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  1. @d.p.n.s Where'd you get the carpet? happy with the fit? need to get some for my wagon.
  2. New exhaust for a 10 second car?
  3. When you try to make fun of someone who made a typo, but made a typo.
  4. Probably talking about Datsuns, mostly rust anyway.
  5. Looked at youshop for shipping? would be NZD$30-40 I would say
  6. Bunnings westgate is still showing coregas
  7. I'm sure you expose yourself to a lot worse than coke on a regular basis.
  8. yea, should ship with the battery, pretty much impossible to buy for the Gen Public now. might need to talk to a friendly motorbike shop? or get in touch with the seller? shipping acid is a PITA too.
  9. just take a photo of it on the front, then move it to the back and take another photo?
  10. welcome to the new oldschool.
  11. seems like you have competition in the branding dept.
  12. now you can convert it to a two stroke sewing machine for the mrs.
  13. Corbie

    best antifreeze

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