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  1. FYI these are 50% off in the Mailer just in my mailbox today (yet to say so online just yet
  2. JoKer

    Sound deadening

    A friend just bought this up in another forums I am on (NZ) How would something like this compare do you reckon? other than the perceived 'mass' of it vs KilMat Or do I just recommend Kilmat? I think its for his track dedicated Car (fast Street car) thoughts?
  3. Bit 'big' innit? (300A) here's a similar unit (write-up seems the same / different seller) 4in1 Inverter Welder MIG MAG TIG ARC MMA Welding but 'half price' Buy Now 899.95 $489.95 (following this thread as keen to one day be able to glue steel)
  4. JoKer

    Sound deadening

    here's the post about Kilmat in KK's build thread I believe it's deemed OS approved best bang for buck currently?
  5. when I've needed forum Mod or Admin help I've reported my own comments before (and been told off for it too :) so you could try that? "They" can help fix your sig (well I can on the other forum I am an admin of using same software)
  6. oh my bad! when you're there, paste the link but you need to catch it before it does that and hit the "keep as plain text" or what ever black bar at bottom of dialog box
  7. you'll note by the notifications I found it too
  8. ps your sig link is bung too want to see! (with least amount of effort possible
  9. let him have his moment : some one will need to enlargen his MAGA cap's stoked you've got a result there Master of Metal and all things old Toyota Mr Sheepers
  10. I'm actually following with interest as my Screen decided not to display anything Last week & the only guy I knew happened to have a second hand display lying about turns out it was 1 year older (1994) and its circuit board seemed equally 'warm' in patches so not sure how long it will last teach me to hang onto old tech eh (has a 9 pin display cord @sentra may have a solution Plan B I'll test next week with the help of @SEEN88 and see if we can refurb old unit too (thats plan C
  11. Nothing to add I was just admiring your guys, and this guys work make it look easy!
  12. JoKer

    Power files

    Ordered 13 May & just arrived today Sorry not sure why my Screenshots are blurry Goes hard or what it is Source :