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  1. there's a reason i hate that shit haha fun times eh
  2. Yeah that VHT stuff is much more of a greener and lighter blue. than the actual Chrysler blue. not that it really matters though but good progress anyway!
  3. I will be attending tonight and will be parking downstairs due to the weather. looking forward to some quality Sharns!
  4. I would be very careful with where you get them from and the quality that they are. seen repro panels from the states that are rubbish. had same deal with my galaxie boot floor. also some of the repro stuff the body lines are not in the right place. also not all of the classic industries stuff is good quality can R3 fix or make you new quarters? otherwise earls body shop in wellington makes panels.
  5. Ah man! the wallet is going to hurt on this build. too late to turn back now too. what new panels do you require?
  6. i would check it has 12v while it is running. also what is the condition of the plugs and leads. some aftermarket hei dizzy's are too good rotor phasing isn't right and not reliable. i personally would be fitting a pertronix kit if your old points distributor is in good condition otherwise MSD or ICE ignition systems are good but spendy
  7. All v8s or modern turbo stuff in nz should be running 95 to 98 octane. it is likely it will run shit with 91 octane in it. or ping or detonate which can cause damage to the engine and end up having to get it rebuilt. also the american scale is not the same as nz's ron scale they use the mon scale so their 93 is close to our 98 octane also a fuel stabilizer additive isn't a bad idea if the vehicle does not get used or started very often as fuel can go off as little as 6 months. have heard good results from the lucas stuff. not used myself though
  8. I think from memory the vht stuff isn't a exact match which is why we import and use the genuine stuff. you going to use the teal blue colour on yours? oh yeah for sure man keeps the excitement in the job
  9. Maaaate i can roll 6 deep in mine not sure how many would actually want to be with 6 sweaty people in a drive in movie to watch blues brothers though
  10. Hey man if your in need of any Chrysler new parts then give http://www.waer.co.nz/ a bell stuff like the genuine mopar engine block paint is in stock like a teal blue yours would of had. or even water housings or new thermostat housings have in stock. I also happen to work there too. This is also a mild 318 that is going in the plymouth in the pic.
  11. The OCD in me thinks the alternator pulley fan and nut and washer should get zinc plated like the factory you can thank me later. plus the fan looks like its bare steel so will rust in no time
  12. That engine bay just gives me excitement for a degrease and water blast can confirm satisfaction levels are high when finished doing it. also paint looks in good condition for its age. someone must of cared for it at some point
  13. True true If using the factory sway bar D bush location were you going to strengthen those two corners? as after un stitching front chassis rail under radiator and sway bar mounts on my own starlet i have found they are not exactly that rigid in that area. but also might not be much of an issue in how the car handles and moves
  14. Remember this is tomorrow night people! Old car or not does not matter its all about getting fellow OS members together for shit yarns and a burger
  15. Wow this thing is coming along quick helps when you get an all round skilled person to do the job. so now currently running full chassis rails? hard to tell with the photo. also i guess your not going to keep your radiator cooling fan mounted that way also? As they damage the core and eventually leak with those clips its best with a good shroud to mount the fan too. also going to run a front swaybar still?
  16. these are cool cars. having done a engine rebuild on a 4 cylinder one years ago then driving it i was blown away how nice of a car it was to drive. definitely don't think it was a bad buy by all means maybe just the daily part. how many ks on this bad boy?
  17. If ya don't get it sorted in time just roll the daily. We won't judge much
  18. you will probably get away with stock shocks. otherwise can get the front ones shorten to suit if need be. but rears wouldn't be too pricey if you needed too
  19. I might have to take my bed there too with the sharns you do
  20. That's the standard OS car life mate The porsche does sound somewhat interesting though.. should bring it although the real issue here is getting bums on seats to listen to shit Barry sharns while mildly enjoying a burger let alone getting an OS car to a burger meet
  21. fuuuuck must go hard az nooow swaps for ride on lawnmower?
  22. yeah mate count me in what about @sentra @locost_bryan @sheepers @rich1179 @Shakotom @ul9601 @Styles @cletus @Tumeke @Snoozin @V8Pete @tortron @Kiwibirdman @punkoutnz @SOHC @michaelme @Avenga @MIRAGE-MAN @Thousand Dollar Supercar @Ghostchips @Ghost @Hurmeez @Snorkpipe @xsspeed @The Bronze @The Dude @ae85 fiend @63Ragtop @MichaelJFox @rusty360 @Matteybean @66gt @Mr Vapour @Corbie @SOHC @sluggy @Sambo @Not-a-number @Taistorm @zep @f100_dreamin @Ashkellybarr @sleeektoy @rivalrx @dabuzz @mk2marty @shizzl @beachlander @mlracing.co.nz @Sourkraut89 @slacker.cam And maybe some others i forgot?