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  1. Surely it's just a minor alignment issue of the piston within the caliper. Reassembled ever slightly off of true.
  2. Yes it would require driveshaft loops as I understand it.
  3. I just helped a mate replace his front rotors on one the same, it has a bit of rott in the RHS sill. Not sure why (whether previous repair, or blocked drain) but worth checking the steel there just in case it's a common problem.
  4. Castrol scheme. ...or POR15
  5. kyteler

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Good progress man. Noice.
  6. kyteler

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Quick Google suggests a G4+ is 40Mhz Dual Processor.
  7. kyteler

    PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    They look poifekt. Just needs lower to match.
  8. kyteler

    PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    Don't suit the car?
  9. I'm glad that third picture was one of the "older fella".
  10. kyteler

    J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    There used to be a couple kicking it in Lumsden too. I wouldn't jump so quickly onto the exclusivity bandwagon. You never know what people have sitting around in sheds. A lot of older cars are owned by older people who don't give a fuck about showing them on the internet.
  11. Can't recall exactly but the Rangey has a mechanical release so slightly better.
  12. It's possible that Jag uses the same kit as a Rangey. Check that out first.
  13. Oh.. ..and the other one I've had to tow are Range Rovers.
  14. Don't use a Kia or Hyundai Santa Fe one. I've had to tow several of them that have locked up and won't disengage. Car becomes useless.