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  1. What is this? A girl who has good taste in cars and knows how to take care of them? Is she a witch?
  2. Sold.
  3. Sick. I've been looking a these recently too, pondering whether to get one, fuck me they're still spendy though.
  4. Just did it now, didn't realise I was as useless as I am but I'm ASB too so you should have it right meow. I even still have you saved as a Payee so that was handy.
  5. There was one of these locally that got about years ago and I never got a chance to hit the owner up about it. It ended up selling for fuck all when it comes up for sale. I couldn't believe it. Sweet little cars, would love one myself. Envious. Congrats man.
  6. You're welcome + I'm sorry.
  7. Can get clear or smoked lense standard type, can you not?
  8. That's a Laurel in the background.
  9. I'll potentially be driving through but haven't finalised my route yet. We might end up going inland for a better drive through lush scenery.
  10. Eeeeeeh, I don't know maaaaaan. The repro c130 plastic looks weird like the early chromies.
  11. Goat an I could collect if we can get some epic timing going on. Faggot threesome.
  12. Loal. Again. "I want a car I don't have to do anything to".. remember? REMEMBER? AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHA
  13. I like 4 but can't help but think a proper scheme would be best.
  14. How long until you succumb to buying another after this one is sold, you reckon?
  15. You, sir. Are a glutton for punishment. I'm sure you'll sort it though. Flat 6 conversion?