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  1. took the old girl for a spin today.. went up the coronet peak road, hooked a doughy then drove to arrowtown. shes slowly getting a bit more blow by, maybe time to slap the ported head on it haha
  2. thats the one im running as mentioned above.. simple as, off the shelf (click and wait for delivery) and works well. no fucking round trying to retro fit another pile of shit into it, sorted
  3. classic car parts in hawea can supply a complete set up pretty cheap. I recently got a electronic conversion kit, leads, triple electrode plugs and coil pretty damn cheap... check my build thread for the pic of what I got.. no point trying to retro fit something else if you can get off the shelf components.
  4. this wanker has been at it again... DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT trade with this fucktard of a human if he could be classed as such.
  5. i paid for parts about 7 weeks ago.. yet to get them..he said he'd refund the money 3 weeks ago, yet to see it.. no longer replying..
  6. Do any of you nelsonians or anyone for that matter know this Christopher Siefert guy, goes by Rareparts, on trademe
  7. Finally finished off the twin carb set up. I made/modified the twin choke cable. Picked up a gyro splitter from a bike shop, pulled it apart and e,tended the tube for more throw, replaced the cables and outers and attached it to the stock cable and carbs... I do have a second w clip now to hold the cables to the carbs if the tape fails.. Then the second airbox finally turned up so I pulled the factory trumpet/ram tube out and mounted it to the carb with shorter bolts, fitted the unfilter socks and boom.. complete. I do want to order a different profile needle for the carbs. But that's all for now.. Just gonna send it
  8. So this just happened. How does an old British car clean sheet a wof? Hanmer is on!!
  9. I know right, gotta pass right past it...
  10. Wtf , how was this for luck.. Trolling trademe and this listing showed face.. immediate buy now damage was done Ported and polished head with new valves (to be assembled) and alloy rocker cover.. Guessing it's close to a holbay spec.. Funny this is I offered to buy this from this guy months ago when he was selling the racecar, but never gave a price...
  11. Chucked in the fresh triple electrode plugs and new leads.. hooked a few gears for a Sunday drive. Waiting for 1 last part to arrive. Will attempt a wof check this week. If it passes I'll attempt the hanmeet drive
  12. Getting more bang for my buck All parts from classic car parts in wanaka except the colortune.
  13. not much of an update really.. been waiting on an airbox to arrive from nelson, has only been 4 weeks.. but I ordered some uni filter trumpet socks for when it finally arrives. green socks just came in stock, more suitable than the red ones. also need to do a few laps around the block with the brakes dragging before I take it in for a wof and hope it doesnt need anything else..
  14. Some days it just makes me want to set fire to this. Battery is being a dick, so can't get it in for a wof fail yet, had the alternative tested, all fine. Battery tests over 12.5v but no sparkles.. Still need to get some kind of air filter on it cos I'm sure it needs them to run better tune wise. Also looked at the big end bearings in the spare motor... they have major grooves in them, poked, but the crank has no marks at all.. has 030 on them so I'm almost guessing they're a +30 set . Mains bearings look mint