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  1. Bike build is well underway at the moment fizzing for this
  2. Shakotom

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    Hey It’s got a D pillar..... Liftback/shootingbrake/sportwagon..... ill just do my usual say this time I’ll come! then come up with an excuse I can’t make it a week out or so
  3. Damn Hamilton meets look off the chain
  4. Shakotom

    Ash’s Suzuki CS50 roadie

  5. Shakotom

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Keen for all of these need to make adventure bike
  6. Shakotom

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Ooooooooh someone said gravel and off roading/self sufficient? giz also it was actually @RUNAMUCK who mentioned something in spam causing me to mention it to you @MopedNZ
  7. Shakotom

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    Looks sweeet, got any photos from the build / assembly stages?
  8. no minimum ground clearance requirement for trailers.- provided scratchbuilt- pretty sure modifying existing trailer needs cert Mine sits at around 40mm off the ground when behind my daily, have used it to tow motorcycles all over the country. Tows well. Only time it touches the ground is driveways/speed bumps. that being said, I built it with no suspension and have since decided that I want suspension / it more purposeful for towing bikes so will be building V2 when it’s free.
  9. Is there a thread Barry can’t infect with his high spring attitude?
  10. Shakotom

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Man this bike gets my pine on.
  11. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Since 'finishing' it in Janurary, Ive put close to 1000 trouble free km on it. Theres a few things I need to sort (raise foot pegs and replace the brake pedal as its rubbed through from dragging while cornering) but overall Im pretty happy with it. Its turned out pretty much the way I envisioned it. However, I have a couple of plans for changes to be made. Id like to sort the carb issues with its original motor and get that back in, A few asthetic refinements and as I get more confident with welding maybe some wilder bars... But theres a couple of other projects under way in the shed so stay tuned
  12. Shakotom

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    So after getting rolled by the 5.0 on the Chaly, that got its innards stripped to finish another bike. @Raizer found this in a garden in Gisborne, and pulled it from its slumber. It had been sitting under a tarp in the long grass for a while developing a killer patina while actually staying fairly complete with all OG parts, I collected it off him and dragged it home in a 12+ hour round trip from Auckland. The 'GardenCub' Its pretty sweet, fairly ratty and suprisingly solid. The externally rusty wheels were found to be immaculate internally after removing the super cracked tyres. It even had the original, matching patina legsheild. The engine was seized, the carb had an ant nest inside it and the seat base disappeared aftter the strands of foam holding the corroded base together cried enough in the trailer and scattered rust flakes all through the gorge. Id been wanting a Cub since, well, probably seeing QCR on the news / in NZPC and pined over the Peaks Mopeds type style of OG paint, maximum slam and chopped up standard bars. This had been in the corner of the shed, and over time I progressively stripped it down, washed all the gunk out of its crevices, renewed wheel bearings, freed up seized pivots on the brakes, ordered replacement cables, brake shoes, pestered @MopedNZ to find me the style tyres I wanted (He had to get his work to open an account with a supplier just for me <3), put feelers out for a few parts my bike was missing -taillight etc ( hoarded all the old stock parts people were removing to customize there cubs} all while trying to preserve as much of the patina on any externally visible surfaces as possible. I stripped and rebuilt the original engine with a new top end, all gaskets/seals, reconditioned cylinder head and got it running but had a terrible time with the carb so it sat in the corner of the shed while I was caught up with a few other things, Then the chaly got decommissioned so the motor got pulled and Chaly motor swapped into this along with a trailtech, and rewired from scratch. In my pile of other peoples discarded parts I had a spare stock ehaust, so the front of that got chopped off, muffler hollowed and a new header made from misc larger diameter stainless bends to suit the new engine. Handle bars were a spare I acquired to use as a trial for my first attempt at fab work / welding before I committed to butchering the original bars. They've been narrowed about 100mm over stock to get rid of the indicators, aswell as being pulled back and down to match the angles of the legsheild. I also remade the bar cover to follow the lines of the bars while still trying to keep them fairly factory looking in the way they tuck into the switches. I reused the original grips, slide throttle asm, speedo and switch assemblies. They're not as narrow as Id like them to be, but they're the same width as the rear rack, and have super comfortable angles. Fairly happy with them as a first attempt considering at the time I wasnt quite confident enough to go butchering and re making the handlebar mounting points. Bag and spine rack were an ebay special -rate these for chucking drinks/junk in, Legsheilds a repro thats been aged to match the bike as I couldnt bring myself to cut the OG one to fit the carb off the chaly motor, Deluxe fork cover and legsheild clamp are OG stuff pulled from my pile of parts Ive added to add to the OEM+ spec asthetic I was going for. @MopedNZ was kind enough to bring me back a set of Draft Kustom Shop Lowdown links from his previous trip to Thailand in 2018. These are sweet and give a 30mm drop over stock, but that wasn't enough for the look I was wanting so when installing them, along with fresh bushes, They also got the QCR mod done to prevent lift under braking and a couple of other custom touches to chop closer to 60mm out of the ride height to get the guard destroying ride height I was after. resulting in the front guard and fork cover being clearanced nicely by the radial tread pattern of the tyre. PERFECT. The rear got bought down to match via shortening of the factory springs/shocks. Still retains a very little bit of suspension travel which is nice.
  13. Shakotom

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Fuck you’re a wild man. In awe of the distances you ride on that thing. So good
  14. Shakotom

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Man those guard mounts are super clean! also fizzing over the rest of it. Love this change of style dude. Bike looks tops!