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  1. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    So I took the old white girl out into a Paddock last Nov & came home less 2x Forward gears 3rd & 4th start dreaming if 5 speed upgrades & whatnots and its taken till now to spend a few hours under her all looks normal in there oh hang on these bits of roll-pin came out in the oil & look that's where they are meant to be! (not the socket I used to move the selector fork) so yeah keep'er stock, seal it back up & refill & fit! Love the 'quick' jobs some random markings on the 1300 Box that originally came out of my '78 and a bonus Rostyle an OS'er is hunting for pm
  2. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    those windows seemed to have taken viagra they get bigger in every image! neat
  3. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    the Avenger 'Wagon' was classed and even called a "Van" with no interior door handles or window winders in the back seat area (with seats folded flat) /lingor if you're Barry enough to fight it?
  4. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    So a guy from Taupo gets in touch, He's restoring his Mk 1 Avenger (Have learnt in the UK they refer to them as Mk1's & Mk2's for the Classic shape & Chrysler / Later shape) Has misplaced some very important Plastic pieces for the accelerator peddle & would I mind checking my 'stock' So I Send him images of these two (Brown 72 1500 & Blue 76 GLS Apline) and this location of the stuff he might need and my Accelerator pedal for comparison Man says YEP the green bits & oh my yours have already been lost, I had seen the "U shackles" before & thought thye were not right and they allow a fair bit of slop but are working for now so I can spare at least one set of Bushes / set of 5 plastic pieces he needed then he sent me an image of his car Oh LOL TWINS! Auto even SO I get to stripping, the easiest one, instructions were remove the seat & steering wheel to get better access Jobs already half done on this one Figure while I'm at it might as well strip a few other goodies out of it Headlight switches, What does the internal turner do? (serious never had one or played with a working one) Lol Shear bolts on Ign 'not sheared' Dash not bad, lol no rev counter in Manual? not even a Clock! Light fitting in the glove box! What is this madness! (checked My GLS & it only has a 'hole') So dash out & rescue these parts, so at least I know how to get them out of the brown car should my U shackles fail Might be worth 3d Printing some one day though not expensive from UK from the sounds of it Back of the Dash 31? or 13 got looking at the Dash & LOL 4 digit Odometer? WTF (turn screen) So I have a thought as my Coolant temp gauge is iffy & my Volt meter had lost its lettering why not rob / swap some parts over was Simple enought, 1st test drive I had forgotten to plug speedo back in LOL even from the same year its crazy to note the differences on the back Mine is the Left Blue car / donor is the right so yeah, Coolant temp works better now & My Volt Gauge says" Volts" and I figured out why the Handbrake warning light doesn't work : there is not circuit in the loom for it! may get around to that one day
  5. Low'n'slows Vauxhall Chevette 10 second car

    you what? Black plates mean that on those? I thought it was only if you could see the Lights on the car (clear visibility / not over loaded) I threw blinkies on my Blackie just to feel better towing it
  6. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    2014 & this would have been on the Yellow line Graph Gees I've missed doing fun stuff in this car! need some more gears if anyone has wisdome happy to chuck a spare 4 speed back in but while its out.. well you know...
  7. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Spent 2 hours cleaning 5 cars around my house yesterday Might not look like much to some but I cant stop staring at this one
  8. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Reinstalled right rear chrome trim on "Red", only been off since we painted it couple years back I'll get round to mud flap and trim on other side one day
  9. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Sponsored by.... Castrol by any chance now?
  10. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    and I'm basing it on this build from the Forums have also just been informed about uprating the rear Cylinders to match otherwise risk them being over worked anyone have any better info or specs to match? Application will likely be Track based activities for the Racecar & less Gravel / rally