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  1. I think you're doing Y10 all wrong. I find the key to successful Y10 ownership is to neglect them in every aspect. It seems to create some kind of automotive "treat em mean keep them keen" situation.
  2. My son has wanted a cubby house / tiny house for ages. According to him it needed a Mezzanine, to look old fashioned, and be good for hiding out in. This is as close to the design brief as I could manage.
  3. Scumbag / pro tip. You can mig steel to cast iron. I'd be tempted to cut that manifold above the boss for the heat shield and weld on my own flange then connect to my existing exhaust. It's a low tech solution but it would get you on the road.
  4. Could you use an easier to find front wheel drive manifold?
  5. Or modgie Monday.
  6. @Mof Take it in loaded. That often helps.
  7. Wow! This is really exciting. I like your plastic? stands, they would make life easier. I'm really glad that you've made a tube jig. I use new hole saws welded to some 7/8 bar so they are held really strongly in the chuck.
  8. Has it got a poked computer? That's another classic mitsubishi thing to do. Are the injectors cycling?
  9. Cool, glad you kept the 6 cylinder. Is it still on gas?
  10. Early l200 and a 4G93t lancer. Seeing as I've mentioned it. Never have I experienced. . . Such noisy lifters with so much Promar in the sump. Such whiney cam drive noises. Such cracked exhaust manifold. Such head gasket pouring engine oil out. Such interior falling apart for no reason. Such low oil pressure at idle with no bearing wear. Such high oil consumption. Such smoky plumes. Such shitty shifting gearbox. Until I owned two Mitsubishis. Edit. Such fried engine ECU.
  11. I'd never experienced a car that used so much petrol but was so slow until I owned a mitsubishi.
  12. Not the problem then.
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