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  1. @Beaver yeah would be happy to throw donation your way to get bike there if that tees out / isn’t full of speedcocks
  2. Very interested. Just need to figure out logistics of getting a bike there.
  3. Can you make it so muffler attaches via springs or something so you can remove it when you want to be super rowdy?
  4. Yeah this is rad. Mate had a full caged race car spec one. Was 1.8 with ITBs which was a hoot to drive, then he turboed it and it was dumb scary. Mx5 is on my list of cars to own one day
  5. I’ve had some stuff come up so won’t be able to make this one sorry
  6. What’s the details on this.... (snake)
  7. Had new bars for monkey turn up yesterday while I was sick at home sweet tiny narrow things, pretty stoked on them Now I think it looks a bit wack / fronts too high for the bars. considering lowering headlight/fork badge so the windshield top is same height/lower then the bars
  8. Good work KK!
  9. Next Wednesday the 17th is @oldrx7s date
  10. Bring your daily! The more the merrier!