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  1. I want this.
  2. These things are spring under axle? Convert to spring over and gain all of the heights
  3. I have a dream for one of the other FR frames that involves a lifan and normal telescopic style forks...
  4. After disassembly and browsing Raizers let's thread and having a yarn with him why purchase stock replacement parts when there's performance parts out there!! I paid $87 for this LETS2 when I purchased it on Friday. Have spent a little bit more than that on parts for it since... oops cant wait for them to turn up!
  5. Disassembled the variator and found the roller weights were just slightly square Other side of the front drive pulley is pretty similar to the variator but as these seem impossible to source it should come up fine with a bit of time with some sand paper and clutch looks like it should be fine with a scuff aswell
  6. So did some investigating on the weekend found belts pretty worn, the edges of it are pretty scuffed up and it's starting to crack also removed the variator, this photos doesn't really show it as it's hard to show but the face of it is pretty worn and glazed over as well as ramp angle is all over the show/pretty much straight on the outer edge.
  7. replied in your fred @Raizer
  8. After fitting the battery, and checking gas and oil levels, and getting used to all of the saftey stuff eg kickstand switchs that modern mopeds have compared to stuff from 1979 I pressed the electric start button and nothing happened. I was slightly gutted as the electric start was quite a luxury I wasn't used to and was excited about. I gave it a kick and it started first pop and idled away nicely. Not bad for a bike that supposedly didn't run. took it for a hoon to the bottom of the road and back. Goes alright but is a little disappointing. Does all of the revs but will only do 40-45 kmh. Then I discovered to have the electric start operate, you have to be holding the brake. So luxurious. next step is to pull the variator and stuff off and inspect that. Also drain and fill with new oil/gas Depending what the variators like, performance ones aren't too bad price wise. Goal is to get a drive train that will comfortably do 70ish before we go next step
  9. So I've purchased another scooter, but this one has more plastic on it than all my other ones combined. Doing my usual hunting for parts on tardme, I stumbled across an auction for a Suzuki Lets2 being sold by turners as a deregistered non running bike at a price that was sorta tempting I chucked it on my watch list and semi forgot about it. Re checking my watch list a week or so later, the auction for this was closing, I sent the link to some mates, then peer pressure happened and next thing I'd won the trade me auction. shot to turners on Friday morning before work and collected this Dragged it home and had a look at it. Looks like someone's fallen off it due to smashed LH lights and scuffs all down the side. I sent Raizer a couple of messages asking for advice after as to why I had no power ect, I Eventually figured out it was missing the battery which for future reference is kept under the foot boards. (New school junk) So this morning I shot out, purchased a battery from scootling in town as they had one in stock and I was slightly too impatient for my usual shop to order one in. after managing to escape with out being tempted by the array of performance junk they sell I got home and fitted the battery.
  10. Giz all of the details on the tyres plz
  11. Or RotaVan
  12. Fuck yeah now acquire the high roof from that rusty one at VW shop. Affix to this and slam this and win even more at life
  13. Poaching his thread but could I have this design also pls if it's being offered up
  14. And I reckon you'll still probably get this on the road before my Hilux is done. Was a sweet road trip mission.