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  1. Looks sharp man! Re: the vibration, what are the UJ's in the driveshaft(s) like? I had something similar (vibration at a certain speed) on an old car that turned out to be buggered UJ's.
  2. Looks sharp man! Re: the vibration, what are the UJ's in the driveshaft(s) like? I had something similar (vibration at a certain speed) on an old car that turned out to be buggered UJ's.
  3. Got the plug out, was a bit worried as thought it was going to be a cunt. Also found some dodgy/damaged wiring for the alternator so pulled that out (need a few bits to repair it). Looks like some suspect oil lines as well (diesel life so vacuum pump on back of alternator) so think I'll replace those. Oil return on turbo is also clearly leaking and making a fucking mess so I'll pull that off as well and will be good to replace a few bits there. Hopefully this will limit the horrid oil leaks this thing has. Obviously can't do much till the world returns to normal, but no drama, will be nice to sort these little things out once and for all.
  4. Throttle cable binding somewhere/sticking? Could disconnect and see it it helps
  5. It's had a hard life on the cooling front, but I have given it a new water pump within the last 2 years. @brocky41
  6. Dang straight haha. It can sit there in the naughty corner for s other month or so, no big deal
  7. I'll save the long story and go straight to the money shot (this is me squeezing on the radiator hose) So yeh, that's pretty obvious whats gone wrong. This is all in behind the cambelt, that's the bottom pulley/gear at the bottom of shot. Would be an easy fix if anything was open.....
  8. There is a big black cover in behind the cambelt, but not super keen to get that deep. Water pump looks OK. Where coolant is pooled in the bottom picture was roughly where it was running from when I first spotted it. There are water lines to the turbo on that side of the block but they look OK. So yeh, will try get it running and building some pressure in the coolant system and see what I can see.
  9. Really.just need to run it and see where it comes from. Will whack crank pully and fan belt back on and see what happens
  10. Could be. Vision/access is pretty limited so need to take the cambelt off to see more which Im unkeen to do.
  11. Pretty sure it's not the hoses. Where the leak was coming from and where there is coolant pooling etc is no where near them but I'll take another look. They are pretty old and shitty anyway so could do with being replaced. Obviously now is not a great time to find replacement's lol
  12. Pulled the front of the car (well some of it anyway) off yesterday (better access), followed by radiator, fan, crank pulley, AC compressor (that's fucked anyway). Found coolant sitting behind crank pulley where I saw it running from, but still no clear leak point. Water pump looks dry. Think Ill try fashion up a radiator bypass hose and run the engine up and see if I can see it squirt.
  13. I pulled the gubbins off the front last night, doesn't seem to be the water pump and to get the covers off to see where I saw the leak coming from means taking the crank pulley think I'll Jack it up and check a few other things like water feed for turbo as it may have been running along the block and dripping from the front even though it wasn't leaking there.