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  1. Hi @nels two questions ... you say don't weld or don't weld all(?) of the rear tub to the inside of the rear fender. Just so I picture it right - the tub is welded front, rear and to the chassis rail but sits near as flush to, and is contoured to the inside of the rear guard - but not permanently fixed to it. Yeah? If not, can you put my understanding right mate? Also, what do you use to seal (is it sealed?) the tub to the inside of the guard if it is floating there? Ta. And, when you decided to stretch the rear wheel arch - was there any method to the madness? Or just what looks good/som
  2. Re those rear caliper brackets your mate made ... are they a 2 piece deal ie steel onto the diff housing then with a hunk of machined alloy to adapt the caliper to the steel plate? Or full alloy. Cheers.
  3. I'd never heard of this before - wow. I wonder if it works like the real thing? Probably. Using the word probably again - there is 'probably' some clever pricks on here that could replicate this sorta thing from shopping on ali. https://jattus.com/shop/tig-perfect
  4. I wondered about ali MIG welding also. Makes 3 of us, lol! I remember years ago seeing a complete setup come up on TM that was fresh out of industry. Had been replaced with something newer or something. I remember in the comments section reading the sellers comments about the unit being a well used and well proven unit. It was used near everyday and ran like a dream. It was 3ph from memory. It had a spool gun on it. Right up my alley I thought. Plug and play. It attracted a lot of attention and sold. I dreamed about owning it but can't have wanted it that bad because I never stumped up to buy
  5. Ah, just seen this. GMC put these behind the 6.2 Diesels in their 1500 4WD Pickups. We owned one for around 12yrs. We had the trans rebuilt twice in that time. The second time round I questioned the trans shop given they had gone through it years earlier. They basically said there is too much truck for the trans. I get what they meant. The 6.5's came out with 4L80e's behind them in the same truck I understand. I reckon GM did a marginal move putting them in the big arse yank pickups. Just my experience in matters. Oh yeah ... we used the truck to tow tandems/car on a semi irregular basis.
  6. @M.H. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56868-new-bunnings-gas-n-go-welding-bottle-hire/&do=findComment&comment=2060855 According to the link above I was quoted $1114 to buy in, and $425 per refill after that. Fuck, that was in 2018 and I still paid $425 today for a refill. Obviously things don't move in a hurry in the welding gas world. Good shit.
  7. Swapped this in today for a new (full) one. Cost $425 incl. Eziswap Gas. G size. Argonshield. For those that were wondering what it cost to refill the large size. I'm usually in and out of that shop when I change a bottle but today I found myself in the new welders section looking at all the new stuff. Gawd! Need to stay outta this thread.
  8. Anyone know what the norm is in industry re welding stainless steel. Fuck knows where I have been all my life but I've never had anything to do with the stuff and always thought it had to be TIG welded. Not totally true because when I purchased an old welder years ago, I noticed it came with some arc rods for doing stainless. I put this down to this is what they must have used back in the day' given the welder was from the 1950's. But anyway - yeah TIG. But then I came across a clip on YT showing a guy MIG welding stainless so throwing all of my preconceived views out the window. So question -
  9. When he said media - what did he mean exactly? Sand is a media' but unsure of what terminology is par for course in the blasting industry. Something tells me he wasn't talking about sand blasting?
  10. I've been intouch with a crowd in Aus who sell conversion bits and pieces and they reckon there is a clearance problem between the ls1 front sump style (Holden) and a solid axle Lux's top torque reaction arm that they have mounted to the top of the axle housing. They get around it by using a rear sump and relocating the rod pickup points. Good to know. This stuff will all become clear when the ruffy Hilux I picked up a few months ago makes it from around the back of the shed. I'm familiar with the LN65/106 style Hiluxs - just not with 8 cyl's in them. The rougher of the two is on th
  11. Cheers @Testament The jury is still out on which way I go, manual or auto but yeah direction will firm up as time progresses I guess. Ta for the points.
  12. Started to notice, well didn't start - couldn't miss the dirty great drip marks being left by the car in its parking spot. Knew what it was straight away but hoped against hope it was something else. Rear main crank seal. Drove it around a little but was always transfixed (lol!) by the oil drip it left behind when parked. Reminded myself why I purchased the car in the first place then parked it on the hoist to undo/remove the motor/trans etc. Gawd what a fucking job. Even with a hoist, gantry and trans jack. Fucking oily covered wires and shit everywhere. Did it though. What a
  13. I know a little bit about these things. 80's - 90's Hilux are a great truck. Here's something else to consider also. What is this thing? A 56 or 57? I need to read everything again. If you want some semblance of comfort you'll be wanting power steering? If you do and its a 56 or 57, chances are very good that you'll be out of luck. They didn't come out with PS over here I reckon. Urban myth has it that the popular LN85's unit will fit. It don't. It looks like it does but it won't. Leaves you with a couple of options ... both sorta dodgy. Too much to write. PM me ur batphone number if you want
  14. Different part of your truck, but have you had a poke around in/on that cross member that sits against he front of the gas tank? Specifically around the part that is obstructed by the gas tank. You need to pull it out the tank to see it properly. This area is a common area that collects debris/dirt (inside the cross member) that does not drain out due to the OEM drain holes being inadequatly sized. The position of the tank and tray makes it difficult to dry out and to observe damage occuring. Its common to find structural degradation here.
  15. @ThePog gvm 5700kg tare 3420kg. Its around 7m long.
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