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  1. OS logic; take wheels 400km south so that they can go 1200km north. Winning.
  2. The hanmer skifield is open, which it hasn't been any other year, so thats a good start!
  3. Paid for me and the + 1
  4. Had a thing. It needed some stuff done do it. Saw manu, tried some stuff, realised we are idiots/I'm an idiot and did it the easy way. Oil line feeds the turbo and the vacuum pump for the alternator. Ordered new engine mounts ex Japan (wallet not happy but I know they will work). Last few things are to fit crank pulley, flywheel and clutch, and pull the stud out of the old block for the sump. then it's time to go back in! Aftet this photo I put the engine mount brackets on and it will be in the way of the factory turbo inlet pipe so will have to bodge something up for that
  5. Sump on, dip stick swapped, new water pump, cam belt, idler and tensioner, thermostat blah blah blah still no luck with engine mounts. 260c ones are very close but about 10mm taller, so having a think about that
  6. And by like this I mean like this / 11220Y4400
  7. Shit yes please. The one I'm looking for looks like this. If one of yours look close could you please measure the bolt spacing? (Between The bigger or the two holes on each side)
  8. @brocky41 have you got any 260c engine mounts floating around? I see your wrecking parts for them on trademe
  9. Rd28t
  10. coolio, thought it would be like that.
  11. Pictureless update sorry, phone died. Not super exciting anyway. New clutch kit arrived, fitted new release bearing and checked clutch and pressure plates are correct (they are, yay). chucked flywheel onto new motor, just needs torquing up then can fit clutch etc. So the new motor has holes drilled for two dipstick tube locations, with a plug (looks like brass) in the unused one. I need to chuck the dipstick tube from the old motor into the plugged hole in the new motor, and then block up the other one. Does anyone know of these are just pressed in/can i knock it out? And then do i just get angry with the dipstick tubes and pull them out? Also swapped oil pickups over, as the turbo motor is a different sump (which is why dip sticks need swapping over as well) so the old sump fits. need to find a gasket/reuse the old one with some goo and then can fit that. answer my silly queztions here please
  12. Have been tinkering away, some parts on their way (new clutch kit, cam belt, water pump etc). Need to try and find some engine mounts that will work (cant find any listings funny enough, anyone have a catalouge with dimensions?). Need to move dipstick tube/fit one from old motor in the right spot). And find a handy dandy engineer/machinist to modify some oil lines for me. Thats about it really. Then chuck in back in the hole and hope it works.
  13. Negatory. It was so effortless we forgot.
  14. And adult supervision arrived and advised me that the exhaust also needs to be detached haha, thanks Al! Nek minute