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  1. I tend to update the first post and thread title with details / dates each month. From now on will edit first post and quote also chur!
  2. 20th of this month guys! Dont forget!
  3. Shakotom

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    I’ve got a Starfire here I’ll sell you for a good price
  4. I know, but other people arent
  5. First burger meet for 2019 will be FEB 20
  6. Shakotom

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    I said I was open to selling it, but I wasn’t prepared to take the loss on the price you were thinking hahaha
  7. Shakotom

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    If your interested in it, you could make me an offer tbh. -welcome to come view. 33in mud tyres wouldn’t be for sale with it as they’re my fathers. So would be BYO wheels. could include the 15x10 Enkei wheels if the price was right with tiny junk tyres on to make it rollable
  8. Thank for reply @cletus
  9. Good morning, qurstion you probably get asked 100000 times a day, what’s the budget one should allow for cost for coilovers and wheels on a Japanese vechile? also for getting multiple wheel options is there a further cost per wheel? thank.
  10. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Boy Bye!
  11. Shakotom

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Tbh close to $1 reserving it on trade me . thing makes a nice shelf in the shed though....
  12. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Yeah, @Chris.QCR been looking on Ali at tiny indicators and that and gonna do some re packaging of the wiring / under seat area and put a horn / basics under there. Probably micro switches hidden somewhere for them / hidden wiring. id say a good 90% of our riding is done in the cbd or urban populated areas. So may aswell have less to get stung on. Joys of Auckland
  13. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Got rolled by the 5-0 last night. Pulled over for a random rego check / check Vest patches to see if I was in a gang / ask why the back of it was covered in rubber. I got sent home for not having a working brake light or indicators and to find another mode of transport till they work. I did say indicators weren’t a requirement, but we mutually decided agreeing with him was a better choice due to missing a other few basic compulsory items (horn - mud guards - all the wiring for the brake lights - a working speedo etc) and as he said, I would much rather ride it home than have to push it home and aquire a sticker. Dude was a GC though. He found tough guy patches and small bike funny. Might be time for Chaly v2.
  14. Shakotom

    Bricks MB100

    Man that looks great. Also taught me a thing about the floating stator amd making your own batteries. Good stuff man. I really enjoy how much you dive into these things and go 11/10s. Can’t wait to see where this ends up!
  15. Shakotom

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    That’s rookie numbers....