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  1. Also don't forget floaties for the river float!
  2. Starter motors. Every so often mine makes a horrendous grinding/spinning noise and doesn't turn the motor. Sounds like it keeps spinning for a bit (like free spins) once I let the key off as well. Might do it once or twice and then just starts normally. Dodgy starter or something more serious?
  3. My point exactly. Should be charging way more for that kind of show.
  4. Stop your whinging. 10 bucks a day to hang out with me is pretty good going
  5. They are often listed on the manufactures sites (eg found them for toyo in 30 seconds) . Doubt you will find a one stop shop for all tyres though, so need to do some digging.
  6. Does the breather on the catch can let air in or out? I've always wondered why some have breathers and others don't. In my head they shouldn't have a breather but I don't know much about much to be honest ...
  7. Big had been running rougher and rougher and I noticed it would chuff from the intake manifold as well. So pulled it apart and applied liberal amounts of goo. Runs better than ever and starts way nicer and idles straight away when cold etc. Boom. Also have aquired another frame for a side project, as seen below. Chucked my original v50 motor in. Plan is slam, hardtail, flat bars etc.
  8. @Geophy may be able to assist depending on how big of a lathe is requires. Think he's off the radar at the mo but will be back on board on the next few days.
  9. Shit. Can't argue with that.
  10. That I could postpone (it's only been 3 years). Have family from aussie over and one is getting real old so may be wise to go see him lol.
  11. So an important family event has popped up on the Saturday night, so looks like I'll have to bail early. Will come down Wednesday night and bail Saturday morning. Can't turn down the chance to do some active relaxing with you lot of dicks and dickettes. Also will likely roll modern daily to facilitate the 6 hour drive on Saturday for above mentioned activity. And wagon has no wof.....excuses excuses
  12. Shit yeh so good man! Thanks for pulling that all together