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    help with 4k alternator

    Hit up youtube for checking and testing car charging systems pull out your multimeter then off ya go and diagnose ya fault swapping parts can chase ya tail plus its a bonus when ya learn something new
  2. piazzanoob

    Re Chrome Alloy Wheels

    wouldn't bother with spray on chrome with something like wheels probably small things that are not seen all the time i guess would be fine. would just end up in disappointment or redoing in 12 months personally would just get it back to bare alloy then just polish them. And clearing them can turn yellow or dull or crazy cracking. this is if doing at home with a spray can etc. if wanting to do yourself just paint strip them and polish then re polish when needed. but also a good polish and good paint shop could clear them and they could last depending on conditions
  3. piazzanoob

    Fj40 chassis rust

    yeah you could buy another chassis for that price. but he did say he wanted to restore the vehicle so either way another one would require dipping or blasting before painting.
  4. piazzanoob

    Fj40 chassis rust

    best bet would be to get the chassis itself acid dipped. then most likely powder coating. or galvanized but that adds alot of weight onto it but the rest of the bits can just be sand blasted and either powder coated or painted. the most important thing is to get the rust from inside the chassis out and to stop the current rust on the inside getting worse.
  5. piazzanoob

    Best thing to clean out a fuel tank?

    Have had the same issue aswell fuel turned to a varnish and can end up into sludge i just used some small chain with some of the shitty fuel and moved it around abit. don't use bike chain just normal chain as it has no sharp edges does take a abit of time to get it nice depending on condition. also when i did it it didnt appear to affect the zinc coating And generally the zinc coating wears off than chipping off in this case and if you are worried about leaving crap in the tank just redo it after a few tank fills of gas. does make it easy if it has a drain though
  6. piazzanoob

    WLDRX2's .......Rx2

    Exhaust looks ace man! good to see that there are still good shops out there that take the time on the smaller details rather than getting it out the door
  7. piazzanoob

    Beach Hop 2019

    Also will be at beach hop but with no galaxie or car infact galaxie's heart is currently in bits awaiting machining. but keen to catch up with some OS folks if ya around
  8. piazzanoob

    Beach Hop 2019

    better be getting those ITS GOING TO BEACH HOP excuses for anyone sorting stuff on it
  9. repco currently have a special on a vacuum gauge which is handy for tuning carbs otherwise hose and a coke bottle works for listening
  10. piazzanoob

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Before you go and slap some new rings bearings and gaskets at it. it would be best to measure everything up. then order the right stuff first time doing a job twice or pulling the motor out again isn't much fun in my experience. As for cleaning pull all oil and water frost plugs out and clean it properly any oil or water buildup stuck somewhere could result in rebuilt motor being wrecked perhaps making an electrolysis bath could work for cleaning?
  11. piazzanoob

