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  1. Yanked the motor out of the red one, and swapped it into the white one, spent too much time on Instagram and ended up spending some coin to import some bits to make the jog cooler. sourced some bits from Yahoo Japan -8inch wheels (OEM is 10inch) -UnderCowl and Rear spoiler from Japan -OEM Yamaha Jog floormat -repro lower rear side panels Then lowered to a inappropriate ride height, and purchased a sweet helmet to suit the style.
  2. Then thanks to my Scooter Dealer @Raizer, I had a old and pretty rough CE50 27v Jog turn up at my work. (pictured next to my old FZR250) The jog ran but had had a very hard life and all the plastics were chooched/ missing various bits. As things happen, I came across a much tidier one on Waiheke Island that made its way into my shed. Pretty cool, all original with black plate and front basket but not running.
  3. Vino got neons and slam applied, was a good smoko runner / winter CBD pest ride, but got sick of it so moved it on.
  4. Hi, long time no update again. ADV50 did TeUruweraAdvRide fine with no hiccups. Well except for blowing the fork seals and leaking all the oil out, so by the time we got to Motu pretty much had no compression movement, only droop. And rear brake getting a bit grabby.
  5. Shit yeah, mad pine over this. You’ve done a great job / was good meeting you!
  6. That time already? sorry dudes but I can’t make it tonight
  7. This thing was rad at TeUruweraAdv. Great adv bike. post us up some beauty shots with the full fairings on please!!
  8. Jelly of you whagnatters. Have a great time.
  9. 15th then? it being the 3rd Wednesday so staying true to tradition?
  10. shall we do this again in Jan? 15th or the 22nd? (3rd wed or 2nd to last wed of the month?)