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  1. Not all of them. The povo ones are 15 but the ones that he wants the brakes from are 16. That said, it comes down to barrel design. Some may work but not many, I'd have thought.
  2. If the rear quarters have had the arch cut (which they probably should have to be able to properly fit a widebody) then as I understand it, that needs cert.
  3. Put a rota in it? Awwwgoooo-on It'd be great. Don't let the Roadpacer steal the limelight. Falcon 20B-Pac
  4. Is your rack on the piss? Looks uneven. Just the photo perhaps?
  5. I have another booking that I must attend so I won't be able to make it.
  6. Stickers making cameos in Garage 4AGE vids. I've made it.
  7. Chasing 2HP Roadster life.
  8. On the plus side, they're not in my shed.
  9. NPD 100Plus is one of the highest octane, road legal petrol products to be offered in the South Island from an established fuel retail network. NPD 100Plus is designed to deliver clean-burning power and efficiency and can improve throttle response from your engine. * NPD 100Plus is a specially formulated unleaded petrol with no ethanol content.
  10. I guess it would probably pay to ensure you put some or run it on 100 or 98 when you get it back in use post paint sorting.
  11. A combination of idle speed adjust and timing advance may be your friend.
  12. Just stumbled across a post that said the auto ECUs run more conservative timing. Can you adjust the dizzy or Cas at all for a quick check or is it all ECU controlled on the 1GGZE?
  13. Quick Googs seems to indicate that it's fairly common to just run the AT ECU but the tune or compensation will definitely be different. I've experienced the same problem with the R30 when I converted it. Luckily I had a swag of ECUs and one of them rang it good as gold, your Crown is probably a bit newer and fancier than the 30 but likely still suffers the same problem. I would guess that the tune is expecting the decel to take a lot longer due to the fluid in the torque converter but when it's just a flywheel it will dip far faster. That's just speculation on my part though.
  14. Does it have a part number? Might be worth a Google to see whether it's designated as such through the catalogue.
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