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  1. Well done Alex. I'm delighted the gearbox concept works!
  2. 2" compression bent exhaust with an oval muffler and coby. Tradition, over trend. I always found the factory Sport extractors with small primaries and 4/2/1 design to work best.
  3. Hilux, Hiace or Estima might be a good option?
  4. That's a bugger. Getting it up to temp then retorquing the heads might help?
  5. I've had the same issues buying things from companies in Straya. It's a pain. Personally I'd be finding a stock replacement Toyota clutch kit, or even just the cover that was the right diameter for the flywheel, then get the flywheel redrilled to suit that kit. I suspect something for a HiAce or similar would fit the bill. Failing that, could you get the cover set up dead center, drill and tap the incorrect dowel holes so you have a 6 bolt cover and have 3 new dowel holes drilled.
  6. Try a garage that does LPG wof. They should be able to point you in the right direction.
  7. Wow. Your brother brought an old car, it needs repairs. Who knew?
  8. Not nearly as sexy as I initially hoped.
  9. Intake manifold gasket leaks were pretty common on these. They would show up when the engine got up to temp and the cold start enrichment stopped. IDK.
  10. @cletus I remember Hondas playing up when they didn't get coolant into the throttle body after cooling system work. I wonder if the water lines have gunged up? Could some tactical compressed air chooching alleviate your problem?
  11. Have you considered a Borg Warner 78?
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