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    just bring galaxie down I took mine last year unregistered still on US plates and had no trouble
  12. come here and talk shit about my yank tank
  13. So with my trip to the USA in late 2016 me and a few others met up with their buddy scott. so after talking for abit and spending some time with him and inspecting a car i liked which had too much bog for my liking we both decided i would leave him some cash and when i found a car i liked that met my budget i would get him too inspect it. then many months went by searching craigslist couple times a week with no luck. then a mid 60s Chrysler newport popped up in my price range so had it inspected but ended up needing a full interior and had missing parts all over so that was a no GO few weeks later a 64 galaxie comes up slightly out of my price range but there was nothing else that i liked worth inspecting at that time. so a deal was done to purchase it. sent scott some extra coin to get some parts that it needed also along with getting some cherry bomb mufflers. about a month and half later it started its trip back home starting from phoenix AZ to LA about 4 months later it arrived into nz and being cleared by maf and customs Ready for collection As i go over to collect it from its secure yard the person informs me the paperwork says its a non runner what!? soo it has a flat battery well after swaping a charged battery into it it fires into life meanwhile while i move my car out of their yard and the shipping company (Non reflective) employee moves the galaxie out of the storage lot he starts to crunch a few gears then almost hits the wall a few times trying to park it. By then i was ready to throw him out of the car. then he asks the question on how im going to take it away? well im driving it mate And too much surprise he replies in shock it has no brakeees. oh yeah algood mate guessing he just has no clue about cars. so i hop in and brake pedal goes straight to the floor this is going to be interesting so i crawl up the road a few kilometers by changing from neutral to drive and trying to use the useless handbrake when needed soo a right turn comes up that i need to take ah not going to make that stop so i keep rolling in the median strip to the next street on my right. the next T intersection i roll through slowly followed by another right turn I have now arrived at my old mans workplace to check the brakes out so i can drive it home So i top up the empty brake reservoir and bleed the front brakes and we are good to go! so i cruised on home
  14. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    So with now having the engine black ready to bolt on everything I looked at it and was unimpressed how well it looked being that the engine bay also being black as then there would of been too much black. so ended up sanding all that off and painting it this colour. so these galaxie's ran black engine blocks from 1959 till 1965 then in 1966 they went to this blue colour which looks alot better than black. then after letting the paint dry i put the rest of the bolt on items back on the motor. then did some more painting on bolts And nuts And cleaned up the throttle linkage bit and turned it black No more Orange And cleaned up and painted other bits like the engine and trans dipsticks. then joined the two together to go back in then in the hole Also polished up the rocker covers and bolted them back on too. now its just piece everything back on while tidying bits up like the wiring and painting and cleaning bolts.
  15. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    still progress is happening had a good look over the parts painted in primer and gave some bits a quick scuff then fired some gloss black on and painted the timing cover and oil filter housing And the same on the inlet manifold too also did the exhaust manifolds in high temp silver then gave the motor some loving Also when i stripped the motor i found this in the sump had to have a bit of a think to figure out where its from. but the sump also had plenty of rocks and dust collected in there too And the only reasoning why that was in the sump is that when the timing cover gasket was done in its past life that got put in along with rocks and dust as this part appears to be a small block chev rocker pivot ball for the valve train where as my motor factory run roller rockers so that part doesn't exist on my motor. so i also found a much easier way to do ford 2 piece rear main seals Remove all main caps but leave the conrod caps untouched then i used a gantry to slightly move the crank up which made sliding the bottom half of the seal around much easier. also placed some silicon where the two half's join as per seal manufacturers recommendation. and some on the top and bottom of the rear main cap side seals too. I then put a new oil pump on too seen as while im in there. then gave the motor a good wipe down and painted the motor. for this part i wanted the car to remain close to how it came from the factory and that has been pretty much for the whole car throughout the whole fix up process. plus that orange looked so shit so these fords of this era came out with black engines and either blue or gold rocker covers and air cleaner. cheers
  16. piazzanoob

