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  1. Look on flos.ie for bolt kits man or try NST even though they would be an arm and a leg flo has 150 pce kits
  2. Eagers rubbed too much so had to splurge out on some brand new Yokohama A539, which are by far the best tyre I've driven on considering its still a street orientated tyre. Still look aggressive and ride super smooth and nicely. Don't take too long to warm up either and stick reaaaaaally well even in a car with a solid axle and no 4 link lol
  3. Got there in the end after about 3 months of set backs. In the shop for a wof thats why bonnet up lowered- -3inch in the rear on blocks and shortened Mazda 626 shocks -2inch soon to come
  4. Came back to Auckland and engine was all ready to be bolted together and dummy up the fit in the engine bay and try on some stuff ( parts were rusty cos they sat on garage floor for a month while I was away) but looked good. Head was attached, block painted. All my components cleaned up and brand new gaskets and water pump, sensors etc etc etc. (don't have any photos of me putting head together which I'm really annoyed about but shit happens) was happy with how everything lined up etc etc and it was time for the engine to go in. Got the motor in and the throttle bodies hit on the firewall and brake booster, so back to square run and now to this day I'm still running the dinky di little 32/36 which isn't enough for the 11-1 compression ratio under full go.
  5. Anyway I went on holiday got a new car blah blah blah blah and the build got put on hold for a couple months becos I was lazy and living that slammed euro lyffffff yoooo, and ended up spending a fair bit of cash on unnecessary things
  6. So my good friend Ashton, who puts up with all my shit and questions (thx g) kindly offered while he was on acc was to bolt these all up and sort them out and the end result was suppppper pleasing to see so thanks to the man
  7. WOAH COOL So I had a friend who was doing a thing but ended up needing money (he had a cortina so not wildly different motors at least) Anyway, I ended up buying his set up which was farkin sweet So originally I was planning to run side drafts BUT I didn't want to be the typical escort, so I ended up buying most of the things to a fuel injection set up using -4 age itbs -link ecu -(bought these on my own but Ford KA coil packs) and a couple other bits and pieces necessary.
  8. Picked up a pretty nice race head for $40 that had double vale springs and 3 degree angle cut valves so pretty stoked with that.
  9. Woo! Got my engine back finally. Done a pretty fantastic job, looks super grouse. Got the guys to do the bottom end so covered under warranty all the USUAL kinda mods 244 cam, high compression, balanced, lightened - you know the routine... 1300 pistons on 1600 rods. 1600 crank and nice set of bearings. Decked block .30 thou? Cant remember off top of head
  10. Bought these today which are soooooper cool. Twin 36 dellorto downdrafts, such an awesome set up. unfortunately never got to run on my car but ran on a friends car and ran super mint, sounded the bees knees. All dort and some go haha
  11. Done a tonne of little bits in the interior. few rust repairs. A lot of my photos are on my old phone which is no longer with us unfortunately ahhaahha Wiring in a factory '1600 Sport' dash which including rewiring a few plugs Had a pretty f**cked night the night before I went installing it sooooo kinda wired it wrong and well, you get the picture hahah.. Ended up wiring the 12v coming in from the coil into the wrong tab and attaching my negative coil wire to it and essentially sort circuiting it. Lol. My bad
  12. So first off I bought that car as my first car.. started out as a 1.3L Automatic which I drove around for a year before finally having enough and thrashing it around. Icracked and warped the head on the old 1.3. found a nice running 1600 that had been very well used. Ended up warping that head too. so had to rebuild. Done
  13. So we have my lil 76 Escort here. which has been a looooong build in progres. About 5 years in the making. over the next couple of days I will be making a full build thread but this is the first post.. so enjoy
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