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  1. rad might come for a look / old times sake
  2. yeah & sorry not trying to incite willy nilly driving, also expecting more cops on the road checking 'essential travel' so yeah might be best to be legal aye
  3. (have heard no breath testing going on)
  4. I noah Guy : (westside TV : Sticker printer ) /lingspam0r
  5. nearest one of those for the rest of NZ is usually an hour away (not having a go or a moan : just pointing out a maybe slightly exaggerated fact :P)
  6. chur I'll pass it on to @Avenga though not sure where he is at moment
  7. bit of an SOS from a mate who's managed to bust his Screen & trying to locate an Avenger window... any leads? trying the few SI guys I know of slowly
  8. LOL / not lol easy fix! (best kind)
  9. Due for a service : Guess I went to the right king of place (and yeah spilt some meths while attempting to clear any water from tank on the Paint : DOH)
  10. Also as if we needed proof something was wrong before (and sad to say it still has a minor cough at low load / peddle position) Here's to the China Ali Express carb update! WINNING! and the only piece of the Audio puzzle to be dispatched is the Cable connectors LOL
  11. the Black Bus "Hoe'tel" is a local to me (from a few pages back) and this is kickign around town now too LOL
  12. Yeah I did think of that too (has been suggested : then I'd have to buy one of those too LOL I'm kinda oldschool : I quit MP3's over a decade ago, no music / earpods and I enjoy the radio KISS principle : one button & go
  13. Plan B : Looks like it might fit in the slot nicely without too much fuss and miiiiiight actually remain functional etc Time will tell Long road to Nat's otherwise! (PC Speakers on a Cell only just gets over road noise LOL
  14. OK Audio time! method #2 is to pop something in the glove box or try to access the back of the dash by removing the Glovebox isself otherwise from what I have read ( I have to drop the steering wheel to get the dash out or am I missing something incredibly simple? Discuss