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  1. kyteler

    KwS's TVR

    Whenever I take one of my seldom movers for a warrant the guys will ride the brakes on the rollers for a bit until it comes good.
  2. kyteler

    KwS's TVR

    Drive up and down the street a couple of times with the handbrake on a click or two. Should come good.
  3. This guy is painfully boring but it was good to see your car regardless.
  4. Later ones are disc (maybe certain models)?
  5. Could something be robbed from a CRV?
  6. To my mind the 7.5 cycle time is between close and open and would remain static irrespective of whether the open time ran 2.0 or greater. You could include the signal transmission time in that 7.5 but I would think it safer to have that as a factor non inclusive. If that makes sense. Keep in mind that I'm an idiot.
  7. Nah bro, big dials are speedo and tach and the little dials take the fuel, temp, etc.
  8. I think I have a 4spd sitting around in unknown condition. Bits of driveshafts also.
  9. Find a coupe cluster. No, you can't have mine.