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  1. @chris rYour package has been uplifted and placed into secure lockup. Those two BB Chryslers in the background of the pic want to know wtf a scoota mota is doing in their shed. Yo to the power and reach of the oldschool freight service .
  2. @chris r, have you got this sorted? Is it ok where it is currently or do you need to get it moved/shifted. I can provide a place/store it until you sort out freight if needs be. Just saying.
  3. johnny.race


    I got some in. Here's how these ones actuate the handbrake mechanism ... 1st 2 pics of what they look like with pads fitted. These next 3 pics are taken with pads removed and the handbrake levers showing their movement. Basically each lever presses against the steel backing plate of each pad moving them against the rotor. Might talk to @Taistormsometime about how to go about the handbrake setting up if I can't figure something out myself. But yeah, this is how the Wilwood Powerlite handbrake setup essentially gets it done.
  4. johnny.race


    @Mark_Fleming thanks for the info above Mark, this is excellent insight to something I've always wondered about. Out of interest, for the 9", is that main adapter plate in the diagram (that bolts to the housing) ... is that holed' for multi fit (like does it do both early and late big bearing bolt patterns) or do they use specific plates for each application. No biggie - just wondering. Cheers.
  5. Ahh! I just stalked your project build and see what you are on about. Very nice! Some questions, those are the same calipers being sold by Cardwells, yes? And what is the bracket made from? Is it steel? And the biggie - what is the rotor being used please. I am looking at using DBA637 which is the stock replacement for the rear of an fc s4/s5 but am seeking info for a suitable 4 stud alternative. I take it the spacer you're using is between the rotor and rim? Or is it between the axle flange and rotor? Very nice indeed! I've got some more questions about the handbrake cable set up but want to know the big picture stuff first. Ta man.
  6. johnny.race


    Cheers Clint @cletus I had an idea they would be looking something like your pic. I'm just scoping out the scene at the moment and collecting parts and idea's. I am having the hell time getting ahold of s4/s5 fc rears now. Strange that - they only stopped making them near 30 odd years, lol!
  7. johnny.race


    Cheers Mark. A pic would suffice matey, if you could. and yup - I am heading towards what you have going on. Ta.
  8. johnny.race


    Have just come back from the yard ... revised it from OEM 4 pot to OEM 2 pot off something - to work with the spot caliper. Just looking for options and insight.
  9. johnny.race


    Oh, I originally asked (and still are) if anyone had had any experience fitting Wilwood 4 pots (of the type that come with the integral handbrake) to a Hilux diff. Plus I also showed I was attempting to get to the same place using an OEM front caliper in conjunction with a mechanical spot caliper. Two efforts to reach an end state of vented rear disc/caliper setup on a Hilux diff that will pass cert.
  10. johnny.race


    Asked in another post if anyone had had anything to do with adapting Wilwood calipers onto a Hilux differential - nothing. Hmmm. I'm going to purchase a pair of the (currently out of stock) Cardwell ones Pt No 120 - 13517 and fit them onto a Hilux differential. Thats current intention anyway. I know nothing about Wilwoods. I've never mucked around with any aftermarket brake calipers previously. Realm of race cars and rich pricks I always thought. Priced a pair of OEM style rear calipers with the integral handbrake that fit onto OEM rear vented rotors, lately? Thus the reason I am looking at the aftermarket option. I learned what radial mount' meant yesterday also too, lol! Another direction to get to the same place I am looking at is this also ... OEM vented rotors, a mech' aftermarket spot caliper and a soon to be identified OEM 4 pot from off the front of something. Both efforts aimed at a WOF application. Anyway ...
  11. Radial mount. Anyone know anything about this sorta setup, done it, seen it done, know where such an adaption can be purchased yada yada.
  12. Drop a plumb bob off each sill lap/join at a spot perpendicular to/with the tip of the gearbox output shaft and note the total width. Divide it in half and mark the true center of the vehicle on the floor. Next, drop a plumb bob off the center of the gearbox output shaft to see where it lands and how it compares to true center. If if sits to one side of true center (and it will) note to what side it does and by how much. Measure the width of your OEM MoPar diff and determine if it has any pinion offset. Measure the distance from the end of your gearbox to the differential pinion and note it down. Draw it all out/up and get an appreciation for what drivetrain alignment MoPar engineered into your car. Measure the total width of your new diff and determine if it has any pinion offset. Determine the difference in length between the two axles and subtract this difference from the side of the diff you plan to have shortened. Determine what effect this has on the pinion placement within the new width, draw it up and compare to the original offering. This will give you a chance to check any change to drivetrain alignment you maybe introducing without realizing it. Just sayin.
  13. johnny.race


    I've been doing a few heads and reckon the best bang for dollar in terms of kit purchase are these from onlineautoparts. Don't go through TM - deal with them direct and save. Check out the matching trans pan drip trays - churr!
  14. johnny.race


    Haha, I noticed that too. No mention of a fabric in there.
  15. johnny.race


    Mate, I have (decent) hands on experience in narrowing housings and axles. Re heads ... yeah I suppose so but more from a rebuild of whatever Ford or Hilux head is in front of me. And then, its either a spool or an OEM offering of some sort. This said, upon looking at where that link lead to, the things that popped into my head were - its not out of the ordinary to see axle length (spline) sticking right through side gear and into the center in a open differential head so some trimming might be required and the price. Its priced to take a chunk out of the lower end of current offerings on the aftermarket. I wonder if it requires its own sidegears that have been surfaced or something. Anyway, chur.