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  1. Fuck I can't wait to go for a hoon in this at nats next year...
  2. Thanks for this, it's shaping up to be a lot of measuring and hassle for the sake of lowering the car another 3cm haha. My old man suggested some bags of cement in the boot, might be an easier way to go!
  3. What's the go with replacing bump stops? Haven't got much clearance between the pinion snubber on the wagon, it's 65mm tall overall. Can I replace it with an aftermarket one that's shorter? Virm says they can't be modified but doesn't mention replacing them with an aftermarket option.
  4. I'm going to leave the blocks in so that I can easily raise it again if I need to without having to do anything to the spring pack. That's the plan at this stage anyway.
  5. Thanks @cletus! I do remember being told about the shackles once upon a time. I'll have a decent look at it and have a chat to the spring makers. Ideally I'd like to only do stuff that can be reversed, if I'm going to cert it then I'd be tempted to bag it but thats a whole other can of worms that I'm not clued up on.
  6. Okay another suspension question for @cletus. Is there a minimum amount of arch required for a leaf spring? I've measured the Fairmont, if I lower it 40mm it'll even up the guard gap, leave the structure of the vehicle about 110mm from the ground and should give about 50mm between the unmodified bump stops and the diff. I'll get an extra over load leaf fitted but the springs will be fairly flat, I'm hoping fitting an extra leaf will mitigate this. Am I likely to run into any other issues? Couldn't see anything in the Virm.
  7. Thought as much. Thanks mate! I'll just spend the $300 and get the leaves reset properly.
  8. Yeah already has 2" blocks installed and still sits very high. Almost wonder if it's got springs in it that have been raised it's that high.
  9. What's the go with flipped leaves? Just been looking at a post on another forum where a guy reckons you can lower an E series wagon 2" buy taking the spring pack apart and putting the small leaf on the bottom upside down on top of the pack. Seems somewhat dodgy. Is it legal and how shit is the ride quality likely to be?
  10. I've bypassed the heater in the Fairmont as it's more admin than I have time for at the moment. I've run a hose from the outlet from the thermostat housing to the coolant hardline that runs around the back of the engine and goes to the water pump, bypassing both the heater tap and core. Because of where it has to run through the inlet manifold it's got a fairly tight bend in it and is on the verge of collapsing on itself. The original bypass that links the two pipes is still in place so there's a small but constant coolant flow, if the hose that I've added does collapse will this cause any issues? I can't see it being any different to having the heater tap closed (which is no longer fitted) but it's been a sec since I've done any car stuff and I want to make sure I haven't missed anything.
  11. Sweet will give this a go, cheers! I was worried that might be the case, managed to do the hose by forcing my arm through a gap but it wasn't easy. Might give it a birthday while I'm there.
  12. Fairmont has a coolant leak from one of the heater bypass hoses. I cut the end off the hose and replaced the clamp. Leaking less than it was but still weeping. The metal pipe is fairly crusty but it's a bit of a nightmare to get to as it's under the inlet manifold. Any ideas?
  13. Forget the grey interior, what it really needs is camo door cards and mirror tints.
  14. Need to replace the inner rack end on the EA, never done one before and haven't got a manual yet. Is there a flat on the steering rack shaft itself or do I just screw the new rack end on and nip it up? Bit worried about putting too much twisting force on the rack itself.
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