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  1. As geophy Sr would say "it's just not in the spirit though is it"
  2. Yeh quite a few peeps run them, myself included. Pretty quick wearing as they are soft but cheap enough and no complaints.
  3. Yeh I need to scope that end out as well.
  4. Have aquired a cap as recommended by a filthy foamer/Callum so will give that a hoon.
  5. So turns out this thing is allergic to heavy rain. At the end of the first day on last years east cape ride when the heavens opened, it kept dieing and then wouldn't start. (got it going later that night so forgot about it). Then last weekend went on a ride with some dorklanders in the rain and had issues with it cutting out. It was only during the wettest part of the tide, and then later on when it had stopped raining it ran fine. The only things (I can thing of) that are exposed to water/rain/spray are the air filter and the engine head including spark plug and HT lead. I tried riding along with the air filter off in case it was getting soaked but this didn't change anything. Pulling the HT lead off showed a bit of water on the inside of the plug socket, so at this stage I think that's the most likely culprit. its just the OG lifan one, so will try track down a better fitting/sealing one and see if that helps. Anyone thing of anything else I'm missing? The rest of the electronics are tucked up in the body of the bike and no real way to get wet (I think) but will check that. On the basis the bike has been going fine, and was going fine when I started the ride and only started crapping out in the real heavy rain, and then ran fine again after the rain stopped, suggests to be it has to be rain/water related.
  6. Turns out my bike is allergic to rain....guess I've got some to fix before November!
  7. Yeh yeh yeh let's do it. Just pick a night and I'm sure there will be at least a few of us that can turn up.
  8. Also keen, get the old gang back together @Truenotch
  9. Possibly not helpful, but I went through cert with reset leaves and blocks and general requirements (not saying this is explicit or holds true with all inspectors, but its what he told me he needed to see) was not on bumps with passengers in car, reasonable car to road clearance when on bumps (from memory he said 50mm), and not flat/cut down bumps (i.e. they needed to have some give). i was about 100 mm drop all up though. In the end I went from 2" to 1" blocks and some less cut down bump stops..
  10. Accom sorted! Heres hoping ti actually goes ahead...can't see why not
  11. Well fuck a duck, has only taken me the whole of lock down to find some motivation haha. Replaced the Frost plug and have reassembled most of it. Battery is flat so need to drop onto the floor and push out of shed so I can jump start and check I didn't fuck anything up before I finish assembling front of car. Oh,and didn't do any of the other things I said I was going to do in the previous post. Just smashed it all with degreaser, problem solved.
  12. Disesal. Didn't think about in gear with handbrake, what a retard I am.
  13. Tips for keeping things still when torquing up crank pulley bolt on an engine that's insitu? Pulley goes on after cambelt, so could potentially jam another one of the pulleys (e.g.injector pump) and rely on cambelt to hold but not sure that's a great idea. Better to try jam flywheel via starter motor hole maybe? Access/cover plate on gbox is sandwiched between motor and gbox I'm pretty sure.