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  1. Have had to pull the pin on the riding part of this weekend, but I will still be in Gisborne tomorrow night, and Waikaremoana on Saturday night, and likely tail you during the day on Saturday. Looking forward to some punishing sharns and refreshing beverages. All whilst knowing I will be sitting in air conditioned luxury transport during the day.
  2. Edges should be rounded off by the end of 600kms, nice.
  3. How embarrassing (for them). What even is the point of a big bike.
  4. Did a stage sweep from Murupaua through to Waikaremoana today (I'm here for the week working). Road is is good shape, but surface varies a lot and has the fully range from big boi rock, through to slick dusty hard pack. Grader and roller was working its way through as well. Tyre choice is going to be critical*, and I think all things considered Golden Boys will be the pick of the bunch. * I'm joking.
  5. @johnnyfive another one to take off the list, number 36 on your list
  6. Beaver

    Tortrons GN

    Thank you for your service.
  7. Beaver

    Tortrons GN

    At least you're realistic **Insert smiley face**
  8. No, because @Geophy is a bitch and isn't going. I can grab them from you? Best bet is actually @WankBankA100 as I'm touch and go as I'm not guaranteed to make the start line, but happy to grab them anyway as Ill be seeing Richard before then.
  9. This is tomorrow people, forecast looks good so get amongst it.
  10. As Geophy Snr would say, that's not in the spirit though is it
  11. Seem to recall that any welding on a brake pedal (other than OEM) is a big no no?
  12. Will be interesting to see how Boort finds this years trip. Will it be boring? Will he be first to camp and hit the blue tops way too hard? Will he be overcome by the power and speed and put himself through a fence? Tune in in a couple of weeks to find out!
  13. Yeh they are on there now. No rubbing so far, and normally I would have an hour excited gooch even going to work. The work down headstud some nuts will thank me I'm sure!