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  1. I like that the original DABUZZ was the silhouette used for the original logo.
  2. Ah, frost plugs. Such fun.
  3. kyteler

    Muffler Tech

    Dual 2" would be fine but if it's not you could always oblong it.
  4. I tried online before the lock down. No times available for either delivery or pick up. Tried again the other day. Nope. Booked solid.
  5. It's not a frost plug or something?
  6. Are you sure all your hoses are OK? I had momentary puddles under mine for a while until one day the pinhole had gotten big enough to squirt a jet of coolant instead of just seep. Feel whether any of your hoses are spongy or rubbery feeling (you'll notice the difference between a weak bit fairly easily, especially if it's been doing it for a while)
  7. Depending on how everything pans out, this sounds like an event I would love to attend even if just to take some snaps as it is unlikely I would have a car available/easier to fly from the bottom of the world than bring the FD or whatever else up.
  8. That's a good tip. I wonder how adaptable a typical CD case is to one. Definitely one to try lodge into the memory banks for available options. Chances are they'll be sorter too then to accommodate the transfer case or not so much?
  9. Also, almost all manufacturers appear to suggest never using OD gears during towing regardless.
  10. A lot of people are using 350Z boxes now but I thiiiink because of that they've jumped up in price in recent times. Might be worth looking at though. CD009 is the code.
  11. kyteler


    Potentially but that would also eat into the paint below so if you were going to do that you may as well skip the compounds and go straight onto fine sandpapers.
  12. kyteler


    Caramel wheel? They get rid of adhesive residue without harming the paint, unsure that they would work on shit paint atop good paint and I think they're a bit spendy and they definitely get chewed through pretty quickly.
  13. kyteler

    HZ Ute tags

    No idea sorry. Rare Spares, maybe? I'm not sure if anyone does repro HZ stuff.
  14. kyteler

    HZ Ute tags

    I think the twin fronts were only on GTS, Premiers, Statesman and Sandmans but I can't be sure on that. With that said though, easy enough to swap a nose, etc. and I guess it would potentially be possible to have been optioned with it given the range of other models that had it.