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  1. Need to replace the inner rack end on the EA, never done one before and haven't got a manual yet. Is there a flat on the steering rack shaft itself or do I just screw the new rack end on and nip it up? Bit worried about putting too much twisting force on the rack itself.
  2. Where did you score your seats from? Having mine retrimmed at the mo but my frames are pretty fucked. Would potentially be keen on buying another set if you know someone with parts.
  3. Pretty sure mine just flattens both batteries eh. Honestly not sure how it's set up though as I've never looked into to.
  4. Where's the best place to go price wise for automotive batteries? Surf has been getting a bit slow to start for awhile and finally decided not to start after work today. I need a NS70MF and a NS70LMF.
  5. What does a chipped tooth sound like? Bit of a vague question I know but one of our work trucks has always crunched pretty bad when going into reverse regardless of how long you sit with the clutch depressed first. Now it's also making a rhythmic thumping when reversing. Wondering if a tooth or maybe a synchro has given out?
  6. Excited too see what you guys do with this! I've been keeping my eye out for a wee sailing dinghy, luckily mrs is keen to so hopefully might get to spend some time on the water over summer.
  7. Looking good man! Actually saw your car at Delray a few weeks back when I had mine in there for some work, didn't realize it was yours at the time though.
  8. The interiors come up well! Does the brake fluid leave any residue on the plastic at all? Or just wash it off and away you go?
  9. I've been finding the same thing, my head has already been ported and polished etc but I'm now unsure about the induction side of things. I've got an adapter for a Weber 36/36 for the original manifold but I wouldn't be able to run an air filter with it. I've been wondering about running a 350 Holley or perhaps a big side draught carby but it would probably mean a custom manifold and tbh I've no idea where to start as far as sussing what's suitable.
  10. Cool! How's she going with it? I've only built military kits but definitely keen to try some sci-fi stuff. Gave up on the Belfast, parts fit is terrible and I'm missing a sprue. This is the second go with this kit, the first one had two portside hulls. Good old Airfix. Having a jam at HMS Dreadnought now.
  11. Started building an Airfix 1:600 (soz it's the wrong scale) HMS Belfast this afternoon. Fit of the parts is just as bad as I remember from childhood but it's an enjoyable process nonetheless.
  12. @flyingbrick thanks man! So if I'm understanding correctly just use fibreglass to form a female mould of the original hull? I considered this but was a bit worried that the heat from the epoxy curing might cause the vacuum formed hull to distort.
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