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  1. Sold some wheels and put my buddyclubs back on. After lots of head scratching and measuring we had a clutch in stock at work. Splines are the same as a later model 2wd gearbag. I'll need to order the correct release bearing Got some pads and a fuel reg too
  2. So @Raizersent me link to a cheap motor on Facebook, @johnny.raceand @V8Petecollected it for me. It was advertised as low on compression so i was expecting it to be in relativity sad shape. I was pleasantly surprised. Barrel looks good, just looks to have a shit ton of blow by I've got a bearing and ring kit on the way for it. Going to stay 50cc and stick it in the other melody
  3. Thanks @tortron for all the work. Looks pretty lush now
  4. Yup fuel filter is blocked So, I was looking at the clutch I had made by auto clutch years ago and it appears to be a stock disc with uprated pressure plate. I'm a bit disappointed as I told him the power levels I was aiming for. (another 4wd turbo honda got a similar thing and was slipping on less power). Will order one through work once I've measured everything up
  5. Screen is refitted Thanks to Jeremy at bespoke auto glass @tortron Did you get to have English car enthusiast convoluted discussions with him?
  6. Might explain why it was a bit quieter than usual
  7. Wasn't aware of the time constraint. The capillary adjustable switches are good and work well, I've fitted a few. They can be a bitch to get sealed though. You should get away with using the factory wiring, and using a aftermarket switch in place of the factory one
  8. How is the factory fan switched? Is there a sensor/switch in the rad or is it on the engine somewhere? What are you for a ecu? Most aftermarket can trigger a relay based on temp We have those cheap enough at work, they are due in stock in a few weeks
  9. Potientally sorted, seller seems to be happy at the moment but I'll ask him if he needs it gone sooner
  10. Gotta have the longest scoot
  11. 520x340x 380 is the size of the box
  12. Small 50cc with wheel so depending on the boot I imagine it'll fit I'll see of I can get some dimensions
  13. that could work, gets it closer to auckland atleast
  14. Is someone able to pickup a moped motor for me and get it closer to Auckland? happy to offer Beers/contribution to fuel costs Pickup is in Milson, I've paid for the motor so it just needs to be collected Chur
  15. Nice! I've picked up a old valve radio that I'm planning putting a Bluetooth amp in with some magic eye tubes
  16. Big thanks to the local mitsi/Morris enthusiast
  17. Thanks for looking over it, that makes a lot of sense with the jet holder cavity. I didn't think about the area where the solenoid was when I barried it up
  18. 100% this, there is a step where the bearing get pressed in so soneone has gone full hunnitz on it
  19. I think there is a step but from memory it's to stop it being pressed into the crank. I'll have to have a look
  20. Motor hasn't been run and that flywheel has been sitting for just as long. No idea how it got damaged