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  1. Oops too slow to update, has now been sorted, by me ex mother in law of all people haha
  2. Anyone in Ashburton able to babysit this for me?
  3. Just got word that my mate can't pick it up from Ashburton today to get it back to chch
  4. I love old-school. Cheers guys, I'll touch base over the weekend, just boarding a bird to. The big smoke
  5. Anyone in dunners that could look after it for me?
  6. If any of you fancy a drive to QT from chch, I have a van that could be driven down.
  7. Factory ecu wiring into old junk.. Is this fairly straight forward? I'm looking at a b6 mx5 conversion for the hunter, and cos I'm so cheap I'd like to keep the original loom etc. I don't think these have any immobiliser components in them. Goal is to keep the smoke inside the wires
  8. I'll just leave this here
  9. The main thing that puts me off it wiring, have been trying to find info on a simplified loom If a mx5 motor can be fitted without cutting the body up then it's a great option. Have only considered selling it as I want to get back into speedway.. I don't need the money, just the space it's in
  10. at a bit of a crossroad with this old girl at the moment. have a couple of people who have offered some good coin to take her off my hands with the spare engine etc.. but I know ill miss it straight away and kick myself forever.. current situation is the front main seal/timing cover has started leaking (most common issue on these.. they dont use a conventional seal, think its more like a waxy piece of rope or some stupid contraption... plus the carbs need correct needles and tuning.. so do I : A: rebuild the spare engine ($3-4K) then get it tuned to suit ($1), maybe get 130hp B: drop in a MX5 engine and box, for modern reliability option B will remove alot of the cars originality, so my question is, should I stick with the original set up, or modernise it?
  11. Fix the world with JB weld
  12. Swapped the points out for an accuspark electronic kit and a new bosch coil. Bugger me, she fired straight up.. Smooth as and the idle was higher, so clearly a much better spark. Now I need to get some headers for it then send it off to get tuned/needle swap
  13. So just before Xmas I got the old girl back from the panel shop. She's straight as and with very minimal filler. Decided to take her for a spin out to glenorcy after work. Really needs a 5/6speed.. Do any of you know some GCs that can make up a bell housing? I'd like to chuck in a mx5 or altezza 6 speed
  14. minimal poohs which im bloody stoked with.. he said this was 30mins work, he'll chuck 16 hrs at it. the door handle was pushed in a bit so he'll sort that aswell as some pesky dents that were already there.. thatll make it straight as down that side only leaving a crease in the left front doort and small dent in the front left guard. im really 50/50 whether to respray this or not ( same colour)... the patina of the faded worn away paint is cool but being a mint paint job is also lush...