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  1. I've never seen bearings in track rollers. Are those the bottom ones or the top? Most shops will swap them over/out. The only type I've seen apart are CAT and they had a big arsed pin that ran in a bigger arsed bushing. Everything floated in oil. Once one of those go it's mates need to be looked at closely. An undercarriage lives in one of the most abusive environs known to man. Dozers more than diggers but they pretty much operate all in the same way. Leaving machines in wet area's/under water is asking for trouble in the undercarriage department. Ching ching ching!
  2. Mate, I've never had anything to do with fitting a Truetrac into Hilux housing. I'd expect it to be bolt in with nothing special though. If I was doing it, I'd spend an extra $50 and go with the solid pinion spacer too. Even the good/tight OEM Hilux ones you come across are no match for good aftermarket offerings when it comes to lock up. They do remain popular though. I'm selling that 3.58 LSD on TM at the moment. It actually sold today - get paid for/uplifted tomorrow. Late model 3 point something :1 LSD's are always worth reasonable money. A grand for a good one is a good deal. They can go for alot more.
  3. What he said ^ Near any rear loaded Salisbury type differential needs to be spread to fit those preload shims in without damaging them. You'll need to use a spreader in conjunction with an accurate DTI and work to spec or you run the risk of stretching the housing and it'll never preload right afterwards. It'll be fucked.
  4. Thanks for this. I like these early corolla calipers but they are not that easy to come by anymore, aye? I've got ae92's, the ones's you're talking about and a couple of others I've collected over time. My experience is this sorta stuff dried up in the wreckers decade(s) ago. I've got an adaption that fits the later zre152 corolla type but they are pretty small, lol! They sell though. But yeah, cheers for the input bro, appreciated.
  5. Fuck, these are brakes we're talking about - how do cunts think they're going to get away with that sorta shit (or even do it) lol, gawd.
  6. Did some more r&d on the mk5 to Hilux option. I actually can't see this working with a 15" rim on/in a live axle application. The live axle's design prevents placement of the caliper in a position like that would be found on the bum of a FWD vehicle. This prevents the caliper from working within the confines of a 15" rim. A larger diameter rim could be made to work depending on if a workable rotor could be identified. See that cutaway rim in the pic's I use to check clearance? Clever aye? It was cut down on my rim widener I made out of scrap a few years back. Niice clean job! I know you cunts like this sorta stuff! Chur.
  7. Do you know what is the common dia of rim usually used on VW's? I've never had anything to do with near most all 4cyl sedans/hatches - fucking cars bro. I lived under a rock and had pickups and the older stuff all my life.
  8. This is a s4/s5 caliper on a Hilux diff using the 273mm OEM style rotor. It fits a 15" rim with a bit of room to spare. This a an rx8 caliper mocked up on the s4/s5 OEM style rotor. As can be seen it won't work due to the shape of the bracket. I have not tried an OEM rx8 rotor as it's large diameter precludes use with a 15" diameter rim in any case. The caliper fits an OEM style s6 rotor but the combo will not work with a 15" rim either. I've been spending a bit of time in several disc brake rotor data bases looking for options. The s6 rotor might be able to made to work with the rx8 caliper with some diameter reduction but I'd like to avoid having to trim anything unless absolutely necessary. The s6 rotor is OEM 294mm in diameter. I'm guessing something around 285mm dia might work. Fun and games. I put you wrong re all of the brake adaptions I sell working with 15" rims. The brackets I sell will allow the smaller types of calipers I cater for (sp20, zre152, u13) to work with 14" rims. That's current but I might have to revise this going forward with any new design packages that will allow use of later (TBA) calipers and stick to 15" rims. The pic above shows the s13 rotor (258mm dia) I typically use for most of the smaller fitments. Sitting on it is a VW golf mk5 caliper. Clearly not going to work for two reasons - rotors too small in diameter and mounting points fouling housing. They are quite deep/tall there aye? There might be a balance with a rotor in the mid 270's - 280's and it still being able to fit with a 15" rim. I might check things out.
  9. Thanks for this @cletus a pic goes a long way towards explaining things. I was thinking of posting a few up myself to swap notes/observations/determinations as it were. Hear from me.
  10. Funny you say this Clint. I've just finished doing r&d on the feasibility of making mk5 Golf ones work. I've found a yard down here full of them. They are a bit small but not appreciably smaller than sp20/U13 and a couple of other small type ones I fit. One of the constraints I have is rim diameter. All of my combo's are designed to fit 15" rims. Those mk5's (as small as they are) won't allow this on a Hilux using commonly available OEM based rotors. So yeah. You've mentioned to me previously about bringing calipers in from rockauto. I've resisted using new but It's looking more and more likely I will have to start sourcing new. Gawd, we are living through those times aye? Over the last decade I have seen this shit dry up before my very eyes Been fucking around with rx8 calipers too - reasonably common but try and find a rotor that will work with them in the confines of a 15" steelie ... then let me know, lol! Cheers.
  11. Fuck I'm glad I'm in OS. Yep, fuck this new shit. Checked it out and nup. Keep looking.
  12. Attraction? Scarcity. The increasing scarcity of (suitable) calipers that feature an integral handbrake within their design. Most (late) rear calipers are the type that work with drum in hat/banksia handbrake setup. The ultimate end use for all of this is disc brake conversion(s) on a live axle. In this case, the live axle is the G series Hilux. Adapting a banksia setup is difficult due to a number of reasons - brake offset not withstanding. Over the years I've designed/sold a couple of bolt on disc brake setups (integral handbrake type) on narrowed diffs I build. They've proved to be quite popular but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep my stocks of calipers up. Some types I can't find at all. Thus the reason I'm asking about these type of calipers. I'm doing r&d.
  13. Does anyone know about these? Do they need an ECU plugged into them to work or can they be made to work with 12v power in/out/switch sorta setup? Anyone fucked around with them? @cletusmate, is this sorta stuff (OEM setup that's been adapted to a live axle) show itself much in what comes through your work?
  14. Bulldozers like 3ph stick welders. Used 3ph stick welders are cheap and powerful. The worlds ya oyster in terms of cheap (for what it is) used industrial spec gear when you stump up for 3ph in your shed.
  15. Yeah mate, way better start than the suction/gravity option most take. There is a whole lot of stuff online about how to get one of these things humming along better than the makers originally envisioned.
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