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  1. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    Trimmed up the spare dash fascia with some vinyl.. mounted and wired the gauges. Got the twin port oil fitting in for the oil temp and pressure gauges.. Waiting on a reducer for the water temp, should arrive tomorrow Then only need 1 terminal to wire the tachometer. Good timing as it needs to run to be able to move it to storage hopefully if I can find something local.
  2. anyone know where to find a twin choke cable "dual control"??
  3. shizzl

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    havent heard of it, so hadnt planned on it
  4. shizzl

    Southern dirt bikes

    I almost died on the 450 the other day, caning along and mustve hit a grassy ridge/wheel track edge, front wheel was on the right, rear went to the left, massive step out, mustve been laying over at a 45 degree angle, stayed on the pegs.. I actually thought I was going down hard, but she gripped and stood back up.. was almost a speedway moment, I got off the throttle for the rest of the day haha... im sure it was like that for 40m cos I had time to watch the ground for impact points..unreal
  5. @Mr Vapour what gate motors are you using?
  6. shizzl

    Southern dirt bikes

    Any of you good folk (otago/southland) ride dirt bikes? Need to get out on some cool rides, better to have a decent group to go with. Went up to Shepherds Creek Hut the other day. Good fun
  7. @Mr Vapour, the guy I was using at my last job turned out to be a useless prick..Wouldn't turn up etc. Are they all connected to power and you just need them to work off a single remote? My last job I did in auckland was 3 automated gates on one property..I installed all the automation myself and had them running off a single remote (6 remotes in total for the household). Pm me if you need any help
  8. shizzl

    House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Took the yz into the Eyre mountains today after going to QT to do a site visit. 20km return, about 12 river crossings, plenty of washouts.. good fun. The 4spd box is shit for trails though with the long 1st (wide ratio).. Barely got past 2nd most of the way. Stalled the bitch in a river crossing, think it sucked in a bit of water through the rocker vent hose, oil is now milky. Drain it tomorrow and checked it's all good.
  9. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    Nah I think the dizzy will fall apart first
  10. shizzl

    House of RM's, 250 and 85

    Offloaded the 135 in a straight swap for a yzf450, we'll see how this goes. It's a much tidied bike overall, nothing appears to be hacked like the 125
  11. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    By piss tune I mean with no special tools.. Sync by air, adjust mixtures, use the air piston test, get it to a rich over condition.. Nice and ready to go to some old Barry with a colourtune/gunson set/actual sync meter stuff It could be worse, I could've used the twin 175s over the stock single 150, I think the twin 150s are enough, hell the gls/gt hunters came out with twin 40 sidedraughts. Almost time to drop the 40 over pistons into it and get the cam done, shave the head a few thou, chuck in a fresh rod set
  12. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    I try my best not to over rev it. Which is why I got a rev counter for it
  13. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    Haters gonna hate I guess
  14. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    Gave the carbs a bit of a piss tune. Idles smooth enough, revs up fine. Took it for a quick road test out onto rockdale rd.. I shit you not its almost twice as quick. Even got a few doughies going. Super singles, but atleast it's capable of skinning a cat now. Got it up to 90mph and it actually gets there pretty quick for an old bitch.
  15. shizzl

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter

    And just like that, it's alive. This is firing up on a cold start, no choke. Definitely running rich. The back carb has a sticking needle/slide, it's alot slower to open. Pretty stoked overall, might get it out for a road test, adjust and test again..repeat