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  1. Looks like there is room for the turbo at the back of the cab if you offset the intercooler.
  2. Overlays. Sorry. I'll see myself out.
  3. Valiant


    Hi Bart, can you give us a break down of prices for this project? $500 seems pretty low. How much was the BW78? What axles are you using? Etc.
  4. Valiant


    All this talk of 8.8s, BW78s and Hilux diffs have caused me to ruminate lately with things that I have discovered over the rears. As someone who has a number of failed diff upgrades behind him, and a number of successful ones too it is my opinion that unless you are building a very big HP car that you intend to drag race or do mad burnouts with a factory LSD upgrade is all you need, or an aftermarket center. By that I mean adding a Quaife LSD center to your Escort/Anglia/Cortina diff or upgrading the center of your Valiant/Holden/Falcon diff with a rebuilt factory LSD center. If you are building a serious car with big HP, stump up the cash and buy a 9inch. It might cost you a bit more initially but in the long run it will work out cheaper and better. So to clarify I'm not opposed to 8.8 swaps for example, as said above they are cheap, strong and come stock with an LSD. But. . . factor into that shorten the housing, source another axle, change a crown wheel and pinion, weld on your spring perches and deal with all the worn out bits in a diff that was new 20 plus years ago and hasn't been touched since. Yes you'll have a good strong diff in the back of your car. It will still have C clip axles, bearings that run on the axle, and be a back hat design. In my experience it will cost at a decent percentage so of an equivalent 9inch it will probably cost more than that by the time it's up and running but it wont be a 9inch. The same applies to BW78 diffs too. This is my opinion. Please discuss.
  5. Thinking seriously about bringing the Oliver along, what's required to get in and is there enough room to park a ute and trailer out of the way?
  6. Valiant


    See what an EF Falcon has to offer.
  7. Master cylinder drawing air in around the seals at the pushrod end.
  8. Yes, I swapped the gearbox as well. I put a wide block turbo motor and box into a ute that was narrow block non turbo. The turbo motor and box was a hydraulic clutch where as the ute was cable. Have you tried to fit the driveshaft to your turbo gearbox? Sometimes it can be a bit of an optical illusion, there is a good chance that you can dismantle the drive shaft cross and fit a turbo yoke onto your drive shaft. Failing that you'll need to get a custom driveshaft made up.
  9. I swapped a G63b turbo into an l200 ute years ago, it all fitted onto the stock 4G63 mounts and accepted the stock drive shaft. The only problem was converting from a cable clutch to hydraulic. I couldn't say about the HP figures.
  10. Valiant

    KwS's TVR

    I'm confident this will have adjustable tappets. It would pay to check them. Good luck and gods speed.
  11. Has it got good strong spark? Are the plugs clean and new? Is the battery in good condition and fully charged? Try and squirt a small amount of fuel into the intake and see if it will fire.
  12. Recaros, yes! Its mandatory that they smell if weed, port royal, and pink nosed pitty cross puppies. Can you confirm this is the case?
  13. Hi Jeff, that little spanner is for old bikes, the smallest jaws fit the square headed bolts that hold the chain ring onto the crank. Vaguely related sharn: We had a motor grader at work that had the accelerator pedal to the left of the brake it was made in 1978. The lay out made for some excitement when I learned to drive it.
  14. Three 0hms. That's what you need.