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  1. lol mint teased a pic out of ya at least, unsure of how the running gear merges in that sort of setup
  2. but are you staying 4xdumb or going 5x100's to suit axles / running gears?
  3. Couple of Pics I took today Yeah I messed the numbers up didn't see them till I got home : must go back & get the '76 Until I get some trim this IS it's good side Gorge'eous ?
  4. I'll give you 28 days to turn this into a show stopper, and go! ok maybe spread those days out over a few years
  5. Snowed And rad cap 'upgrade Had wrong one on (non return System) Part #CN1070 I had a 7/50 on it & was for a system with a catch/expansion tank which I don't have
  6. Left old and leaky (thought fuel consumption was up) right old and not leaky Gas dripping out of the body / crimped area looking at installing electronic ign this arvo too which I bought off 10-5's father
  7. smoke it anyway, real man would also FUCK!
  8. Image via Facebook group & very little information Well aware this isnt my car but its very similar (Over-riders on bumper) can anyone work any magic & enhance / shed more details on the image? I have reposted it in the 1980's Street scenes group too so will update as more info surfaces (like rust)
  9. Since the new forums can display FB Vids I can share this Video that I remember I forgot about on here now too (never got around to d-loading & yt'ing it etc) 2011 post fresh rebuild of the Current motor & setup (possibly still on Solexes pre-tune) but still heaps fun, also did track day / drift that weekend to this 'motorkhana' was after the trackday
  10. So turns out there's more than a few configurations to make these go Mechaniccal which is what I was used to in my old 78 and ate slowly away at the firewall and seen here in the brown 75 1500 parts car And the Chrysler pedal cable I have, and the blue 76 alpine has the same setup I need repaired
  11. Managed to snap me accelerator cable coming over the Saddle Road tonight right at the tip just after passing a couple of slow pokes so I looked like a right chode coasting and pulling over and up onto a curb Bonnet up assess options and a helpy fellah pulls up and promptly gets stuck in the bog in front of me Think about the choke or kickdown cable.... Went with robbing the choke connection and a Brazilian zip ties we're good! Quick call to Graham Etkins and he's got a couple in stock for around $20 each! Zip into palmy a bingo, not quite what I need (didn't check till I got home but the man is the dude for parts Need a short motorbike cable with lead bit at each end for the setup I've got so should be able to get home and sort it tomorrow