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  1. Oh and threw in some shorter front bumps, out of a Hilux. Had to recut the threads on the stud as the diameter was too big. Now has travel which is nice.
  2. Big haul job today. Couple of new anchors for the Picton ferry
  3. As long as he doesn't turn up in a trench coat.
  4. This is a work commitment. Industry networking
  5. Incoming tyre kick..... What sort of pace are we talking? Basically trying to decide between lifan or nang master. 80-90kph cruise vs 70-80kph cruise.
  6. I have full faith in you Niki. Just make sure they serve aoili (for your sake, not mine).
  7. Oh hi. Looks like I'm going to be in town for the night Thursday 20th June. Anyone want to catch up and hold hands? Assuming you will have recovered from the fishermans table seafood chowder by then anyway.
  8. If anyone has a spare bed I'm your guy. Fucking hate admin/booking shit.
  9. And rear tyre fitted up. Went for a good hoon this arvo, goes good around town but is pretty hard work beyond that. To be expected for a 50 though haha.
  10. Goldilocks and CRC works a treat. And fitted up the only OS.ng approved adv tyre Need to rinse and repeat on the back. To many things to remove for tonight though. That'll do pig, that'll do.
  11. Next on the list is tyres as the front one is full of cracks. I've got some 2.5-17 golden boys/sr241 in stock so will throw those on. Factory size is 2.25 but looks like space won't be an issue. Clean up the rims at the same time as they are a bit scody. Also just picked up a high pipe from a AC50. I like the look better than the factory A50 low pipe. Needs a good clean up and looks like I'll need a different side cover to fit so will see how that goes/make something to suit. AC50 pipe is like this Then re-rego and start riding the shit out of it really.
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