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  1. I can supply extra cruise bikes as well if any one needs one.
  2. @Big Value Buddy im planning on bringing my mtb down and checking out the mtb park just down the road, figured you might be up for some fun in the dirt?
  3. Bank master Master banker Masterbaker Masterbader Mastebater Masturbator
  4. Nice products would be worth a shot. They have an online catalogue and a lot of places here can source them
  5. @Tumeke I've just asked a fellow speedcock (aka the dude callum is referring to) to see if he's got any left. Will keep you posted
  6. I've been commuting on mine, nearly two tanks of gas through the new engine so I'm going to say it's bullet proof for sure. The fact that that's only one day of the te urewera mission is irrelevant.....
  7. Yeh nah yeh. What's all this malarkey. I'll be on my trusty (yet tbc) yamaha v50 with a lifan 125 shoehorned in it.