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  1. Any updates on this? Just seen it, looks good.. I could be keen if I can piece the pile together in time
  2. Driveshaft has been made and installed. Still need a driveshaft hoop to complete this task though.
  3. Suitable storage/workshop located... Tuakau. Price would be $120/wk each if sit between 4. Or $160/wk each if split between 3. Power/water split each month. Looking for 1 or 2 others that are keen. Myself and 1 other already keen to get in there. Can share the use of my transport trailer and engine crane if needed. There's also secure yard space for cars or trailers etc.
  4. Radiator mounted, dummy fitting oil cooler.. Oil cooler is wider than the radiator so is a bit of a pig, not alot of options to mount this
  5. Ooooooh pretty parts have arrived Nice new alloy radiator and thermo fan..
  6. Playing with the primaries. Collector to go on.. Then the flexi and the rest of the zorst.
  7. Started making up my headers today... Picked up a flange plate from m&m racing.. A 2" mandrel multi and a 2 1/2" multi from tbl... Got a 18" resonator, dumpy and flexi on its way... This header is 1.5hr in the making... Most of that was just head scratching to clear the pitman arm on full lock. Stoked with it so far. Gotta pick up a 2 into 1 collector today to finish it off.
  8. @Aubs if your in need of a mint radiator or a brand new carb diaphragm I have both of these available.
  9. Got the engine and box in place for hopefully the last time.. Clutch fork and release bearing is also in there. Cut the hole for the shifter.. Need to straighten the shifter as it angles too much towards the drivers seat. In reverse it gets close to the seat. If I straighten it, it'll be perfecto. Ordered all of my exhaust parts, and have a new manifold flange plate.. So look out for sketchy welds and bs looking noise cannon build. Ordered a new Ali radiator and 14" fan to match the nice oil cooler. Will need to find stock oil cooler hoses or get the
  10. 12a bridgeport round 2....fight This engine looks super clean inside, lots of compressions. Came with an electronic dizzy and s4 alt. I chucked the side draft on it but need a tall port manifold cos this one is missing one of the bolt tabs. Waiting to go it...
  11. Bs update... Pulled the engine to strip and inspect, everything is wasted beyond use.. Apart from the housings, Theyr mint.. So I went and bought another 12a...lets see how this goes.
  12. Relooking into this as we are moving shortly and I can't fit all of my work gear, race car etc into a double garage.. Anyone in hamilton/Auckland keen to do a workshop share? Even 2-3 people. Ideally I'd be parking my stockcar and trailer inside, plus my work tools and Surplus materials. Aim to offer up approx 50-70m2 for others to share. Possibility of using my transport trailer aswell. Location would be either Pukekohe/Tuakau or Huntly.
  13. A guy in huntly had it made for his, but sold the engine etc.
  14. Moved house and have been getting the stockcar sorted, so the old girl hasn't had any time spent on it unfortunately. Ready to pu it for a rebuild and putting together though
  15. Page 4, shame... Haven't done much lately due to working on the stockcar to get that ready for opening night... Didnt happen cos the headgasket let go. So back on this today. Got the engine and box fully mounted. Headers bolted up, carb on. Stock accelerator cable will work. Wiring is all in the same locations. Radiator is bolted up to the hunter mounting points, oil cooler mounted. Just need shorter oil lines. Only fab work left is the new driveshaft, and slightly mod the headers to get it away from the steering box a
  16. She's blown a hg now... Faaaarrrrkkk
  17. Is there anyone in Auckland, with a timing light that is able to help me set my timing on the stockcar by Saturday morning? I'm in Totaravale, by Glenfield..
  18. But not an adaptor.. So only 4 bolts, not 8 I take it. Stink
  19. Can a driveshaft have adaptor fitted at the diff end? Like 30mm spacer (like a wheel spacer/adaptor) that has the eccentric rings or whatever machined into them? Saves having to cut up 2 good driveshafts if I can have an adaptor machined up. I did one many years ago in a mk2 escort with 4age and k50 box, te70 driveshaft, just machined up an adaptor.. But I dold it before I got it on the Rd..
  20. Yeah s1 box. I did that trick yo a s4 box in the ute I built back in the day.
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