. Just organised to buy another factory loom for my project car think I have a problem Means ill have 1x uncut RVR loom (came with engine) 1x Cut Haltech ps1000 loom, came with car 1x GLXI sohc auto 4g92 loom 1x unknown loom that came with the genuine evo loom 1x genuine evo 123 loom in ok condition Now looking at a good condition GSR 4g93t loom Just tried fitting the genuine evo loom and it may be challenging :s Probably spent enough to build a new loom from scratch but getting a rwc with one is not easy Also have had a few parts arrive, rear brakes are partly stripped for rebuild this weekend Also discovered the rear brake lines are braided already so the braided line kit I brought was not required :s