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  1. If anyone is heading down from the north, bring a bike with and save 10% on bluebridge by using promo code LOVEMYBIKE, it's bluebridge bike club discount..
  2. Registration Closes on Sunday the 29th of July 2018.Payments need to be in by Sunday the 12th of August. Unless pre-arranged
  3. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    Too right.. Gotta city holes in the floor to drop the posts down to weld the top of the cage...Cunty McCuntberger
  4. Well seeing as she still doesn't know about my hunter ownership, it's best I go it alone... I'll break it to her gently after Hanmer once I've already got and used the pass haha...
  5. im keen to bring my shit yarns or lack there of.. just convincing the mrs to unleash the ball from my ankle.. even though she will be in the other island till sept..
  6. hey guys... I feel like an absolute Barney for asking but whats haps during the weekend? is it just casual meet up, piss fest, sharn ya face silly type weekend? Ill be back in the south by then, and should have another OS car in my possession.. Ive only met a handful of you fine folk so ill be the awkward weirdo in the corner...
  7. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    check out the MSNZ motorsport manual for cage specs... or the SNZ rulebook for cage specs/design.. its fun to read and try to understand wtf they require... took me a whole weekend to understand some of the paragraphs when I was building the cage on the stockcar.. thats all Sch40 black pipe
  8. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    good stuff man.. have you done cages or anything like that?
  9. Welly OS GC, can you help?

    Luke is looking after the hunter for now (GC) just need to get the rims into the hunter at this stage
  10. Welly OS GC, can you help?

    I can get the guys address, the car is sitting at @M Night Shamalayan's place... I think there are 6 bare rims and 11 chrome bands or whatever you call them.. theyr 13x6's so dont take up too much room.
  11. Im in Aucks, have a car in Porirua - I think... and im looking at some wheels in one of the hutts, maybe lower hutt... kelson or something like that... any who, is there any GC down that way that would be able to stash these for when I finally get down to grab said car,and wheels? im hoping to get down there soon
  12. I have also used these guys when I used to live in waiuku, but only with mild steel.. he has a motorsport background is a fricking legend
  13. James NZ 1976 Vauxhall Viva HC

    i just copy paste the link in the address bar...cos im a total stupid prick with computer garbo