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  1. Hi all, What would be the best product for gluing in a stainless window surround/runner into a van sliding door. Currently my door has a fixed window with a basic rubber seal which can easily be removed. This is not glued in. The one I took it out of a van at pickapart is factory fitment and it had some super strong black silicon stuff holding it in. I'm assuming similar to the stuff they bond windscreens in with. Cheers
  2. That makes sense. I was thinking the stl file was out of the slicer. But of course that's the fusion 360 export, so the part is verbatim. Chur
  3. Wow. Can't believe that its that simple. (and cheap) What sort of infill are you using for the metal prints?
  4. That is super cool going for the 3d printed metal approach. Allows some pretty intricate details. Good idea to build balance tube in What sorta cost are you looking at per manifold?
  5. Assuming it's dereg. IF the THPVVA##### number does come up when searching (I'm not sure who is doing the searching, this should be the entry compliance place), you should be able to apply for an alternate docs approval (here), and state your case with proof outlining the Pantera VIN naming convention, proving that it MUST have been incorrectly entered in the system, and that beyond resonable doubt, it Is the same car, just with a few letters in the vin mis-entered. Then you should be away laughing. A stat dec "should" be ok for the proof of ownership part. But will need some approval for the "proof of previous registration" part using the alt docs route. I've used the alt docs route before, basically fluffed it with a whole heap of stuff so it looked like I'd researched the shit out of it and it was all approved. I think @kicker did something similar with when registering his KDX, which had no import documentation. Put all the email trail/pics of buying it through turners etc etc. Try and give as much info as you can, however irrelevant it might seem. If this is approved, then its your golden ticket for registration. Just go to a vinz/vtnz/whoever and give them the approval and you're sorted! So yeah, there are ways, but its often due to the attitude of the inspector on the day unfortunately.
  6. Thankyou for documenting your process. Super awesome to watch this unfold (the whole build, not the imminent difficulties in shifting your tower!)
  7. If you need escorting anywhere, giz a holla
  8. Goat

    diesel spam

    Has it been gutless since you got it? The PO could have messed up the injector timing when reassembling? I'm sure its not some super high power beast, but it should make more and more power until it runs out of huff new full throttle right? Filters and lines pre pump restricting fuel delivery Fuel shutoff in the pump (if its solenoid based, maybe its not fully disengaging) Not sure what style of pump they have, but is there something inside the pump limiting full throttle? Rack not extending all the way, but its spring loaded so it appears to be full throttle externally (struggling to articulate sorry)? Pump timing off a tooth (I take it it starts well? Not sure if they would start well if it was off a tooth)
  9. You miracle worker
  10. Also, Load up your order with sparkplugs for your other whips (that are in the same warehouse) As they're like 2.50 each and essentially free shipping!! Stock in stock.
  11. Fingers crossed! Non entry compliance makes it a bit easier for sure. Also, before you sumbit your rockauto order, use one of these: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/57663-rock-auto-discount-codes I'm assuming you've used rockauto before? If not, make sure to select parts from the same warehouse to save shipping. Also, i need to come up for a visit one weekend to see your pad!
  12. Sick. Rockauto for parts Hopefully it wont be too much of a ballache getting it revinned with the rust repairs.
  13. On clearance too. Nabbed a few. Sick. Also, looking forward to your build.
  14. Also, where did you get that sweet carb tray?
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