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  1. Keen to see how you get on. I wouldn't mind ditching the mech fan on my d21 either.
  2. I was out of town, sounds like only Mark showed up from OS....good man
  3. Those that know, know. Fuck yeh stinks.
  4. Thursday 18th Feb 630pm, Hamilton Lake https://fb.me/e/43TUnEG4l New year, new me (or some bullshit like that). Bring some food, feed the ducks, talk some shit. Don't be a dick and please don't leave a mess. Turn up anytime from 630. Will aim to grab parks on the north east side did the lake on Rotoroa Drive. Event is private on Facebook but feel free to bring along your mates.
  5. Will pull together details now. Tank is still keen to bring the CJC boys along so will do a private fb event again
  6. How good! (The picture the pops up in Google maps). Half way there...
  7. I'll be hitting the road in the morning, hopefully dunking balls in the river shortly after midday.
  8. Yeh nah I can't make it sorry. Got too many tunnels to inspect.
  9. Definitely. But only if it's got some of seedy Al's backwash in as well (that might have been why it tasted so good)
  10. Dead link...unless Terry's already bought it
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