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  1. Keen to see how you get on. I wouldn't mind ditching the mech fan on my d21 either.
  2. I was out of town, sounds like only Mark showed up from OS....good man
  3. Those that know, know. Fuck yeh stinks.
  4. Thursday 18th Feb 630pm, Hamilton Lake https://fb.me/e/43TUnEG4l New year, new me (or some bullshit like that). Bring some food, feed the ducks, talk some shit. Don't be a dick and please don't leave a mess. Turn up anytime from 630. Will aim to grab parks on the north east side did the lake on Rotoroa Drive. Event is private on Facebook but feel free to bring along your mates.
  5. Will pull together details now. Tank is still keen to bring the CJC boys along so will do a private fb event again
  6. How good! (The picture the pops up in Google maps). Half way there...
  7. I'll be hitting the road in the morning, hopefully dunking balls in the river shortly after midday.
  8. Yeh nah I can't make it sorry. Got too many tunnels to inspect.
  9. Definitely. But only if it's got some of seedy Al's backwash in as well (that might have been why it tasted so good)
  10. Dead link...unless Terry's already bought it
  11. I've used diesel and turbo/turbo and diesel type places before and they have been great at what they do but typically don't get into general mechanic stuff/engine work itself. Do you know if these guys do more than just injector pumps and turbos?
  12. So I did a boo boo and broke the rd28t in my Gloria. It has picked up a horrid knock and doesn't sound very well at all. I've done the usual once over for anything obvious etc but no luck. I'm an adult so happy to pay the cost to be the boss so looking for suggestions for somewhere I can take it to get it looked at and taken care off. Ideally somewhere who can diagnose it (or at least come up with a logical plan of attack) and then do the work or get the work done. I'm envisaging the engine will need to be pulled down and I appreciate that may well be the first step to see if anything jumps ou
  13. https://www.nissanforums.com/threads/reading-error-codes-on-x-trail.99211/ That's what I used. The post with all the codes has the instructions at the bottom. It took me a few goes but it worked in the end. Have a watch/timer handy
  14. I have a 2002 nissan and found a procedure the other day to get it to throw fault codes at me. It was an odd combination of accelerator movement's and then the engine light would flash in accordance with any fault codes. Google is your friend. Mine was a qr25 engine in an xtrail, no idea if it's the same for other stuff
  15. So did Raglan ride a few months back, was awesome. Then got all prepped for Te Ureweras but had to pull the pin unfortunately. So jumped at the chance to hit the 42nd traverse this weekend. Such a trooper, drowned it in the river once and couldn't quite make it up one steep bit without a little bit of foot assistance but otherwise dunno why the others bothered with big bikes!
  16. Have had to pull the pin on the riding part of this weekend, but I will still be in Gisborne tomorrow night, and Waikaremoana on Saturday night, and likely tail you during the day on Saturday. Looking forward to some punishing sharns and refreshing beverages. All whilst knowing I will be sitting in air conditioned luxury transport during the day.
  17. Edges should be rounded off by the end of 600kms, nice.
  18. How embarrassing (for them). What even is the point of a big bike.
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