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  1. Only if you don't do them properly or use the cheaper tools
  2. 25mm cable will be good. 16mm if you are feeling cheap. A good cheap source of battery cable are r33 skid lines as the battery is in the boot so you can get reasonable lengths for cheap from zebra
  3. My bet is bad earth's too. Even it looks OK and resistance checks it to they can fail when hot. I have a crimper so if you need to re do it just give me a bell and you can borrow it
  4. Of course I'm not going to buy another car haha. I was wanting the factory airbox more than anything. I'll need to do more work on the rest of the fleet before I get balls deep in this
  5. @66gt Funny thing is I'm pretty sure My great uncle smoked too. They had their priorities right though and spend coin on a LSD. Unless it was factory fitted
  6. I should buy this rx7 and use the motor in mine until it goes bang. What I am most interested in is the factory airbox though. oh and ness has decided she likes the sound of a bridge port. I told her she can buy the porting template and I'll have a go at it
  7. I've fixed the first post so the pictures actually work now. I've put the radiator support panel on and started bolting everything up. I thought I probably should turn it over since its been sitting for so long. With glens help I chucked the battery cables on and it fired up with a good dose of ether. Thats probably going to be all I do on it for the next few months
  8. I fitted the spring today without too much drama I also replaced the sway bar bushes too. The lights turned up from aliexpress last week I mounted them today and ran out light so I'll wire them up tomorrow
  9. Today started off well with the tank in the crx... The theme continued when I attempted to bleed the brakes on the van. I got fresh fluid to the drivers rear all ok, then when I took the cap off to top the front reservoir up and when the mrs pressed the brake it sprayed everywhere. The cap went back on and the passengers side went nicely but then the drivers side bleed nipple snapped off. For the sake of $40 ish us I'll get a new master cylinder and I'll take the caliper off and give it to someone else to wreck.
  10. I took the leaf spring that was damaged out and dropped it off to archers. They have repaired it and it's good to go, ill have to arrange to get it collected next week. If I remember rightly it's about 70 plus gst for the repair. I'm stoked with that
  11. Shitty night time camera photo of some read heat shrink and a slightly out of focus pic of my slightly overkill earth cable. The long arse wire goes to a bolt close to the starter and the others go to the alt and the body. I thought the battery/starter were tired before but it was just a shitty earth. It cranks over heaps faster now and charging is good too. I found some old wiring for a second battery so I'll re use that. It has a rangi battery tray too. I'll have to get a pic of that one day
  12. I chipped away slowly at some wiring today. I had zero energy so barely cracked a idle. I noticed the blower? motor wire was a bit toasty from a loose crimp so fixed that The passengers (left) headlight plug was fucked, I cbf cleaning an painting the headlight bucket on this side so just slammed the beam in. I think it looks lush with two new lights. Both look like they are shining down, I'll adjust them later. The new adjusters didn't work nicely with the headlight buckets so I re used the old screws. The existing battery terminals/wiring was not up to my standards so I started re doing it. It was crappy wire nuts and corroded cable. Why not just shove it all in the terminal? The earth side was a bit silly too. The battery to body earth had broken on one side and there was a super long cable bolted to another hanging down going across to the left hand side. The motor earth was too small too. I've gone a bit overkill on the new earth as I didn't have the right size crimp. I have some red heat shrink so I'll get rid of the ugly white tape. I'm hoping it starts a bit nicer when this is all done. It probably needs a battery though but i'm living in denial for now. I just realized I forgot about the vsr/second battery but I don't have any cable anyway so it can wait.
  13. I decided double crimps were a bit shit/too hard for someone to replace later so I got some new relays today when I got the correct semi sealed beams. I found the relay bases I got ages ago so it'll look slightly less shit. The cable is way overkill but if you want to go silly and put 1002 bulbs in it'll take it and not melt anything. I've ordered another fuse holder to match as well as I've lost the others. It was also cheaper to get headlight plugs with wires rather than get three crimps and a piece of plastic. I could of saved myself heaps of time by getting china sealed beams but I like having headlights you can see. I pulled some of the wood paneling off in a attempt to pull a wire through for the reverse light. Ol' mate has glued/lined the whole van with polystyrene so if/when we sleep in it it should be less cold
  14. It's even got straightened recycled nails for hanging stuff on. I think I ordered a 1042 headlight instead of a 1043. I'll double check the paperwork tomorrow it may have been incorrectly picked
  15. I got some semi sealed today but got the wrong ones. I think I got the part number 1 digit off. I was all set up with by Barry table and ready to go. The old headlight wasn't quite sealed.. There is a spot of rust starting so I'll wire brush it and flick some paint on at some point. Like any Barry I can't resist a good dumpster dive and got a few rolls of cable when work was having a clear out a while ago. I started making up a loom for relays so I won't burn out the factory wiring. I'll grab some new headlight plugs and fuse/relay holders when I get the correct headlights