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  1. Cobranz

    chasinthemirage's 1964 Mk3 Zephyr

    Mace engineering in chch know about the mk3 motors. Recently sent fathers motor there to get done up. Goes quite nice with a larger sport cam .
  2. what are the rules for vehicles driving around with australian number plates? seen a few in the last couple weeks here. one was Northern Territory and rest were queensland. mixture of standard and decked out 4wd camping vehicles
  3. Cobranz

    chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    anything bar the block in the back ? old man wants to know if the shockies have been changed or modified
  4. Cobranz

    chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    any ideas what its had done to be lowered? old man has a mk3 and im trying to convince him to lower it a little on some nicer wheels
  5. Cobranz

    Commadore gurus, VT commy no start?

    Crome ring around ignition. Key touches it when disarming immobilizer
  6. Cobranz

    Commadore gurus, VT commy no start?

    Key touching the immobilizer ring at ignition? I had this problem after barrell had to b replaced
  7. this van got stuck on multiple speedbumps on its way to D1NZ at easter in Chch. does look good but would not be nice to drive i recon on long trips
  8. go see a Courier company. i work at fastways and quite often have bonnets and doors coming through for panel beaters etc. perferably someone who has courier tickets already will be alot cheaper
  9. Cobranz

    Muffler Tech

    dads zephyr has two cobys in it. one halfway through and one behind diff with about 500mm of pipe afterwards. sizing about 2 or 2 1/4 inch piping. has a little bit of noise when cold or idling but once u get driving you can barely hear it
  10. if anyone wants i can collect bunch of brochures from isite tomorrow when i stop in there and send to them. for activitys etc grey-westport just pm me
  11. they have the coal town museum in westport with has some stuff. u could stay a day and try organise a tour up the old denniston hill mine if they running them at the time
  12. Puni is good camping ground too. can even go kayaking up the river right beside camp ground. Pancake rocks best on stormy/high tide . i travel Grey-Westport for work everyday and found weather in puni alot nicer most of the time, also give time to explore around charleston. is fun walking around the rocks. also Tauranga Bay at capefouldwind is beautiful on a sunny day. 10 minutes from Westport
  13. you are getting famous now. most car pages on facebook linking to his or have a pic of it slammed
  14. you can. need heat gun and plenty of time