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  1. That will be the issue I'd say.
  2. is it possible you're trying to fit a 20mm plug to a 3/4inch hole. I know its Japanese but they do use odd sizes some times.
  3. My recipe for successful frost plugs. Get the hole really clean with Emery tape. Put blue lock tight around the outside of the plug. Find a socket that is a loose fit inside the cup of the plug. Tap it in. Hammer on its side if required, add socket extensions if required. Got a picture of where you are trying to work?
  4. Ten points for sneaky morris minor post. Minus twenty for the state of the welding on that left brace mount.
  5. Ah yes I do. The paint is so fucked it has no contrast making dents invisible.
  6. Who could be bothered with all that? ^ This is how you Y10. No straight panels. Dedicated LPG. GA16 blew up. Replaced with GA13. Noisy timing chain. 420,000 KM. 70 Series tires cuz they could less than 65. Paint falling off. Piece of wood for morning fast idle. *goez hard 4 wat it iz*
  7. Ten percent power increases with these two weird tricks. Find out why manufactures hate him.
  8. Can you not cut the engine cover and re weld it?
  9. Both keyways (cam and crank) should be at 12 o'clock. From memory. Is that the case?
  10. +1 for what Clint said. I have delt with Sheffield Crescent auto center with my Valiants and found them to be very helpful.
  11. https://fuelsforum.rasoenterprises.com/viewtopic.php?t=75 Pushrod 250ci on dual fuel.
  12. 425 impco gas carb, E model convertor with a boost reference. Put the gas carb in front of your efi throttle plate with a silicone reducer. Job done. Bonus high octane fuel to boot. There's a 425 and E model on trade me at the moment for $300. I think it includes a tank.
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