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  1. johnny.race

    trade me sandblaster...worth it?

    Yeah same here, in the wood shed and plumbed through the wall. I can still hear it though - just sorta more muffled. The downer to this approach though is (becoz I am a negligent owner) it gets drained less often.
  2. johnny.race

    trade me sandblaster...worth it?

    Its this one here Its a 26CFM unit, 5.5hp with a 200L tank, 3PH. The shed is piped out correctly with drains and decent size pipe. It runs all the shed tooling adequately but starts to show its limitations when used for lengthy periods for some of the more hungrier tooling like the Hypertherm 1000 G3 on the cut table, spray gun, blast cabinet, and die grinder etc. Its only me in there so there is only one application ever being used at the same time. This is a pic of my original compressor from back in the day. I still have it its kept in the small shed for maintenance of things. These are a joke for doing anything more meaningful more than blowing up tires and maintenance cleaning in my opinion. Still it did the deed for me for years, lol! But compared to the big one - its naff. I have these. I was thinking of converting my blast cabinet to use pressure pot instead of gravity/siphon - and see how I went. I reckon the difference between big arse 70HP screws and stuff you find in a normal shed setting is vast. Even in some of the more serious home settings that a fair portion of dudes that frequent this board have. Effortless blasting demands sustained giant volumes. Most houses have not got the power being fed into them to run the gear. Enter the mobile compressor! This is where its at. I had a mate (gone/passed/dead) who had an old Post Office Atlas CopCo towed compressor. What a fucking grunter. Lived in the sticks and blasted in one of his paddocks. Had a heap of friends, lol!
  3. johnny.race

    trade me sandblaster...worth it?

    Yeah, I agree with your insight mate. You need volume and real grunt to sustain it. I have a big arsed 3ph in one of the sheds but it still has to work its bum off to keep up with the demands of my little blast cabinet. My son is a blaster and they have a cabinet at their work for the little stuff. I have used it before. The difference between theirs (with their nasty arsed big screw behind it) and mine is like night and day. On your comment above though .... what would you deemed a grunty water blaster? Is it psi or flow with those things you need? Or both. Thoughts?
  4. johnny.race

    trade me sandblaster...worth it?

    What one is it?
  5. johnny.race

    Spline measuring on steering column

    I have never mucked around with splines on a steering shaft but know they are small and quite fine. But I do have a decent working knowledge of axle shaft splines though. I assume the terminology would all be the same. Splines can be straight cut, involute .... blah blah ... use DP (Diametrical Pitch) convention, included angles blah blah bullshit bullshit. Can you do the following? Well this is how i go about stuff like this. I have a selection of axle shaft ends/splines that are easily carried and can be used to check whats what when i am trying to determine things. Same same for side gears. Its quick, accurate and makes you appear to be a fucking guru. Is it possible in your case to have a sample of the female or the male of the spline your after to take with you when going out for a looksee? I also know a mate that did a steering shaft using just a 90 degree (included) cutter(s) and it worked. Used a dividing head obviously. Engineers use wires and verniers to measure also. My ways the easiest though, lol. It either fits or it doesn't and you know straight away. Good luck.
  6. johnny.race

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    Hey bro, I am rapt you have been giving your car big arse trips and laps and having little to no problems. I'll echo what the others have said - you've carried out a quality build for sure. I missed reading the above threads about some of the details concerning the cert. He (your certifier) did get intouch with me to check out/verify what I had put in the Differential Work Declaration. He wanted to be confident that I had some idea of what I was talking about. Fuck, he left disappointed Nooooo!! Hehe!! He was sweet as after we discussed a few things, but mostly after I told him I have done a heap of them and have built diffs (and do diff work) for one of the local certifyers down here - that he knows. Maybe he rang him up? I dunno. So yeah.
  7. johnny.race

    Nels Hb viva discussion

    Nah, its one I used to race in the mid/late 80's. It wasn't Rendles one. Didn't his one have strut's? I can't remember, but one of those HB's racing around then was running them. I remember it had its front wheels tucked right in/under. This one still had the OEM Viva frontend fitted. I got it from a guy in Wanga's. It was colored red when i bought it. Fitted the Cheb from out of my Monaro. At one time, the car was run by the Miller's (from out of Masterton I think) and originally built by HESKETT. I raced at Thunder Park when I could afford to get up there. Sold it at the end of the 80's, and the Monaro (fuck) and the Statesman to raise a deposit to get into our first house. It went up to Auckland. Seeing your build has brought back memories of being young fit and broke, lol. Check out those center squirters I still have one of those Holley Blue regulators. Its going on a dirty old rat I have. I posted these pics in another post on here to do with Viva's a few months ago. Goodluck with your build.
  8. johnny.race

    Nels Hb viva discussion

    Ahhh .... oh for the days when we all drove 8's ... our tires were fat and our women skinny.
  9. johnny.race

    1982 RX60 Cressida 1UZFE Conversion

    so what sorta diff is in his car?
  10. johnny.race

    Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    Any idea's on what could be wrong with that 440 Source head?
  11. johnny.race

    Who wants a hand with their projects?

    Nothing on anyone here - but cage work is cunt work. Just saying.
  12. johnny.race

    Bens Scampy scamp

    My 5c worth ... that decay in some of your pics is past being cleaned up using a wire brush. And if you are going to the expense of getting it blasted - maybe you should look at the different media types available. My son is a blaster (industrial garnet only) He has done heaps of cars - both hotroddy type ones and but mostly jappa's from car importers. You will never (never ever) get rid of the sand from out of a unit body. Might be better to have soda or something hidden away in the seams than sand? Another thing to look at also is how they get your baby up in the air. If they are using forks, (and most of them do) be prepared to have two long fork shaped areas that are not done as well as the rest of the job. Also look for sill and chassis damage from using the forks. Ruff shit goes on behind closed doors bro. Then its covered up by paint and when you go to pic it up ... you can only give it a cursory glance because its back on the ground, on a dusty as floor, and they have their hand out for your dosh. Just saying.
  13. johnny.race

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Hehe .... a couple of the usual suspects - @nzed @cletus but wait a little bit. There are a few more Walter P supporters out there You'll be in good company - especially with that fucking thing cletus is building.
  14. johnny.race

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Welcome to Chrysler.
  15. johnny.race


    Mate, I know its been years, but when you built your glide and you removed the OEM bell portion from the case, you said you had to trim some part up or something. I take it you were grinding using an angle grinder. But finishing it ... how was that done. Milled? Could you explain the process you go through removing the OEM bell in readiness for a JW bell. Ta.