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  1. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Bought a house : moved one of the important things in on the weekend both the House & car built in 1976! Some sort of fate / meant to be eh?
  2. 12 of something would be super or... electric!
  3. JoKer

    Rangiora Muscle Car Madness

    yeah Local car won a golden ticket to Summer nats, interior caught fire at last years 4&R jambo
  4. aftermarket is a no-no, cant cert or WOF them in NZ, especially not Driver controlled versions OEM is fine for 'adjustable Exhaust' actuation some Legacy GTB's had them and Nissan 300ZX's (ecu controlled) this may have changed since last time I looked (a few years now)
  5. which is covered by everything from the headers that bolt onto the Block back pretty much so yeah a Bolt on a Baffle is the same definition 'in the rules' as the bolt that hold any part of the exhaust to the Block / engine
  6. JoKer

    POR15 full of shit!

    what was that rust converter stuff? or is that snake oil too
  7. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Other than the recent Mountain out of a Molehill that was the Ballast resistor Failure nothing to report other than topping up the Gas and using it and Being a home for spiders Happy 2019 OS Some mine / most from around the Globe Happy New Year Source for the other Images : Dodge Polara 2 door Quad Headlight : Jumping Dodge 1500 Advert : Iranian Blue Avenger in centre :
  8. JoKer

    Car wont stay ON [SOLVED : Resistor Block]

    cool yeah ta that was one of the mentions of why the Ballast may fail too (gets hot OFF Load) so might look at moving it a tad to aid cooling too Thanks heaps OS!
  9. JoKer

    Car wont stay ON [SOLVED : Resistor Block]

    Chapter 4. (hoping this info may help someone here one day & not just me making noise : been a points man since 1997 > 2017) so I whip out me multi meter I also found this sweet Clock in my parts Bin! Measuring the Ohm's : Low side High one in the car same test : Low Nothing High Confirmed! Plug in spare block & it fires up instantly Any clues to why or how it failed other than "they do that" was weird how it ran when parked : then dead [SOLVED] also obviously the multi meter has read different figures to what I was expecting, that I wrote on the side, is it ok to run this block? Or will it let the smoke out too?
  10. JoKer

    Car wont stay ON [SOLVED : Resistor Block]

    Ace (yep fully aware potentially answered my own question in OP then went off man-looking for other problems to focus on) will swap it out & report when I get a chance today (Last minute Xmas orders to make & try to get out) is there a work around should this ever happen again? or do I just add to the list of spares to carry in an emergency?
  11. JoKer

    re-registering a vehicle

    this just came up on the Classic Cars and Wrecks of New Zealand Facebook Group So I can not confirm the validnessness of the information or if it is current or when the answerer used this method etc The question was : 1st best answer was: on this picture if you want the source (or to add your thoughts) sorry if it's been covered before I had a quick scan of the OP
  12. JoKer

    Car wont stay ON [SOLVED : Resistor Block]

    yea there's only one feed on the + side of coil (12v on) and one on the -ve side of coil (there may have been a falling off = main problem as there a couple of spare wire in the area but nothing that looks like its lost its home if you catch my drift) with the -ve lead unpligged the -ve side of the coil still has the 12V, the -ve lead has nothing appreciate hard to see where you are lol might take more pics tomorrow after I've put ignition & steering back together (easier to get the shear bolts out) oddly my spare parts Ign still has intact shear bolts! Never seen them 'live' before
  13. JoKer

    Car wont stay ON [SOLVED : Resistor Block]

    Coil report 12.14 Volts from BOTH sides (all plugged in correct & car ON) I suggest its feeding right through to the -Ve side (does a coil do this normally? its name does suggest a coil or wire right?) as in, unplugging the -ve side still results in the 12.14V with the +ve feed still live or I was going to suggest points in contact but its not got points anymore... or is my coil shot? & yep sorry hard to diagnose over the internet hope I'm providing adequate information & tests, gees I used to love circuits & Techno stuff