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  1. Yeah fair enough! It’s a sweet little project man. If you’re keen to sell let me know haha
  2. Where’s the updates man? Or you given up on this site?
  3. That’s a fucking cool car man, good work!
  4. Hey man really appreciate the regular updates on your project. I’m sure if it was a POS micra the geriatrics on here would like it too. Keep it up mate.
  5. So this arrived finally last week after a few shipping issues. No real surprises bar lack of a temp gauge or any sort of gauge for that matter. Motor runs mint and goes as good as a 4age should. Body is good and rust not anywhere near as bad as it looks in the photos so should get away with a sand then paint. Underneath is mint. Never knew these Aus spec Ke’s came with a Borg Warner diff so that was weird to see. Will post more photos next week when I’m off work. Have a couple of gauges on the way and some lowering blocks and springs.
  6. I like that man. Always liked the dashes in the left hook sev’s. I’m no expert but don’t think they were like that in any rhd model. Good score!
  7. Yeah man that’s the route I’m thinking of taking. Not keen to touch the guards if they’re unrolled to fit wider wheels. Will post up some more pics of condition when it arrives. Cheers for the feedback.
  8. Yeah legal wise it was on club rego in Victoria but will have to get inspected and certed/engineered to be registered here in Western Australia which I don’t think will be a huge drama.
  9. Post your thoughts, advice, yarns here
  10. So after selling my old ke35 in Nz around 9 years ago I’d always pondered getting another one. This one popped up on gumtree over here for $7500 and after a quick phonecall to the owner I pulled the trigger and bought it sight unseen. It has a few minor rust spots that he sent me photos of and a rebuilt small port 4age with 264 cams, wolf ecu and extractors backed up by a t50 gearbox. Fingers crossed it’s half as good as the photos make it out. Future plans I’m undecided. Originally I was thinking slam on 13” work equips, ssr’s or equivalent but depending on cleanliness I may just tidy up the rust spots and lower and keep as is. Should be in my possession around the 30th of June.
  11. Always loved these things since seeing the one in d1nz back in the day. Nice car man.
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