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  1. anything bar the block in the back ? old man wants to know if the shockies have been changed or modified
  2. any ideas what its had done to be lowered? old man has a mk3 and im trying to convince him to lower it a little on some nicer wheels
  3. you are getting famous now. most car pages on facebook linking to his or have a pic of it slammed
  4. bugger have heard of the n1 pumps doing that. how many kms have you done with it. know of a car over here that did the exact same thing after 200km so going dry sump now
  5. ill just leave this here
  6. you got this from the coast? was looking at it myself if so
  7. if dpns dont want the carbs how much? old man has mk3 zephyr that could do with some.
  8. not a regular poster on sil forums. mainly on there for tec advise.
  9. Hello Dimaat. good to see proper photos of this car, couldnt find many when u posted about it on sil forums
  10. same here
  11. bubbles have you thought about changing the hubs for bluebird items that are 4x114 ?
  12. those blacks wheels not off the baby blue ke30 in greymouth by ne chance? mates car or was