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  1. First Clean and Car Show today (and yep thats a Bike Summit Flag on the Datto's ANtenna from 2012, just need to find My aerial & pop another flag I have horded on it matchy)
  2. thats enough sharns from you! Hah burger & chip @ Ashhurst is a good poke too
  3. AS she sits today, now I know many don't agree with the tires (faux white-walls bought from OS'er) so suck it, we're getting the moneys worth out of them! Begging for a A15 (or hot A12) and 4 speed (period correct upgrades that might just pass a WOF without too many hassles in no hurry to Butcher anything & will remain STOCK for as long as possible (or until I am allowed to unbolt anything more than the Rims) Had a nice policeman pining over it on the weekend & he was disappointed the VIN tag isn't straight :/ and now that's all I see in this picture
  4. Interior (speakers are only there to try & get some audio : begging for a Glove-box or subtle install) and leave it as stock as possible! I assume Coupe's Tacho go where the Datsun emblem is / blank gauge pod on the right
  5. mint & yeah its such a minter I have been told to leave it alone for now (but keen to gather associated parts) and yeh 1st gear I could run faster I reckon! no rush & I was pushing to attend Dat Nat's over Labour weekend! (locking in next yeah)
  6. ahh neat, but can I buuuuuy it? nah I have a gauge : might try do it noicely or tuck it somewhere reckon the trans needs a service? sloooooow
  7. I really wan to so bad! right now just pining for a rev counter
  8. Leeloo's Mulit Pass! nah, oldest trick in the book, they were slotted before I acquired them 114.3 - 108 = 6.3 / 2 = 3.15mm slot per hole same Stud & thread pitch though! Meant I didn't need to buy any more nuts
  9. It is actually! Everything works, no rattles or leaks.... odd having a "boot popper" lever in an "old car" Mum & dad bought a Nissan Sunny (FWD L reg) after the Morris 1000 (that lost a Wheel so we'd never get in it again) so a few memories from when i was around 10 years old still learning to speak Datsun & trying to remember if there were any down @ Wilf's (His utes are long gone) Datsun Wiki (AND OS) are wealth of info & great thing about a popular & fairly common car (not this shape it appears) Parts seem fairly accessible! well the one the Stock car kids havnt scavenged up yet anyway WTB : Sunny Badges (one is dust & the other is just hanging in there) the only disappointment is the power level, or lack of it, which is well outweighed by just how Cool we think it is See you @ NATS!
  10. Discussion thread (add your feedback or comments, keeps Build threads Tidy as per OS Community Standards ) Amy has been on about getting a cool old car for a while and the opportunity to grab this came up a few weeks back and 'unveil' it at an event on the weekend Absolutly Stock as a rock "barn find" from local, was an old Barry's who passed away & wife kept it in the shed & rego lapsed, Mate found it in 2015, revinned & now we have it with under 100,000 Kilometres on the ODO push button AM radio 3 Speed Auto 1147cc Fury 1st mod was to rob the Hotwires off the Avenger (Only Mags I have that will fit, they may not be permanent) Probably the only time I am allowed to do modify her car and yep Amy has joined the forums on the 'quiet' and to do that I had to find spare wheels for the Blue 'one' to get the Cheviots off to fit to the Red "one" hence the 'new' look recently, and hunt for Car dollys to fit more cars into sheds frigging cool, but Mines heaps faster (at the moment) have already acquired a set of headers from Josh in CHCH, seeking spare springs to hack (or lowering options) and talk of a spare 1500 near by is getting me frothing and just hunting a Manual cog swapper now for period correct Updates also fyi I spotted Sam's one for sale on the Facebook last night too if you're looking for something Similar (Motueka) already with a few tasty mods that didn't last long! Discuss :
  11. If you squint you can spot the Avenger Lush weekend (on events like this It's my Plymouth Cricket! yeah new Season New look, White walls be gone! Hello Cheviots Discuss thread :
  12. racist! seems to be a black art & @Gasser has been on the hunt for a good one for his '35 Plymouth for ages found a good 2nd hand spare not long ago
  13. they also have the discretion to post date it 2 weeks / that
  14. hah you've done your bit wit the new center caps catalog!
  15. 2nd opinion is just Auto Sol & a Rag ONLY, NO Scotch brite & I'm leaning towards that now