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  1. J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    15x10 4wd wheels. I’ve got some sweet 15x10 et-54 Enkei 32s that are squirrels away for future truck project. Can still get cool junk, just have to look hard lewl
  2. J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Man now decent width 13s/14s are 2 grand how times have changed and how much better would small wheels and slam look
  3. J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Wow @Seedy Al those wheels really set that ute off...
  4. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Are you coming to Auckland @Beaver
  5. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    And threw a cheeky lowball at a dude with a stash of FR parts because I wanted the handle bar upper cover for my FR. turns out its it’s pretty much a whole FR, just disassembled. so I’m one bike less than I was before. Fuuuuuu
  6. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    So I sold 3x surplus bikes from my hoard. and then got a phone call ‘you like scooters. Get this out of my shed’
  7. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    My grandad had one of these that he was doing up for my late grandmother before she passed away. So many memories of being a little kid and playing in it pretending to drive it places while around at grandads. and pulling the tin can covering the slightly upswept end of the exhaust and putting leaves in there. He sold it still unfinished to a guy up north I think. Was yellow with red panels I think. Will have to see if can rummage up some photos
  8. Russell's CG110

    Damn that looks like fun times!
  9. chris' scoot hoard

    Great effort mate! Know the feels with the wiring.
  10. Shakotoms AX100.

    Also, Ive upgraded to a larger cc four cylinder sports bike so unfortunately it pains me to say that this is up for sale. This thing is honestly the perfect commuter bike. The narrow bars make zipping between traffic a breeze, two stroke dings sound great echoing off the buildings, plus it looks cool parked outside the cafe/pub. Its also so much fun out on back roads for carrying momentum through corners and speed tucking on the tank. Warranted till October - probably will take it in for a update at some point, but It passed the last wof exactly as pictured - had to buy a chain guard and everything. Wof guy said safety over aesthetics. And being a 2005 model it gets yearly wofs! will come with some live rego, As ill probably keep using it until sold. $1700 I still dont really wanna sell this. (imperfections i can think of are small dent in the tank which was there previous to my ownership, and the LH side of the tank is covered with red vinyl as it has scratches in the paint from when I removed the Suzuki stickers)
  11. Shakotoms AX100.

  12. Shakotoms AX100.

  13. Shakotoms AX100.

    Aiite, So havent done much to this. Have swapped back to Narrow bars for better city lane splitting, rewrapped the side cover, fitted some super nice Biltwell grips, did a bit of basic maintenance, replaced the clutch and choke cables due to them getting pinched in between the forks and the stops. Have just been riding it. So heres some photos.
  14. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Can get 3.50-10 white walls for $59 each plus postage on the tard
  15. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    What size are you after?