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  1. JoKer

    Northland boys, meet?

    chur, I'm not in direct contact with the store, they bought some through a wholeseller last year & I'm interested to see what became of them be a secret shopper style or whatnot they may be out the back for all i know in a bin
  2. JoKer

    Northland boys, meet?

    ooh any of you locals keen to pop into the Hammer Hardware & see if you can find their display of my Garden Panels? Kamo & Waipu
  3. JoKer

    Restoring old enamel badges

    definre? / pics / might be normal for you but now my interest is piqued
  4. Had fun, didn't break anything! congrats @Avenga & @_Matt for taking home trophies! (there might be more OS'ers but I left prize-giving to go load the leaky WRX onto the trailer
  5. hah yeah still confused then LOL emailed them to find out, either way I'm a billboard & not there for speed or awards LOL EDIT : bloody "man-looker" weeeeee
  6. I'd imagine as a driver 'we're' already covered & shouldnt be a problem thou I am still not sure which part we're entered to on the Sat lol (is it super lap / HP & Circuit car part of just the cruises?)
  7. one of those love to hate but still go events If anyone is keen to hop in my car for the Drive your Mates session hit the indemnity form below I also have Spot prize or two from as a 'Club I am representing on my own' give away!! (*T&C's Apply)
  8. JoKer

    Wheels at Wanaka Easter 2019

    @Gasser are you here then?
  9. or on the tail gate? mine is underneath like above & i swear everytime I move it it drags, PITA! but handy for loadign heavy stuff as a loading ramp / bottoming out device /ling
  10. JoKer

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    tag away! I wouldnt have seen the tread otherwise! penciled on the wall Planner! for me +1 (sorry not 100%)
  11. JoKer

    Joker's Hillman Avengers

    Bought a house : moved one of the important things in on the weekend both the House & car built in 1976! Some sort of fate / meant to be eh?
  12. 12 of something would be super or... electric!
  13. JoKer

    Rangiora Muscle Car Madness

    yeah Local car won a golden ticket to Summer nats, interior caught fire at last years 4&R jambo