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  1. Its all on with KY.... Also tripping up with Michael. Will still need to claim that seat on way back though.
  2. You're doing it right.
  3. Your mother doesn't. She does it for free...
  4. What an inspiring build bro. So sweet! Must be mega fun putting it all together now.
  5. Awesome dude! Check that the wiring is plugged in properly. Make sure that the neutral switch plug hasn't got mixed with something like the side stand switch plug or something. I know a lot of modern bikes have a side stand switch and you cant start or even run the bike with side stand out. So that would be a place to look. Not necessarily the correct place, but something simple to check first... hah
  6. Sympathies dude. That mega sux
  7. Was just chatting with @Bistrolast night at how dope corvairs are and how i pine them. And bang, next day, this. Can't wait to see this progress. Such neat and unusual cars. Super low, with lowrider spec look will be king. Awesome car dude!
  8. Tumeke plz:
  9. China IDA plz.
  10. I did a bit of engine bay cleaning of the S5 in the downtime. But it was actually really fun getting this going. Super glad it actually ran (not that i didn't think it would) Cherry on top was getting it drivable and doing some skids. Jeah.
  11. Not really, cos i spent the whole weekend working on this!
  12. There is one, but doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe though. Don't remember this being an issue last time I was tinkering.
  13. God fins are swoon! See if you can get your hands on a 185/50. That profile + blocks will be delish.