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  1. chris r

    Identify these electrical plugs please

    2 pin looks like bosch ev2
  2. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    @Raizer dropped me off a couple of gy6 motors from his hoard. I was wondering if the wheel would clear the case and it does which i'mm happy with Chucked the pile of parts roughly together
  3. I got the squash running so I'll be at the back of the pack. Also planning on van sleeping as @Raizerand I are going out so it'll be best to sleep in town somewhere
  4. chris r

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Van hasn't sold yet so my accommodation is sorted for Friday
  5. chris r

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Nah sell it and use the money to full the space with bikes and bike parts
  6. chris r

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Keen to actually make it this year
  7. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    It is Gy6 which I'm hoping hoping will fit 139qmb also. Its too big for the nifty/melody but they are smaller than newer stuff anyway. When I pull the af18 out of the melody I'll test fit it to that
  8. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    I decided against the lengthened frame as I cbf and no close tubing that is close enough in size. I made a start on the clutch in the squash as the clutch arms were bent AF and weren't contacting. Luckily I hoarded the original motor out of the melody and with the luck of honda lego the clutch is the same. I had to strip them both as melody is early cvt and squash is single speed. The squash bearings were toast so I cleaned & repacked the ones out of the melody. Bent squash clutch vs melody one. I'll give the material a quick scuff before I reassemble everything, Just waiting on a belt to turn up and I'll be pesting around on the squash, well until the perished tyres explode Everything apart ready to be put back together *insert picture of reassembled clutch here* My aliexpress hub adapter turned up (for the nifty) so I gave it a quick test fit on the wheels. What a shame, it only fits on the wider one Since I was on a roll with the squash I thought I'd have a go at the other stock melody. As per this post I tried ro re ring it with no luck - The barrel is oversize. In my internet wanderings I found a post saying you can use the AF05 barrel and piston on the earlier AB07 melody motors. Short of it is yes it bolts on but even with two head gaskets and two barry cardboard base gaskets the piston hits the head. I'll try get some thicker gasket material or some thin metal and rtv and see what happens. I also raided the parts motor for the kick start lever as this motor was missing it. It turns out the Squash motor has the same case etc as the melody its just non cvt. I thought it may have been shorter but it must just be the 8" wheels which make it look tiny
  9. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    Motorwise I'm planning to do a aliexpress special gy6 4t build because cheap and the hub adapter doesn't fit any of my 2t motors. I'm thinking about extending the foot board part a tad but getting it straight may be fun. I'll see what bits I've got left from the dio
  10. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    I sold a nifty to @GuyWithAviators and the suzuki a50 to @Shakotom which cleared out some shed space. We went down to visit @Raizer and I ended up with another nifty frame.. I only wanted a few bits off it but had to take the whole thing. I chopped the bits I wanted off it Because I cbf with pulling the forks off I figured i'd install low with longer stem and hot metal glue. I chopped some of the Dio frame up as a sleeve The nifty frame had started to split on the curve so more dio frame donations The original engine mounting points were too low so I trimmed it and made it a tad longer Tacked it up.I did chop a bit more out of the stem to raise it up a tad after this Welded up. The plastics will need a trim to suit the new ignition switch position and to clear the forks
  11. chris r

    Chrisr's G van

    The door seals were pretty dry and shitty and when it rained you got a internal water feature. Rock auto to the rescue, They only took three days to arrive. My workmate is borrowing the van over newyears so hell help he install the new seals and second battery/vsr at some point this weekend
  12. chris r

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Hah no one wants the gn. Can't say I blame them
  13. chris r

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    So good I said it twice