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  1. Wow. This is awesome dude! Next level 2 stoke dedication! Have you got any recommendations for a not so wild setup? My maverick is tired and i would love a bit more pep. Not valentino rossi spec though. Haha. Just not first gear up my hill!
  2. Goat

    Bike carbs sizing

    Living the dcoe dream
  3. Goat

    Bike carbs sizing

    Still remember stopping somewhere with @kicker in his cedric, and asking him what that hissing sound was, thinking it was a coolant leak. Got a response along the lines of: "Oh, that, its just fuel dripping onto the exhaust, it stops after a while"
  4. Should be self priming, I've never primed one. Just biffed it in, and made dorts.
  5. Ill be in masterton this weekend Otherwise i'd be all over this. I'll be around next sunday though, if you can hold off till then? Would actually love to give you a hand g.
  6. Hmm, That doesn't look right, i don't think that chain could stretch 25mm over 21 links.... Thats like 1mm of play per link..... Are you sure thats the right measurement?