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  1. I hope that was a typo and you mean twin v12s
  2. so run some skinny tyres for wof then throw the wide ones back on?
  3. retired undefeated?
  4. ACtually Roger just pointed out you do have one... we both missed it at the servo.
  5. Hey KK... Get yourself an Oldschool sticker.
  6. This is the guy I mentioned last night re getting new gaskets etc.
  7. you have seen it in the shed... aint no progress in there.
  8. So yea, I have been a bit slack with this, and taking photos of stuff when I work on it. Over the last little while I stripped out the interior and went over the whole car checking the rust status, gladly it's not terminal. so with a few patches cut out. I finally started doing this. and started tidying up the rear suspension assmembly
  9. Get in touch with Mr Zebra Dude, he mentioned somewhere he was offloading untold marina goodies(If you can call BLMC parts good)...
  10. you can register the plates as personalised and use them.. its gonna cost a bit, but would be legit.
  11. try this guy for gaskets.
  12. //
  13. Good Jerb!
  14. go back and get paid to work on your own car?