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  1. Sorry to see you're having motor issues man. Don't sell it though, can guarantee you'd regret it! I almost bought a Brougham once and I'm still kicking myself for letting it go
  2. Automatic replies are on, someone else has the callout phone. Weekend starts now! Fizzing!
  3. I thought that this had been sold? I must have missed something...
  4. Giz a shout if you want some help. Really should get back into mine!
  5. Yessir. @scooters has no wheels or rear brakes on it currently
  6. I wish, it's still playing hover cars currently. I did find another one parked on my parents street today that I'm half tempted to buy though
  7. Can you hire mountain bikes in Hanmer? Haven't got a towball or a bike but could be keen on giving it a go.
  8. I can most probably take it up if you like
  9. I will do that tonight unless anyone tells me otherwise before then.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, middys leave has been approved so we'll both be coming. Where do I put her details on the registration form? Or do I just fill out my details and pay for two people?
  11. Thanks @yoeddynz, got my leave approved! Just waiting on the mrs to find out if she can take the Friday off as the other office lady is away. Fingers crossed!
  12. No idea what I'll be driving but Mrs and I are keen as to come. Someone remind me to check if I can get leave tomorrow!
  13. I'm interested too, very cool looking wagon.
  14. I've taken photos of a few cars there, the photos of my old chevy were taken in the same spot.