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  1. I see another 200ZR on the forms, @xsspeed...
  2. There's holes in the bonnet of that one, they're probably trying to see its hidden wonders. Also trying to see the motor.
  3. Yeah, you'd definitely have to spacer it, you could get it sitting perfect if you did that too though. Flick me through your addy and I'll try remember to send one on the weekend.
  4. What length threaded section to tip do you need?
  5. I'll send you one if you want to try one. I buy them by the box from RockAuto so I don't get raped by NZ retailers asking too much.
  6. Put a rotor plug in anyway because braps / 2 stroke is equally as cool?
  7. You could fit a rotor spark plug to eliminate that problem? Might not burn hot enough perhaps.
  8. This is what I have in the shed.