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  1. Shit yeh so good man! Thanks for pulling that all together
  2. Yeh rookie move I know. Pretty sure I got its last wof for something in particular so it's hard to get everything right
  3. Wof runs out the week before, doh.
  4. So managed to complete the te urewera undertaking recently, 580 odd km over 3 days with the majority being gravel. Was an absolute blast and this beast handled it pretty swimmingly (better than my ability to handle it on the twisty stuff anyway). Front guard is due to the old one not actually fitting and nearly killing me @Geophy and @GuyWithAviators before exploding, so fashioned up something from an old bike rack and a number plate to keep the shit off my face. Works a treat but looks a bit silly.
  5. Was about the only thing close to disappointment al weekend to be honest,after hearing about the lols from previous years
  6. Holy shit this was good. Thanks for being kind on my first time and using plenty of lube. Definitely returning next time for sure. Fizzing for photos and videos, I was too busy trying to keep up to take any.
  7. It's also miserable siting wide open on a China four stroke for any length of time....I'll definitely be rocking air plugs on the ride as well haha. Ears were ringing after a few hours riding yesterday
  8. Maybe I should cut the needle down so it can just go past 0 again
  9. Haha perfect then! I think I've still got a fair bit left, will fill up and see what it used. Also my speedo got jammed off the clock again and hasn't returned.....whoops
  10. Such a mad man. Did 80km this arvo with a couple of fellow speedcocks, nice mix of gravel and open road. I'm calling my shit sorted and ready to rock
  11. Not sure how familiar you are with the roads in this area but a car trailer wont be much fun for a reasonable portion of it.... Also relevant to blizzos comment above.