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  1. Doullamas panelvans

    Pleased this has stayed in the OS family! Pined hard but sadly no money or space for it. Shagpile carpet and a disco ball plz
  2. The Bronze's XB Falcon

    Man this thing is lush. Do want.
  3. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop

    Well done man! Been super cool seeing your progress on your build!
  4. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Mate don't bother with widened steelies. Rota's are just the same as genuine Jap wheels* *Kidding.jpg
  5. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Went for a ride in this as Hanmeet, seriously considered buying it!
  6. Wylde's '84 Holden Statesman DeVille series II

    Sorry to see you're having motor issues man. Don't sell it though, can guarantee you'd regret it! I almost bought a Brougham once and I'm still kicking myself for letting it go
  7. Yoeddynz and Hannah's HB Viva Wagon Discussion

    I thought that this had been sold? I must have missed something...
  8. shannons 1972 vauxhall viva estate

    I'm interested too, very cool looking wagon.
  9. chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    I've taken photos of a few cars there, the photos of my old chevy were taken in the same spot.
  10. chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    Nothing too exciting to report. Changed the oil this weekend and then got called out just as I'd removed the oil filter. Gave it a wash and took a few photos. Discuss here. Or don't. You're all adults, make your own choices.
  11. chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    Replaced the left hand control arm this weekend as the outer ball joint was absolutely rooted. As it turns out the control arm was a right hand arm fitted to the left hand side. The control arms on these things are handed which probably explains why the joint was so bad. At first glance the arms look the same but the ball joints are a few degrees off being parallel with the face of the inner bushes. I had trouble photographing it but if you look closely you can see where it looks like the stud has worn into the control arm. I pressed new bushes into both arms and fitted the new arm to the car. I thought the swaybar bushes were ok but on closer inspection they need to be replaced so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to grab a set from Enford. Still need to change the oil and wire up the horns and then I think I'll move this thing on as things haven't quite worked out the way I'd planned and I'd like to free some money up for other things. Yarns here:
  12. chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    Yep sure am, too many trucks in the yard so been parked on the street this week
  13. chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    I haven't done too well at photographing progress on this thing as it's my daily and I'm usually just trying to get the job done with as little fuss as possible but I made sure I got photos of the panel repairs. When I bought the car it had a big square dent with a tear below it in the sill. I don't know for sure but I suspect that it fell off a jack at some point and punched in the sill. Initially the panel beater thought the dent could be pulled out and a small patch welded in but unfortunately there was some rust on either side of the dent so we bit the bullet and cut the lot out. I stupidly didn't take a before photo but I'm very pleased with the quality of the repair and it's nice to know there's steel there and not just bog! I still need to fit the chrome trim to the sill and then that's one more thing off the list. Discuss here:
  14. cupcakes b16 hundy

  15. 63 Corvair - Air Cooled Life - Discussion

    Looking forward too seeing this slammed, such a cool looking car! Can't get Cheviots or something for it instead?