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  1. Need to find a G-series again. Or a Y-series V8.... Blardy yuck 202... Loal.
  2. What the fuck were you doing letting her out of the kitchen?
  3. I don't remember doing that but anything is possible. I guess it could have been solidstripe? Like I said though, I understand if you don't want to part with them. I tell you what. I'll talk to my brother and see if he can CNC me a key based off my current one. I've tried to get a key like mine but they're a weird setup and no cunt has a blank anymore and as dave says they're soft as fuck which is why i need a new one. It scares me turning mine in the ignition, hah.
  4. This isn't a particularly car heavy event. It's more about the people and the lols. Of course people are encouraged to bring something old but it's cold as fuck and people come from all over and get lifts/rides, etc. so it will likely have quite the smattering of modern tin as well.
  5. Holding air and being structurally sound are not necessarily bound together. Mag becomes weak. As cool and light as they are, I would be super cautious.
  6. I approve.
  7. I never did get that key blank for my S21. *sniff* Good work on getting stuck into this after your brother though man and if the offer still exists then I'm still keen but if not then such is, I'd probably hoard spares too, (oh wait, i do) lerl.
  8. I'm currently unsure.
  9. If you have no luck give Bernie at Preston St Auto Wreckers in Invercargill a call but be warned he can be a cantankerous cunt so you basically have to ring up telling him what you want and that you're going to get it if he has it, if he even smells you dicking him around he'll tell you to fuck off.
  10. I see you got that lense. Did you order that yourself or the shop do it? I told my boss about that site for his XF ute but the online shipping is not playing ball.
  11. Or one kiss... ..down there.
  12. Open this is a new tab for full size.
  13. I assume they've tried Partstrader then. As they're supposed to. That said the boss got a side cut for his XE ute privately because PT failed at coming back with anything. Give the young fella you got it from a ring, he's probably got some hookups/connections.