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  1. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    Reassembled and made one carb out of the two I had. Wound it over and nothing happened, gave it a dose of crc and a couple of coughs but that's it. Im guessing the barrel is too scored or a tad oversize and tge rings aren't sealing properly. The barrel seemed to slide over the rings too easily when assembling it. I went to measure up for a new rear shock and realised that the starter was hitting the mount. The mount will clear the starter, but once its flipped its not centered anymore. Back to the drawing board for that one. I dummied uo the plastics to feel like I've done something today. The dio triple tree is a interfere fit with the plastics so out with the hole saw .
  2. chris r

    Welder buying spam

    Making up a lead ends up relatively spendy as the flex(cable) is fairly expensive.
  3. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    Thr melody i got for parts is in better condition than the 'good' one. Looks like it got warm and ate some rings. I measured and @Raizer ordered me a set of rings. I choose the least scored piston and gave the barrel a quick hone to knock off the rough edges. I'll fit the other gudgeon pin circlip and make a good old cereal box gasket and see if it'll run
  4. I might actually be in something os for once
  5. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    I didn't trust myself to get it straight any other way really. I eyeballed the angles and they looked to be the same. I guess I'll find out how it behaves once I get it running
  6. chris r

    chris' scoot hoard

    I needed to somehow get the Dio stem to fit onto the melody frame. The melody tube is longer and thicker than the dio. Since IT was thicker I gambled that the thinner dio stem tube would fit the melody. Both frames had a date with the grinder and it mostly worked Melody vs dio I'll save those bits for mounting the plastics later Some A+ Grinding skills Couple of tacks and a test fit, Its a bit high so I raised the tube as much as I could. GTFO stand, I can't mount my engine properly In my wisdom I threw out the dio handle bars and of course the melody ones don't fit the Dio stem. I think one of the other nifty bars fitted the dio stem so I'll check my hoard
  7. chris r

    Chrisr's G van

    I did a quick pre check. Windscreen washers don't squirt and horn does not work. Pump was making noises but nothing coming out. I replaced the pump then the switch decided to break. The horn wasn't working as its meant to earthed through its painted mount via the single tek screw holding it in. Since tek screws are clearly gm approved I added another with a bit of wire and it's working. Quick trip to jaycar and one of the many switch holes was filled with a toggle switch for the washers.
  8. chris r

    Chrisr's G van

    Seat belts are in and after a bit of encouragement the doors are open. I managed to get the drivers side latch out and had and figured out why it was jamming. It was full of old grease and Arizona dust which had mixed with the rain water to jam everything up I gave it a good dose of brake clean and re lubed everything and its working perfectly now. Probably the best it ever has in my ownership. The passengers door latch was in much better shape so I gave it a dose brake clean in place. Quick late night trip to washworld to get rid of all the bird shit and its ready for a wof tomorrow
  9. chris r

    chrisr's g20 van

    Last time it jammed i pulled it apart from the inside abd spent hours fighting with it. Couldn't find anything jammed external to lstch mechanism or faulty central locking solenoids
  10. chris r

    chrisr's g20 van

    Pro tip: Don't work on your cars when jetlagged. I managed to get the passengers door unlocked but the rod came off the latch mechanism in the process. The drivers door lock is jammed/fucked and I broke the plastic knob trying to get it un locked. Anyone got tips/tricks on getting this fucking thing open? I've tried nothing and am all out of ideas
  11. chris r

    Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Roof/canopy setup looks lush. Might steal some of your techniques for my wag Nats 2.0 setup
  12. chris r

    Chrisr's G van

    New belts. Plastic buckles not the metal gm ones but having belts that hold you in is more important
  13. I should be in the area too for once
  14. chris r

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I've pitched my own tent. No need for that fancyness