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  1. @Mr Vapour knows a few things about this
  2. the easiest way ive found to do selector seals on 727 or 904 trans is to pull pan and valve body out and put new seal in then the seal is fitted square. but this is how its done with trans in car. nice progress looking forward to the end result
  3. galaxie may be there tomorrow if the correct parts can be obtained. then put back together and hopefully go otherwise will take daily
  4. fuck im useless at updating this thread. motor goes and had a few hiccups on the way. Hei dizzy being shit and causing a misfire And me misplacing one pushrod not into the lifter causing one cylinder having no compression and still some overheating problems polished up my rocker shafts and machined the rockers to suit and in the hole. during the engine rebuild i spent some time and made a fan shroud its definitely nothing flash but worked with what i had and my current skills I then loaded it on a
  5. Marketing chemicals in Auckland sell methanol but not sure if they sell in a small amount as normally in a 205 litre drum and goes off if left for too long. Also try STA Parts as they sell race fuels
  6. for the cam situation i would recommend henry at Auckland cams have used him and is very helpful and isn't badly priced. i would also talk to him about compression ratio and what you want to do.
  7. I take it that haul of parts were from trademe? also are you willing to sell some of your spare engine bits?
  8. yeah its not as good as it use to be. the orange juice isn't bad when its good. haha perhaps on the wrong part of the country for that one! ive also got some in the fridge that need drinking and have been there for some time
  9. i was the only one haha and burger fuel was only doing online order so put that in too hard basket and bought Wendy's instead
  10. I'll be there if anyone wants to join also
  11. happy to take a look if you haven't already found someone. send me a pm cheers
  12. I know you said this on your latest post but is it okay to wet sand expoxy primer? i would've thought that it isn't sealed and ends up wrecking the primer also what grade sand paper do you start and finish with? progress is looking good
  13. Burgers this Wednesday guys who is interested? @sentra @locost_bryan @sheepers @rich1179 @Shakotom @ul9601 @Styles @cletus @Tumeke @Snoozin @V8Pete @tortron @Kiwibirdman @punkoutnz @SOHC @michaelme @Avenga @MIRAGE-MAN @Thousand Dollar Supercar @Ghostchips @Ghost @Hurmeez @Snorkpipe @xsspeed @The Bronze @The Dude @ae85 fiend @63Ragtop @MichaelJFox @rusty360 @Matteybean @66gt @Mr Vapour @Corbie @SOHC @sluggy @Sambo @Not-a-number @Taistorm @zep @f100_dreamin @Ashkellybarr @sleeektoy @rivalrx @dabuzz @mk2marty @shizzl @beachlander @mlracing.co.nz @Sourkraut89 @slacker.cam @chris r @Three
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