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  1. You guys are doing it right!
  2. Goat

    Bike carbs sizing

    Living the dcoe dream
  3. Goat

    Bike carbs sizing

    Still remember stopping somewhere with @kicker in his cedric, and asking him what that hissing sound was, thinking it was a coolant leak. Got a response along the lines of: "Oh, that, its just fuel dripping onto the exhaust, it stops after a while"
  4. Should be self priming, I've never primed one. Just biffed it in, and made dorts.
  5. Goat

    K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    Ill be in masterton this weekend Otherwise i'd be all over this. I'll be around next sunday though, if you can hold off till then? Would actually love to give you a hand g.
  6. Goat

    Romans COD piece

    Love Your Style
  7. Goat

    xsinclairx GS650e Cafe/Brat project

    Hmm, That doesn't look right, i don't think that chain could stretch 25mm over 21 links.... Thats like 1mm of play per link..... Are you sure thats the right measurement?
  8. Goat

    Pee Dubs CB500

    Neat. Plans?
  9. Goat

    Toyota S12W vs S12WAA calipers

    There are s12 and s12 + 8 Calipers. I think one is for vented, and one for solid discs. I'm running s12 + 8s in the Z. And thats for vented discs. Also, just FYI. If you need to rebuild them, buy willwoods. As i went the s12+8 route, and even at trade it was ~$600 to buy and fully rebuild them. $300 more and i could have had brand spanking new, lightweight willwoods. The S12 calipers are cast iron and weigh 236498236kg each.
  10. I might. Will have a look now Edit: yes I do
  11. Goat

    Kicker's CB250RS of nostalgia

    Oh Man, We need to go riding! So excite at your progress. Will drop the mirrors around next week some time.
  12. Goat


    Bmx. We can be healing broes