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  1. chrisr does skids on bikes

    And then there was another. Ben (I forgot his screen name) the gc collected thus until I arranged transport up. Neal and I gave it a squirt or three if crc and it ran so I'll pull the carb off and give it a clean out and see how it runs. No points for guessing where the fxr motor is ending up
  2. chrisr does skids on bikes

  3. chrisr does skids on bikes

    I chucked a 90 main jet in it and went for a quick ride to warm it up and it pulled well. I then realized I've lost all my bigger jets so did some prolonged load tests. I can confrim it goes hard for what it is
  4. chrisr does skids on bikes

    @Raizer is a gc and brought up some bits and pieces for me on his trip up. A filter and exhaust and a disc front I gave the carb a clean out and chucked a bigger jet in. Quick test ride and I need to unslam it.
  5. Some gold wings actually came with reverse
  6. chrisr does skids on bikes

    I know its on the wrong side but this is what the copper cock is for. Turned out a bit bigger than I expected. I'll get some more clear coat and figure out mounting it after nats
  7. Chris' 79 Hz tonner

    Just the normal 202 gravel sounds now
  8. Chris' 79 Hz tonner

    The cam was toast so I got it reground. Towing/4wd spec m8. I sold the extra heads and Pistons that came with the hoard with the intention of getting new valve springs but bills happened. I figured since the 202 sounded horrible the old barry trick of draining the oil and filling the sump with diesel couldn't hurt it. I ran it for about 15 minutes and drained it. Both the oil and diesel were super dirty when it came out so it was full of crap. New filter and fresh oil and it's heaps quieter now which I'm happy with. Of course I disposed of the oil/diesel mix in the appropriate manner
  9. chrisr does skids on bikes

    It only took a few hours to upload this.... I swapped the high speed variator over too and got 67 on a closed road. It was 4 stroking so I'll drop a jet size or two and try again
  10. chrisr does skids on bikes

    For the price of a slap of piss and some winieblues I acquired another dio. Its been sitting for a while but fired up nicely after giving the carb a clean. installed a little bit of low and made some clouds. I thought the brakes on the black dio were ok but compared to the drums they are amazing. I've got some aliexpress stuff coming to hopefully sort that And then there were 2 and a half
  11. chrisr does skids on bikes

  12. chrisr does skids on bikes

    I gave the carb a clean out and needed to test the oil cooling system. I managed 4th with lifting the back up. Video is slowly uploading
  13. chrisr does skids on bikes

    West pest was such a good time I need to get another bike. As everyone likes taking bikes where they shouldn't I'm looking for some forks with longer travel or preferably a scoot that needs a re power
  14. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

  15. Chrisr's G van

    The stock muffler was leaking/rusty and shit so I replaced it with a cheapie. Slightly disappointing that its no louder than before but better than being too loud Begone rusty pos Everyone likes some fresh muff Those pipes were a bloody mission to fit onto the new muffler but we got there in the end A wild @piazzanoob hot gluing I still need to get the tires flipped and realign the headlights. Oh and refit the lining/fix the interior lights