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  1. Just keep away from the Titans and you’ll be OK. What stud pattern are they? Not annoying to get stuff for 110 I hope.
  2. Good stuff man. slam and wheels next?
  3. Good jerb Josh We can be 15x10 buddies. Your rears are the same width as my fronts!
  4. Wayne. Ignore Warwick. Go to Hamish. You will not regret it.
  5. You’ll find a place that fails your car 100% of the time if you keep taking bulbs out
  6. What @drftnmaz had said is exactly how some places operate, you can scoff it as much as you like but it all comes down to the auditors. Sure a WOF place won’t over look a collapsed component because you’ve got a light out but an auditor will use a grey area of the legislation to mark a place down because it will make them look good in their job to show that they can pick failures. Personality types play a huge factor in it and if you can avoid dealing with that by ensuring you don’t have the auditor arriving all the time then you’ll do that.
  7. Nope. Well.. either that or the checkers didn’t bother for my mates Prelude that had wood holding the window up for several checks… edit: didn’t see the next page that Rog had already replied.
  8. I mean... Are you sure it is? Because you know it will work. It's been done before. Sounds more to me like a "all my toys are locked away in storage at the moment and I have ants in my pants to fuck with something" experiment...
  9. I had been meaning to do this for a while but procrastinated a lot like everything and it wasn't until the break between jobs that I had more time and finally got a window of opportunity with the weather.. Most people on here are aware of my love for a livery and I decided to make one for the Roadster inspired by the R100 and so out came the masking tape... then out came the rattle-can blue paint... Then all I needed was the rest of the stickers to make it work so a quick message to Brent and things were underway... Nek minit.
  10. Maximum dirtbag stripclub attendance vehicle. I like the long bed but you have my attention. Tell me more…
  11. @Geophy should buy my SE double cab so you could have the trifecta of D21 single, king, double up there.
  12. Fuuuuuck yeah, well side. My man. That’s what’s up. King cab wellside is ultimate
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