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  1. Yeah Feco in Levin seems to be the go to place in the lower north to get it done
  2. Got the body in primer about 6 weeks ago It then took me all that time to get it up to a reasonable state so that it could then be painted. So then a couple days a go we loaded it up on the trailer (only just fit!) and dragged it into the spray booth at work. Sprayed the base and clearcoat on, it turned out pretty good! A few runs around in places, but nothing that can't be fixed. Pretty stocked really! Could of easily gone wrong haha. Gonna leave it in the booth for a few more days to harden, then take it home and get
  3. Yeah has the original vin plate with all the info; model, engine, frame number, colour etc. The frame number is what’s stamped on the firewall and barely visible. Might just wire wheel it back and light coat it to save any issues
  4. I’m mostly finished prepping the engine bay in my starlet for paint and the stamped chassis number on the firewall has pretty much disappeared from all the coats of primer, is that going to be an issue or should I strip that area right back and just put some lighter coats on it? Cheers
  5. Shake Out again next Tuesday! Need to use up those vouchers we got given last time!
  6. Hey guys, next meet is just a week away and we're heading back to Shake Out burgers in the Pioneer New World car park. Tuesday 17th November @ 7pm See you there!
  7. Cheers man! Nope I am a fabricator, started new job last week building hotrods though! Did do a couple years part time during high school at a car painters though, so that helps a little, otherwise just it’s just practise and hoping for the best haha
  8. Finished up what I think was all the fabrication and welding on the body. So gave the inside a good clean, sand and then sprayed some epoxy primer down. Came out really nice and smooth! Scuffed back the bits that need to be nice as they aren't being covered up once the interior is back in; wheel wells, strut brace and the b to c pillars. Also went around all the seams and applied some seam sealer, matched to the factory look. Then it was ready to spray the base coat and clear on. Really happy with how it turned out, got all the visible bits nice and glossy!
  9. Got some stuff back from zinc plating. Was more of it than pictured but I had already started assembling the bits back together before getting a photo. Still not sure why some comes out really nice and shiny and other bits come out dull. Most of it will get painted anyway so not too worried. Bought some longer trumpets from MRP. Need to get the throttle bodies vapour blasted! Got the Estima handbrake cables remade and lengthened. They didn't work with the original mounts so machined up a new aluminium one, took far too long! Bought an AE86 boot and fuel door lever
  10. New meet up! This time we’re gonna try out Shake Out on the 20th Oct at 7pm
  11. Hey guys, sorry missed a few months! Next meet we’re gonna try a meet at Shake Out, a burger joint, in the Pioneer New World car park just behind Spotlight on Main Street. It will be on the Tuesday the 20th of this month at 7:00pm. See you there!
  12. Been slack at taking photos, although there's more photos than I thought there'd be. Got the driveshaft hoops done. Rear one was pretty tight to fit in the tunnel. Front one didn't have much room above the driveshaft and shifter, but it all ended up pretty good. Once the driveshaft and diff pinion angle was sorted I could finally fill in the new tunnel at the back. I wanted to tuck the radiator under the radiator support panel, but there is usually another support that goes vertical down from the centre. So pulled that out and made up a new one out of tube, for a
  13. $807 inc shipping for the whole rad, that's if they're still available. https://www.amayama.com/en/part/toyota/1640028070
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