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  1. Technically would have to be trailered.
  2. Personally I think the Hako is better suited to the completely polished cover.
  3. kyteler

    re-registering a vehicle

  4. kyteler

    re-registering a vehicle

    I have just flicked away an email with all the associated garbage to "" for the Prince. Fingers crossed. Even if I get an answer back before @sheepers I would be happy.
  5. kyteler

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    I thought it might have more than the U-SP8F23 it does have, is all.
  6. kyteler

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    Is the chassis data on carjam?
  7. kyteler

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    It's probably quite rare to see a fastback Mustang and an early seventies Chevrolet Vega coupe in the same garage so that's quite neat. Good on you, sir.
  8. kyteler

    Slideways' Purvis

    Biff the Kent. Some Escort foamer might even pay you good money for it. Definitely go with performance fitting of the shape.
  9. kyteler

    Gav’s Honda N360

    Yeah, I had heard at one point that you could have side bars but they had to be relatively low. However that seems to indicate that a half cage is only possible if there's adequate head restraint and the cage is behind the rear most seat which would mean no side or forward bars at all. Still.. a half caged rear with a good roll bar is better than no cage at all.
  10. kyteler

    Gav’s Honda N360

    VIRM: Table 7-7-1. Modifications that do not require LVV certification Roll-bar or roll-cage structures (roll protection or cosmetic) each seating position is fitted with an effective head restraint, and the bars are positioned: – behind, following a plane extending upward, parallel to the back of the backrest on the rear-most seat, and – in such a way that the head restraint would provide protection from head contact with any bar section during a crash.
  11. I might have random carb parts too tbh. Will check tomorrow when it's not pitch black.
  12. I would love to man but no dice in the near future. One day though...
  13. Typical fucking Alex.