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  1. Can run one of these as an option for bypassing the SC at Idle, another option is running a wastegate in reverse or having a TB open via a vac solenoid. I have also been thinking about a DBW TB to be ecu controlled as a bypass as well (can also tune this or the wastgate to bleed off boost as well) Wastegate wise I would just get a generic ebay one disassemble to remove swaft and reassemble with locktite etc should be fine for the application
  2. Also In Melbourne but have nothing hugely fun or cool here Mrs has a 2019 Corolla as a work car, I normally Daily Ride my Honda Cbr500r We also have a 2013 MY14 Subaru liberty wagon that is completely stock and only gets used to move the dog around or to pick things up in (really needs a towbar) but is the boring FB25 CVT version. Though its only broken down on me once due to dodgy fuel pump wiring overheating which I am currently awaiting to be recalled.
  3. It could be maybe I am getting my terminology out of wack its Friday and I am a couple of beers in Just curious and hoping that something off the shelf will work for you as 1500 for forged pistons isn't cheap
  4. Factory 2ARFE pistons might work as they are 90mm Factory compression ratio is 10.4:1 2ARFE Head 50cc Pins 22mm Rods 157.5mm Comp height 34.8mm Think the dome is -10cc from memory and can't remember the pin height (also no idea what 18r pistons pin height is) Would need to see how they compare but heaps of wrecks around with them so can be found cheap and stock 2ARFE seem to handle 350whp Wouldn't be hard to work out what comp you would get in the 18R if you know the headgasket thickness and combustion chamber size of the head, if the rods are shorter then youll lose some compression but that wouldn't be a bad thing anyway :p Not sure if this is helpful or not
  5. Ordered some more parts for my Speedunio (have sold the car it was going into however) also got myself an 8x8 3.5 Teensy setup for sub 300AUD so now have two budget ecus for future projects Going to Japan on Thursday and once I get back will be putting money into my project car thats still in NZ. Will look around for a cheap hack to play with as well haha
  6. Case Map sensor Arduino Mega 2560 GM air temp sensor with Pigtail Speedunino Component kit Speedunino V0.4 PCB $272.56Aud I have a wideband that I got a few years back for my track car (which is still being built in NZ) and I had a soldering setup plus other tools already Could have probably got the components cheaper if I shopped around but got them via the speedunio store as I like supporting it Still pretty cheap
  7. Speeduino now built with a VR conditioner, waiting on my bluetooth module to arrive, will probably order a 2nd kit later on and build one with a teensy 3.5 but see how I go Havent soldered in 10years so not the most tidy job and have managed to keep my ocd at bay by not making it perfect as it works Had a LED 5,6,7 on when I powered it up but discovered it was an issue with the tune I had loaded onto it The car its going into is being borrowed by a friend as his V5 STI got stolen, however he has expressed that he may be interested in buying it so may end up buying another project for it to go into :p
  8. Waiting on a speeduino v0.4 diy kit to turn up, will be putting that together and possibly putting it into an 02 Impreza with the Ej201 engine will keep you all updated
  9. Perhaps a front spoiler to help pull the front wheels down to gain more front end grip? Also the extra track would have changed your turning point so maybe you just need to get used to that?