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  1. Only about 6 months shipping from Russia to nz
  2. The barry in me is triggered. Wagovan is a trim level It's been a year plus in the making for this diff. Pre orders getting snaked, covid etc etc. But it's finally here
  3. Heh, who hasn't seen this package. Yeah I'm on the phones/emails/admin and helping dispatch when its busy
  4. I saw a familiar name on a order at work today... Hopefully the power boost from the extras will help you along
  5. Road runner starters look like the denso style ones anyway
  6. Not a hoarder honest... Dropped my gearbag collection off to the gearbox guy. Rough plan is to figure out the best bits, convert from taper bearings to ball bearings for the main shaft so it'll be a bit stronger and handle the boost a bit better. The diff was just in the tray because clearing out my shed and moving stuff to the lockup. Got yarning and he'll see if he can figure out the input clutch or assembly on the diff to upgrade it a bit. I like the idea of the intrac diff as it had a solenoid so I can electronically disengage 4wd for handbrake slides and skids to troll p
  7. Dragday prep done. One new ball joint and a drag link later I've run out of time/energy to refit the weber and make a throttle cable bracket so it'll have to be the stromberg
  8. Failed a wof on ball joint and drag link being fucked. Going to be un os and pay to get it fixed as I'm busy/won't get it done before drag day
  9. It's a gn thread so that part goes without saying
  10. Before or after you spilled 2t oil on it
  11. Or solid mount it for the drags? Bit of metal to the firewall
  12. Sold some wheels and put my buddyclubs back on. After lots of head scratching and measuring we had a clutch in stock at work. Splines are the same as a later model 2wd gearbag. I'll need to order the correct release bearing Got some pads and a fuel reg too
  13. So @Raizersent me link to a cheap motor on Facebook, @johnny.raceand @V8Petecollected it for me. It was advertised as low on compression so i was expecting it to be in relativity sad shape. I was pleasantly surprised. Barrel looks good, just looks to have a shit ton of blow by I've got a bearing and ring kit on the way for it. Going to stay 50cc and stick it in the other melody
  14. Thanks @tortron for all the work. Looks pretty lush now
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