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  1. iirc pre 1992 if the nozzles are there, they have to work, if there are no nozzles then no problems.
  2. Corbie

    re-registering a vehicle

    so make a new tag with the correct model number on it?
  3. I would have thought so, new cert will cover everything, so must comply with current requirements?
  4. I just need a gearbag to go in the car I have the motor, should probably look to see if the diff will need an upgrade too.
  5. do you happen to have a spare RWD Gearbag to suit a K series mazda v6?
  6. It's already got a pinto, I believe the next thing to consider is a 2zz.
  7. Corbie

    Corbie's MkIII Cortina Wagon

    Discussion Thread Here
  8. So a couple of months ago I was trawling trade me. and came across this thing on a $1 reserve auction. Threw a cheeky low ball bid in and took it home for the grand price of $1600. and it has sat in the shed since. Car is mostly complete. with all panels and glass, just a few cracked lenses on the tail lights and front indicators. Most of the body work is complete with a few small areas that need attention. Running a 2.0 Pinto as factory but might be open to a transplant at a later date. Current plan is to finish the rust and panel work. new paint job and new rubbers before the glass goes back in. has had Mk5 front seats put in, so will probably look at getting the interior redone so it is matching.
  9. What about diesel vehicles?
  10. just assumed it was empty and topped it up anyway
  11. Corbie


    there are a few place around with them, look up viscosity cup.
  12. Corbie

    Door Rubbers, windows channels etc Look here

    Lube em up. ttop for max out of context
  13. sounds like you need to rock around there with your hands on your hips mayte.
  14. Does it count if I get steeb on a video conference call?