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  1. I can't see them either which is a pity because it sounds interesting.
  2. I pulled the lower arms out of this today and what a crumbly mess I found. Luckily last time I had it in bits I cleaned all the threads and greased the torsion bar hexes so it came to bits nicely today. after a little grinding and a nudge in the press, good as new, Thanks to Valiant Precision Driving Team captain @cletus for supplying some new rubber bushes. The old bus should regain its razor sharp handling characteristics.
  3. Wow! It's a grower, not a shower.
  4. Low level stuff here but worthy of sharing? The car is still going great, I have taken the computer back a couple of times as the car was prone to kicking back on cold starts and to raise the rev limit slightly. No problems though and no charge so A++ to PAD Racing again. I've been driving the car quite a lot since the last update and noticed that the steering was getting nastier and nastier. The front wheels were squealing on roundabouts etc. I jacked it up and found that the front lower arm, inner bushes have died on both sides, disappointing really, they were only 15 years old! While it's up in the air I have a couple of other things to do, the rear brakes are iffy, I think the wheel cylinders are getting a bit tight, I'll sort that out. The LPG tank is a bit on the small side (about 57l I think) which gives me range anxiety, I also had to mount it back to front when I fitted it which means I can't see the manual level gauge. I have a much larger 80l tank that I will fit to the boot while I'm working on the car. I have a couple of other odds and ends to do, I'll keep you posted.
  5. Is your gt40 coil a non ballast one being used with a ballast resistor circuit?
  6. See how much a set of new genuine ones are. They do wear out and loose their tension.
  7. Sounds like a few ups and down over the weekend there @MightyJoe. How bad is your car? Hard to see from the pics, boot lid and rear panel? I hope old mate who couldn't stop in time is insured and going to cover it.
  8. Cheers mate It makes a quite different smell more like when you fire a nail gun. I have thought how cool a plug in barbecue would be.
  9. Thank you Clint. Yes I'm very pleased by the prospect of increased range with reduced cost. I will look to do some timing trickery in the future but for the mean time things will be left as they are.
  10. This weekend the safety switch got wired up. I took the fuel pump off, made a blank plate to cover the hole, and found the original battery clamp. All went well so I took it off the stands and around the block for a quick drive. Awesome! so smooth, goes great, makes nice LPG smells. I'll see about getting it legal ASAP.
  11. Limited slip diff! Yes. It's the small Ford dream. I have a torque biasing one, I was sceptical about them but they are awesome.
  12. @MightyJoe, please tell me you have some Princess calipers, mk3 Capri rotors, and mk2 Escort sport drums. The fucked seal issue is because the master cylinder seals move further in the bore than they have previously. They run through all the crap that has accumulated there and die. As yowser said the seals were dead men walking regardless of what fluid you use.
  13. Gday mate. Re multiple belt pulleys I turned up a basic hub for my a15, then bolted a couple of old water pump pulleys I got from a wreckers yard to it. Worked out well.
  14. @MACKAZ I was just going through my Impco lpg carb book looking for something else and spotted the formula to work out the cfm of your engine at a given RPM. It's CID x RPM / 1728 /2 x .85 So 250 CID x 5000RPM (Optimistic) = 1250000 1250000 / 1728 = 723.4 723.4 / 2 =361.7 361.7 x .85 =307.4 Your 4.0 will sip about 310 CFM at 5000 rpm I'd put the 600cfm on TradeMe and put the money toward a more suitable carb. As a side note. Big carbs on small engines tend to run lean. They dont generate enough vacuum in the venturis to draw fuel out of the main jets. People put large jets in them to try and overcome this but the idle and transition becomes very unstable.
  15. Great news everybody! Things are going swimmingly. Air cleaner modified and painted. Cold air duct fitted. Vapour line made out of inch tube, painted and fitted. Liquid line run as neatly as I could. Tidied up the boot, fitted the tank, splashed some black paint about. everything ducted up. Fuel cap is done. Best of all. It's a runner! Fired up straight away. I'm super pleased! It only took a three months/A decade.
  16. Stashed gun pics please.
  17. I really like the two tone paint on this VC, I'm thinking of getting my roof repainted the same burgundy as my wheels are painted.
  18. Phase two continues. Things on the LPG front are going well but slowly. Fuel tank is mounted it has to be on a 30 degree angle to fill properly which is a bit of a pain but it's done and I can still close the boot. Filler made up and sorted. Regulator mounted and partly plumbed up. I have some steel bends ordered to make a vapor line from the regulator to the carb, that's the next thing to make. Gas carb is all fitted up, kick down and throttle connected all ready to go. I found I could fit an old Valiant air cleaner to it which is great, it looks nice and stock, seals well and with a bit of work it can have a nice cold air duct like I made for the 6 cylinder one. I'll give the air cleaner a coat of paint before I use it. So that's that. Except. . . At the beginning of lock down I was thinking how cool it would be to have a manual gearbox with an overdrive top gear in this car. I looked around at various solutions, thought quite Seriously about a Toyota R150 but was advised the ratios were no good for a car. I was looking into the R150 ratios when @sheepers made me an offer I couldn't refuse for a R154. As luck would have it someone in Te Awamutu makes R154 to big Chrysler bell housings so I blew all the money and brought one. It looks really good, looking forward to using it. The car is going to take a lot of cutting and welding to fit the big box but I'm confident it will be worth it. Thanks to every involved in getting the gearbox from Auckland to Christchurch!
  19. I saw you out and about in this recently. Looks very smart, I really like those wheels.
  20. @Slacker_Sam. 2500 PI triumph is the conversion Jane's car needs!