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  1. So the missing fuel pump turned out to be missing nuts and washers from that kit. Will aliexpress some in along with a appropriate hole saw. Fuel pump probaby is more powerful than the 202
  2. The radium bits turned up at work today. I'll have to figure out what size to cut the foam into and where to put it but there should be plenty to play with
  3. Made a light fitting the other day out of some pallet wood and the rods out of a cable drum. Aliexpress WiFi dimmer so you can control it from bed for max mood lighting
  4. Cracked the 20 sec mark at drag day. So headers and a exhaust didn't do shit (surprise surprise!) despite the Barrys saying 'it really wakes up the 202" I've been thinking about various ways of sorting the fuel supply side of the injection, had various barry schemes with fittings in the tank and various aliexpress things. I decided against barrying that too much as I don't really want to burn the car down I was looking through a suppliers at work scratch and dent section (damaged by courier/returned missing parts) online. There was a aeromotive phantom system less fuel pump whi
  5. Spent money I shouldn't on fancy titanium dress up stuff and some new rocker cover seals/washers I've been having a bit of fuel surge when under half a tank since fitting a different fuel pump. I'll need to check I've not installed it too high. The shuttles have a saddle tank to clear the diff/driveshaft and the pump is kinda centeral/in one saddle. While checking through products on the website through work I the radium jet pump which should sort some of my issues. I've also orderd some fuel baffle foam to have around the pump to try and prevent the surging.
  6. Only about 6 months shipping from Russia to nz
  7. The barry in me is triggered. Wagovan is a trim level It's been a year plus in the making for this diff. Pre orders getting snaked, covid etc etc. But it's finally here
  8. Heh, who hasn't seen this package. Yeah I'm on the phones/emails/admin and helping dispatch when its busy
  9. I saw a familiar name on a order at work today... Hopefully the power boost from the extras will help you along
  10. Road runner starters look like the denso style ones anyway
  11. Not a hoarder honest... Dropped my gearbag collection off to the gearbox guy. Rough plan is to figure out the best bits, convert from taper bearings to ball bearings for the main shaft so it'll be a bit stronger and handle the boost a bit better. The diff was just in the tray because clearing out my shed and moving stuff to the lockup. Got yarning and he'll see if he can figure out the input clutch or assembly on the diff to upgrade it a bit. I like the idea of the intrac diff as it had a solenoid so I can electronically disengage 4wd for handbrake slides and skids to troll p
  12. Dragday prep done. One new ball joint and a drag link later I've run out of time/energy to refit the weber and make a throttle cable bracket so it'll have to be the stromberg
  13. Failed a wof on ball joint and drag link being fucked. Going to be un os and pay to get it fixed as I'm busy/won't get it done before drag day
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