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  1. So legal size tyres that aren't race tyres don't appear to exist so I'll get some 195 stretched onto the teddies. I'll swap my re003 off the buddy clubs onto them as there's no point in them sitting in the lockup doing zero. On my pick a part mission i grabbed some components. Finally got around to installing them into the accord Annoyingly it sounds better than the stuff in the orthia. That amp sounded crap before so it could be my settings or the amp is just shit. I've got another couple of amps to try so that'll future Chris problem
  2. So I've been pining some wheels for a long time now, I found a set in America that had some on s a pre order. covid delayed shipping etc etc. Shop never replied to any communications (lucky I never gave them any money. I found another set on aliexpress but couldn't justify the freight. Nearly gave up on the pine then they popped up on trademe. Mrs Chrisr said I wouldn't shut the fuck up about them so I should get them. So I did
  3. Do it. Its so worth it. The other two hondas have working ac and it's so nice
  4. Dude quoted 160 but did me a solid as compressor was fucked/ill have to go back for another regas once I fix everything Kashmir Auto Repairs shop in mt Roskill. Really good service and dude was a solid gc
  5. The gc who did the regas noticed a coolant leak. Clearly I missed that spring clip. It must have popped off on the drive over as it was still dripping. Didn't get hot or cold on the gauge. Refitted and refilled and it's as good as it was
  6. Nz new radio and trim fitted. Goes hard for what it is now. Had air conditioning regased today. The compressor is fucked and had black poo all through the lines. It kinda works on the motorway now. Will Rock auto a tx valve, filter and seal set over and find a compressor locally then find some caring and will clean the lines and condenser out in the future
  7. New old stock sub for more doof Went 10" as it needs a smaller box so will be easier to live with. The 12" takes up most of the boot space
  8. Mixed success at pick a part. Soneone beat me to the manual crv so that saved me some money. I grabbed the flywheel and a pedal box for hording though. Nabbed a set of pioneer speakers and nz new radio for the accord and nabbed the washer bottle cap as the old one was fucked Front speakers finally arrived for the orthia Had to trim the mounting tabs so they would fit Holes don't perfectly line up but they are attached Amp fits perfectly under the seat which is good. Until you need to tune it
  9. I've now got a "programmable ignition control box" to sit on the shelf with the aeromotive stuff. Big thanks to @johnny.race for collecting this. I'll make a plan to get it up to Auckland in the near future I'll use it for spark control but if I eventually go to the tbi setup it'll be ready for that
  10. The Dude is in fielding If that narrows it down/makes it easier
  11. I've found a haltech I'm interested in getting but don't trust Facebook people with a grand. Would soneone be able to collect/pickup for me? Happy to pay for your gas money/time. I'd transfer you the cash and you could pay in person and collect This is ecu in question https://www.facebook.com/groups/2079652212279250/permalink/3016029215308207/ Details tbc if they actually reply
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