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  1. Be good to catch up. Can fairy you around if required.
  2. This looks like it could be fun.
  3. Don't ever change John. Love your style.
  4. Hello welders, I know its been asked multiple times. But I'd like to re-ask to get the latest opinion. I'm after a TIG. Would like to do Mild, Stainless, and very likely alloy in the near future. I've already got a MIG, so after a dedicated TIG machine. What of the current range would you people recommend? (I've seen Kicker's question on the previous pages but would like a few more suggestions if possible :)) Would it be best to not get one that does alloy? Will most likely be used for panel steel, exhaust pipes, and on occasion 5mm plate for brackets. Anything thicker will
  5. Cheers @tortron. Have had my eyes on those for a while. They're probs fucked. And i've already got more ND tachos than i have the need for. They're the correct shape, just don't have the idiot light tubes. In Laverda news. I've sent head to Radax Australia for a rebuild. I've got all the gearbox bearings and gaskets to put bottom end together. Waiting to get cases back from some repairs. Then its dropping off for vapour blasting and i can start assembling the engine! I got the head vapour blasted before i sent it away. So here's some pics of that, cos picless posts are dumb.
  6. If kicker can't make it for some reason, I can pop out one night this week/this weekend.
  7. Chair man, The cb 550s and 650s had 200kph ND clocks. (I see yours are nippon seiki, same as the 400s and 350s) The 750s and the Laverda have 220kph/140mph clocks (so the Laverda faceplates wouldn't fit). Have got a 220kph ND speedo in stock to cut up. Cheers for the offer though!
  8. Thats the one i tried to acquire... Chair though dude. Appreciate it!
  9. One of the most noticeable and annoying things that are missing were the clocks. One would expect something like this to have some super bespoke italian clocks or something. But fortunately, most of the Italian exotics of the 70's, well, Ducati's and Laverdas anyway, ran nippon denso clocks. Cool. They are the same style as the Cb750. Oh awesome. Should be easily be able to find some. WRONG. They run the same style as the 1970 CB750 k1. Which are super rare. (yet still more common than Laverda clocks). These have the idiot lights inside the clock and have some sweet jewl lenses on the facep
  10. Here is Red cutting off the crushed old slingers and rolling on his new ones. You can see all the crud in this one: And done: Crank going back together: Finished product. All new bearings, new bottom end rollers, a couple of replacement conrods, and 2 new crank web with pins. $$ but worth it. Better than new (literally, as this year (1979) the factory fitted incorrect bearings that would catastrophically fail within 20,000ks! haha. So Italian): So now this is safely on my bench. I've dropped the cases off to get some broken threads welded up, aswell a
  11. After some initial investigation, I soon saw why it was pulled down, cylinder number 1 bottom end. fucked.: It has had some catastrophic engine failure at some point. There was damage to the cylinder head, cam chain guides, pistons and crank. It looks like the cam chain had snapped at full noise. Damaging everything related. Oh boy. Worst looking damage seemed to be the crank above. (or so i could see) After trying to find someone keen to tackle a Laverda crank rebuild, i ended up having to send it to Redax Engineering in australia. The dude there Red is a super GC. Gave me
  12. So a while back this popped up on trademe, in wellington. I was first to view and bought it then and there. A big gamble as it had been completely stripped down for over 25 years! Its a 1979 Laverda 3CL. Its a 1000cc, 3 cylinder, 180 degree crank Italian stallion. These were the fastest production bike in the world for a bit. A claimed top speed of 140mph. They're pretty rare. With only 7 thousand odd being manufactured across all triple variants (3C, 3CL and the Jota) Its a major project. I though i'd just get it, put it all back together and sell for big bux. lol. Yeah right.
  13. Goat

    Joe's 1976 CB400f

    The carbs were full of green gunk. It appears to be corroded brass. Pretty much all of the brasswork in the carbs has been etched. Thank goodness the floats are plastic. I've had this with my kawasaki recently, where the fuel ate pinholes in the floats. Really weird, must be some crazy additive in the fuel. The residue was so difficult to remove. Wouldn't even wire brush off. Degreaser and brake clean did nothing. Turns out good old vinegar works a treat. Leave it to soak, wipe it off with a rag. Who would have thunk. Yum: This was rancid: After a soak in some
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