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  1. I couldn't sleep so I carried on with the switch wiring for the cub. Soldered new longer wires on most of the switches in order to avoid having joins midway down. Yes the housings need to be cleaned and polished but that'll happen later I just need to extend the brake switch wiring and thats the controls done. I've kept the brake switch wires separate in case it ever needs to be replaced
  2. I've done a quick doodle, you could potientally get away with one relay but you'd need to test the wiper motor to check something. Pm Incoming
  3. I also attempted to stretch the tyre I thought would fit into the wide wheel and that wasn't going to fit so I rage quit and decided I'd just use the standard wheel on the Gy6 nifty. Welded that mount up this afternoon and dummied up a solid mount to replace the rear shock. The nifty loom plugs into the Gy6. I only have to change one crimp. That'll make that side of things easy. I think think the plastics will need a slight trim
  4. I ordered the steering head bearings before realising the races were lost in transit. Ebay to the rescue I was sharning with @piazzanooband we decided it wouldn't be too hard to make a swing arm to suit. Yes it's big and heavy but it should be strong enough. It has the bonus of being free (except for my time) and if I can measure it sgkouk clear everything. I need to find sone 20mm Id tube so I can have somewhere to press the bushings into I started stripping down the fxr loom and just get the cdi start and headlight relay. The fxr start relay is a nice little unit that also has the main fuse for everything. Shortened the cdi trigger wires to suit the cub frame. Hooked it up to a test battery and it still works. I've misplaced the stock coil and most importantly the sparkplug boot. I'll have to go to zebra and get a narrow ht lead that'll fit the motor and use that with a china cdi coil. I ran some new wires to the nifty switch block I'll be using and tested everything works. I'll extend and sort that side out soon. My aliexpress relays and bases arrived too so ill be able to sort out the rear lights at the same time. I'll be doing us style single bulbs in the back so there is less shit going on
  5. I've ordered some cable stuff so I can make the clutch, throttle and brake cables for the cub. The new Gy6 head arrived today. The casting quality is pretty shit house. I gave it a bit of a tickle up with the die grinder Finished off the exhaust and intake flanges. They are bigger than factory now. Intake flange is now port matched to the head and ready for me to find sone tubing
  6. While out and about I got some fasteners today. I've dummied up the front end so I can start on the control cables. I nearly got super lucky with a nifty throttle cable but the Inner was a tad too short. I'll need to get some cable ends for that and clutch. I'll use the nifty handles/switch blocks I have in stock as they look lots better than the fxr stuff
  7. If the car is in the panel beater I'd spent the money now getting it removed. It'll cost more and be a pain later when it leaks and starts rusting stuff
  8. It's the prefect sized jandle thanks. Nearly worn through the heel so I'm getting my monies worth It was the perfect size for the intake tubing and the bends worked out well. It looks like they dunked the whole frame in a vat of paint!
  9. I dug some plate out and chopped up another scooter frame and made a intake that will clear the frame. Long intake = more torque right? Just what I need for a 15000 rpm motor.. I initially had the intake angles the other way but it was too close to the clutch cable and mounting bolts on the flange. And I'll wanting to fit a exhaust in there somehow so it'll visually balance out a bit. Nfi where shifter or foot pegs will go yet I'll blast the intake and put some epoxy or similar to smooth the transition into the flange as there is a bit of a lip
  10. It was welded to the frame beforehand but I figured some bracing would be in order. Its probably warped and fucked now but I'll have to deal with it
  11. Made a headlight bracket Cut some plate up and reinforced the stem mount
  12. Here is intake and carb for the af18 in the melody
  13. Doort. I picked up my new crab
  14. @azzurro should have the plastics.
  15. which model Dio? I do have some eve plastics and a rack if you need a spare