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  1. So good to see (and hear) this in this state. Such dort. Looking forward to a full Opie Photography spec shoot on it and the feature in PCNZ.
  2. It's an 8 year old battery. Learn to be a bit more wasteful would you? I'd biff it regardless. It's supposed to be a sealed unit and even if you bodge it up unless you're sure the adhesive won't be compromised by the acid I wouldn't waste the time and effort.
  3. Fuck yeah booooooiii!
  4. Even if you don't want them, someone else might as a period accessory. I wouldn't burn them, just give em away to an 80s foamer
  5. It sounds more to me like something that is targeting electric trailer brakes? Maybe? Otherwise the variables on that are way too fucking wild to even attempt.
  6. https://www.lynxauto.com.au/weber-dcoe-twin-2x-carburettor-linkage-kit.html They also sell/provide individual components, as does palmside, I believe.
  7. Don't listen to these guys, vinyl roofs can fuck off. Solid colour and slam. That's how we do. I almost bought an LD28 converted one years ago that looked identical to this. Same wheels, height, etc I initially assumed it was that car but even the engine is stock in there! Awesome sauce.
  8. You haven't neglected to attach a vacuum line somewhere? Or perhaps one is perished or beginning to do so?
  9. Put 100 in it. I get that it's an American lump used to running on garbage but give it a fighting chance to be good.
  10. *shakes fist vigorously in your direction*
  11. Can't be any worse than trying to buy a rotary from a Kiwi "rota" guy who is vague with details and reluctant to let anyone view...
  12. Stoked for you brother. Hopefully it flies through compliance when it gets here!
  13. I think it needs a high rise, supercharger and some predators. No real way around it. That'll need a new camshaft too. Some headers wouldn't go a miss either.
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