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  1. Shakotom

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    Man that is beautiful. good work!
  2. Shakotom

    Shakotoms ‘74 CB360

    Hi, I’m Shakotom and I have a Motorcycle addiction. It all began with just one FA50 and I’ve been addicted ever since. It just starts with something small and then next thing you know, it spirals out of control and your looking for a bigger fix and that has led me to where I am today. A while ago I had a Suzuki ax100, I really enjoyed the classic aesthetic of that bike but it was punishingly slow for paying $500 a year in rego. I sold that and purchased a ‘87 2KR FZR250, and that’s a weapon of a bike, but sportsbikes aren’t really my jam, and I’m still to cheap to be paying that much in rego. Ive pined over the timeless styling of a Honda CB for many years. I think there a beautiful bike in stock form, and a versatile canvas for creating everything from a full blown classic race bike, A scrambler/Cafe racer or if you get wild enough with a welder, a chopper. Id been looking on and off for a while, I’d decided I wanted a Twin cylinder -either a 350 or a 360 just to keep the weight down. It had to have a minimum of Rego on hold and be pre 79 for cheap rego. Back in April I found a bike that happened to meet all of those requirements at a pretty good price, but I was due to fly out to America in 4 days. So I did the only sensible thing I can think of and went to view it. 8 hours before I was due to be at the airport I was dragging my new acquisition home... It’s a 1974 Honda CB360, black plate, rego on hold, failed cafe racer attempt, that’s been sitting since 2012 that I am very happy to call my own. Its not the prettiest at the moment, but it’s got good bones. I’m fairly happy with the fact someone else has done the initial job of ruining what was a tidy complete bike at some point in its life so I’m not going to have any second thoughts about changing bits and pieces on it to make it fit my requirements. Basic plan is getting it running again, do the basics to it to get it in to see what it needs for a WOF, and ride it a little bit before getting to carried away. First step is sorting out this rats nest of disconnected cables, horrible clip ons, hoses that are the wrong length, loose everything and general terribleness. It’s had the generic cheap clip ons that move if you pull on them fitted, along with headlight and indicator mounts that don’t really hold anything securely. I got a few minutes in the shed and wanged the original bar clamps back into the top plate, and a set of old bars to allow me to throw the clip ons in the rubbish bin. These will do for now to initially ride it on when I get it running, but end goal is some nice Chrome bars. So that’s where I’m at currently. I have the carbs apart and soaking as they’re filthy, waiting on a few ignition parts to fit to replace old junk, wiring for the lights and switches needs a going over, and so do brakes. Basic stuff to get it running and riding and then I’ll write a more comprehensive list once I acquire a WOF. For now however, I’m just happy to have found a bike that fitted all my requirements and here’s to hoping what I’ve learnt from playing with smaller bikes helps out with this one. At this present moment in time, my end goal is to have a fairly clean, simple and reliable bike I can ride daily that will do everything from looking good outside a cafe in Ponsonby to chucking a backpack on to going and find some gravel back roads for an adventure. Stay tuned as I get in over my head and realise I have no clue what I’m actually doing...
  3. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    I’ve learnt a lot on this in the processes Sorry this page is so pic heavy!
  4. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Bought some new high rise handlebars off trade me, imported some Vans x Cult BMX grips, jammed OG light back in the front. All terrain tyres, New cables, made brackets to hold ‘scrambler’ type short guards (stock front fender cut in half and re shaped) Mounted a tail light on the guard and ran some wires. had a jam today at making a seat pan out of some scrap steel. turned out okay, not bad for a first attempt but when I get some clean steel will try again
  5. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Andrew kept having issues with filling his filter with mud, so I decided to put filter in the frame. bribed @MikeDodd to laser cut me some manifold spacers, I cut the frame and welded a intake tube into place. Silicon hump joiner to connect carb to that, and works pretty well. Airflow should be fine, as isn’t totally sealed, - will make a side cover with vents to close the side and keep mud out Made a terriable high exhaust.
  6. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    But then decide to commit and attack the frame with a grinder. At this point I was seriously looking for a replacement frame as I felt well past my comfort zone. Hand cut some motor mounts/ frame reinforcements out of plate check fitment/ alignments etc box in the front of the frame, leave allocation for wiring / spark plug lead and glue it all in place
  7. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Alright so awhile a go I acquired a Suzuki A’50’ from @chris r when he was clearing out his hoard. After being jealous of Andrews adventures off-road on his Yamaha, and not having a bike that was really suitable for off-roading I decided to pull this out of the pile in the shed and make a start. First step was to get a motor, Then offer the motor up into place Then check clearance on full compression for wheel travel. Then feel defeated, and question your decision.
  8. Suzuki Adventure50 builds coming along well.
  9. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    I’ve done a couple of things, sold some bikes and bought some more of course. Probably should update this. Stay tuned
  10. Shakotom

    Rusted z50 clone/copy rear springer

    Hot damn, @GuyWithAviators showed me this too and if I hadn’t aqquired a monkey a week earlier would’ve given it more consideration. Such lush patina almost looks as if it’s had the tank swapped to a earlier rigid rear end tank. also lifans are the easiest engines to wire in. They come with cdi/coil etc. if your not wanting to run lights you don’t need the yellow or white wire. Plug rest into CDI and coil. Bolt coil to frame, cable tie CDI somewhere and careless first kick starting every time have lifan swapped 6? Bikes (with 3 on the go at the mo)
  11. Shakotom

    Rotorua VCC Swap Meet- 9th July

    I had a yarn with a @GuyWithAviators, @Geophy @EURON8 @Chickity @bathcollector And @73crownwagon spent $20 and aqquired a great/yuck Batwing billet style steering wheel -inner chip foose pine, some old yellow lensed fog lights and a rx125 manual for Nick Ritchie. Chips with speedway sauce and an average coffee topped the event off. Would trade again. Had a monkey bike in the boot of my car, so was with space. Saw some lush Harley bits, couple of old bikes, lots of rusty bits and many ol barrys there for ‘a damn good look around mate’
  12. Shakotom

    Rotorua VCC Swap Meet- 9th July

    Filled my boot with junk before the swapmeet. So no space for swapmeat treasures. will still be there for chips and speedway sauce
  13. I’ve got this underway. Suzuki A50 feat Lifan 125
  14. Shakotom

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    It’s lush, I like the two tone gold tank, breaks it up a lot asthetically from the rest of the black and almost makes the bike look lighter/ more classic/traditional than it does all black. all for switching up the colours though. Look forward to seeing what you choose!