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  1. Bonus images. Big thanks to these guys Kieran, stan and the other boys for the endless pumping of the brake pedal.
  2. Next thing was to sort brake lines, front calipers and coilovers. The car came with a home made pedal box with a balance bar it works ok I think it needs a but of strengthening, under hard braking it flexes the fire wall. The other thing with was the master cylinders they used where cheap Chinese trailer cylinders that couldn't stop sucking in air so I changed them out for willwood cylinders. With the brake lines I wanted them hidden as much as possible so most of the plumbing is on the inside of the firewall. It looked good you will just have to trust me as I dont have to many photos. The only place in engine bay is about 100mm section on top of chassis rails. I used right angle bulk head fittings to keep it nice and tidy. Then braided lines to rebuilt AE86 front brake calipers. The struts are ae86 with autolign built coilovers with 4kg tein springs and keepers on top and monroe shocks valved to suit spring rates. Other bits on the coilovers are T3 camber plates up top and at the bottom (not actually part of the coilovers but it this let's you use 86 strut in the kp) T3 starlet to AE86 collar thing that slips over starlet ball joint and T3 RCA. I currently have the T3 knuckle in the car and I'm using the the second hole currently in the hope to achieve more steering lock now I have another set of modified Ae86 knuckles to chuck in the car (but that's going to far into the future). Note: I'm also running a apjs lock spacer.
  3. I'm going to do my best to remember what order I did stuff. After I came off the buzz of painting the car and took my eyes of it for 5 mins to make some progress I believe the fuel system was next on the list. I had an idea of how I wanted to make it. So first I used the factory fuel tank with welded in ( I think -8 ) bungs into the lid of the tank. One for the pick up, one for return for surge tank and one for the breather /roll over valve. First fuel pump is a Carter lift pump ( can remember the size) from there to the 1L surge tank. I think the high pressure pump I used was a Bosch 070 (not as powerful as the 044) then I had bent up steel fuel lines run under the car one for in one for out. P clipped every 100mm. Had two filters one before first pump and one before injectors. All this was mostly kept inside the spare tyre well in the boot. Was going to make a lid to cover it in case of fire most likely out of aluminum. I dont want to spoil the ending but I have changed some of these things on the car over the years.
  4. This is a test photo to see the quality of pictures. Have been through 3 phones since last time posting and I'm sending them through fb messenger.
  5. Update coming soon. Some of you may know what ive been up to over the last few years through my instagram account but i thought it would be good if i show you in more detail. stay tuned to find out more. sorry for the click bait. sorry for it being 5years between post.
  6. // I never intended to own a starlet but when I got offered a swap for my rx7 that I wanted to rid of fast, I took up the deal. The funny thing is that I've only driven a kp starlet once and it was to work and back home. I guess it was love at first drive. My idea with this starlet is to show myself what I can do in the way of build and design. Rather than the normality of today were everything is bolt on and it's not about what you can do but how big your wallet is. My story starts with this Which then turned into this full engine rebuilt manual conversion lowered and wheels. This is when I got my first starlet. I swapped the rx7 plus cash my way. it was a 1982 KP62 4AGE with twin side drafts which are now on K2dori DX. I wanted to do an EFI conversion but found it was cheaper to buy a whole EFI motor than try and find all the parts separately. I sold this motor to a friend of mine's sister which went into a DX wagon and is now in my friends DX sedan. I was half way through EFI conversion when the deal of a life time came up. A fully caged full on race car shell (not rolling) came up on trade me $1 reserve which I won for $405. Went down to Vegas and literally picked it up. I don't have a photo when I first got it wish I did. Left it for about 6 months then started working on it when I got this parts car. This car came up on trademe it may not of had all the bits but it came with starlet LSD which I needed and it had all the rolling gear. But picked up a pretty cheap 4K motor 2 gear boxes and heaps of spares. This is when I first got the race car rolling. Transferred running gear from parts car to race car. Race car was set up for 4AGZE and was mounted about 100mm further back so they have cut firewall and have made pedal box system to run duel master cylinders and hydraulic clutch. Body has been fully seam welded, Perspex windows and alloy dash have been made. I wanted to put most modifications e.g firewall back to standard. Have taken all the steel I need from parts car. Finally got it rolling on 4 wheels the same with some T3 adjustable's in the front and cutties in the back and fitted some sweet mirrors. Got some wheels coming from Japan X2 work equip 01 13x7 with +12 offset rear. X2 hayashi's streets 13x7 with +7 offset front.