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  1. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Yeah I fucked up on that accord tbh haha
  2. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Yeah your welcome for the steel Charlie guard btw
  3. Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    If your getting rid of any of the handle bar upper covers, indicators, throttle asm or front guard giz please of course
  4. Honda "Chelli"

    If you interested in selling it man I might know someone interested in it! Giz a pm if so
  5. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    Still after a waterneck? i think I’ve got a good one in the shed you can have for some koha will have a hunt
  6. Honda "Chelli"

  7. Doullamas panelvans

    Shouldn’t be getting wet feet from the plenum, I spent too many $$ at a panel beaters getting the wiper cowling /plenum fixed when I owned it
  8. Shakotom's '84 VK MAYTE!

    I had steels that were widened out 50mm each side on the front of mine and no rub
  9. Shakotom's '84 VK MAYTE!

    Nah, no issues. Would almost guess you don’t have enough caster?
  10. FlyingBricks NF75

    ST has a fuel tank of 2.5 litres just from memory, I think guypie told me that the fuel tank / oil tank separating bit have failed and it’s all sort of one. run pre mix
  11. Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    Yeah, fine. Guess id better make mine cooler then
  12. And yes Plz Greg to just holders
  13. Keen for base plate minus bottle opener plz
  14. @flyingbrick wanna make 2 sets of the handlebar base plates?