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  1. Took this on another grasskhana today with Pukekohe car club. im over the single spinner life. must look into options for 2 wheel peels atleast on grass anyway. it has the power, the handling, the braking performance, now it just needs traction. love getting this thing on full lock to lock open to suggestions on diffs. i have an escort English diff sitting in my workshop that you can buy all bits for (lsd, gear sets, upgraded axles etc). do i bother going 4 link like a escort clubman kit or stick with the leaves?
  2. Decided to mount the rear plate. i wanted this to have a floating look to it. Got the number plate lights coming which are also the mounting bolts. designed for motorbikes. Should do the trick. got the plate perfectly level to the tray which is mint
  3. New brakes acquired. picked up a complete pair of front uprights from a FC RX7. So pinched the hubs and calipers. there are ridiculously close to being a direct fit. rear bearing only needs a bush made up to delete a 5x5 spacer, but extend into the bearing to take up an 8mm difference, so 4mm thick. Should be epic. b1600 caliper mounts are just a bolt of plate, so the get a big YEET and a new one made to reduce the bolt spacing by 15mm. so close. I will rebuild the calipers and do new discs later. And just for shitz n gigz , a sneaky pic of the work vans that are babysitting my plates for now. IYKYK
  4. I watched that when it came out and immediately emailed airbagit. they’ve done the REPU/1st gen and 4th gen but not mine. Typical. I have an engineering shop lined up to look into the hub swap and brake upgrade for me. They say they carry out plenty lvvta spec stuff, so fairly promising
  5. And back together .. whipped out more CAD work. i need to stuff the lower BJ back under the lower arm. but have cut out a template for the lower bag plate which will sit on the control arm. this is ride height, give or take a few mm for tyre profile. but the plan is to set the bag and bracket angles parallel to each other at ride height. then the next brain work is working out where the shocks will go and what shocks I actually need. still waiting on the wrap plates.
  6. Front plates complete. now I can clean up the control arms and slap it back together. these plates are to cap off the crossmember and to mount the bag mount off. arse end is all tacked in place where it needs to be. Just waiting on delivery if the 70mm strips to wrap the notches
  7. So seeing as it now has a fresh wof and not needing anything at the moment, I decided to give it a treat. we had some laminate flooring sitting in the garage for the last 18months, so why not put it to use haha
  8. Got my pieces back from Wooles. first pair of braces came back 5mm off centre so had to get them to redo those.
  9. Pretty crazy really seeing as more weight = bigger cannonball if things go wrong. we had 3 Bedford buses with repowers, 1 Nissan and 2 Isuzu swaps, all with 6 speed boxes. Just drop in, weld up and go. 1 even got a power steer upgrade after we sold it. crazy ideas of step notching a truck chassis to lay frame hahaha
  10. The hunter got certed with escort steels. if I put the hotwires on it requires a recert right? but a stock hunter can run them with no issue. bit fkd tbh. wheels should be free providing they fit within the complying guidelines and tyre sizing and no rub etc.
  11. Got a motorkhana on next weekend, had to sort the expired wof and reg status. clean sheeted like a champ
  12. Good to know. i have seen a factory watts link on an xf too. might try and find one of those to have a play with
  13. The photos just show how terrible the lighting is in my workshop. but anyway I press on.. picked up my CAD templates for the notch bits from Wooles, all looks good except somehow the 200mm centres became 195mm centres on the notches. Which means the bar braces don’t fit. dammit. I can still run the notches at 195 centres and get them to recut the braces to suit. as it’s mocked up at ride height, the bags fit in perfectly above axle. once the new braces are made I can carry on with it. Including bracing up the front link mounts etc then figure out if I’m going with a watts link or a long panhard bar.
  14. Just picked up a pair of FD RX7 front hubs to adapt to the front end. should be relatively easy. I’d do it myself if I had a lathe.
  15. Cheers Clint. a “common fault” guide would be helpful to all parties. i find the manual and absolute task to navigate at times
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