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  1. Yeah Pretty sure it does, hmmmm
  2. So I never updated this thing. so one day I set out to hit out some solid run in kms, until a heater hose blew off when a champ failed. Pump out all fluid. great. since then I filled it up to see if it’ll hold water or leak out. thermostat open, water just disappeared then it start misfiring. So I shut it down. thinking yup blown HG. took 4 weeks or so to get motivated to look into this. whipped the head off it today, gasket is fine, head appears fine, block looks fine. No visible cracks etc. so where the hell could the water have entered to make it run like a bag? turbo? confuzzled
  3. Ugh roadblock. engine build has been halted. centre plate is a bit skanky, so on the hunt for a better one. this shall be fun, and expensive
  4. It’s almost like they knew it was going to leak
  5. I have also considered this as palmside do the lhd racks.
  6. Because we’re on a roll The mintex pads arrived from palmside. chucked them in along with the new calliper bolt retainer lock thingys. bled it up when the mrs arrived. No leaks, epic pedal feel. then I decided to swap out the oldschool wheel nuts for the crusty chromes off the other car, just to see how it’ll look, I’ll replaced these with new ones at some stage. Also added in some centre caps I picked up ages ago. it really finishes it off I reckon. got the invoice for the engine parts, so once those arrive it’s rebuild time. engine is getting all new seals, springs, rotor bearings, unbreakable apex seals, devconned water jackets for the j porting, port matched intake, tidied exhaust ports. Balanced rotating assembly along with the lightened flywheel.
  7. might be a better option to find a later model car to rob the entire crossmember out of. I see alot of people use S chassis stuff and can utilise running coilovers and powersteering.
  8. Someone is on a roll.. having a deadline kind of creates some much needed motivation. pulled the rear drums off to inspect the brakes. So minty fresh in there, bone dry, lots of meat on the shoes, drums looked clean as. chucked the guard roller on and pushed the lip up slightly just for a little extra clearance. then went about degreasing as much as I could off the diff, it was 20mm deep in some spots. 50 years of oil leaking 4 banger will do that. Checked the diff oil, she’s good. then I tripped over the swaybar, dang I need to sort that out too. so I knocked that off the list, was actually simple and only a 30min job once I worked out a plan. this is actually getting me motivated to start on the other hunter once this is on the road
  9. Can non racing OS cars park inside at all? Would be nice to have a car still there afterwards to drive home
  10. Brakes are on!!!!! hoses and lines connected. have ordered some pads from palmside for “fast road car/high performance “. once they arrive I can fit them and bleed it all up. Check for leaks, apply electrical tape and cable ties, walk away. also altered the gear stick angle for a more rearward position. Easier to reach 1st now. post cert I will get new carpets fitted. next on the list to do: shifter hole cover and boot, adjust rear brake shoes, bolt check. Wait for engine to be built. Add in the extra resonator I have. Modify the centre console for the new shifter hole shitchea!!!
  11. Finished bolting in the fishnet recaros this morning while waiting on materials to arrive. also picked up some wedge lock washers for the brake discs. I don’t know why, but the hunter brake hoses fit the escort calipers, even though the internet says Theyr different threads. So what if Theyr cross threaded right
  12. Have started on the front brake upgrade. first task was to fit a remote booster that would’ve come standard in these. id say the original had failed and was deleted on. so I salvaged one off a parts car I had. Got that fitted up. then sent my spare hubs and new capri vented discs off to Chris at suspension tech to get machined up. just need some wedge lock washers so I’m told. got a calliper spacer kit for the type16 escort calipers. these calipers are fugly, so have got a pair of rebuilt ones on the way. then lastly will need to get new hoses made up or an adaptor. Cert is booked in next month with Cletus, so should be plenty of time to get it back together.
  13. Locked in with a guy out west quite some time ago on the original motor. Which turned out to be a grenade. has a very good reputation. although I would’ve definitely gone with Sprint RE, I’ve known Jason for ages, actually did my van conversion in his workshop 20 years ago.
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