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  1. Chrisr's G van

    It was only 24 hrs labour in the end. Someone buy my bike plz. Or better still take this off my hands lol
  2. chrisr's g20 van

    I'll camp in the tonner haha
  3. chrisr's g20 van

    So the engineer still needs to have a look at the van and it needs a alignment before he signs it off. I thought being ready to collect from the panel beater meant he had signed it off. Its now at home and as we are short staffed at work its going to be very difficult to get enough time off to get it aligned/inspected/dropped off and picked up from compliance in the next week. I'm a quite frustrated with the whole process and the delays now. I was hoping to have it ready for wagnats but that is not going to happen, I don't trust the thing to make it down if it is ready in time Oh well shit happens
  4. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    "special"...... I'm hoping the van will be ready but realistically with all the other delays I've had I'm doubtful it'll be ready in time
  5. Chris' 79 Hz tonner

  6. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    its now utenats not vannats.
  7. chrisr's two wheeled stuff

    I'm trying to keep it from snowballing lol. The plan is to do the exhaust and keep it 50 for now and do some cosmetic stuff
  8. chrisr's two wheeled stuff

    Fuck yeah. I've been talking to @Raizer and he has been giving me bad ideas. Scoots are so good for progress/effort vs result. I'm trying to order a exhaust for it and have found heaps of sweet parts on yahoo japan but need some more $$ before I do anything else
  9. chrisr's two wheeled stuff

    The house smelt good after that test too funnily enough
  10. chrisr's g20 van

    I didn't realise this had been repaired before. I only noticed the repro guard after it had landed. The guy who checked it out made no mention of it being repaired/damaged
  11. chrisr's two wheeled stuff

    I had to make sure it was ready for the waikato ride.. It is
  12. chrisr's g20 van

    The van is in primer and should be ready to collect tomorrow. Compliance centre can't do anything with it until Monday but I'll see if I can drop it off tomorrow and leave it with them. Haven't got the bill yet but I'm expecting it to be a few cars worth I've ordered some cream paint so wheels will come off and tyres will be getting flipped shortly
  13. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Top effort with the metal work! Only thing that let's us down is the lack of cooling system testing
  14. Chris' 79 Hz tonner

    Took the old girl in for a wof. Only needed the diff brake lines replaced. The tappets are getting worse so I'll replace them and the cam at some point to two days later the mechanic still has not replaced said diff brake lines... I Did say I needed it ready tonight. I ran the gauntlet as I had to pick some stuff up and get ready for the scooter ride. I needed some tie town points for the scoots and general stuff so really splashed out. @piazzanoobs gantry is fucking awesome She'll be right m8. perfect for a trip to waikato and back... They promised me it'll be ready tomorrow morning so heres hoping nothing else goes wrong
  15. chrisr's two wheeled stuff

    after watching the eastcapeescape vid I had to have a piece of that action. I saw this dio for cheap enough and grabbed it. Initially I thought I'd keep it stock and ride it but we all know that is a lie. I've replaced the rollers and put some of aliexpress finest parts in and here is some inspiration