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  1. Indiana_Jones

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    You could donate it to me lol
  2. Indiana_Jones

    Indiana_Jones' Jag discussion

    Hey mate, I don't believe that it does. I think it's still connected, as I can feel some sort of pipe going to the rear shocks, but need to get the wheel off and confirm. Does yours have it still in place? as apparently a lot of cars have had it removed over the years, simply to save the hassle of maintaining them. You can buy kits to remove the system, which seems to be the recommendation, but I believe that you can still get parts for the SLS system if you're keen to keep it. Assuming mine is still installed, I'm not sure what I'd do with it, part of me leans to removing it, for simplicity's sake, the foamer side of me would be keen to keep it lol. Let us know how you get on with yours. And agreed, they are lovely cars _b
  3. Indiana_Jones

    Indiana_Jones' Jag discussion

    Well it is reading around 13.5v with the engine running, so there is charge, but it drops down to around 12.9v once you hit the lights on, but as I understand, it should dip down, but then rise again to same voltage before (i.e. 13.5v in this case).
  4. Indiana_Jones

    Indiana_Jones' Jag discussion

    Cheers for the comments, yeah she seems to be losing charge and the battery is going flat (battery is around a year old). I'll see if I can measure the discharge with the car off to see if it's within the acceptable range or not, and go over the various electrical connections and see if they're all clean and tight etc.
  5. Indiana_Jones

    Indiana_Jones' 1987 Jaguar Sovereign (XJ40)

    As mentioned before, having some charging issues, righto, so here's the voltage reading on the dash I'm getting across the alternator with the engine warmed up (fuck I love that 80's funk dash, has really grown on me) And on a multimeter And here is the reading when the lights are on I'm doing some internet searches and so far given the symptoms it seems that the alternator may be on the way out, keen for any advice in this area (discussion thread here), before I shell out for a new alternator or have the current one refurbished, cheers.
  6. Indiana_Jones

    Indiana_Jones' Jag discussion (Shameless ripoff of Thousand Dollar Supercar's thread)
  7. About a year ago, I indulged myself in my sickest fantasies and got myself an XJ40 Jaguar. Was planning on getting a later (post 1990) 4.0L one, but this one came up for sale closer to home at a reasonable price, so instead I ended up at the other end of the spectrum (oh there's a spectrum involved here) and got a pretty early (around Jan/Feb '87, production started in Oct/Nov '86) 3.6L Sovereign, complete with 80s funk digital dash. She's fairly solid/tidy, haven't done many km's in her due to being busy as fuck at work, study and home DIY, but have sorted out a list of things to sort out. Only major work done so far has been replacing the water pump, due to it leaking all the new coolant I placed into it out of its weep hole. Other issue I have at the moment is that I think the alternator is playing out, as I'm having charging issues, so need to look into that more. Pics for thread (yes, I know the chrome arch covers are gross as fuck and I shall remove them in time, just afraid of what lays under them).
  8. Indiana_Jones

    Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Oh lush, would love me a 3.6L XJS. Keep it up, sicko.
  9. Indiana_Jones

    Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    Sweet updates, love this project _b
  10. Indiana_Jones

    Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    Nice project mate, love SD1's, such a sweet looking ride. Agree with the shitty rotor arm stuff, been there, done that with the 'crab.
  11. Indiana_Jones

    Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Banter

    Sounds lush, good shit _b
  12. Indiana_Jones

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    That brochure, what a fucking foamer lol. Good shit.
  13. Indiana_Jones

    f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    Start a thread, I bet there are a few Brit foamers who would want to ship car bits over! Also sweet project, keen to see it come together!
  14. Indiana_Jones

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Such swoon, love classic Range Rovers.
  15. Indiana_Jones

    Indy has itchy crabs

    Decided to get off my arse and change the oil and filter. Bloody thing didn't want to come off, so got Marsellus Wallace on it's arse. After a new filter and 7L of oil, I decided it was time for a beer. Last month was fun getting my WOF, due to uneven rear brakes, after trying to dick around with the adjustment and checking if the slave cylinders were sliding, I slapped on some new shoes and the brakes got their act together.