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  1. James NZ 1976 Vauxhall Viva HC

    i just copy paste the link in the address bar...cos im a total stupid prick with computer garbo
  2. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    got the barrel back today..barrel bored 40tho over.. pieced it back together, slapped it in the bike.. gave it about 3 kicks if that, and she fired up, idles really crisp... so shes officially alive again... need to give it another 2 heat cycles before the weekend, then the mrs can go have a play on it.. then the RM85 will make its way home for a bit of guessing it has a leaking crank seal which is causing it to run shithouse..
  3. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    rebuilt the bottom end today... just need to find a suitable outfit that can bore out the barrel for me... the kickstart shaft has been mega butchered, the shaft had been ground smooth, and the kick starter tack welded to the shaft... when I picked it up the spot welds had failed...bonus.. there was no spline left on either surface.. I priced up a new kick start shaft and start lever...nah uh, not at $350 for both thanks... so I drilled right through the kick lever and through the itll be held on with an M6 bolt!!! way stronger now cuz
  4. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    You can see in this photo that the spacer on the output shaft is locked solid by that magical natures rust weld... So I've got the cases split, but have had to leave half of the transmission behind . It's in good condition internally which is nice..all bearings run smoothly as silk too. Tomorrow I will clean it all up and rebuild the bottom end. And find someone in akl who can bore the barrel from 49mm to 50mm. I'l also clean the carb, filter, and service the brakes, bearings and pivots.. And swap out the disgusting grips for the new colour matched ones.
  5. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Ordered parts yesterday, all arrived today... Finally got myself a flywheel puller. Went with a 50mm piston kit, just need to drop the barrel and piston off to get a re-bore to match the piston
  6. House of RM's, 250 and 85

  7. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Engine out in about 5mins
  8. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Giving it a dose of motomuck at the moment.. has been a kids farm bike and used on trail rides.. has a flogged kick start shafts which is common on these
  9. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    So i sold the RM250 last month which free'd up some cash, which quickly got spent on a hillman hunter then I saw a post on FB for a JR80 that wasnt running, arranged to go check it out this morning.. this afternoon im cleaning it in preparation for inspection/diagnostics.. why do I keep doing this? haha The RM85 is still in y mates storage unit, waiting to go back together and to be tuned. it stopped running one day, and wasnt getting fuel, so I took the tank off and stripped the petcock... it was blocked with a sludgy dirty plug of some sort.. blew it out and reassembled it..flows nice now.. not sure how that couldve happened as it has a pre filter on it..mustve been dirty fuel??
  10. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    so these will be up for sale due to being off work and no acc payments as yet... not sure what I actually want for to offers
  11. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Also replaced the chain idler.. Old on the left obviously...
  12. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Gave the pipe another hit of autosol and minimal elbow grease..came up so good..even the muffler on the 85 polished up good. Even regreased the kick starter.. The 250 would be a million times better with fresh plastics.. Might even get the fork uppers and rims painted...not sure what colour though..
  13. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Puuuurdy pipe on the 250... This thing hauls, I don' even get 1/4 throttle before I hit the bail out button.. It goes so good... I gave the pipe a bit of autosol treatment..pitts the first 1/3 of it is rusted up a bit much to restore.. I found the most of the bogging issue with the 85... there was no tension on the powervalve at all... so I gave it a full turn.. and now she rips it.... I swapped the Jets back over and leaned out the top end 1 clip position... so much better and the bottom end throttle response is 10x better... just has a slight mid bog still...Will work on that soon
  14. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    New brakes day on the 250... New rotor and pads
  15. House of RM's, 250 and 85

    New brakes day.. The 85 with its new rotor and pads