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  1. @cletus how often do you see old cars that have numbers that don't match? There was a Zephyr in the club I used to belong to that had been registered a year before it was built ie rego said it was a 1963 but the number stamped on the body indicated it had been built in 1964. What would be the go there if you had a car like that?
  2. Hmm yeah might just mask it up tbh. With the glacial pace of progress on the car I'd rather not have an irreplaceable part at VTNZ for however long. Just as long as there's nothing under it contamination wise that will affect the new paint. I feel like if I just removed it and went for a wof with it reattached its one of those things that could go either way tbh.
  3. Do they use special rivets or anything? Just curious as to whether anyone would be able to tell whether they'd removed it or not.
  4. Zephyr should be getting painted soon, I want to remove the ID tag before it gets painted as I think it will look better than masking it off. Its secured with four pop rivets, am I all good removing it or will I run into issues come time to get it another WOF?
  5. Man it must be great being able to whip things up on the lathe like that! Also interesting re the testing station. My brother took his Surf there a few months back (32s, 2" lift, spotlights etc, nothing out of the ordinary) and they went to town on it. Wanted proof from Toyota that the lift wasn't more than 2", made him take all the stickers off the side windows, also wanted him to remove the lower half of the dash to prove there wasn't an odometer switch in there etc. Won't be going there ever again.
  6. Still a lot less work than mine needs though! I'm hoping my brakes etc will be okay but we'll see, been sitting for awhile now.
  7. Its certainly been a long cashie haha. Once its painted progress shouldn't be too bad though, the running gear is pretty much done so that can all go back in. What state is yours in currently?
  8. What I remember the most is the N04s running bearings due to diesel in the oil and customers getting super irate because the VGT actuator had packed up and they had to replace the entire turbo as a result. Good times in parts haha
  9. Yeah g'day, been a minute eh. In fact I hadn't seen the car in something like two years but a couple of weeks ago the old man and I hired a trailer and picked it up from the panel beaters. The body has been taken back to bare metal, the rust has been sorted as well as a redo of a couple of old repairs for peace of mind. Theres still a few wee things to be sorted before it gets painted, I think years ago I told the panel beater I was keen to have a go but tbh I'll just pay an expert to do it and then get them to prep and paint it at the same time. Hopefully got someone coming to see
  10. Ideal, worked in parts at a Hino dealership for a few years, don't really remember doing much for the J07C motors apart from filters and gaskets. I'm pleased its not N04C powered haha
  11. Shitchea, love me a Hino. What engine and box is it running?
  12. As far as the handling with a leaf spring live axle, what's your ultimate goal with the build? I'm no suspension expert but surely with a bit of fettling with shocks and sway bars etc you'd be able to make it go pretty well. Even if it didn't handle that well it'd be so damn cool it wouldn't really matter IMO.
  13. Sweet thanks dudes, I'll squirrel a wee bit of coin away for some preventative maintenance after the next wof. @Bling I'll take a photo of it after work, such a work of art that exhaust.
  14. I guess I want the tip of the probe as central in the pipe as possible? And also at 90 degrees to the flow?
  15. I've recently bought a KZN130, 1KZ-TE manual. Pretty keen on prolonging a cracked head for as long as possible, what's the go with installing an EGT gauge? Where is the ideal spot for the probe? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere here before but I can't find it.
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