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  1. OS's oldest meet happenign soon in the area, local should come! (go / I've never been neither)
  2. now I have a "rest of the year" Calender on my wall I have pencilled this in! Lets see if the Avenger gets a Wof Next month first eh
  3. how do you post a car?
  4. deets from their faceache page post :{"ref"%3A"106"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"} @Gasser & I Might be there (dont let that keep you away tho!
  5. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    RIP / reshell time front end has seen better days specifically this area & I aint an engineer so she's going back on the lawn for a bit :/ everything else appeared fine / in working order, just don't go fast or hit the brakes, things move on both sides in this area Anyone wanna buy a race car? never been thrashed!
  6. Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Decided it was time to do something So on the hoist she went, easier to refill the gearbox there & a basic check-over Found some stuff that needs sorting before we go too much further in the front end, will await report tomorrow! Was hoping to make the Playday @ Manfeild on the 13th of May
  7. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    Yamaha might actually be interested in that, a few of the Manufacturers actively search for relics of their production
  9. together? <3 Playday on the 13th May @ Manfield : planning on taking the Avenger out if anyone about for a sharn
  10. soooooo Hillman? or is preference to the Diamonds? guess only an email might answer that
  11. as a Layman I would say yep : any part of the loop needs to be within 250mm from the centre of the UJ, so yea the closest edge |-----------------|
  12. Beach Hop 2018

    @Gasser I can see your Willy in this pic from previous event