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  1. Keen for hicks bay hookup! Would also not say no to a real bed in gisborne (sorry hemi haha)
  2. I'm going to be that guy....anyone got accom booked with a spare bed going?
  3. Kilim for feeds then across to sprig and fern?
  4. Oh hi team. I'll be in town on Thursday 21st July for the night and would be grand to bump in to a few of you. I'll be carless and CBD based but I've got legs for walking and won't say no to being abducted.
  5. The video does such a poor job of portraying how intensely funny that actually was. My abs hurt just thinking about it.
  6. Not helpful but just go to wof place that doesn't use brake rollers.....I had the same issue with my navara (shitty early 90s drums). New everything but couldn't get them balanced. Stopped perfectly fine and no pulling so gave up on brake rollers and got the local garage to wof it, no drama.
  7. Keen to get dirty again. Also wouldn't mind getting some mud and dust from the road. Gigidy.
  8. Oh and @Sambo are you the z24 man? I recall you've got a couple. What timing should I be running? It's been pinging/predetonating a bit lately under heavy load.
  9. Possible culprits for a misfire which also cause tacho to drop out momentarily? I'm assuming ignition related rather than carb issue because of tacho dropping. Points, rotor, and cap all recently replaced. Nissan z24 petrol for what it's worth.
  10. Get a second bonnet and pull the bracing off where it hits? Because racecar etc
  11. The Honda guys seem to run big weights/steel plates etc up front. Maybe only cause they have stripped weight out of the rest of the car. Who knows. Science
  12. Oh hi. Swapped injector pump over with the 'good' one. Ran like a bag of dick's so assume it needs timing properly, or the pump is no longer healthy. It's been gathering dust and generally feeling sorry for itself ever since then. Went to get a new battery today but forgot shit is closed in Easter. Will probably just shut the shed for another 6 months
  13. 99% sure it gets caught by brake pedal modifications so technically requires a cert Now, as to if the WOF man notices...thats another story.
  14. Thanks but no thanks. I already have 3 engines.
  15. Learn to park would ya mate
  16. Hybrid? Have bene looking at possible hybrids and the fielder was one that has made my list. Keen on opinion/feedback.
  17. Semi related to thread. Rental today was a hybrid Camry. Did 5.5l/100k on a 400km trip on back roads (and I wasn't being a Nana). Was pretty impressed for a big car with how easy it got good numbers. Would happily have one as a corporate wanker car, slam and nice wheels.
  18. Just cut the end of the strap off so you can untwist it, and use a lighter to fuse the end. Problem solved
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