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  1. ate that Type R! hah & guy in V8 musta been screaming inside his car
  2. JoKer

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    yeah opposite = open as in jack er up & spin one, LSD should catch up after half a turn & follow 'your' wheels direction
  3. JoKer

    Slideways' Purvis

    from a 250T = poor mans equal length heders
  4. greed : I joined in 2003 then returned a few years later etc
  5. Shoulda seen the Diesel that took off from Burgerfuel : I thought someone was vaping outside! that was the one with Gilly's right? (hard time connecting Faces + Names + cars + forums names hah
  6. No Smoking or Drinking Please
  7. ditto & a bunch of newbies & sweet rides, British outnumbered the rest!
  8. 6 dirty meat & burger fiends Avenger dug out of the hole & ready to roll over the hill
  9. JoKer

    Northland boys, meet?

    Champ! hah cheers yeah sent a few sample up to another firm there too last week
  10. JoKer

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    Hour away could be convinced for a Ice block
  11. JoKer

    re-registering a vehicle

    chur : thread is become relevant to my interests & 20+ pages is a bit of a trawl hah (lazy)
  12. JoKer

    re-registering a vehicle

    this thread is of interest to me though the link in the OP is dead, is this still a requirement or is there a new source