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  1. JoKer

    Bump Stop Spacers / Packers / Shims in NZ

    might have some 10mm stuff lying about still
  2. JoKer

    Flywheel removal help, Auckland

    watched a neat vid on penetrating oil the other day (youtube) might be worth a look time set to start at the 'results' just hit play for the tl:dr version
  3. JoKer

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    next time you're near it see what's stamped on them maybe? (could be hard or easy to find) might be letter + Number combo will tell you for example is pretty easy to see (13x6) sometimes you just have the 6J number ( the letters refer to the profile or type of rim according to google
  4. JoKer

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    I might have missed it but what width are your rims?
  5. JoKer

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    I don't think you'll notice 10mm on either side of a tire (165>185) & common sense would go there, even just for the extra grip & safety is why I run 185's on my Avenger, yep does affect speedo, more than you realise & becomes evident with a GPS so yeah : keen to follow this discussion & where it goes too! the 77$ 13" Whitewalls in the petrolhead magazine look tempting too!
  6. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Not much really happening here Just Daily driving 'Red' and today was Rally car Day @ Tui Brewery So got this off the Lawn : She started right up & had to hunt for a set of nuts to bolt the steelies back on, the tires took some encouragement to hold air & semi-fixed the strobe lights (one wasn't responding) 1st to register (of the 3 cars that turned up) and won "Most Original" Rally car of the day, couple of Doz of the Amber Fluid & a certificate #winning? yeah was lowering the tone a tad & here's the other beauties that turned up
  7. JoKer

    re-registering a vehicle

    not having a go at Cam here but this twigged by berries and is relevant to this thread and NZ motoring in general Fair-Go have covered it a few times & the point is "Registration does not imply ownership" odd aye!?!? as per previous page & suggestions you need receipts for a car & the rego owner (as Cam says) is pretty irrelevant & it's because of this point Kiwi's do generally use the Rego system as "ownership papers" because its the best we got & is fairly logical to use it as such but yeah Rego =/= Owner they are simply the entity responsible for the Fee's for the right to drive on NZ's public roads, but are usually at the owners address /lingor
  8. JoKer

    Mofs 1979 Escort Panel Van

    Just like an El Camino
  9. Doesn't say "not" to bring them tho all Classcs's welcome from what I've seen but yeah it is rad, pre-park up used to fill up the square in the 'ding, they've outgrown it! I won the Raffle 1st time out a last year LOL
  10. 3rd in the series this weekend is the LAST one Facebook "event" link : Meet 12pm (lunchtime) a the coachhouse Muesem, usually entails a cruise & return the to the Coachhouse 1st one gathered over 250 cars & was a Poker run 2nd one was split into 3 & shed tours included the Racecar Place near the Palmy SPCA on Napier road & Hotrod Heaven in Ashhurst etc Rods & Classics welcome (OS Friendly)
  11. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Windscreen filled! Courtesy of the local lads at Bwags' Now to drive it for Summer! Next outing will be the FRCC "3 Degrees Below Cruise" next weekend Aiming for Leadfoot 2019
  12. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Insta post [sue me] wanted to sort this before I dropped her down to the Glazier to seal the Windscreen cracks, have heard horror stories of cars malfunctioning in shops before etc I know people, who know people, you know?
  13. JoKer

    Removing a broken axle - any tips?

    remove other side & poke it out with a skinny solid rod? Semi unlikely it'll be a hollow diff / through the Bearing s & guts but have heard of that method before on small 4's (like Escort & viva etc)