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    Gav’s Honda N360

    As far as the handling with a leaf spring live axle, what's your ultimate goal with the build? I'm no suspension expert but surely with a bit of fettling with shocks and sway bars etc you'd be able to make it go pretty well. Even if it didn't handle that well it'd be so damn cool it wouldn't really matter IMO.
  2. chasinthemirage

    diesel spam

    Sweet thanks dudes, I'll squirrel a wee bit of coin away for some preventative maintenance after the next wof. @Bling I'll take a photo of it after work, such a work of art that exhaust.
  3. chasinthemirage

    diesel spam

    I guess I want the tip of the probe as central in the pipe as possible? And also at 90 degrees to the flow?
  4. chasinthemirage

    diesel spam

    I've recently bought a KZN130, 1KZ-TE manual. Pretty keen on prolonging a cracked head for as long as possible, what's the go with installing an EGT gauge? Where is the ideal spot for the probe? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere here before but I can't find it.
  5. Hey dudes, As per the thread title I want to have an alarm installed in my new car. I'm sure I could do it myself but I can't really be bothered in all honesty. Have any of you guys had alarms installed recently and if so who would you recommend getting to do the install or perhaps even avoiding? Cheers
  6. chasinthemirage

    Alarm Install - CHCH - Recommendations?

    Wee update, I booked the truck in with the guys at JC Installs and I couldn't be happier with the service. They had the install done same day and have done a super tidy professional job. They also took the time to tidy up some shoddy wiring that made itself apparent when fuses started blowing that night. Having seen the quality of the wiring on the gauges I removed I'm 100% confident that the fault wasn't caused by them but they fixed it free of charge for me anyway. I'll definitely be heading back there next time I need an alarm, head unit etc sorted.
  7. chasinthemirage

    Alarm Install - CHCH - Recommendations?

    Perfect! Thank you!
  8. chasinthemirage

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Ahhh sweet cheers for that. If I were to fit an ARB Bullbar so I could have a winch, could you see that causing any issues come WOF time/dealing with insurance etc? I wouldn't want to risk voiding the cert.
  9. chasinthemirage

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    I looked at a Surf today, certed for a body lift and an engine swap. On the cert plate under "Exemptions" it said Raised Front Bumper / Snorkel. What does this actually mean? Would I be able to fit a bullbar without affecting the legality of the cert?
  10. The majority of what I'll be doing is likely to just be muddy tracks and river crossings etc but I am quite keen to get into some more technical driving at some point. I've googled a few clubs but I don't really know who's who when it comes to clubs. I must admit that there's also a fair amount of manufacturer bias here, I really like Toyotas and to some extent Nissans so they are all that I've seriously considered. Interesting re the Bighorn, I've always disliked them for some reason. Might have to broaden my search a little!
  11. So much pine for an early Landy, dad froffs them too which doesn't help. I've looked at Safaris too but the rust puts me off a bit. They seem to be a bit worse than the Toyota's? Although realistically any Toyota I purchase will have some rust somewhere. No real reason for wanting fixed beam honestly, it seems a bit simpler and sturdier but I know that realistically IFS will perform just as well if not better than fixed beam (for what I want to do anyway) and also offer better handling and comfort.
  12. 2nd gens look so yuck though haha. I'd imagine they'd be IFS too? I quite like the KZN130 my brother has but I want fixed beam. I really want a Land Rover but I know that's a shit idea so I'll buy a Toyota haha.
  13. Yeah the brakes did suck, it was a lot more truck like than my brothers Surf or dads Hilux. So cool though. @Mof I thought the asking price was fairly reasonable but maybe not? Toyota's in general seem fairly spendy, there's a tidy LN106 for 9.5k that's been recently recomplied but I like the idea of having a wagon for secure storage etc.
  14. I'm sure that plenty of swaps have been done before but the levels of cbf are high. Been trying to cut complications out of my life recently so the less projects to worry about the better at this stage*. I drive like a nana 99% of the time these days so will just roll as is I think. May be slow but haven't found too much that seems to go wrong with them. *Googles 1HD swap
  15. How hard would that be? Worth turbocharging the 3B or better off just swapping the engine? I've never played with this sort of thing before. I'm really not looking for a project, just something that I can drive, maintain and enjoy but it'd be nice to have the option there if it does become too punishing.
  16. Yeah spendy wee rigs eh. I test drove a 13BT one which was heaps quicker but a bit rougher and also a lot more expensive. This one was incredibly slow, literally like driving a small truck instead of a car but felt like it had heaps of torque. I don't see it struggling to get me anywhere I want to go as far as access to hunting blocks, maybe just a bit of a pain speed wise. I didn't check behind the steering box but I might go back for another look, chassis and underbody looked good, bash plates and things hadn't been smashed like the last one I looked at. Sills had some surface rust but no dents, miles tidier than the last one. Quite keen but just a touch worried about how slow it is.
  17. Mwb with the fibreglass top I'm pretty sure. The rust is in the inside of the windscreen frame. Yeah the 13BT one I test drove was heaps faster but also a lot more spendy. This is it here
  18. Looking at buying an '89 BJ73 Land Cruiser. 5 speed manwell with a 3B. Only one small spot of rust I could find and seems to drive well. Yeah? Nah? Doesn't seem worth starting a thread.
  19. Hey dudes, I've had a read through this thread but am still a bit unclear on the best way for me to go about what I am trying to do. I'm in the process of shaping a comb raiser for the stock of my rifle to bring my line of sight up to where the new optic is mounted. I am currently using high density foam to shape a template, once this is finished what would you guys recommend as the next step? Do I need to go to the trouble of making a female mold from the template and then fibreglassing this or will a couple of coats of reinforced filler/bog over the foam be sufficient? It needs to be fairly sturdy as at some point its likely to get dropped but weight isn't too much of an issue and neither is the ability to make another as this is likely to be the only rifle of this type I build for awhile.
  20. chasinthemirage

    Wanting to borrow an engine crane in CHCH

    I have one as well if you can't get Pete's one.
  21. chasinthemirage

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    Well done man, absolutely flying through it so far!
  22. chasinthemirage

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Anyone heading to bike night on Thursday/keen for a beer somewhere?
  23. chasinthemirage

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Doesn't appear on carjam at all or the info is hidden? I've got access to Motocheck at work if that's any use?
  24. Does anyone have access to Toyota torque specs? 1KD-FTV in a Toyoace flywheel bolt torque setting? Can't get through to anyone in the local Toyota dealership.
  25. chasinthemirage

    Doullamas panelvans

    Add some yellow and orange stripes plz