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  1. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    Time for a rev counter to save the over revs.. Thanks to China for the El cheapo retro tacho.. More packages to arrive soon
  2. shizzl

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    no frils is no more?? sad face
  3. shizzl

    shock insert rebuild

    I remember being able to search through online sizing back in the day, seems no one has stuff listed like that now..
  4. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    oops had to do it
  5. shizzl

    shock insert rebuild

    hence the reason Im not prepared to send my struts up.. I just want a bloody insert that will fit in the tube and fit the top hat.. seriously why are parts monkeys so reliant on computers and shit these days.. we used to run off 2" thick parts books and match up off diagrams and measurements. thats all I want
  6. shizzl

    shock insert rebuild

    yeah bloody expensive though and Ill need to freight my uprights to him for "modification" then freight them back
  7. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    well it seems that EVERY parts supplier is a useless noob. I have spent atleast 30hrs on the phone over the last 8 working days trying to source shocks for this thing. Ive even given measurements of the current inserts that have a monroe part number on them.. and also provided atleast 2 alternative options that may be close to what I need. results = nothing. So Im thinking the best way forward is to modify the spare struts into coilovers, use an insert that fits inside the tube, and can also bolt to a pillow ball mount. In other news, ive been working on the intake manifold for the bike carbs.. have drilled out the plate for the 40x3 ali tube.. just need to get some 40id rubber couplers to mount the carbs to the intake runners, then mark and cut the middle 2 runners to suit. then fizz it up... judging by various google images of the bike the carbs came off, they have a very low angle, maybe 2-3degree at the most.. saves having to angle the carbs way up.. also better for fitting a panel filter then I need to work out what I need to do to the carbs to actually get it to run.. have also been looking at fuel pumps, aliexpress is probably the best option or a bike wrecker to pick up a stock bike pump. other than that I will need to get some headers made up .
  8. shizzl

    shock insert rebuild

    ive rung so many shock shops this week trying to source some new inserts... their response everytime is " ok, ive got the measurements and vehicle details from you, ill call you back in about 30mins"... 5 days later, no fucking reply... I hate dealing with parts people, theyr useless
  9. shizzl

    shock insert rebuild

    have any of you fine folk tried to rebuild a shock insert? come across this video on youtube of some barry changing the oil in one.. the front shocks in the hunter are totally naffed, its leaning to one side and rolls like a pig.. cant source new inserts from anyone so this could be a cheap option to try.. I have a pair of spare struts to piss around with so ill have a crack on those, if it fails and I burn the shed down, then ill try the Peugeot 106 insert conversion. if it does actually work then I will rebuild the shocks that are in the car and fit a coilover kit.. thought this could be usefull for some of you with old junk like mine.
  10. shizzl

    Bike carbs sizing

    did you end up making the manifold @dmulally?
  11. shizzl

    House of RM's, 250 and 85

    the 125 was a bit of a pooh to start and wouldnt idle, swapped carbs over and no change.. so I decided to pull the head (still dont have a comp tester), piston is new as described.. pulled the barrel, it had been sleeved... put the piston down the barrel, hmmmm so much daylight.. inserted the ring into the barrel, ummmmm wtf, 4mm of ring end gap and I can see daylight passed the sides of the ring.. Got the barrel measured up, then found a piston to suit, had the barrel honed to match the new Wossner piston. slapped it all back together... can hardly turn it over by hand even without the plug in it, theres so much compression now...nice reassembled it, gave it a couple of gravy strokes, then the kick in the tits, fired straight up, nice and crisp.. then the float valve starting pissing fuel out.. stripped and found the valve had a nice groove in it.. replaced that and the seat.. runs like a champ, just need to give it a proper tune as its really rich at the moment. have put 2 heat cycles through it so far
  12. shizzl

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Yup can do... I'm not up to much this week really, just pissing round fixing the rm125 and doing shit round home
  13. shizzl

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    as seen on fb, wanaka coffee and cars
  14. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    Haven't done much since wof time apart from one cruise to up the rd with the whanau. Plopped the carbs onto the original carb to see how it'll look.. Gonna look sweet.. I have the alloy plate to make the manifold flange with but got the wrong size tube.. 2mm to small of a dia.. Once I get the flange plate cut I'll rip all this stock stuff off to make it up.. Then look at doing the exhaust side, maybe a bunch of bananas 4-2-1 or just 4-1, 2 1/4" right through... Air filter may end up being a pipercross style set up. Still need a suitable pump to run the fuel at a low pressure and electronic dizzy set up for better reliability.