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  1. yes that's always been the clue for me something electrickery isnt talking and it cant 'throw a code' @yeah yeah na just suggested that, will give it a go on weekend
  2. Thanks for the replies guys (only just seen) they're $100 new? couple of clips 1st at Idle 2nd givign it some just odd Fills a glass full of fuel pretty quick, I reckon its got heaps of gas, seems to just cut out in same time frame every time
  3. yep thanks came as a complete kit & was all swapped over "was running when parked" nothing changed & sulking at moment, might try changing the CDI unit, same as one of these (not sure if 5 or 4 pin sorry) likely be 5 pin from research on the net (twin coil Ballast) (have not been near car for a while nor will be till Monday ish
  4. no advance plate, its a Electronic (with optical pickup) dizzy from a 78+Avenger same as a Valiant / Chrysler setup Well away no pics isnt handy I'll try do better next week (bit trickey from home pc, work easier)
  5. how would I test / check that? given it runs for a bit & all i've changed is the resistor I keep coming back to that as the 'fault' but there's not much to go wrong there either it did get frikking hot when I left ign on testing yesterday & burnt myself on it
  6. nah Electronic ign / doesnt have one, hah yeah scratching head at moment all I can put it down too is the resistor at moment, ran when 'parked' heaps fuel (pulled lined off today & such) runs a chysler / Valiant
  7. Had the second hand Res Block fail while driving to Palmy Meet Have replaced with a brand new unit Now car only runs for 3 or 4 seconds then dies (seems same time limit weather Idling or reving Appears Electrical ie not fuel related Has anyone experienced something like this & got any tips?
  8. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Ok Bolted / Plugged it in and car runs for about 3 seconds and dies, no matter how many revs it gets electrical seems to cut out odd
  9. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    wonder how many $15 Parts there are that can stop a car.... Got 2x CBR43's, just in case & you know, that will mean I will NEVER need the second one... under $30 from my local parts store vs $20 ea from Trademe Diagram from the 'Haynes' and with the Multi-meter I'm recording 2~ Ohm & 5~ Ohm will that be an issue, or have I got the wrong units? appears to be the only part 'new' available Ballast &type=products it would be a shame to pop it in & find the "next" vulnerability after-all! there's not specs on these here : and an Ebay advert for the above (Mopar Discontinued) Part# P4529795 says
  10. there's also a lot of new users here possibly not on the group chat too bit more bumpage / in your face & people might remember too
  11. @Matt350 It is tonight Deets: @_Matt dont forget to bump it on here LOL
  12. JoKer

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    hop on for wheel sizes & correcting stuff
  13. JoKer

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    not the pub, sorry for intentionally being a bit vauge here at this stage needed to have a chin wag to see if it's available first and it looking like it's not other option 'could be' the River Park Event Centre << (FB link) out of Waipawa (not been the personally) << Address link Google Maps or potentially the Dannevirke Holiday Park?
  14. JoKer

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    I spoke to @Leebo3 the other day about a possible alternative : I didn't jinx it promise! location not far from the Tiko Pub & has a Lake & accommodating enterprise, Labour weekend? could be doable : I'll poke a few bears @Gasser