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  1. Restyling a govt issued number plate. if I do this, and the plate becomes registered in my name (like a pplate) does that mean I can swap it between cars?
  2. The grips are great, I run them on this/cb360/adv50/have similar ones on my BMX / Retro MTB. I got them from https://www.tcbroschoppers.com and yeah there’s some throwbacks when you look at the stickers on the toolboxes. Anyone have recommendations on a muffler? I am wanting to stick with a high pipe, and will remake the header pipe to tuck it in closer but a muffler that is smaller and with a few more baffles than the current unbaffled one it has. I’ve been looking at a single one of these from Purpose Built Moto, but if anyone has any other ideas it would be appreciated WTB: Honda XR200 motor…
  3. Oh, and another couple of goodies turned up for the CG The most dreamy CB100? fuel tank courtesy of @Mop Head. I’ve been hunting for a CB100 fuel tank for years, -way back when I had an ax100 it was all I wanted to fit. I just need to run a tank sealer kit through the inside, and preserve the exterior patina, then it’ll be fitted to the CG. And all the way from USA, a pair of my favourite grips - vansXcult waffle grip moto grips. p.s I’ve also started another Instagram to document some more of the build process of things, it might stagnate/change names/as it progresses but I’ll see how it goes. @Junkhouse_speedshop
  4. To fit the 3.00 in the front forks, I had to remove the mudguard that was fitted previously. Scored a different 18inch front mudguard in a trade with @Tumeke as I have the plan of fitting a high front fender. proceeded to cut it in half gave it a little finishing and ended up with this. Once I can get access back into the shed, I just need to whip up a mount for it.
  5. I fitted the handlebars to the bike and at the same time the pair of Shinko SR244 in 18x3.00 sizing tyres I had ordered turned up. The handlebars have given a much more comfortable riding position (grips were just cheapies to check a colour idea) and the SR244s are starting to lean it towards the aesthetic Im aiming for.
  6. I have been using the CG as a commuter, the narrow bars are great for lanesplitting however not the most ergonomic. I visited a mate for a beers and bike yarns after work and got sent home with a old pair of chrome riser bars which I promptly modified to allow internal cable routing to reuse the original handlebar controls. which took way longer than it should have.
  7. Downsized the wheels from 18s to 17s with some small MX tyres, had @GuyWithAviatorsdo some prep work to it for me and it was all ready for the next off-road adventure then proceeded to catch the spicy flu and have missed going on the adventure. Its probably due for a little refresh anyway, the forks are leaking and there’s a couple of other gripes I have with it, at some point it’ll come back to Auckland for a birthday.
  8. Didn’t run over @BLIZZO Found the limit of grip available in SR241 golden boys Battled with @MikeDodd And then spent a bit more time inspecting the grass on this corner. 10/10 coming back next year
  9. Took Adv50 to garlic masters, was a hoot. Tried to get the holeshot, Had some great races, Railed the berm, Tried to look like I knew what I was doing,
  10. Good Morning @johnnyfive Please accept this post as formal notification of my resignation of attendance from EastCapeEscapade. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend EastCapeEscapade. I am greatfull for for my previous attendances, and during this time I have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere within the team and I will miss our interactions. Whilst I am excited at the new opportunities I now have available this weekend, I will always remember my time at previous EastCapeEscapdes with affection. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information, I would be delighted if you could keep me informed of the weekends progression, and I am hopeful that going forward new opportunities within the EastCapeEscapade program will arise and if they align better, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered if position becomes available. Kind Regards Shakotom
  11. Went for a hoon this morning. Narrow bars, Radially grooved tyres and gravel make for a interesting time.
  12. Update: Cb360 ended up dropping a cylinder on test ride around the block just before Christmas resulting in missing out on getting it back on the road for summer 2021. carbs got sent off for ultrasonic cleaning, and I’ve started slowly souring parts to fix the issues and might actually tear it down to the frame and give it a proper tidy up (leave tank etc patina) instead of half as get a wof and ride it. However, messaging a mate on Monday about something else resulted in a ‘I’ve got a Cg125 I’m thinking about selling sitting here’ message. Shot over for a socially distanced viewing and ended up riding this home. Plan is just ride this and enjoy it while 360 is on the back burner. It’s a 1976 Honda CG125, classic rego, black plate, came with Original rego papers and owners manual. It was an original bike that was cafe racered by a local artist and has a few quirky features, Narrow bars, Pea strainer exhaust heat shield, Spoon handles to hold up the chain guard. Its rad, just jammed a new chain on it, changed the oil and fixed an exhaust leak. now to just ride it as much as possible. *wtb -CB100 gas tank…..
  13. Also chairs for event creation @MopedNZ Got two bikes to build to spec for this. Fizzin
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