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  1. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    In the mean time, the old owner managed to track down the leg shield which he reported was fucked, but I wanted it anyway. Turns out my standards must be lower as its perfect. Perfectly aged! I also ditched the front guard as it looked weird as it had faded to grey and sat waaay to high. Looks much better without in my opinion. And to keep the barrys happy, here is my solution to stop me from losing the key (it is just a random key that works but rattle out when riding). Perfect. Next are plans to big block/chuck a lifan in. Not really going to touch the bike otherwise, as I like the idea of a originalish looking bike but with enough grunt to go adventuring.
  2. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    Finished seat.
  3. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    Decided I needed to get a bit of big wheeled action. As much fun as the Jog is, its not really cut out for my long frame nor longer distances. So spotted a v50 on the tard and snapped it up. Trip up to Auckland with Geophy and bada bing bada boom Guy I bought it off had it since 2011/2012 at which time he got it off a guy from Te Aroha who worked at the council and drove it to work everyday for 20 years he reckoned. The rego had lapsed at some point so was re-registered in 2012 as a 1989 model but is actually a 79 according to the original rego details (still have a rego tag from 2003). Anyway, reg on hold so all good. Got it home, fresh gas and oil, and fired right up. New battery and a couple of bulbs and all the electrics worked, perfect. Pulled carb to bits and cleaned out, otherwise haven't had to do much which is exactly what I wanted. Next step was to sort out the seat. It came with a new cover, so was going to patch up the foam and redo it factory spec, but the master upholster Greg convinced me otherwise (didn't take much).
  4. Assuming I man up and do a big block swap on my v50, I am so down for this. Will share shit yarns about the waikaremoana power scheme for those willing to listen/I'll tell you anyway
  5. Beaver

    Ash’s Suzuki CS50 roadie

    Best piece of advice! Just ride the thing
  6. Beaver

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    That place has shut down now which sucks. We used to stay there for work.
  7. Beaver

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    There are 3 power stations up there.
  8. Beaver

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Dang this looks hot
  9. Beaver

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    Air bnb it for the week. Bed warmer and big spoon provided
  10. Beaver

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    That chair will live again
  11. Choice Cheers for the advice @AllTorque auto electrician or just general mechanic spec job you reckon? Cbf'd dealing with that shit myself haha
  12. Is replacing brushes still a thing or should I just get a new starter?
  13. Starter motors....the one in our non os car (2002 xtrail) seems to be playing up. Nothing happens when turning the key, but after I gave the starter a love tap it fired right up (for the last few days you could just try a few times and it would go). Brushes in the starter gumming up/worn out I'm thinking?
  14. Thank you for the help as well xoxo