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  1. Page 4, shame... Haven't done much lately due to working on the stockcar to get that ready for opening night... Didnt happen cos the headgasket let go. So back on this today. Got the engine and box fully mounted. Headers bolted up, carb on. Stock accelerator cable will work. Wiring is all in the same locations. Radiator is bolted up to the hunter mounting points, oil cooler mounted. Just need shorter oil lines. Only fab work left is the new driveshaft, and slightly mod the headers to get it away from the steering box a bit more. Cut the shifter hole 50mm back.. Then pull the lot out to rebuild and clean it all up. Will run a howe/quartermaster release bearing to do away with the fork and slave.. Saves smashing the bulkhead for clearance. Tons of room in there for activities.
  2. She's blown a hg now... Faaaarrrrkkk
  3. Is there anyone in Auckland, with a timing light that is able to help me set my timing on the stockcar by Saturday morning? I'm in Totaravale, by Glenfield..
  4. But not an adaptor.. So only 4 bolts, not 8 I take it. Stink
  5. Can a driveshaft have adaptor fitted at the diff end? Like 30mm spacer (like a wheel spacer/adaptor) that has the eccentric rings or whatever machined into them? Saves having to cut up 2 good driveshafts if I can have an adaptor machined up. I did one many years ago in a mk2 escort with 4age and k50 box, te70 driveshaft, just machined up an adaptor.. But I dold it before I got it on the Rd..
  6. Yeah s1 box. I did that trick yo a s4 box in the ute I built back in the day.
  7. Remarkably, the engine and box went straight in.. With some fighting and cussing. All bolted up nicely enough. Shifter hole is about 70mm off, but that puts it in a better location for reach.
  8. Needs to slight left a little, but I need to remove the reverse switch. It's not needed on the hunter anyway, no reverse lights
  9. Engine and box is mounted. Does need to come back out so I can chop off the factory mounts, thump in some clearance for the fork and slave 10mm if that. And remove the reverse switch. And believe it or not, the hunter gearbox mount bolts directly to the rx7 box. No mods at all on the gearbox crossmember or mount. Dafuq..??? Rx7 radiator practically bolts directly to the hunter bolt holes too. Just need to cut 100mm of the shifter hole out and spin it round.. Too easy. I would like to space the crossmember down 10mm to see if it gives enough clearance for the slave, and a slightly better yoke angle.
  10. The hunter box is longer than the rx7 box. Shifter and box mounts are in very similar positions. Hunter box is taller due to the shifter rail.. Looking good for throwing in the hole
  12. On the hunt for m16/type16 Ford calipers, and capri vented discs if anyone happens to have any floating round. Also rwd mazda driceshaft/yoke
  13. Well I've sold all of the hunter engine parts that I have. Carbs, head etc.. Got the engine disconnected ready to pull out for collection next weekend. Have a breast plate on its way which should work with the crossmember. Got a 12a carb but needs a strip and clean. Found an electronic dizzy too with modules, these seem to be very hard to find these days.. Only need a driveshaft yoke, colling fan, fuel pump and hosing etc and an alternator with bracket. Then start piecing this together.