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  1. equiv. to 420.
  2. You'll have to do some adjustment to get those bits to fit your PFL.
  3. If you can turn the engine bay into an S30 one you'll definitely be doing well...
  4. The +10s look a better fit.
  5. Put a lazy BB in it.
  6. 305s don't get max $$
  7. Bad freaking ass
  8. Sounds like it's potentially frame twist from a few posts in this and the easy "fix" is to slam a spacer in. I lol'd.
  9. I've heard of it happening for reasons I can't recall but I'm sure a quick googs would have the answer. I know my brother's old Holdang ute sat left corner nose down to much annoyance but that was legitimately due to a bit of a bingle in the front some time in its past.
  10. Bent chassis or potentially the rear springs making the front all up to fuck.
  11. Not surprised. Ministers are generally all about unsealing back roads. Usually of little boys.
  12. There's also a quad round but the large single round are the earlier ones. (I believe)
  13. Holy shit. Single round front lada wags. Fucking sick. Good score mate. Should you give up on it, give me a holla.
  14. @- i5oogt - @danger