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  1. so with all the fun of cutting and welding in patches i also received some more goodies for this toyota te71 T series disc brake rear end with the sad thing it only be a open diff so will have to sort a Lsd unit for this once its been shorten and fitted in the car A a pair of gimore pulleys to pull me in some school girls but with the purchase of these items i would like to thank mighty Joe for being a total GC and collecting these for me storing them then mounting them on a pallet and sending them to dorkland for me A pair of work equip 01's in 13inch scored these off a mate who had got them out of the inorganic collection many years ago. and have since given them a 10 hour job clean up they now both look like the top one. nothing flash but not too over the top. also still on the hunt for a standard kp steering wheel only wanting it to cut the spline off it so would like a rough condition one.
  2. And with the other 2 doors being sent off to be sand blasted i thought i would do some of the body patches so i started with the one around the fuel flap area but before i could start grinding and welding i thought i would be safe and remove the fuel tank as was abit close but gave me a chance to give that a cleanup also and lick of paint so i cut the old rusty crap out then gave the inside a sandblast then applied some rust converter before welding this patch in one down another million to go
  3. long time since an update but i have been making progress making and welding in patches been doing this door which had to be made in multiple pieces for it to work in my head so i cut multiple holes in this area and ended up with this so i added a patch here and this one and started making the main patch which this piece here was made from 5 different pieces all welded together but before it was placed into the door is was coated with some crc zinc it paint on the underside then welded in too look like this this is now 2 of the 4 doors done for their patch work
  4. A mx5 and Subaru one most likely won't have a big enough core as only running a small 4 cylinder plus both are all alloy engine which displaces the heat quicker. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1369952269 ^^ that's a hq Holden one but a v8 radiator size is a bit bigger overall but might fit as a Holden 202 is also a 3.3litre so a 6cylinder rad might fit. @chrisR might let you test fit his 1 tonner rad if you think it might work.
  5. Perhaps a holden 202 radiator or triumph tc might would in that car same sort of engine size etc alloy radiators are not the best for cast iron engines as it causes electrolysis as two different metals but is fine if you plan on servicing your cooling system more regularly but I'm sure you already knew that
  6. If going v8 in this thing my idea would be to LS conversion it can get the kits from the U.S. plus turn key driver fuel efficient low maintenance And more power. Also don't you work with Tom at holden? so could end up with a good deal on a motor too
  7. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/personalised-plates/auction-1346729474.htm
  8. with the inboard brake setup i know that on jags that the whole rear subframe needs to be removed. but you just cut a hole in the floorboard and the job is 10x quicker this could be a very good idea on the rover
  9. guy at my work can do LPG wof's not sure weather his ticket is still current or not
  10. with everything else looking nice and tidy on the engine i would recommend getting those throttle bodies vapour blasted hit up this guy @Mr VapourMr Va@
  11. oh no looks like you will have to stockup large on welding wire and gas. such a sweet ute just a shame about that hidden rust. although i would suggest getting the cab removed and getting sand blasted or acid dipped.
  12. good That's what i like to hear!
  13. please don't tell me you are going to hack up that nice original tan interior. it does look rather mint.
  14. cheers I did look at doing that but the wheel would require the the current holes being slotted or new ones drilled on the wheel and some holes onto the bosskit and threaded. then the wheel cover which holds the horn in place would require the same work but some of the current holes overlap eachother. could work though. but the boss kit for the wheel is also shorter too which is good as the current wheel and boss combo sit quite close to you even with the seat right back and the seat on a G lean. ^^ this is the wheels boss kit and how it would of been suited for the car. also this is a well made barry spec boss too so all that would need to be done is the current holden spline to be cut and removed. and a starlet one to be welded in its place. looks like a easy option to me. or get a different wheel