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  1. 1982 RX60 Cressida 1UZFE Conversion

    so what sorta diff is in his car?
  2. Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    Any idea's on what could be wrong with that 440 Source head?
  3. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    Nothing on anyone here - but cage work is cunt work. Just saying.
  4. Bens Scampy scamp

    My 5c worth ... that decay in some of your pics is past being cleaned up using a wire brush. And if you are going to the expense of getting it blasted - maybe you should look at the different media types available. My son is a blaster (industrial garnet only) He has done heaps of cars - both hotroddy type ones and but mostly jappa's from car importers. You will never (never ever) get rid of the sand from out of a unit body. Might be better to have soda or something hidden away in the seams than sand? Another thing to look at also is how they get your baby up in the air. If they are using forks, (and most of them do) be prepared to have two long fork shaped areas that are not done as well as the rest of the job. Also look for sill and chassis damage from using the forks. Ruff shit goes on behind closed doors bro. Then its covered up by paint and when you go to pic it up ... you can only give it a cursory glance because its back on the ground, on a dusty as floor, and they have their hand out for your dosh. Just saying.
  5. Bens Scampy scamp

    Hehe .... a couple of the usual suspects - @nzed @cletus but wait a little bit. There are a few more Walter P supporters out there You'll be in good company - especially with that fucking thing cletus is building.
  6. Bens Scampy scamp

    Welcome to Chrysler.

    Mate, I know its been years, but when you built your glide and you removed the OEM bell portion from the case, you said you had to trim some part up or something. I take it you were grinding using an angle grinder. But finishing it ... how was that done. Milled? Could you explain the process you go through removing the OEM bell in readiness for a JW bell. Ta.
  8. For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    The only reference i could find re having shield was using one if a certain clearance distance could not be met. Even though I would meet the distance requirement, I was going to utilize a shield/skid plate arrangement under the cell in any case. I thought this was just good practice and it added some confidence that my ching ching fuel cell was protected from road debris. No, what i am asking about is the requirement to have the boot as a sealed compartment. I wonder if you have to?
  9. For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    So whats the go on an LVV having to have a boot floor? I am wanting to install a (proper) plastic fuel cell into a LVV and have been reading my Hobby Car Book. I understand the fixing/attachment, and clearance ... line routing requirements but can't see anywhere where it says I have to have a boot floor or something under it. I looked in the body section of the book also and didn't see anything there either. Just the necessity to ensure the passenger compartment was sealed from the tank etc. So do you have to have a boot floor in ya hotrod? Fuck that sounds bogan aye ... but do you?
  10. Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    Cool. Yeah, fucking Wedgies love more static squeeze. And it sounds like you've planned it so that you'll be enjoying every last compression point 98 is capable of supporting. That thing's torque will pull your big arsed waka along real well, I'm guessing. Good luck with this show thingy you are going to.
  11. Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    What alloy heads you are running, mate?
  12. Yeah you remember right, Surfs have angled top bars and straight bottom ones. They employ a panhard rod. I just copied what I saw Toyota had done when I was removing the bush ends. And on my car, I measured that at 50mm suspension movement up or down from planned ride height, the bar will limit lateral movement to no more than 1.8mm. I drew it up on CAD and had a look. The center to center length of the bar is 700mm and its level. But all this aside ... you can see just by looking at a triangulated 4 link setup employing any end joint that uses something made from compressible material - there is going to be sideways movement at some point. I reckon anyway.
  13. Yeah, I reckon it was going to move bro. The bushes are recycled from off a Surf's bum setup. They cost nothing. But they are are big, they are rubber and when push comes to shove, I reckon there will be wriggle room for sideways movement. The other thing I thought about too was that I couldn't get the recommended 40 - 45 Degree angle on those top arms so thought fuck it. Run a rod and make sure that if there was some - I could control it. I still have not unpicked the diff from the chassis bench so don't know if there is going to be any binding but I reckon there won't be any. Have to see.
  14. Anyone know where a AE92 rear caliper sits OEM? Like is it towards the front, rear or sitting on top or something.
  15. Johnny's bigblockpoweredstickcarthatdontshine

    Praying Mantis Finished these. Hope those AE92 Calipers fit without hitting the top arm. Initial look/see indicates it might be close. Big bum. Everything seems to fit ok but its early daze, lol! Fuck, I hope I don't come across something that fucking daze's me out, haha! Ride the Serpent Reached milestone. Now need to do some measuring, visualizing and planning re how to go about future stages. Happy with stuff though.