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  1. Fuck those snow mobiles are fast! Almost scary. 700cc 2t cvt so all the nangs
  2. I really enjoyed taking this for a hoon when I visited. I have a sneaky suspicion I know what you have lined up for this and I hope it is what I think it is...
  3. be a barry and weld the rust holes up or epoxy the frost plug m9
  4. chris r

    Muffler Tech

    in my fucking around with the crx I found a louvred with chamber gave me the least amount of rasp and least bad note (its a honda afterall). I started off with cheap louvered m&h resonators, and then went for a adrenalinR
  5. On the off chance it's tune related do you think a tuning session on a dyno would potientally be beneficial? They can wack the big fans on which might keep things cool enough to get a tune done. Im unsure what fans your running but are there any factory maybe multi speed options you could use that flow more air and have a built in(on) shroud?
  6. Fuck I bet your satisfied after figuring out the issues!
  7. Fuck off lol. I've got a shitty Honda to finish before buying more projects
  8. Understood. BRB will buy ticket home Next year I'll better have a wagon ready
  9. @Steelies if its not too late I'm knee for a shade. But non attendance will make collection a difficult thing
  10. @TimShadboltfan27 if injected re solder the man fuel relay. Super common for solder joints to dry out and have no start/intermettant start issues Should be up to l/h side by fuse box
  11. Still got this. Still no wof. Did a scrap run the other week(month) I forgot how slow the 202 was, its getting smokey and fumey and is due for a refresh. Instead of pulling it out I'll assemble the mighty 253 and put that in eventually one day. I figure it'll be just as slow but v8 noises will make up for it. I'm toying the idea of injecting the 253. Looking at either a Holly quadrajet injection thing or doing a low buck megasquirt build. Keeping the carb is probably smarter with the amount I drive it but efi is so much nicer to live with. If anyone had a v8 m20 four speed for sale or knows where I can get one for not moonbeams let me know
  12. I'll have to do more research/trawling zebra
  13. They are drum too unfortunately. I should try and make my own bracket but not that confident in my abilities tbh