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  1. Weld/panel beat that plate or get a personalised plate with those letters and numbers then paint it black.
  2. @Roman is the head still off the engine? If it is it is more cost effective to machine the clearance off the top of the valve and use the buckets you have already. When you need more clearance that is.
  3. @kpr what's the story with 7age builds? More volume than the head can flow?
  4. Today a bike was born/reborn. And mocked up. There is lots of clean up to do which Iwill start on tomorrow. Exciting times.
  5. I had such high hopes when you mentioned tang n desprang.
  6. I always thought it needed some new shocks a conversion to telescopic rears and some discs upfront.
  7. Hi @ajg193it looks like this has gone to a great home. What are your plans for it? It was shaping up to be an awesome little car
  8. Hi @Mr.Mk1. I think if anyone can rehabilitate this its you. Keep up the good work. Can I have a pic of the balljoint socket? Thanks.
  9. Thanks @63Ragtop. Glad you like the project. I got more reassembled and jigged up tonight.
  10. Use an 8mm spherical rod end from the bearing shop. You will need to trim the old end off and weld some threaded rod or a tube nut etc on to replace it. I've fixed quite a few wiper linkages this way.
  11. Rush of enthusiasm this week. Lots of cleaning, dismantling rims, Started cutting and notching tubes with my lathe tube notching attachment. Works really well. Laid everything out to get an idea of how it'll look. I'm very pleased. This weekends job is to rehabilitate the seat post lug.
  12. If we are talking top ball joints then yes I do have a home made one that works well. @Mr.Mk1 you are welcome to borrow it. In my experience leaving the arms on the car is the only way to get them loose.
  13. Time to make this into more than a wall hanger. Condensed. Further condensed. I found some secrets from the past. One of the lugs has been cracked in a couple of places. It pre dates the crash as both cracks have braze in them. I've ground the cracks out but I cant decide whether to tig weld them now or to leave them as is and fill them with braze when the tubes get brazed in. Anyway I have this .8mm wall chromoly tube from another project I decided not to continue with. So with a rebuilt frame, wheels, and all
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