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  1. Think I'll bring the wagon out of one tell the po pop though
  2. Old mate Harry is ok the case, but thanks for the offer Pete
  3. Beauty, cheers @JustHarry. Will see how I get on with the auction.
  4. Are there any Rangiorians in the stables that could pick up and post a pair of spotlights for me (pending success on the trademe)? They are new in packaging so just would need sticking in a bag/wrapped and labelled etc. Happy to reimburse time and effort. Cheers!
  5. I'm well aware of your antics, but I can't pass up a chance to stir the pot. Also, I dumped Jacinda. She's soooooo last months news
  6. Yeh, cause 3 dudes wanting couple of pairs once a year is definitely worth holding stock for... (wheres the sarcasm font)
  7. Blasphemy. Only real men do the eastcape on leading link /JELOUS
  8. I'm thinking of driving down so can offer some space I'm sure (will roll ute + trailer if people are keen to chip in on costs)
  9. Also don't what to be that guy, but Friday 3rd March doesn't exist. Closest is the 5th haha
  10. Oh wow, this sounds very exciting. Am I too hopefull to assume we won't just be smashing the main road from blenheim to nelson and then to st arnaud? But yeh,keen, it's in the calendar
  11. If so, ol Bort gone from one extreme to the other. Bet he finds it boring this year..
  12. That's a lie. I've seen your home made powered contraptions haha. But seriously, it's low key and lots of fun (full disclaimer I've not done this particular ride but have done a few gravel adventures so I like to think I know what I'm talking about, at least a little bit).
  13. You sick man. Come on raglan ride end of the month? Chuck some pit bike knobblys on and you'll be set