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  1. Nice! I've picked up a old valve radio that I'm planning putting a Bluetooth amp in with some magic eye tubes
  2. Big thanks to the local mitsi/Morris enthusiast
  3. Thanks for looking over it, that makes a lot of sense with the jet holder cavity. I didn't think about the area where the solenoid was when I barried it up
  4. 100% this, there is a step where the bearing get pressed in so soneone has gone full hunnitz on it
  5. I think there is a step but from memory it's to stop it being pressed into the crank. I'll have to have a look
  6. Motor hasn't been run and that flywheel has been sitting for just as long. No idea how it got damaged
  7. I'm a shit cunt and actually need to drive my vehicles instead of ignoring them and leaving them sitting Thankfully the tank isn't as rusty as the crx
  8. Motors assembled now thanks to waer for fixing the helicoil that ger messed up. Rocker cover for the coils is getting some - 10 fittings welded on for the breathees Dropped the flywheel off to sterling to get skimmed. Nah m8 it's broken. I don't remember dropping it at any point, wonder when it happened, it's been balanced too which is annoying.
  9. So pre covid crap I'd ordered some nos tubes from Russia. Tracking for the past few months has just said shipment prepared for export
  10. Looks the part. I haven't got the bill yet
  11. Tonner went in last week, hard-line is all done now, master cylinder was perma fucked from sitting/neglect so they are working out the cheapest solution to sort that.
  12. I'll send another email and see what happens of it, that's easy enough. If nothing happens from. It I'll cut my losses
  13. Yeah it's frustrating. Ebay seller said to send it back as they haven't seen that happen before... Im not too keen to pay postage for a faulty switch to be sent back a wrong colour one