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  1. Still got this. Still no wof. Did a scrap run the other week(month) I forgot how slow the 202 was, its getting smokey and fumey and is due for a refresh. Instead of pulling it out I'll assemble the mighty 253 and put that in eventually one day. I figure it'll be just as slow but v8 noises will make up for it. I'm toying the idea of injecting the 253. Looking at either a Holly quadrajet injection thing or doing a low buck megasquirt build. Keeping the carb is probably smarter with the amount I drive it but efi is so much nicer to live with. If anyone had a v8 m20 four speed for sale or knows where I can get one for not moonbeams let me know
  2. I'll have to do more research/trawling zebra
  3. They are drum too unfortunately. I should try and make my own bracket but not that confident in my abilities tbh
  4. Shuttle, 4wd so rear cv and driveshaft styz in the way. Unfortunately that's the only 'kit' I've found for disc rear
  5. Waiting to hear back from the guy about that
  6. Mine was fatigue related (from the brain injury I got in the usa crash) basically tired and fucked out and hit bort
  7. Re Rear drum to disc conversion Would brackets like this be okay? Uses stock rear disc and calipers/parking brake etc from a later model car. I'm assuming correct grade hardware would be required They bolt to the bearing carrier assembly
  8. Just cook them as you drive along and the riders can grab them as they pass you
  9. Yup just ran a fused wire from the battery. I didn't want to mess with the factory wiring
  10. I just wired a relay up and used the existing ballast wire to trigger the relay when I did the electronic conversion
  11. Re the chassis, if there is no numbers or id stamped on them personally I'd swap it first. I'm no expert, only complied a couple of vehicles.
  12. Yes that's correct for when I went through the process. The engineer will tell you what needs repairing and will sign the repairs off when they are happy with what's done. Flatmate welder will be after repair certifier (engineer) has told you what needs to be done
  13. Chopped up the exhaust that didnt fit and turned it into this Then this Ground away my welding sins and squirted some paint on it so it hopefully wont rust under the wrap Twisted the wiring together enough to start it to test exhaust for leaks and make sure it was charging before finishing off the wiring Yip its charging nicely at idle. Will finish headlight and check under load later This muffler does anything but muffle, the baffle at the end is too small to I've chopped a whole lot of the restriction out but there is more to go. Has anyone got some perforated tube I can teal? I''ll stuff this with fiberglass if I can get some in the hope of quietening it down. Still need to tune it as its super rich at the moment
  14. I re read that comment and see your confusion now