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  1. Esky_addict


    Grabbed this from the rotary thread, anyone know a paint code or name for the Matt green rx2?
  2. Esky_addict


    Haha thought I had seen those somewhere before
  3. Place needs more warrent inspectors like this most wouldn't pick that balljoint wasn't correct especially if it was muddy/2nd hand looking with everything else but still ping you for something like no water in washer. I do all my own work and like having someone check over my stuff to make sure it's safe as it's pretty easy to forget to tighten a bolt after you've had your whole car apart lol. In my case I'm looking at buying a cruiser with cert for 1uz and auto but now manual back to manual. The cert is meaningless as it requires a recert, I guess it should be easier for recert tho as only the gearbox mounts/pedal box will need inspected or does the whole conversion need rechecked. Kind of off topic but we were on a run in a mates 68 Impala a while back fresh full build and a upper a arm bolt fell out causing the whole top arm to depart at 60mph, so no cant trust anyone lol
  4. Haha don't get me wrong I think there should be requirement for a cert after a gearbox change. The way it was explained to me by a certifier was that after a cert that was essentially the new OE spec for the car, so any deviation requires recert, if the modifications don't meet the threshold then why would it require a recert? Those things would be modifying the braking system but swapping a pedal box is not. As I said before not having ago just a healthy discussion.
  5. Let's say I have a vehicle which was originally manual but has been engine swapped and auto is stated on cert plate, then it gets changed back to manual. I go for a WOF and the man says no deal as its not certed for the manual, however if the braking system is not modified it doesn't need a cert. Then i would have to get a cert for something that doesn't need certified lol
  6. Just can't see how one clutch pedal being installed automatically results in requiring a cert. If you swap pedal boxes and the brake side of things are identical then you aren't really modifying the brake system. Thus shouldn't require a cert for a gearbox swap. I mean I think you should need a cert for gbox swap but according to the threshold the only issue is that the braking system IS modified by fitting a pedal box with a clutch. Not having a go but its the whole interpretation thing
  7. So to the letter of the law it would require recert solely because the pedal box has been swapped. Even though the brake system hasn't been modified as the brake side of things is like for like, only difference is that one pedal box has a clutch pedal attached to oneside and one doesnt? Seems abit odd, what's the difference in replacing a master cylinder?
  8. Cert required for changing from auto to manual box, currently certed for auto? Not according to the the thresholds if using all OE
  9. Does anyone on here do repair certs? What is checked out just the repairs listed buy vehicle inspectors or the whole car get a check over?
  10. Esky_addict

    Power files

    Got the savebarn one aswell, brought bulk belts off Aliexpress awesome tools
  11. @JustHarry assume they would be the same, been that long since I see the pickups. Bloody thing didn't wanna run right anyway, Weber's aren't to happy so got pushed back into the corner
  12. Anyone have a dipstick they can post a pic up with measurements of the full and add marks so I can measure oil level. Somehow this dipstick has misplaced it. Cheers
  13. Yeah will certainly be handy being able to raise er up a bit when needed, I don't find it too bad around here with regard to bottoming out but was pretty bad once we got past Clinton,
  14. so basically the no individual corner adjustment rule is bollocks but its there to stop everyone cruising around 3 wheeling? Maybe a well grounded and sensible certifier could understand the logic and let it slide if I dont come across as a loco mehican if the time does arrive
  15. Mint found it now. Turns out the phone if been running for the last 2 years has a junk folder hidden away, all this time I have been checking the spam folder, 2 different things apparently