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  1. And yes sorry that isnt the list from every Manufacturer and their specs (which is what the answer to the question really was I'm not that bored at the moment & do Kingstars still exist?
  2. 2020 thread update : here's current file on the LVVTA site LOL Copy & paste didnt work (usually keeps format / tables) you'll just have to D-load the PDF
  3. reply not aimed at anyone n particular, just slightly relevant here's the OS thread for the fitment chart (yeah it was started around 9 years ago & could probably use an update or fresh links) edit : I've found the current chart & updated that thread and to save a couple of clicks here's the info
  4. JoKer

    Switched power

    here's one I refer to from another forums I frequent race car stuff
  5. The Avenger still is (was) the most efficient, I know when @Borgweiser owned it (2x before me) he put a Single carb on it to ease up on the use of the Fuels A few extra stats to mull over
  6. mmk anyway for funsies heres the link : who buys a car for economy anyways (Avenger Trans is a bit over full too I've been meaning to sort that) might not be helping
  7. are these actual figures or once in a while calculations figures like the Fuelly, that I use to keep track of & yeah I miss my Mk6/7 Escort so much for this point & which is why I want the Datto to run right as main focus currently
  8. Nah all bar the Commy get 98 I run with the "uses less energy to go futher" rule of thought (91 tries harder to move the same lump : similar to a small Turbo is more efficient than a bigger motor) & yeah as mentioned really really short runs on average no more than 5km ( I go home for lunch too) something like that
  9. and yeah the Subaru Turbo 2 L is my best achiever so far that I bought & 100% throttled around the track for most of its time with me LOL also yeah the Commy aint running right either, get around 300km per tank before it starts cutting out (45-50L) done leads & plugs might be time to pull the module out under the coils etc
  10. yeah only one long trip for the Datto in last tank (Dvk > Waipuk & back) otherwise work is aprox 1.1 km away from Home (old Tiny home of 10 years) and for most of this year its been 4 minutes drive (moved house) so always cold / short bursts to 50 kph etc even before that was over the Saddle to the Wifes) last 4 or 5 years runnings
  11. chur : yeah auto might need a freshen up too (or binning) need to get it running right first
  12. Was waiting for this result before I went further that's 1x tank on the Franken Carb thats still not running right (still runs "flat" & coughs and very poor acceleration) from the previous couple Tank stats as it came to us (shitty China carb with poked Accel pump seal
  13. Spare Carb has arrived from China Still havnt got around to swapping Jets into the current franken Carb (Already has a China Body in it with the OEM carb top on it) and still running "Flat" with coughs so I know it isnt right least now I have a 'spare' before I go Barry'ing into the guts of this & end up with another Lawn ornament
  14. hah yeah & it's about right, not seen them go for much less lately the wagon sold for a bit more that the reserve too (Had a Toyota 5 Speed) "we" keep a bit of a thread on Avenger's that pop up for sale on the Barry Avenger Forums here :
  15. So we did a shuffle on the weekend Yeah I acquired a Blue one that's been shed stored since 1997, figured it was the second Best one I have so deserved a shed spot and OFC the Wifes Datsun too now to start piling boxes on all of them!