    Lovers Lane BBQ Burnouts

    oh shit! keen as but will be overseas on that date. im so gutted i can't come
  17. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    so some progress has been happening laid down some primer after plenty of sanding also spent more time prepping the motor for paint too and pulled the timing cover off sump and oil filter housing and prepped them ready for paint And cleaned up some bolts ready for paint too ' I then started sandblasting the bonnet hinges and springs ready for paint also cheers m8
  18. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    so progress is still happening with this still on the sanding job and many other things on the go while one of the wheel tubs was off i decided i would fix a rust hole that was there due to a battery in its past life leaking battery acid onto it and the battery tray at which i had already replaced. this hole never was an issue for compliance so either they didn't see it or weren't bothered. then patchy patch now more sanding can be done. I also acquired a factory 4 barrel manifold through @cletus so gave that a good waterblast along with my trans And while i was out asking a mate on some carb advice he gave me a holley 600 with vac secondary's as he had no use for it. then gave the combo a test fit on the motor. i have also been prepping the engine for a spray can rebuild also.,
  19. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    so this thing has turned into a big job... went and pulled the galaxie outside and give the engine bay a full degrease and waterblast. then i wasn't happy with the finish paintwork on the firewall wheel tubs and pretty much everything. was coated was looks to be underbody sealer so looks super rough. so began sanding it off then i pulled it apart some more to help with the sanding process Then when i got sick of doing some sanding i stripped some stuff of the engine so now im at the point where ive fully stripped it and wanting the car ready for an event which is 4 weeks away. so heres to hoping not too much goes wrong right.... with plenty on the to do list
  20. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    oh yes! i know its coming too
  21. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    haha yeah rocker covers off pushrods/rockers/waterpump/dizzy all need to come off not too bad of a job once you've pulled it off a few times haha
  22. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    so i decided that i would keep up with the normal oldschool tradition and pull my car apart once shes all legal. so the other issue this car had was the carb setup it had some unknown brand cheap carb that you couldn't get it to run mint on. so the plan was to put a four barrel manifold on to help it breathe as it only had a two barrel one currently. but the plan was to do that after the cooling system was done. but when i removed the waterpump it had a pipe that joints the waterpump and manifold well that pipe broke due to being rusty and old so that would've needed to be fixed but figured it would be better just to put a 4 barrel manifold while i was at it seen as it isn't much more work right plus it would've ended up pulling the same stuff off twice. plus it had a oil leak from the sump which required motor out anyway and other areas which made the nice clean rebuilt trans not so clean. oh and how the engine bay and motor didn't look so great so now oh while im there i may as well do that as its not much more work has involved itself into this car haha.
  23. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    cheers that gives me a bit of an idea how much they would be was thinking about the ones from STA and other speed shops as they are half that cost but was also thinking they would be shit. might also see how much i can get them at trade from AES and pan Pacific.
  24. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    i could do that also as my current alternator has a noisey bearing but then ill have to redo the wiring again haha
  25. piazzanoob

    piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan

    so since this car has been legal its been out on the road twice one the day it got legal which it went okay And the next time was a night time cruise through town with it blowing the low beam headlamp fuse in town and not having a replacement i ended up driving round with hi beam going. then she ran abit hot and ran like a bag of shit having to hold the brake and accelerator at the lights which wasn't so ideal so parked her up for a feed and went to leave and she only just started due to the battery being low in charge. then stopped for a leak and turned it off due to it being hot then it wouldn't start as battery was now too flat. so waited and got a jumpstart from my AA cover and drove straight home and parked her up. wasn't super impressed at this point as everytime i drive it something fucks out or plays up. so took a look at the reason why the battery had gone flat and found that the external alternator voltage regulator had shit itself It had already been replaced with a new bosch unit 8 months prior as the original one fucked out. so out it went and back for a warranty with surprise surprise it only seems to be me that has had one fail yet oh and i bought a bosch one as i figured they were good.... time will tell with this replacement one And with the starting issue too i found a second hand reduction starter cheap so chucked that in with some good sharns to the old owner who also had a 64 but a two door so now cranks abit quicker and easier so next job was to make this thing run cooler i had removed the old mechanical fan as it was shit and had no shroud and fitted an electric one instead then hooked it up on a switch for when needed and fitted a thermo switch for it to kick in when it reaches the right temp but have not wired that up yet. which meant that the temp sensor had to be moved to a different postion due to only one water port. so bought one of these things and painted it black but before fitting it i had to fit a replacement top rad hose being a 40mm hose to 45mm fittings on the radiator and expansion tank so plenty of heat lube and hand action and stretched it on. had to do this due to the water temp adapters local only went upto 40mm but got there in the end And yes after this i unbolted the mechanical fan. i then stripped the radiator off to be checked and found it was 30% blocked And the expansion tank was also sent off to have a pinhole leak repaired. then waterpump off to be checked too so gave it a quick sandblast to look at the old previous repair. and you can see that it was a pretty average repair. the waterpump ended up being in good condition but bought a new one due to them being cheap and not wanting any cooling issues again anyway. so yeah plenty of work has been going into it to get it ready for summer use!