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  1. Doullamas panelvans

    Add some yellow and orange stripes plz
  2. Doullamas panelvans

    Oh man looks so good in that colour!
  3. Maaaate if insecure barries are what you're looking for then see you at Hanmeet! My first OS event was Hanmeet 2017, was bloody good fun and I wish I'd attended sooner!
  4. WT Borrow - Brake flaring tool and cutter

    @Lump Thank you, I've got one sorted now though! Cheers anyway!
  5. WT Borrow - Brake flaring tool and cutter

    Thanks dudes, hoping to find one locally though! Otherwise Brian will be back next week and I'll just grab his one
  6. Hey boes, Does anyone have a brake tube flaring tool and a cutter that I could borrow? Finally have all the parts required to finish the brakes on the VL but my workmate who was going to loan me a tool is away sick and I'd like to get it done while I'm an a bit of a roll. Will pay in firm handshakes/cold beverages etc. Thanks, Chaz
  7. Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    No worries at all! Good to see everyone last night!
  8. @RUNAMUCK Keeeeen! Will see if I can borrow dads bike!
  9. @smokin'joe I have no idea how my cardio fitness will compare with everyone else but lets give it a go!
  10. What's the go with the mountain biking? Haven't been mountain biking in probably ten years but keen to give it a go. I live near Bottle Lake now so may as well get into it!
  11. Entered and paid, guess I should apply for leave now...
  12. WT Borrow - Compression tester

    All sorted now thanks guys
  13. WT Borrow - Compression tester

    All sorted now thanks guys
  14. WT Borrow - Compression tester

    G'day you jokers, does anyone have a compression tester that I could borrow? Having some trouble with the VL turbo and I'd like to rule out core engine trouble. Can pay in firm handshakes/beers Fanks, Chaz