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  1. Have you considered getting them re-arched? It's a valid repair. Bellamy and East in ChCh re arch them, I'm not sure about Nelson
  2. @ThePog Is it leaf or coil sprung?
  3. It sounds like it the IAC might not be getting a signal from the ecu as it did previously. Can you find the manual bypass screw on the valve (if it has one) and adjust it from there?
  4. Bushes replaced and the Valiant drives nicely again. One of my boys finished year 8 schooling, they have a formal and parents etc are invited to drop their kids off at in front of the school hall pre formal. The valiant beached quite loudly as I was turning onto the field which my son thought was fantastic. Good boy! He was very keen on some school field paddock work. I exercised the utmost restraint and no circles were done. Here's a pic of some previous grass silliness. I put the Superlites on for the school run. Then decided I didn't like them and took them off
  5. That's a cool little cart! Have you considered a remote controlled kill switch? Could could use an Ali Express RC with one servo to trip a micro switch and earth the coil if things were getting a bit hektik.
  6. Sounds and looks like 1/2unf with a damaged lead in to the thread. Mk1 was imperial threaded. Have you got die nut you can tidy that thread up with?
  7. Does it overheat or are you worried by how much the fan cycles?
  8. It won't fry a capacitor in the ecu. That would be very unmitsubishi. Converting to a link would be a good solution especially if you can't find the correct distributor.
  9. I can't see them either which is a pity because it sounds interesting.
  10. I pulled the lower arms out of this today and what a crumbly mess I found. Luckily last time I had it in bits I cleaned all the threads and greased the torsion bar hexes so it came to bits nicely today. after a little grinding and a nudge in the press, good as new, Thanks to Valiant Precision Driving Team captain @cletus for supplying some new rubber bushes. The old bus should regain its razor sharp handling characteristics.
  11. Wow! It's a grower, not a shower.
  12. Low level stuff here but worthy of sharing? The car is still going great, I have taken the computer back a couple of times as the car was prone to kicking back on cold starts and to raise the rev limit slightly. No problems though and no charge so A++ to PAD Racing again. I've been driving the car quite a lot since the last update and noticed that the steering was getting nastier and nastier. The front wheels were squealing on roundabouts etc. I jacked it up and found that the front lower arm, inner bushes have died on both sides, disappointing really, they were only 15 years old!
  13. Is your gt40 coil a non ballast one being used with a ballast resistor circuit?
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