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  1. Howat Engineering out in the Hutt. https://howatengineering.co.nz/custom-axles/
  2. Change of ownership. Does anyone know what happens with the info the seller submits? I've bought a car for a family member and silly me gave the seller my details so they submitted that info. If I now submit the buyers side and use my family members info, will that end the world?
  3. Massive thanks to @fletch who came up with the goods. Trip to NP this weekend to pick it up!
  4. Located in Hurworth. Historically famous for its cheeses before most of the village buildings were destroyed in the First Taranaki War of 1860
  5. Have been tasked with finding a car for brother/sister in law. Have found one that ticks the boxes in New Plymouth and was hoping someone could go have a quick gander before I make the trek. Don't need to be a mechanic, just a general once over to make sure it is what it says it is and nothing that jumps out. It appears to have full service history etc. so shouldn't be a lemon. If you're happy to take it for a drive and press all the buttons that would be grand. No pressure, but wink wink nudge nudge @fletch @Bistro @anglia4 I promise I won't blame you if it turns out to be a POS later on.
  6. Bring a big bike. Itl be fun they said. Smallbikes4life
  7. Beaver

    diesel spam

    Silly question, but how are your glowplugs?
  8. Can you press it in? Brace against something and use a jack/something to press it in?
  9. Beaver


    Keen to hear results. Have a ute deck I want to spray with a liner product.
  10. I have plenty of memories of heading out and about on the old mans Tasman 20. He's since replaced it with a Gazelle (originally 24ft but has had a flat extension added off the transom so is actually 26ft). No race machines by any stretch but still fund getting around on them.
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