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  1. +1 for what Clint said. I have delt with Sheffield Crescent auto center with my Valiants and found them to be very helpful.
  2. https://fuelsforum.rasoenterprises.com/viewtopic.php?t=75 Pushrod 250ci on dual fuel.
  3. 425 impco gas carb, E model convertor with a boost reference. Put the gas carb in front of your efi throttle plate with a silicone reducer. Job done. Bonus high octane fuel to boot. There's a 425 and E model on trade me at the moment for $300. I think it includes a tank.
  4. @ajg193 if the rack adjusting pad is too tight the steering won't self center out of turns etc. Your car will be like driving a forklift. Is it not driving like that and doesn't have lots of play you got the adjustment right.
  5. /308. I saw one fitted to a BB Chev too it was set for quiet mode and worked well.
  6. Shoes look ok Cylinders are stuffed. Replace the lot if you're feeling wealthy. Once its all bleed up you will have to adjust it manually through the back plate. Adjust it up until the wheel wont turn then back it off until it turns freely. Edit. Chances are if the pedal is low now it's because the adjusters have been backed off.
  7. Very cool. I really like your intake manifold, and the use of a lay shaft im looking forward to seeing how that progresses. My only complaint is that carb flange. It's not for an Impco gas carb, which would be fantastic in my opinion. Imagine supping that high octane low price goodness.
  8. Owning this car is great. It never uses any fuel because its in my garage on stands all its life. I think I filled its tank twice since the last update. The gearbox pilot bush started to chatter so the box has been out and in. Steering wheel frame broke so that's been off for repair. Engine revs now like it should so I tend to rev it more necessitating construction of a crank case breather. I have no photos of these fixes but I assure you that they have are completed. Anyway. This has been a bit battered body wise the entire time I've owned it. When I got it in +/- 2005 it had been a daily driver, caravan tower, take rubbish to the tip car. It had always been garaged but old Johnny had been struggling to steer it and took out the letter box and gate post in the time not long before I brought it off him. Its always been a little bit rusty in the bottoms of the front guards and the bottoms of the rear quarters, I've always intended to fix this stuff, get the battle scars out of the front guards, fix the holes from a long broken rear view mirror etc. now with lockdown giving me time to complete a number of more pressing projects I've taken the plunge and got stuck into this. I have some repair sections for the rear quarters that I made at tech about 6 months after I got the car, cant rush into things. Crusty quarters. Ill just put a patch in the bottom of the guard, that's all I'll have to do. Nope, end of the sill is rotten and the frame. Pretty happy with progress so far. I've rust killed everything, and blown 50 years worth of detritus out of the sill. Once the rust killer is dry I'll PA10 it all then weld the piece in place. Then it will be time to start on the guard frame and bottom,
  9. My 2c. Make some good solid clamps for the front of the leaf spring pack. I also made some bars that went from the top of the axle tubes to the chassis, like the top half of a 4 link set up. Just make sure the distance of your new arms is the same as center to center as the front spring eye to the center of your axle. It worked well for my car, I used the watts links off a falcon with the pivot cut in half and welded to the axle tubes. It kept everything up above the ground.
  10. Make a new key out of steel. It takes a bit of filing and testing but works well. I used to make them regularly for my IT.
  11. Slackness on my part. This is all signed off now, runs really nicely on gas, goes great, better and smoother than it did with the Holley fitted previously. I've wanted a sunvisor for some time so about 4 months ago I splashed out and brought one X Australia. What a scene. Anyway I finally got it fitted today and I think it was worth the wait.
  12. This is awesome Chris! More details please, motor? Transmission? Diff? I hope it gets complied ok. How exciting Edit. @CUL8R come on mate. I see big block headers.
  13. Impromptu days off work. Great opportunity to take some photos. Where It started. Finished. The decals came from the VCC swap meet. They were originally made for the old Kings Cycles on Barbados Street Christchurch. In the weekend I picked up this BSA Fittings, track frame. Its very small, and has a badly bent frame (Which I roughly straightened so I could take some pictures) On the plus side it has all the really nice BSA pieces. Narrow bottom bracket. BSA forward sloping lugs with some nice cut details. BSA drop outs with adjuster holes filled. Narrow crown BSA forks. And best of all BSA track bridge. I'm really excited about this one and looking forward to getting started.
  14. Awesome. LSD Upgrades are the BEST!
  15. Wow! So much old bike pine this weekend. Where to start? Here's a teaser pic of my current project completed and photographed in the lounge after a quick test ride up the road. It looks great and rides even better. I'll get some better photos with my good camera tomorrow if the weather holds. I also picked up more frame projects in need of rescuing. I'll add pics of them too.
  16. @GuypieThis is really cool. I like the asymmetric chainstays they make me think of a BSA track bridge. When I bent the tubes for the rear of the my Panther replica I welded one end shut, packed them full of sand, then welded a large nut on the other end and wound a bolt through it and down into the tube to hold the sand as tight as I could.
  17. Be cool if you could lift it on with the little hiab you have.
  18. Ah, yeah. I'm *sure* you're right.
  19. I think you're doing Y10 all wrong. I find the key to successful Y10 ownership is to neglect them in every aspect. It seems to create some kind of automotive "treat em mean keep them keen" situation.
  20. My son has wanted a cubby house / tiny house for ages. According to him it needed a Mezzanine, to look old fashioned, and be good for hiding out in. This is as close to the design brief as I could manage.
  21. Scumbag / pro tip. You can mig steel to cast iron. I'd be tempted to cut that manifold above the boss for the heat shield and weld on my own flange then connect to my existing exhaust. It's a low tech solution but it would get you on the road.
  22. Could you use an easier to find front wheel drive manifold?
  23. Or modgie Monday.
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