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  1. welcome to the new oldschool.
  2. seems like you have competition in the branding dept.
  3. now you can convert it to a two stroke sewing machine for the mrs.
  4. Corbie

    best antifreeze

  5. You will be fine, those markings are there because they won't have any certification. so can't be used commercially. its mostly an arse covering exercise.
  6. took him out for a few drinks after work then anonymous *555 call? clever
  7. Prius Cats are hardly used because they are driven so slowly the ICE never cuts in.
  8. quick google show they are all amazon based ecommerce stores, registered at different stages, some of them have been around for a while. use with caution? credit cards / paypal offer reasonable protection. so yea?
  9. they are a 38mm/ HIF4. but yea. couldn't remember which manifold was which.
  10. Right, so what I could find was. 2x HIF4 carb. on a B? series manifold. E series manifold with spaces. I don't think I have the links to suit the E series 2x pancake filters. 2x carb body covers. Heatshield. and a Jameson hip flask.
  11. Motor is gone. Pretty sure I have inlet manifold with a couple of hif4 su's and spacers etc. Will have a look this afternoon.
  12. Logic? Reasoning? Get out you trouble maker.
  13. Just get a cert. Will be a piece of piss after your efi one
  14. Like Tradies, if they are busy its usually a good sign.
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