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  1. Oops, rollcage flat pack ordered. Whose keen to do some fitting???
  2. Water temp gauge works now, so does the oil light.. Some moron flat peaker switched them round... Plugged vac line 21 into its home, so now it idles better and may sort its other issues out.. He reckoned it had a blown turbo... No smoke, but wouldn't full spool... Turbo flap actuator not plugged in.. Penis
  3. So I did a thing and sold the stockcar. Then got itchy and somehow joined the Pukekohe car club, and impulse bought an RS legacy.. The actual f##k right??? Have a cage kit ordered, picked up 2 knock off bride seats for mock up. The body of this car is mint, really straight, and primered ready enough for the colour I'm sending in.. The engine is a bit meh, water temp gauge no go, oil light on, cat light on.. Gearbox is good though. Still has a wof, reg just ran out. Plans: Update reg Give some jandal on the roads to find any quirk
  4. Do what I did... Bin the shit points set up for an accuspark, bosch coil, new leads and triple electrode plugs. Way better spark, easier starting, better response. Alternatively, drop a 12a bridgey in it =D
  5. Haven't run the fuel line yet so looking into all options. The floor pan doesn't really favour under floor mounting. The original line was plastic, and only held up by 3 or 4 tabs that were folded over it. Original line ran up where the exhaust now sits. Exhaust will cross over under the the gearbox crossmember, so exhaust will be both sides, not really allowing any great option for line position.
  6. Cheers mate.. I'm sure most fuel hose is braided anyway isn't it
  7. Apologies for not scrolling every page for the answer or trying to go through the online manual on a small screen... My question is.... Can rubber fuel line be legally routed through the cabin of a road car? Then covered by carpet etc etc
  8. Check out the Marcus Hayes channel on YouTube, he's always ducking with st170 motors in his Mk1, mk2, plastic fiesta and his old man's shitter wagon.. Quite interesting setups with its, weber and el stockos
  9. Any updates on this? Just seen it, looks good.. I could be keen if I can piece the pile together in time
  10. Driveshaft has been made and installed. Still need a driveshaft hoop to complete this task though.
  11. Suitable storage/workshop located... Tuakau. Price would be $120/wk each if sit between 4. Or $160/wk each if split between 3. Power/water split each month. Looking for 1 or 2 others that are keen. Myself and 1 other already keen to get in there. Can share the use of my transport trailer and engine crane if needed. There's also secure yard space for cars or trailers etc.
  12. Radiator mounted, dummy fitting oil cooler.. Oil cooler is wider than the radiator so is a bit of a pig, not alot of options to mount this
  13. Ooooooh pretty parts have arrived Nice new alloy radiator and thermo fan..
  14. Playing with the primaries. Collector to go on.. Then the flexi and the rest of the zorst.
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