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  1. kyteler

    1980 B1600

    The first step is to establish what the problem is. What have you checked to come to your conclusion?
  2. The rotor is basically a diamond @fuelmate. That stainless targa band is weird.
  3. I don't mean to alarm you, but you appear to have replaced a stale turd with a slightly fresher one.
  4. Pinto powered garbage. Get back to the Saab for jeebies sake.
  5. Neat grab @mutiny man. Don't see fuck all of these any more. Plans other than tidy to legal?
  6. It's CHCH... ...someone must have a TE72 with bolt on flares attached to the bottom of the factory flare, rolling on Performance Wheels Spitfires and Eagers?
  7. Not sure if relevant but I watch a guy on YouTube that makes softbaits, he puts his mixture in a vacuum after mixing to get the stirred in air bubbles out.
  8. Must have been a relief to find the timing issue. Good shit.
  9. The NOS one does (can see them if you zoom in on the picture) but the one he broke had the pins snapped off and was glued on.
  10. Don't be upset. Most things in life are a waste of money. I also said I was glad. Why would it sadden you for me to be glad? Geeez. Drill your bootlid please.
  11. How good is that NOS badge instead of a new one though? Sweet deals. Glad I wasted more money hunting down one of those instead. Drill that biiiiiiiiiitch.
  12. kyteler


    I think you've confused assymetrical for directional.
  13. I sent you a random picture of a grinder today. How did that not remind you? You silly goose.