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  1. If I can be of assistance just let me know (I’ll be in welly from tomorrow). Can run errands/parts etc on Monday/Tuesday or just provide an extra pair of hands if needed
  2. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Started my pre pre hanmer trip today. So far so good. Heaps of space in the silver bullet as well/company is good haha
  3. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I’m pretty keen but want to see how my jog fares on the open road before I commit. Picking it up later this month so will report back then/send to raizer to make it fast @Chris.QCR don’t forget to bring her to hanmer haha
  4. Will be hammering/hanmering sorry folks.
  5. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Holiday park works for me. Les fucking around as well
  6. Wanted: Car storage - Hamilton

    Boom. I don't need it till end of August so that should give me enough time to hassle/help yowzer into making room
  7. Wanted: Car storage - Hamilton

    Keen to help out/working bee if that's what it takes to make it happen
  8. Wanted: Car storage - Hamilton

    Time wise it will be for a minimum of a few months, but hopefully not more than say 6 months
  9. Shortly I'll be shacking up with the inlaws before we buy a house, and keen to find somewhere to store my wagon as bringing two cars to the equation makes things difficult. Has anyone got a carport or garage/lockup space available in or near hamilton? Will want to have access from time to time to use the car so needs to be semi user friendly. Happy and willing to pay etc. Cheers @Archetype @Truenotch a little birdy told me one of you might have some space?
  10. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    @Mourning Cupcake if accommodation in greymouth is looking hard to find at a holiday park or whatever, airbnb has a few cheap houses with plenty of beds (found one 5mins out of town with beds for 11 for like 300 bucks). If we wanted to all stay together anyway
  11. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    The cement works is fucking sweet, was pining hard when we drove past it (in the way to see the seals!!)
  12. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Yeh just me, happy to sleep wherever if there is space so count me in for some bunk action
  13. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Will you tell us what you book and we can do the same? Or I’ll pay you a small admin fee/sour beer and you just book for me?
  14. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Is the top 10 the one at carters beach (like 2mins south of Westport). If so we stayed there at Christmas and it was sweet. Across the road from the beach and the sunsets are to die for (such romance). No advice for accom in Greymouth