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  1. I like these zakspeed flares, not really digging the boxy zakspeed kit for it
  2. If I can get hold of some mk2 flares then I'll see how they look.
  3. This is basically what the result would be, bit with huge guards and wide wheels
  4. Sooooo... With this 2nd hunter I have kind of decided that I'd like to try a 2 door conversion on it. I have a spare shell to Puck up to do a test on it, prior to cutting into this one. If I can pull of a 100mm door extension, I will also bang on some escort bubble arches.. No yes I know the hunter is boxer than a mk1, but I don't care.. I sat some bubble arches on as a test and I think she'll look just right with some 13x9 superlights. Also, my digital dash is on its way from Oz. Let me know your thoughts
  5. And for shits n gigs, quad race seats
  6. The seats are immaculate in this car.. Its a shame to sell them and put race seats in it.. But oh well, skids If anyone is after a full set of matching seats, front and rear, door cards, door tops and under dash pad, I'll flick them up on trademe. Reclining High back super seats. Pic for you @cletus
  7. A week or 2 at the most. Next week is super crammed on my schedule.. But the following should be a bit easier
  8. Seller is willing to deliver to chch too if anyone there could babysit it
  9. Damn, just saw this now
  10. Meet hunter #2.. This is the replacement to the RS legacy I had.. This o e is going to receive a cage, race seats, the 12a bridgey and other goodies.. The motor in this is a stock twin carb motor, that will go into the green hunter.. That'll complete the og hunter and get it usable again.
  11. Or even if it could get to dunners or invers
  12. @smokin'joe do you know if anyone heading north that could drive it to chch.. Or anyone in trimmers that can look after it?
  13. That would be ideal.. Unloaded would be class1, although it is on a 5 label..
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