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  1. The brakes were well seized on to the point it was difficult to push around. Pulled the calliper off and couldn’t even get the pads out due to the amount of corrosion on/around them. I ended up having to hydraulic the lot out with a grease gun resulting in this mess. I spent some time with the parts cleaner/scotchbrite and a hone at work and it came up very good. -Bore is mint, Seal groove came up well, and exterior has some slight corrosion, but no pitting and surfaces are all smooth. Jammed it together with a new seal, piston and pads. Have taken some measurements, and am going to box the old brake hoses up to get a new one made to suit bars/ replacement master cylinder. M A I N T E N A N C E
  2. Currently plan is get it running, take it in to see what it needs for a WOF. However, the fork top triple clamp has previously been welded up but has cracked again. If anyone has any leads on one to suit a CB360 it would be greatly appreciated. Tdlr : Shakotom buys another project bike, leaves it sitting and does nothing to it then rushes to get it ready in a short time frame
  3. After I got back from America, I listed the FZR250 and sold it, got side tracked with the rest of the year / moving out / life /other shitty bikes and left the CB360 sitting sad in the corner. That brings us to the present, I ordered a few basic bits from 4into1 to try get this thing going / back on the road for summer 2021. And made a start on getting it going.
  4. I called it having rego on hold, and needing saving a good enough reason to justify purchasing when compared to most of the other early Honda CBs that I had been looking at. As a bonus, it was incomplete enough that I could change a few things on it as I wished and not feel bad about wrecking a tidy bike, plus the poor modifications moved the bike down into my budget. With that a deal was struck, I strapped it to my trailer and rushed back across town to hide it away in the garage before going to the airport a couple of hours later to jump on a plane.
  5. Fast forward two days to the morning of the Sunday that you’re flying to America, and you find yourself driving across to the other side of town with a trailer attached to your car to look at a ‘unfinished cafe racer’ It had been sitting since 2013, Didn’t run, had had the usual remove all the lights and slap some clip ons on, then loose interest cafe racer attempt done to It, and was missing a bunch of parts but, it had rego on hold.
  6. Picture this, It’s March 2019, you’ve just got back into the country after spending 3 weeks riding motorcycles in Malaysia and Thailand. You’re watching the days tick by as in a week, you’re about to fly to America for a month for a Holiday with your partner. You’ve got a 1986 Yamaha FZR250 in the shed, It’s an inline four cylinder sports bike with 45 horsepower, and a exhaust note that sounds like a formula one car as it runs out to its 18000rpm redline. It’s great, you’ve been using it to commute on and done the odd weekend thrash run with it which is great, power delivery is fun, and it rides well, but being 6ft tall after a couple of hours in the saddle, your hips start getting uncomfortable. It’s now the Friday before you fly out, and something catches your eye on trade me...
  7. No problem @johnnyfive. i might have to learn to use illustrator for an attempt next year haha. anyway, here was my ms paint sketch of part of the road into Waikaremoana submission. I am fizzing.
  8. drawings done as per @MopedNZs brief, @GuyWithAviators just gonna pchop some text on it then it’ll be in your emails tonight @johnnyfive
  9. I’m ms painting i should get it finished at lunch and flick it through, feel free to not choose it tho, it’s pretty shit haha
  10. I’m sure we will drink a pink pussy in honour of you two this year
  11. Mate I just go where the road takes me thats The adventure soeaking of my bikes being more of a pos that usual so hopefully that’s getting sorted
  12. I sold a ST90 a few months back now. they or the 10inch wheeled ones (Honda dax) pop up every now and again. Just a matter of keeping eyes peeled / cash ready
  13. Man, I’ve been so slack lately. Kate and I are gonna have to give this a miss this year again. Have a bunch of stuff to sort at the mo, and can’t get a weekend free atm. Gonna miss the fun again this year. 2021 hopefully!