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  1. Didn't make it obviously.. Got home from work and promptly comatosed
  2. What's the location? No wof but I'll roll it
  3. Also possible use of tilting car trailer
  4. Do you of you fine akl folk require storage/ work space for your mean whip? I'm considering leasing a 3000sqft unit and could be keen to see if any others want to jump in as a part share. I'll have my hunter and stockcar in there. Along with my tools and other storage shit.
  5. Oops too slow to update, has now been sorted, by me ex mother in law of all people haha
  6. Anyone in Ashburton able to babysit this for me?
  7. Just got word that my mate can't pick it up from Ashburton today to get it back to chch
  8. I love old-school. Cheers guys, I'll touch base over the weekend, just boarding a bird to. The big smoke
  9. Anyone in dunners that could look after it for me?
  10. If any of you fancy a drive to QT from chch, I have a van that could be driven down.
  11. Factory ecu wiring into old junk.. Is this fairly straight forward? I'm looking at a b6 mx5 conversion for the hunter, and cos I'm so cheap I'd like to keep the original loom etc. I don't think these have any immobiliser components in them. Goal is to keep the smoke inside the wires
  12. I'll just leave this here