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  1. We’d decided we were going to tackle 42 traverse. Which was a great choice for a shakedown ride imo. Adventure50 handled it quite well, 4t motor is just lazy and loves being held wide open to bounce up obstacles. Did a few jumps, bashed through a bunch of puddles, and succeeded at most hill climbs (let down by lack of rider skill mostly) apart from the really wet slippery clay ones (like picture) due to lack of tyre grip, as the SR241 trail tyres just clogged up. Cleared instantly though once back onto the more solid bits of the trail. relocating the airfilter into the frame was good, as it increased the wading depth. However we still had to carry/float the bikes across as a section of this was mid thigh deep. Even made it up to see some snow only issue on the day was I lost the exhaust nuts -my fault for not double nutting/using lock nuts. And could go for some firmer front springs as it bottoms out fairly easily. / less bent fork tubes might help too. however we only did 42 one way as on the way back Andrews bike broke and we had to walk it out. So I need to go back to ride it both ways again. #cape
  2. So @GuyWithAviators and I impulse decided we needed to go on an adventure, Id wrangled a Friday off work so the date was set. I made a seat just to get by. -hand beaten pan and custom duel density foam, and glued that on. Loaded the bike onto the trailer and shot down to meet Andrew.
  3. Tbh the svs vechile soon warming on the dash/low fuel message combined with the no start has me suspecting it’s actually a faulty ECM and not the car key. Especially if it’s disarming the security system fine get it scanned, it’ll probably have some fault code to do with the starter supply circuit stored and will have lost/be loosing the driver to earth the starter relay signal wire Alloytech v6 right?
  4. Shakedown went well. only issue was exhaust nuts rattled loose and I really need stiffer front forks, but it’s algood. I’m still gonna send it.
  5. I feel like it’s in the same camp as @MopedNZ‘ claim of ‘I’ll ride a FA50 to ChCh Nats’ puhuhuh
  6. Just need to finish my seat, but hoping to get away for a test adventure when time allows
  7. Anyone know where I can try to get owner Acetelyne/ oxygen bottles filled in Auckland? or is that not really a thing anymore?
  8. With it’s an intermittent fault, it’ll be a PIA to fault next time it goes to no start, see if padlocks on the dash if it’s illuminated/flashing, I’d guess an immobiliser / remote issue. -remotes are not really serviceable on them. At that point I’d say take to dealer. Remove key and flip 180 degrees into the ignition and try again see if that changes anything (they complete the circuit back through the metal tab on the key and the metal ring round the ignition switch, any wear /not making contact will not really help the issue) if it’s not illuminated/flashing when it faults, turn the ignition back off, remove the key from ign open and close door and wait till padlock comes on dash. Reinsert key and turn ign to position 2 and check padlock goes out. Then try and start. Also, any other warnings on the dash when it won’t start? Eg service vechile soon? Also as tori says, maybe clutch switch issue too if they have that. Been a while since I’ve been near a vz. Put head under dash and have a geeze around the clutch pedal cruise control work?
  9. Is the red padlock icon on the dash illuminated when the no start fault occours?
  10. Shit yeah. Please get some photos of Vespa amongst mx bikes etc. whats the trail ride your doin?