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  1. What’s the details on this.... (snake)
  2. Had new bars for monkey turn up yesterday while I was sick at home sweet tiny narrow things, pretty stoked on them Now I think it looks a bit wack / fronts too high for the bars. considering lowering headlight/fork badge so the windshield top is same height/lower then the bars
  3. Good work KK!
  4. Next Wednesday the 17th is @oldrx7s date
  5. Bring your daily! The more the merrier!
  6. Yeah sounds good same time same place? refer post 1 page 1 for details?
  7. The other issue here is that with it being engine swapped, a another reasoning for the wof man saying no deal apart from not matching CERT plate is 99% of the time that manual conversion would probably not involve using all OE components to convert to manual. Wether that be a adapter plate to fit OEM gearbox, custom trans mount etc. Better case for argument here would be something like my s14, only certed for suspension mods but stock motor and auto gearbox. Manual swap would require CERT even if I used all OEM components And didn’t change the brake pedal because it no longer matches CERT plate, and the rule is it must match the cert plate. However if I wanted to refit all my stock parts, get the cert plate removed, then manual swap using OEM parts and retain the auto brake pedal then GG I guess, but fuck that because you’ll probably fit the manual pedal so You wont stamp the brake pedal when youre trying to do clutch kicks. -loophole would be non certed car converted to manual using 100% Oe non modified parts that still retains the OE auto brake pedal And the clutch pedal box/mount is not part of the brake pedal box / mount. -there are cars out there than manual and auto pedal boxes differ as they’re all in one (Early commodores etc) so swapping to that would be modifying a braking component. And you’d also find that pedals will probably touch/ be too close to use nicely etc. WOF guys gonna probably refer you to certifier as that way liability is removed from him. great discussion point etc, but legal answer is gonna be just get a cert, it ain’t that hard.
  8. Or worse and go well you fucked that opportunity, let’s go Aussie/Germany spec. enjoy stock cars
  9. Also think about it, ol mate with diddles for fingers only puts half the amount of bolts in when putting a Gearbox in, -not ideal but probably not a big issue yet half the bolts on a brake pedal or being a potato and forgetting to install the Clevis pin correctly / heating / cutting brake pedal may result in brakes failing in an emergency stop and that’s sort of important.
  10. Have you seen the competency of some of the diddle fingered people that work on cars that think they know what they’re doing? Have you seen the pics that Cletus has posted in design disaster thread of cars that people have presented for certification? There are monkeys out there that can barely tie their shoes, let alone undo some bolts and reassemble something with the same number of bolts / pins that they removed. I’ve seen people put a headlight bulb in upside down. I feel like cert rules are easy enough to justify that something’s been done correctly / safely. Also Cert process Is easy and painless from my experience. Take car in, pay some money, fix what cert guy says, acquire plate. Some stuffs a bit of a PITA, but standardised and easy enough to see why there’s a blanket rule when you think about it.