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  1. Installed shiny bolts. Lost the others so will tidy up and see where they went
  2. More punishing daily updates. My genuine eurro R honda shifter lock nut (amayama is great) as my ocd has finally been annoyed after a few years of looking at the shift knob being crooked. Yes the cars a mess
  3. May as well add the new addition to the fleet here. Picked up a 06 accord wagon for cheap off fb. Was a trade in deal and was cheap as it needed a set of tyres engine mounts and lca bushes for a wof according to the seller Because I'm a scumbag I grabbed a couple of mounts and the lcas off a car at zebra. Got lucky and someone had already taken the mounts out for me. There was a set of mudflaps I've been wanting for my daily accord which was a nice surprise. The reason it was traded in was made apparent when I was stuck in traffic It didn't get any hotter than that. It needed a litre of water and the cap was looking suspect so zebras finest cap to the rescue and I'll test it again
  4. Got to save some grams in bolts to make up for the kilos of sound deadening that's going to be installed Titanium dizzy cap bolts arrived on the courier along with the fuel rail fitting
  5. Finally had our container shipment arrive at work. 13 pallets of parts. Right at the bottom of the last pallet was my vibrant muffler. I wanted to keep the oe style twin tips but twin 3" is a bit too rfb for me. It's 3" Inlet and twin 2.5 out I'll replace the mid muffler/reso with the big adrenalinr I've had in my hoard for ages (as long as it fits) Will save up and price up some stainless bends so it all looks purty and shiny
  6. I've had a quick play sroundd with a wood burning and a microwave oven transformer. The wood has to be much wetter than I expected, the stuff I was playing with was out in the rain for a few days but was still too dry to conduct nicely. Or just Wang a few transformers together for max voltage/death and stand back
  7. Just for something to do I gave the rail a polish Grabbed a metric to an6 fitting for the fuel inlet and did a test for with the lines I had, there isn't enough clearance with the tb and throttle cable. I spent far too long thinking about and looking for a solution then I remembered one of our suppliers has a nice banjo fitting Spent some time looking for a low profile M12x1.25 banjo bolt, everything was out of budget (sub 20) Had a poke around on the Honda catalogue and the fuel tank banjo bolt is coated and the same thread and was $5 The barry in me is constantly annoyed with the bonnet rod plastic retainer being broken so I ordered one of those at the same time
  8. Yup great plan. Check it with some electrical load on it too (headlights etc)
  9. Another +1 for fucked battery
  10. Attacked the dizzy with a angle grinder today to remove the internal coil mounts and trimmed the shaft where the rotor used to go. The later motors don't have a vtec oil pressure switch and the Solenoids have a blanking bolt, I nabbed one in one of my pap/zebra missions and fitted that today too
  11. Chasing j they were $$ Aliexpress has some that look pretty much the same which I have on the way. I'll compare and see how Chinese the alix ones are https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000537133707.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.4000537133707&aff_trace_key=5b4e6b84b29740689c9617a4be6ac6ad-1624179434015-03641-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=9033amp-RlaQPPI1RK9Ao0zpd277jQ1624255904508&browser_id=0838eb2e55634413b5c0f67ca64b6672&is_c=N Or these with some washers https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32234809314.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.32234809314&aff_trace_key=5b4e6b84b29740689c9617a4be6ac6ad-1624179434015-03641-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=1854amp-RlaQPPI1RK9Ao0zpd277jQ1624255919374&browser_id=0838eb2e55634413b5c0f67ca64b6672&is_c=N
  12. Popped down to Wellington a few weeks ago for a family get together and squeezed in a quick pick a part trip. Grabbed a intake manifold I've been looking for for ages. Honda Barrys say its the best stock factory manifold and has similar performance to the spenny aftermarket manifolds. Had a nosey around and found a rover civic thing that had a interesting rocker cover so I grabbed that. Motor had only done 57000 km so seals etc were mint. (not leaking as much as what's on there now). I also found the correct dizzy for the motor that's in there now so I'll have timing in the right spot and have more than one bolt holding the dizzy in Wanged the rocker cover on over the weekend
  13. It's factory. I've robbed a few of them for the cables
  14. R33 skidlines have battery in boot and decent sized (25 or 35mm) cable. Cheap from pap if you don't value your time
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