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  1. kyteler

    Fancy new school engine won't go?

    So the missus will be reliving her girl racer youth?
  2. kyteler

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    PPE is your friend.
  3. In my experience they would still pop out fairly trouble free. Hopefully the surface underneath is OK enough to accept a new insert.
  4. kyteler

    KwS's TVR

    The only era of Trevors that are just a bit yuck... Still, novel.
  5. kyteler


    Nice one man. Keep it up.
  6. kyteler

    beachlanders Carina

    Noice. Thought it was my old one momentarily then realised I'm an idiot and that had already been converted... Ain't no Soarer but..
  7. kyteler

    M series weirdos unite. 6mge starting issues.

    I liked it because fuck these cars are cool, not because of your problems. Check the TPS?
  8. kyteler

    Escort / Xflow Idling Issues - I'm stumped.

    Forgive my ignorance but is that not exactly how it should operate? You wouldn't be able to correctly tune the idle circuit if you couldn't close off it's flow completely to then meter it afterwards? Maybe most carbs are worn out from Barry fettling and always let some through. Most manuals I've read indicated it should be screwed right in then back out one and a half turns and adjust from there.
  9. kyteler

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    Just make a manifold with 6 branches to siamese at the port?
  10. kyteler

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    6 FCR 41mm Keihins?
  11. kyteler

    Welder buying spam

    Should being the operative word. Most modern setups should be fine. However some old sheds and houses could have been slapped together with who knows what. It'll depend what draw the welder has, etc. All I'm saying is don't slap a different socket on and assume everything is good to go because it's only pin size that's the difference. Other factors are to be considered.
  12. kyteler

    Welder buying spam

    Whilst this is true, the cabling and supply that leads to it also has to be of adequate gauge and capacity.
  13. I hear @sheepers can make a mean header. It'll cost though. Unless you can convince him to get rid of the M in his Hardtop and put a good motor in, then he'd have one available...
  14. Ask your mum, she takes a few.