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  1. 15th then? it being the 3rd Wednesday so staying true to tradition?
  2. shall we do this again in Jan? 15th or the 22nd? (3rd wed or 2nd to last wed of the month?)
  3. Shall we do this? 18 dec ellerslie burger fuel 7pm ish?
  4. Late to the party as have been rekt for the last couple of days. a huge thanks to j5/shadow garage crew for organising the ride. What a route! A+ for ratio of gravel to tarmac, scenery (coming from a city, you forget how beautiful NZ really is) and fun/challengingness of route. Certainly the most amount of gravel I’ve ever ridden consistently. I really enjoyed it, and my bike was not to bad to ride, bar constant bottomed out forks and a seat that punished my butt. Thanks to the support drivers for following us around, providing quality roadside dining, good yarns, and being able to produce any tool required at the drop of a hat -mobile workshop was great! Thanks to the rest of you lot for making it a great weekend. Also waking up to this view in the middle of the Te Uruweras ain’t bad Do it again soon?
  5. Gotta drop this load to the scrap before work today, then heading down to tauranga tonight.
  6. Hi guys -I stepped down from Auckland Area rep a while ago due to having a bunch of shit going on at the time that I felt like I was drowning in. Apologies for being so slack. Still don’t have a OS car that works but eh. -would any Aucklanders still be keen to attend unofficial burger meets now the weathers getting nicer?
  7. I thought I was well prepared starting a bike build months in advance turns out it ain’t changed shit, and I’m still leaving everything to the last minute
  8. My accident Eastcape v1 was a mix of riding beyond my skill level/ fogged up visor/ and being tired
  9. For cert How much clearance is enough clearance between a wheel and inner guard at full lock? understand it’s subjective etc can I beat inner guard with a hammer to gain clearance?
  10. Yeah, I’d had a solid hunt through it at work and couldn’t see anything, so just thought I’d ask for others opinions/interpretations
  11. On topic of overlays, coloured window tints on all windows apart from windscreen, ‘legal’ or nah? i understand black tints, and the min 35% vlt / overlays can’t reflect and dazzle other drivers. But let’s say one wants to tint all windows yellow/blue/other colours for no reason other than scene points