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  1. Is there a catch or something with running a late model engine (1uz/ls1 etc) in a scratch built hotrod? I seem to remember something but can't recall. Does it mean the build has to comply with some frontal impact thingy or something that you would not have to consider if you were running a donk from out of the 60's/70's. Ta.
  2. Yep yip, axle retention works, got it. Makes sense. Maybe a HD bearing retainer set up with a spacer or something to preload the seal even more than stock. Cool. Ta man. Cool diffs them Borgies.
  3. @Lord Gruntfuttock Hi, what sorta thing do they do to the axles to prepare them for rally use, out of interest.
  4. I kicked a son out of the shed for doing this. Told him to get all of his shit out of there and to go find someone elses shed to fuck. This was years ago. He owns a big shed now and notice he doesn't use his trusses as a lifting beam. Go figure. I've seen 4 by 2 sized studs used to support another piece of 4 by 2 that had been tied to the truss before. The car was driven between the studs and the truss is supported by them and reinforced with that other 4 by 2. Worked ok. Not in my shed(s) though. I'm the sorta cunt that would not use a piece of my shed like a crane. We use seat belts down at the yard. All the yards do - scrap and wreckers. The day someone loses a limb will be the day that practice stops in that particular yard. I wouldn't use the method in my shed. There is fuck all adjustment and no undoing. Expedient application only. There is a massive difference when you look at a rated' chain and something sold from out of a hardware store. I've got a couple of chains I got from Steel and Tube. Good quality stuff fitted with a snatch/grab hook on one end. Can adjust for anything. They are used for everything. I wouldn't trust those Carabena looking things in the pics above. You want over kill when you lift something. Failure or risk of is unacceptable. Drop something onto your pride and joy or even worse - your donk on to the concrete from a reasonable height and you'll understand why lifting is one place you don't take risks or skimp in. Ask me.
  5. Couldn't help myself. Thought about it all weekend. Told myself waste of money, don't really need it. Then made the mistake of watching TIG Welding 101 et.al on Youtube and that was it - the voice from the laptop told me I in fact, did need one! And that I needed one as soon as could be had. So this morning, me and my LN106 shot down to Tradezone and plunked down the dosh. Hummed and harrrrd about what bottle size and thought fuck it, get another Eziswap G. Hummed and harrrrd between the Viper180 and this and thought fuck it also. Spending alot of my dosh now - whats some extra? And this is where I am. Need a trolley and have decided to cobble one together from stuff lying around but will need to buy some wheels. The ones on TM look flimsy and I've seen what full G sized bottle does to them. Oh yeah, and did not get a foot pedal. I'm not unpacking this thing for a while yet as I have got other stuff on the go. But yeah, chur. Something to look forward to.
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/business-farming-industry/industrial/manufacturing-metalwork/welders/listing/3105254297?bof=dBlc1eN2 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/business-farming-industry/industrial/manufacturing-metalwork/welders/listing/3108893243?bof=dBlc1eN2 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/business-farming-industry/industrial/manufacturing-metalwork/welders/listing/3110313145?bof=dBlc1eN2 3 ac/dc TIG Welders. All seemingly in cooee of each other but I am not a TIG welder in the slightest so don't have an appreciation for the specs. I want to be a TIG welder though. Not a guru but enough to be able to use it satisfactorily for small scale fabrication of stuff for me ie. puke cans, alum brackets and header work etc. Plus I want to be able to generally fuck around - normal shit. I want something with pulse. I am shopping in and around the 1.5 - 2.5k (give or take) region not counting bottle purchase. Comments please.
  7. @flyingbrick chur matey. Ta for the heads up. Nah, I'm not into bikes so don't read those threads. Hehe, I totally get life's nuances man and respect dudes taking matters in hand when confronted with them. Cheers.
  8. @flyingbrick, any movement on LQ4 front?
  9. @Muncie Mate, are you still working in the field that fucks around with these things? If so, question - I've noticed that when a 1/2" torque wrench (tw) is rated above around the 150ft/lbs mark the price goes up. I need something 1/2" in the 200ft/lbs range and see that 3/4" tw's that are priced near the same as the 150ft 1/2" ones do this easily. I was wondering if using a 3/4 to 1/2" adapter on a 3/4" tw would still work alright for measuring torque in general use. It should aye? I was/am looking at something from Teng Tools around the $320 range. Does this level of spend get me something that is ok? Is Teng Tools tw's ok do you know? I'm currently using a Warren Brown deflecting beam and its been very good for/to me but tops out at 150. Haha, can I machine out that slot a little more and call it 200? :)) Cheers bro. You do work with these things aye? Or did I read one of your posts wrong.
  10. Hi @nels two questions ... you say don't weld or don't weld all(?) of the rear tub to the inside of the rear fender. Just so I picture it right - the tub is welded front, rear and to the chassis rail but sits near as flush to, and is contoured to the inside of the rear guard - but not permanently fixed to it. Yeah? If not, can you put my understanding right mate? Also, what do you use to seal (is it sealed?) the tub to the inside of the guard if it is floating there? Ta. And, when you decided to stretch the rear wheel arch - was there any method to the madness? Or just what looks good/some space to get the wheel off. Cheers man. Ta.
  11. Re those rear caliper brackets your mate made ... are they a 2 piece deal ie steel onto the diff housing then with a hunk of machined alloy to adapt the caliper to the steel plate? Or full alloy. Cheers.
  12. I'd never heard of this before - wow. I wonder if it works like the real thing? Probably. Using the word probably again - there is 'probably' some clever pricks on here that could replicate this sorta thing from shopping on ali. https://jattus.com/shop/tig-perfect
  13. I wondered about ali MIG welding also. Makes 3 of us, lol! I remember years ago seeing a complete setup come up on TM that was fresh out of industry. Had been replaced with something newer or something. I remember in the comments section reading the sellers comments about the unit being a well used and well proven unit. It was used near everyday and ran like a dream. It was 3ph from memory. It had a spool gun on it. Right up my alley I thought. Plug and play. It attracted a lot of attention and sold. I dreamed about owning it but can't have wanted it that bad because I never stumped up to buy it. I think the main thing to me was that I knew deep down it would be like a fair bit of my gear - nice to have, mates love it but I hardly had call to use it after initial excitement had faded . Must have been right. That was years ago and I hardly (if ever) have had cause to have something alum welded. I just don't use the stuff. I'd like to though, but are probably deluding myself. Since then, I've noticed pulse welding machines are becoming more common and affordable. Fuck I'd like one of them that could do alum. I don't know squat about pulse though. I wonder if any OS'ler uses one at work and cares to comment?
  14. Ah, just seen this. GMC put these behind the 6.2 Diesels in their 1500 4WD Pickups. We owned one for around 12yrs. We had the trans rebuilt twice in that time. The second time round I questioned the trans shop given they had gone through it years earlier. They basically said there is too much truck for the trans. I get what they meant. The 6.5's came out with 4L80e's behind them in the same truck I understand. I reckon GM did a marginal move putting them in the big arse yank pickups. Just my experience in matters. Oh yeah ... we used the truck to tow tandems/car on a semi irregular basis.
  15. @M.H. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56868-new-bunnings-gas-n-go-welding-bottle-hire/&do=findComment&comment=2060855 According to the link above I was quoted $1114 to buy in, and $425 per refill after that. Fuck, that was in 2018 and I still paid $425 today for a refill. Obviously things don't move in a hurry in the welding gas world. Good shit.
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