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  1. Ideas for a Vanity Plate too I'm thinking EJDOG or anything anti boy racer / opposite of EJGOD etc I wil be rocking a Gravel Express OEM Bull Bar too
  2. I'm keen to throw my track hack around Saturday Who's coming / displaying / entering? are you ready to laugh? 1996 is oldschool now right? (exit door left <<) I'll see myself out! Oldschool stand? could take the Avenger over too
  3. "big" tires probably cause here tho, not saying its bad but yeah.. stink!
  4. should check my daily & the race car too :/
  5. JoKer

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    lol & feedback as expected Lasted ok for couple of weeks then faded as was kinda expected fit for purpose & might trade again!
  6. JoKer

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    volunteer spots just opened up on their website, yep OS have visited & my 2 weeks there as a volunteer for the event is an experience I will never forget would highly recommend, have you ever been invited to Rod's mine shaft (wine celler) for a BBQ with his guests? I have
  7. JoKer

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    fyi so far success : secret apparently is to clean your tire with JIF before applying came up fab & as silly as I wanted it too would trade again!
  8. Soz if its been covered Search was not helpful Yeah they suck but I am not adverse to looking like a fool so I'm seeking feedback on these style of pens or if there's a good reason why not to indulge in some artistry on cheap tires How permanant is it & the listing reckons 4 tires from 2x pens etc @ $2.50 a pop (or $8 if you see the advert on Instagram) they seem like 'value' for money & dang it just saw this review on the "other forum" I frequent still keen or lol's
  9. that's good to know on that valve if I ever get round to using my Willwoods too! wonder how I could balance it with a hydrolic handbrake too (racecar)
  10. I'll keep all upcoming events in this thread most stuff is on facebook these days but a reminder is good! $30 for fun Images from the previous event (Bathurst day) same venue
  11. JoKer

    Trailer brakes

    TTIUWOP! old Barry's made all sorts of brake setups on old trailers mang
  12. JoKer

    Sharpening Drill Bits

    all of the above, self taught also & I make mine into 'wood' or dowel drill for obvious reasons, with a tip & outer cutting lip (might resemble a Spot weld drill) vs the common "V" where you need the cutting edge taller & sloped back
  13. JoKer

    Bump Stop Spacers / Packers / Shims in NZ

    might have some 10mm stuff lying about still
  14. JoKer

    Flywheel removal help, Auckland

    watched a neat vid on penetrating oil the other day (youtube) might be worth a look time set to start at the 'results' just hit play for the tl:dr version
  15. JoKer

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    next time you're near it see what's stamped on them maybe? (could be hard or easy to find) might be letter + Number combo will tell you for example is pretty easy to see (13x6) sometimes you just have the 6J number ( the letters refer to the profile or type of rim according to google