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  1. I have no doubt that a Doozi plate would pass the required photo of the plate test.
  2. Legally the plate has to have been supplied by the government or in more recent times a government agent for the production of plates.
  3. Go N1, or whatever pump it was they upgraded to between the 32 and 33 GT-Rs as oiling was a minor issue prior. That power figure shouldn't be far and away from what a stock GT-R can make with a few tweaks so as long as you're using one that the 33 or 34 big dogs use stock you'll be fine.
  4. The hole in the bonnet looks well done, neat setup but I can't help but think it would look a whole lot cooler if it had a louvred section instead like oldschool race bonnets? I mean, you've already cut the hole so it is what it is but maybe worth a look?
  5. They're not as smooth or reliable. An electronic ignition setup is fucking massively better. Almost night and day spec.
  6. Only if you mention it in public searchable forums...
  7. Fuck that thing has more mongrel than Garry Glitter in a Minor
  8. Look at those bolt spacings though, they're way off. WAAAAAAAAY off. You need to calibrate your eyechrometer, Sleek.
  9. You going along in one or both? I hope you've flipped the grille up the right way if you're taking it to a show....
  10. They're shit too, tbh.
  11. Sounds similar to a key transponder / security nonsense issue you get on BMWs. Might be either playing up or bad voltage / batteries.