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  1. Legend @Barnz.NZ, this will definitely assist me!
  2. Cheers guys, I actually have a subframe that's been modified with bmw camber bolts, however this doesn't fit into my car. I might see what I can do with the mounts off that one. Nice work on that one @Barnz.NZ. Might have to try this as even if I can't wind as much camber out as I want, i'll be able to cert it lower than doing nothing I suppose. In the pic (looking at the bottom mount), did you just cut if off flush and keep the lower part in there? where its welded to the end tube and attach the new part to that?
  3. Hi all, I have returned from a long break under a new username ( due to forgetting my prior details :/) I still have my Carina GTR coupe that made an appearance at 2010 old school nationals, and due to no parts, too many projects in between and hectic work schedule, has been an extremely slow project ever since. I'm almost at the cert stage with it but need some info from anyone who has done the F-Series camber mod, I did a search and found @dspec_tt131 has done it kinda recently, but didn't give a whole lot of info on it. So please chime in if you see this mate. Bascially just want to know from those that have been through this, if you used a kit or made it up yourself, any issues you had and if it was worth doing, and better still, if you can do mine for me!!$$ This is pretty much my last hurdle to avoid cert issues with this thing so any help is much appreciated, really want to get the old girl back on the road! Cheers in advance guys and girls. Kane
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