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  1. if anything like the scaffolding the builders here are using its only up till roof is finished then it comes down to wrap, clad and install windows
  2. hiab reach depends on weight if anything in the container, and size of hiab, over here on the coast theres a few hiabs that can lift 1T up to 20m then a few that only put the container down a few metres away.
  3. If i get a chance ill go take some photos of my.mates 107 with ls1 in it. Not sure if body lift but has big suspension lift and diff drop.etc. has lake pipes and is.rowdy as hell
  4. You guys might have to change your route for Monday with heavy rain due and that track easily rising quick
  5. Cobranz

    Power files

    got a link to the one you got?
  6. Cobranz

    diesel spam

    they leave the hole in the 1kd motors and the 1gr as its more controlled via ecu. on 1kz you dont need to. my hilux went alot better with egr blocked off and 3 inch exhaust
  7. Repco are doing online sales and deliveries down here so maybe able to get parts
  8. try John Gibb auto spares in Hokitika. he may one, or have one in a car
  9. Was it a good trip back over the hill @Benno? The old.man is happy they have gone to.someone who will.make good use of it.
  10. just purchased a Boc 185i Ac/Dc tig welder off a mate whos moving to aussie. came with alot of stuff basically just get a gas bottle and go. time to learn how to tig
  11. 2.2 diesel or 1L the motor your after? Know of one in westport. If Interested PM and I can get more details
  12. Mace engineering in chch know about the mk3 motors. Recently sent fathers motor there to get done up. Goes quite nice with a larger sport cam .
  13. what are the rules for vehicles driving around with australian number plates? seen a few in the last couple weeks here. one was Northern Territory and rest were queensland. mixture of standard and decked out 4wd camping vehicles
  14. anything bar the block in the back ? old man wants to know if the shockies have been changed or modified
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