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  1. Depends on the application but it can be welded any way, it's not like aluminium. I thought the same as you until a few years ago too. No idea how I had come to that conclusion though.
  2. That's factree fitment on them thar wheels mate. I dig em but I also want to put some kind of 13x7s on it with tiny tyres.
  3. Yeah, mine doesn't come on carjam either. I did however have a stack of paperwork including the post shop form that showed it was registered but they bumble fucked it after that and canceled it and despite many arguments by the owner back in the day they wouldn't reinstate it so it just got parked up and has been ever since. Hah.
  4. Glad you finally got it! It's been a long time coming since it first showed itself. RE: information, I found that when I was reserving my black plates for the Prince Skyline that they had all the information available there that matched the original owners papers but until that point that they confirmed the plate nonsense they had previously said they didn't have any information. Government agencies, I guess? I dare say that they do still have something, mine was A reg and went dead in the 80s and they still had it.
  5. Correct. You are not tied to cert items unless the car has a cert.
  6. Hey man, There's a few of us around. Lord Gruntfuttock and I in Invers, Toddy in Mataura, there's a few others around too. We occasionally do shit but not a lot. Bring a Corolla...
  7. Nice, the Prototipo is a great wheel. I have one in my D21. It might eventually make its way into the 110 on occasion too because it's so nice to use.
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