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  1. Shhh just come. To be honest this is probably the best meet for turning up randomly without knowing many people. A lot of sharning goes on and super easy to end up standing next to people and just talking shit. Throw in a few activities like the hot pools, some people go for a drive up into the hills, and its a fucking sweet weekend.
  2. How big @Firetruck mines a scooter so unlikely another one will fit haha
  3. Fortunately for me but possibly unfortunately for others, I will Now be hauling a 2 wheeled device back from hanmer which will require the back seats to be folded down so can only offer transport of one human (for the trip back anyway, happy to take people down).
  4. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    Roger that. It’s from the motor o pulled out so works good and doesn’t leak etc. You want me to send it down or just keep it safe for you?
  5. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    You can have my spare old man (I have two NA pumps). If there is anything else you want let me know (I have a whole motor pretty much). Will be pulling apart and keeping anything worth keeping and scrapping the rest in the next week or so
  6. I start a new job on 2nd July, first question is going to be can I please has leave for Hanmer. Wish me luck...
  7. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    Not really. Unless the other gubbins are a set of good turbo injectors, or intercooler related
  8. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    So sprung a small leak in the radiator so that’s away getting fixed. Also pulled the pickup off the tank and hey presto the bottom of the tank is filled with rust flakes. Yay. Guess I’ll need to drop the tank at some point but doesn’t look like a fun job on my back oh the garage so will do it another day/get someone to do it for me. In the mean time will just keep stock in stock of fuel filters haha.
  9. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Nah Hamilton but close enough. Keen to get in on the scooter fun and also would make an ideal commuter for work. Anything that works, has a plate, and will keep up for the eastcapeescape /enough spam for your thread sorry xoxo
  10. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Lol because you guys are out and about on your scooters all the time aye? also fuck hills
  11. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    So if you could like, build up a bike for me, then Ill buy it off you in a couple of months when I move up north
  12. About the wisest thing to come out of Igors mouth! In other news, I will be making the trek down from Hamilton in the wagon, and I hear @64vauxhall and/or @Firetruck may be looking for transportation? Keen for some friends for the trip, offer is open to any others as well. Will likely be heading down midweek and doing a miny south island tour (west coast) tour with @Seedy Al and @Mourning Cupcake before hitting Hanmer.