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  1. quick google show they are all amazon based ecommerce stores, registered at different stages, some of them have been around for a while. use with caution? credit cards / paypal offer reasonable protection. so yea?
  2. they are a 38mm/ HIF4. but yea. couldn't remember which manifold was which.
  3. Right, so what I could find was. 2x HIF4 carb. on a B? series manifold. E series manifold with spaces. I don't think I have the links to suit the E series 2x pancake filters. 2x carb body covers. Heatshield. and a Jameson hip flask.
  4. Motor is gone. Pretty sure I have inlet manifold with a couple of hif4 su's and spacers etc. Will have a look this afternoon.
  5. Logic? Reasoning? Get out you trouble maker.
  6. Just get a cert. Will be a piece of piss after your efi one
  7. Like Tradies, if they are busy its usually a good sign.
  8. heaps of different size Hiabs around. would be worth having a ring around. Mackleys as mentioned above are probably a good bet.
  9. Some iron spikes (railway ties) would look awesome as a fixing.
  10. Nah, not this time. hopefully will be able to put some time into the Cortina this year and get it on the road. but a few projects to finish around the house first.
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