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  1. But did you let the fridge settle before you turned it on? and waiting on rear diff pics to conform AWDness
  2. So, your options are to lose weight or add more power right ?? :p
  3. I would highly recommend not getting it shipped unless its in a freezer truck :s
  4. Yeah they don't like getting too damp, have had a few rhizomes rot away, also you may need alittle more space then that as they tend to spread out but see how you go I have 3 with shoots atm, and 10 that haven't done anything yet. Not a very good gardener myself however and my dog likes to sleep on them :s
  5. Love it, great to see the kids getting involved. Did you let them taste the wort at both post mash and post boil? Great process and looks like a pretty straight forward brew day A cheaper option for yeast nutrient is to just buy bulk bread yeast and throw that in the boil, also i've found that whirlfloc or irish moss in the boil tends to help with removing cold break. Guessing the clarity ferm was to help prevent chill haze? have you tried a batch without? also if your adding fruit then you probably don't need to worry about chill haze The brush is a great idea for the labels I normally just dip mine lol Keen to see it turned out well
  6. Can you run a deadhead system for the fueling? and have the regulator at the back? (obviously it wouldn't be vacuum referenced unless you run a vac line) Guessing one rail has a feed? can you use the output of that rail as a return?
  7. Personally wouldn't bother with a BOV to start with, wastegate wise if you get one with an internal gate it would probably be fine (4-5psi and adjust up as required via a controller), otherwise the chinese wastegates are fine if you pull them apart and then reassemble them (checking for quality issues) depending on budget of course, otherwise most brand name stuff would be fine (turbosmart, Tial, GFB etc) I am not super up on carb turbo setups, but assuming anything low pressure high flow would work well from an electric pump perspective and anything to maintain the pressure your carb needs from a regulation perspective For a 4L and low boost I would say the bigger the wastegate the better, however the Barra turbos do ok with the internal gate at low boost, so maybe something GT35 size, you will probably need a collection of jets etc to dial in the carb Are you going to intercool it?
  8. Got to mark these out and cut then to shape and then bend some small tabs into them Should be easier as its a smaller area Can always buy a press brake later and redo these Metal cost me $88
  9. Picked up some metal this morning, not 100% sure on what it is, it's not magnetic but doesn't feel soft enough to be alluminum, so could be stainless? Top peice for the rad is 3mm, the bumper support part is 1.5mm, setup a dodgy stainless angle clamped to my bench and used a hammer to bend it. Not the most effective way to do it, but it's worked (should have gotten the place I brought it from use the press brake) but I wasn't 100% on angles and measurements when I picked it up Not quite flat in the bumper but should have enough surface to either use sikaflex on it or get some bolts in
  10. And the other side They will fold over at the top and the bottom Should help seal the rad and inter-cooler so that air is more directed but see how we go Also need to look at getting a smaller battery and also options to put a helicoil in the back passenger side bonnet hinge holes (may see a panel beater about getting that done)
  11. So Alloy place came back at $100 for the 3 peices, have added a 4th so just confirming new pricing and pickup/payment details With the cardboard mock-ups mock-ups the cooling panel I brought Cardboard is 5-6mm so will fit better should be hidden when I get the mesh installed Going to add the 4th peice and either bolt or sika flex it to the bumper as another mounting point behind the number plate area
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