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  1. Some days I do consider just moving it on but would be wanting what I consider silly money for it as thats what the markets like. Car is also in Melbourne so might be a bit far away for you :p Anyway, managed to chuck the boost leak tester onto the turbo and what do you know cant even get 3psi into it as its leaking out that fast :s so when I get a chance will go round all the clamps again and then start on the old soapy water trick starting at the turbo and moving out. Also could hear bubbling so really hoping I am not pressurizing the cooling system or something. Pretty sure t
  2. No current updates, think I started it the other-day to move it back in the car port slightly haha. Cold start is a b***h so need to have another crack at the BLISS adjustment/setting again after I get the leak tester onto the piping Haven't had much motivation for it lately, which is annoying as its really close, may have time this weekend to do some more to it. Just need to find the time to get around to it, been busy with other hobbies etc lately.
  3. Hey, might be worth having a chat with Barry at MRP around a twin/triple plate clutch thats more slip friendly, hear the triton/quartermaster setups he does are good
  4. If you are on tank water, I would look at just pumping it back into the tank (assuming you use clean/foodgrade hoses and keep your chiller clean) fire tank would be less worry if its not going to be drunk, doubt the volume of beer you are cooling will impact the temp of a large tank much. I used to run my still with up-to 4800w of elements and used to cool that with a 3000L tank that was just feeding water through via gravity. (barely heated up even over a couple of hours)
  5. Nice build , a lot prettier then my setup. With the temp probe I use a thermowell into my fermentor and use the exact temp of the wort to heat/cool, another option is to tape the probe to the side of the fermentor with some insulation. Not a must but have found it gives me more accurate temp readings and notes etc. Wort looks nice and clear what did you use to chill? Care to share the recipe?
  6. Not a massive update but got the torque wrench onto my cv/axle nuts, they where semi loose so hoping thats resolved my bearing issue at the front. Couldn't get the gearbox to lock in gear (reverse or 2nd) with both front wheels off the ground (open diff) so had to put a wheel on and finish tightening through the center. Not the best way to do it I know but ill see how it drives later. Haven't remade the intercooler pipe but have flared it with some pliers so waiting on my boost leak tester to arrive before the next maiden voyage. Brought another front bumper support so need to swap t
  7. @sheepersdidn't you narrow down a IRS from a skyline for one of your celica builds? I was also curious how common MX5 stuff (specifically the earlier stuff) is in NZ and thinking would the GT86 or Altezza etc be another option (would clearly need to narrow anything though) Yes current support for Beams is good I agree
  8. Considered going for an electric powersteering setup by using a corolla/GT86 or prius electric steering column? How strong are MX5 diffs and how much power are you after? Id be looking at GT86 rear end and front components as well 3SGE are getting old in the tooth now as well, if you are going to a newer engine something like a 2GR might be fun? or if you want to stick with 4pot there are a few newer options (depending on if you want port or direct injection) Also if the 12a goes you could look at going to a 13b or a renenis option, still lots of places sell rebuild parts. How l
  9. Went to the wreckers the other day as they had a crashed lancer sedan Wouldn't let me buy seat-belt stalks :s so will need to hit the other wrecker up this Sunday all going well Managed to get Another set of roof trim Another set of guard liners A lower rear windscreen trim piece All the boot carpet and plastic Another stereo surround (in good condition) Another Drivers side vent Factory stereo brackets Factory carpet (need a clean but also good to use as a template for my new carpet) Factory floor mats (need a clean) Rear a
  10. So new carpet I ordered arrived, but discovered its the same as the carpet I have except not hacked up to fit. Will go get some factory carpet from a wreck to use a template to cut it properly/put in the bolt holes. Put the interior all back in, did some more rust hole welding (still need to grind it back) eyeballed the camber settings. Started to ask around about getting an alignment done, so gave it a wash, paints still average but it isn't covered in dust anymore. Fixed the power-steering res to pump low pressure top hose leak Thought I would put a no rego permit on it for a
  11. Waiting for Burnout video?
  12. Distillation is legal, could always make your own sad to hear however. Still readily available over here, well in Victoria anyway, long term ill be doing a flex fuel setup with the fake evo
  13. I get the appeal to go with a period correct engine and twin carbs. But personally a hotted up (high comp etc) frakenbuild of an original motor setup with an EFI conversion and DBW ITBs would be pretty cool especially on E85 (maybe a supercharger long term?) Don't know much about the engines that go in these but fully support the goal to relive your younger years
  14. Typical, fix something and the other end has issues. Don't stress to much, I found a small fuel leak from a loose fuel drain screw the other day. Previously had a massive leak on the return. I've currently got a small powersteering fluid leak, small gearbox oil leak and a small engine oil leak. Good old mitsi's How did you go getting the fuel tank reconditioned? if its to far gone can always look into going to a fuel cell (pretty sure that requires a cert however) I have an Aeromotive fuel cell setup with my fabricator for my track car, so if you need to have a look at one for s
  15. So small fuel leak on the driveway this morning, just had to tighten the fuel tank drain screw so hoping thats sorted it Small drip of engine oil so need to find out where that's from, and a small drip of gearbox oil again not sure where its coming from Need to set the Bliss properly this weekend and then decide what I am doing with the front exhaust off the turbo Edit Ordered another 2.5-3" adaptor, getting a quote on 6m of 3" 304SS pipe delivered (should be about 100aud plus the delivery fee) and im going to attempt to remake the front pipe, hoping to reuse the cat but mi
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