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  1. Interesting, wouldn't have thought of that! But no tints so all good.
  2. cheers @Raizer, internal rearview mirror will do for me!
  3. What mirrors are required for a wof? is the internal rear view mirror enough? or is a minimum drives side door/guard mirror required? does age of the vehicle come into it?
  4. It doesnt seem to link to pics when clicking on grey lines, just highlights to quote the section
  5. not sure if just me, but your last couple of updates the pics arent loading? apart from old mate Jack Sparrow can only see faint grey line where a pic should be...
  6. Assume you've checked thermostat is working correctly? Or tried running with no thermostat? I see you had head gaskets off, what about other water passage gasket? No gaskets wrong size restricting flow?
  7. Did you change the water pump when rebuilding the motor? Or had it off since adding super charger? Nothing silly like the impeller has dropped off the shaft? Did you reroute belt arrangement? Belt turning the water pump correct way? Probably all ready covered these off, just spit balling ideas
  8. Gun mounted light sounds interesting... shall investigate. Reading back in the posts you wernt sure on what dry areas were, you've probably watched enough YouTube now to see, but it's exactly as it sounds. An area where you don't have enough clear on for it to self level and form a mirror finish, it looks almost like a Matt or satin finish. First coat of clear almost looks dry/satin. This can also happen when you over spray onto a dry area and the over spray can't bite into the dry area. I find it amazing how the clear can self level, I was doing some gloss black bits in 2k ppg CT wi
  9. Hope the reclear job goes well. Lighting looks a million times better. I find it's good to have a high power LED hand held/wand light to inspect darker and hidden away areas between coats to make sure you have covered all areas. Be careful that the magnet in the light doesn't stick to the wet body though! Some unprofessional garage experience advice, I hope is useful and not telling you to suck eggs. The first 1 or even first 2 coats of clear dont have to look mirror finish. A satin finish is ok as youre building up to mirror, and the clear will 'bite' into layers as you go and level
  10. Box will be an early 20 spline T50 with the forward shifter position. Unique cast iorn shifter base not interchangeable with rear shifter t50. TA2* etc TE3* got them, think a few KE3* delivery spec wagon maybe aswell
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