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  1. Hopefully the weather plays ball and can bring scooters
  2. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

  3. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    So I wanted to do something about the front guard. Decided I could make the factory one fit.....had so cut a fair bit off so it didn't hit the motor, but otherwise works a treat. Then decided o would try make the leg shield fit. Surprisingly little cutting, obviously had to make a hole for the carb, bit otherwise just a bit of trimming for the motor and exhaust. Super happy with how it looks now, the frames on these don't suit the stripped down look in my opinion. Oh and also put the chain guards back on.
  4. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

  5. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

  6. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    Just about ready for adventures. Fitted up some golden boys (tires), rather close fitment but seems to be all good....dreams of a front guard are gone haha. Tidied up the wiring etc as well so looks a lot cleaner now.
  7. Beaver

    Beavers Yamaha V50

    So fast forward nearly 2 months and took it first test this morning. So much fun. Massive props to @Geophy who helped out with pretty much everything. Still need to tidy things up and sort wiring, but yeh, so stoked to have it ridable. Was being a bitch so didn't do a high speed run but goes plenty fast enough for what I want
  8. Beaver

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    Yeh that looks lush. Middle of nowhere is always fun!
  9. Beaver

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    Pretty sure belt road was where we stayed the year I went to bike summit. Was lush. Probably busy being a long weekend though
  10. Beaver

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    Make sure someone tells Al, we all know how much he loves these
  11. Beaver

    Rotorua VCC Swap Meet- 9th July

    if its not raining will be checking it out
  12. I glued the carb on yesterday and plumbed fuel up. Next up is figure out wiring and try start it
  13. Beaver

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    Same weekend I reckon. NP for a change wouldn't be a bad idea. Bike summit was lush there a few years back. Plenty of scenic places to explore
  14. Mega. Either Monday or Tuesday nights work for me, I leave Wednesday
  15. Oh hey. Off topic but I'm in town Monday and Tuesday next week and keen to catch up for a beer and/or feed one night if anyone's around? I'll be stuck in town but open to getting abducted