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  1. Working on Sundays. It's exhausting work. So I decided to pull the headers and make them tuck in a bit more. This has given the steering arm an extra 15mm clearance. I wasn't happy with 10mm clearance. Then set about making the rest, to include a flexi and 2 three bolt flanges. I have 2 cotton reel mounts in there at the moment and a hanger on the dumpy. About to make a 3rd cotton reel mount for just behind the resonator/flange to carry that load. Then I'll drop it all, finish the top welds and then spray it in high temp paint. I'm pretty chuffed with it so far, will also check for knocking and clearence issues, but so far it all looks good.
  2. Porn, swanky wanky filter unit... Not cheap, but it does do the job. Just need some k&n spray for it
  3. Should I stick with the throwback theme? Rotary conversion 13s Dumpy Fixed back race seats. They sit way too low anyway. But I would like something with a bit more holding power.
  4. Radiator and heater hoses completed. Even clamped off. Got a drive belt, but alas, too short.. Got my bits to complete the wiring.. 6 way fuse block with bus bar. Will run my fan, ign and fuel pump from this via relays. Got a fuel filter to fit too.
  5. Bought a rx7 clutch master, and got it to fit on a stock unmodded hunter pedal box. Only have to make a pushrod and get another AN fitting for the -3 hose.
  6. GET A ROTOR!!!! who remembers hearing that being yelled out in town?
  7. Done a bit more wiring stuff. Chucked the battery in it, was keen to see if the clutch was working. Had it turning over in neutral, then in 1st..then tried with the clutch in..... Yay no movement.. Then tried letting the clutch out.. She's snappy, but works. So then I got keen and tried firing it up.. She ran... Too fn loud though. Exhaust is next on the list.. But it runs and moves... Pumped Now I need to figure out how to wire up this fan relay and temp switch.
  8. Clutch line sorted..... But... The pedal is real hard to depress. The slave is like a 3/4" bore and the master is the factory hunter one, probably 1-1/8" so I'm guessing it's poorly matched and just being gay. Or just a super heavy pressure plate. However I now have a nice -3 AN line for it. It's getting pretty close to being done. I'll swap the suspension from the other car to this one, cos the rear shocks work, and the fronts are tight with proper lowering springs, I'll swap the whole leg along with the brake hoses because I'm sure the ones on this have collapsed.
  9. Muff placement is on point. Managed to refit the rad and oil cooler, chucked the headers back on, sussed the gauge wiring. Only have the tach wire to extend over to the coils and make up a new alt harness-easy peasy. Really need to straighten up the shifter because it fouls on the centre console in 5th and reverse. Almost touching in 3rd and 4th.
  10. Only underbody task to complete is swapping the hunter speedo cable for the rx7 cable. Driveshaft final install, and driveshaft hoop fitted with doubler plates.
  11. Fuel pump wiring mostly complete, just need to do the power feed up the front. Lines completed.. Only need to find my inline filter to install. Also did a bulkhead massage, and tidied some wiring. Now it's ready for the engine and box to go back in for the final time.
  12. So I had it all booked to go off for its rollcage to be done. Nope not even close. Last minute job of pulling out sound deadening found some weight reduction holes in the floors. Only the fronts. So I promptly ordered a bead roller, as you do. And will find some zintec to make up some floor plates. Cage was able to be swapped with another car.. So better pull finger.
  13. Had a few bits arrive over the last few days. Got some really fun news coming next week.. Well I already know, but the outcome is going to be great. Can anyone guess what it is? Haha
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