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  1. Have you tried a newer battery powered rattle gun? They are fucking legit and no compressor required. Can be a bit spendy but super portable and tough as fuck. We have Milwaukee ones at work in quarter and half inch. I run air and a large three phase at home but am likely to just get some battery ones as well.
  2. kyteler

    Slowburn’s 1972 fiat 124 discussion

    Yeah, fuck yeah. 124s are great. It will be proper rust fucked but get in there and tick away. You'll get there.
  3. kyteler

    Daveyc's 1974 hc viva

    Good effort man. Sorry to tell you though but those wheels aren't even close to filling out those guards. You're going to have to go wider.
  4. kyteler


    ...or will it?! Mystery returned!
  5. kyteler

    Welder buying spam

    Still waiting for a price...
  6. When does it get the shuffle for your 51 Ford woody? @Nominal
  7. @cletus my good fellow. I'm debating with myself on buying some adjustable suspension from Japanese tuner Star Road, whilst I am here. What's the likelihood of getting the rear coilover platforms as per the kit certed in the flapping rear trailing arm suspension of the 110?
  8. Ugh. Too true. RIP my NSR cylinders.
  9. kyteler

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    If you need parts, go see Ewan or Peter at Parkside Panels. Tell them that Michael/Skiddy sent you. I guarantee they have a bunch of shit including a white Rapier fastback if you wanted to upgrade. Also. Yuck. My condolences.
  10. kyteler

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Might take the Mercedes instead of the FD. Out exhaust some bogans.
  11. kyteler

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Sounds good.