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  1. @ThePog gvm 5700kg tare 3420kg. Its around 7m long.
  2. The rear leaf springs in our W40 are 1242mm long as measured from center of spring eye to center of spring eye. They are 70mm wide with each leaf spring assembly consisting of 2 leaves each. Our bus leans over too, lol!
  3. Got one. Genlll 5.7 Has done 360k in a 2000 WH Statesman. Has got the 4L60e auto trans. Drives/runs sweet. No funny noises or smells. Paid 5k for it with no WOF or reg. $190 later and I had 12 months reg and a years WOF. It flew through the WOF. Happy as. First 9 years of its life was owned by 3 or 4 companies. The last 11 years was owned by 2 private owners, 1 of them for 10 years and the last one for a year. Everything seems to work and I'm good with it.
  4. Short answer to your question is I don't know. Long story is the application I used/tried it out on was on the front of a 2wd LN56. The rim I wanted to use was a 15" but skinny. It was 4.5" width I think. It had most of its minimal width towards the outside (old school style if you know what i mean) so was pretty flat looking on the inside. See attached pic of what I am talking about. I couldn't get the rim to sit on the hub properly without it fouling the 4 pot caliper due to the outside facing pots. This is all from memory but this was the gist of it I think. I dunno if i had of had a normal
  5. Just seen this, I'll report tomorrow or the next day. Cheers.
  6. @ThePog I only just saw your post. I checked our bus. Its a RGW40. What info do you need exactly and do you still need it? Cheer.
  7. Ok, just checked online. I need a OBD2 I think. I see them on TM. Does anyone know if there are ones to stay away from or types to seek out for some reason? I'm getting one because I intend to purchase a running Ls1 powered donor car in order to ensure I have all of the parts the factory supplied. I want to be able to scan it prior to purchase plus I take it I'll be using the scanner once the engine has been transplanted in the future so is required' buying for me. Thinking aloud.
  8. @vk327 cheers man. I was/am leaning towards the 4L60e that comes in the Commodore already attached to the engine. Are there problems with this type of transmission? My reasoning is I want the overdrive. My intended use centers around being a poser (lol!) using it as my work truck/parts carrier for the most part. The only off-road I foresee is fishing and firewood collecting duties. I'm not into hardcore thrashing of my gear in the mud bro. But yeah, the 4L60e? I have never owned a car that uses an ECU but know they store codes and stuff that can tell the story to some extent of what they
  9. 4WD. The vehicle type is a LN106. Its the last of the 4WD Hilux's that came with a live axle (diff) at the front end.
  10. Yeah I did, well I sent them an email as I got the impression from their YT clips that they were flatout so didn't want to take their time up. Asked for ball park $ for a drive in drive out deal for driving in a 2.8 LN106 then driving out with a ls1 under the bonnet. They said around the 30k mark and that they were not taking on any new work due to current and booked work load. They also said they don't offer a kit to slip the GM engine into a lux - only a UZ. My personal preference is the LS over the UZ so ... I have since started looking at the Aussie sites for costs for the gearbox adapters
  11. Hmmm, I've been watching some clips from Cartune NZ and they all seem to be lifted.
  12. Everything I have read on this topic involves the inclusion of a body lift. Does anyone have first hand info on why you need to lift the body? What part (or parts) don't fit or foul due to the body being left in the OEM body position in relation to the chassis. Cheers.
  13. @chris rYour package has been uplifted and placed into secure lockup. Those two BB Chryslers in the background of the pic want to know wtf a scoota mota is doing in their shed. Yo to the power and reach of the oldschool freight service .
  14. @chris r, have you got this sorted? Is it ok where it is currently or do you need to get it moved/shifted. I can provide a place/store it until you sort out freight if needs be. Just saying.
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