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  1. Sounds lush, good shit _b
  2. That brochure, what a fucking foamer lol. Good shit.
  3. Start a thread, I bet there are a few Brit foamers who would want to ship car bits over! Also sweet project, keen to see it come together!
  4. Such swoon, love classic Range Rovers.
  5. Decided to get off my arse and change the oil and filter. Bloody thing didn't want to come off, so got Marsellus Wallace on it's arse. After a new filter and 7L of oil, I decided it was time for a beer. Last month was fun getting my WOF, due to uneven rear brakes, after trying to dick around with the adjustment and checking if the slave cylinders were sliding, I slapped on some new shoes and the brakes got their act together.
  6. Such Jap foam, nice car Steeb _b Look forward to further updates down the line.
  7. You sick fuck, nice shit _b.
  8. Bloody driveshaft coupler went the other week, managed to limp home thankfully. Replaced it this weekend just gone. Fucking annoying job, in the end I gave up trying to squeeze the new one in between the two shafts and just took the whole wheel hub and outer shaft off and stuck it in. Poked coupler. New coupler:
  9. Done diddly fuck for a while, took her for a WOF after the brake work and she passed _b Adjusted the rear brakes and that's been about it lately, have been too busy being a company man at the moment. For the thread, here's a pic during a spin around town the other day. Such good fun to drive.
  10. It's the same on the 1800 lol
  11. The BMC cancer is spreading. Awesome _b
  12. Looks nice mate _b Lush colour too
  13. Old pistons were munted. New pistons and seal kits, thank you Ebay. Calipers are the same, but appears one is an earlier or later version, which ties in with the differences in pistons (could be from one of many cars, I believe they were used on Fords as well as BMC cars), New stuff installed. Hooked it all back up, bled the brakes and took it for a test drive. Brakes seem to work nicely _b Edit: hmmm I think the head gasket might have blown recently, the fun never ends lol.
  14. mmm snot green Triumph 2500, looks nice mate. I must try one of those cars one day.
  15. Accept who you are, it's ok.