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  1. Valiant

    KwS's TVR

    I'm confident this will have adjustable tappets. It would pay to check them. Good luck and gods speed.
  2. Valiant

    Fancy new school engine won't go?

    Has it got good strong spark? Are the plugs clean and new? Is the battery in good condition and fully charged? Try and squirt a small amount of fuel into the intake and see if it will fire.
  3. Valiant

    Cletus' '68 Plymouth post car

    Recaros, yes! Its mandatory that they smell if weed, port royal, and pink nosed pitty cross puppies. Can you confirm this is the case?
  4. Valiant

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    Hi Jeff, that little spanner is for old bikes, the smallest jaws fit the square headed bolts that hold the chain ring onto the crank. Vaguely related sharn: We had a motor grader at work that had the accelerator pedal to the left of the brake it was made in 1978. The lay out made for some excitement when I learned to drive it.
  5. Valiant

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    How you going for numbers?
  6. Valiant

    Coil info - help

    Any time.
  7. Valiant

    Coil info - help

    Three 0hms. That's what you need.
  8. Valiant

    Tube Notcher for old mate VG.

    Hi VG. Do you have a lathe? If you do it can be made to notch tube for a small investment.
  9. Valiant


    I have a 25 spline 3.23 ute diff in my valiant. Works well.
  10. Valiant

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Entered and paid.
  11. Valiant

    Beans Mk1 Escort.

    Good to see you back mate. So many big plans for this car! I had a look at Palmsides website after I spoke to you. ATB centers are $995. Seemed like good value.
  12. Valiant

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    @bean.101 will know what to do. Have a look over the other end of this thread and see what you think. I'd be tempted to find some local pistons for a different engine that could be substituted.
  13. Valiant

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Calm down Simpson.
  14. Valiant

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

  15. Valiant

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    I'd invite @kyteler too, but you're not my type
  16. Valiant

    Brake imbalance

    Is it park or service imbalance? Front or rear?
  17. Valiant

    Rust repair - butt vs lap joints

    Why not both? It looks like you need to repair your Inner sill and floor section before you add the pillar and outer sill over the top. Seperate the floor pan from the inner guard at the seam in the left of the picture, overlap and plug weld it. Overlap the flat part of the floor pan. Butt weld as the factory have done down the left edge of the pillar and butt weld the sill at the right hand side. That's how I'd approach it.
  18. Valiant

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    173 and trimatic onto your SS Ute. Go! As said above beyond a cert for the mods it's OK.
  19. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    If you're lucky the clamps will break and you'll find the top plate deflects.
  20. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    The dream! So heavy though! We picked one up at work when Air NZ decided it wasn't something they wanted anymore. It was very hard to move. Sorry to spam up your thread.
  21. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    It's one of these isn't it Dan.
  22. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    I think I brought one of those folders, then thew it into the steel skip at work. A nice 1.2m one would be awesome to own.
  23. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    I was just looking at your transmission cross member dilemma. Leave the crossmember where it is and work in reverse back to the body making a new body mount out of 3mm with a nice big reinforcing plate welded to the floor before you start. When it's done cut the forward and back bits of the mount off. Presto, crossmember stays in the right place and doesn't look so industrial. My 2 cents. *Edit* New sheet metal tool pics please especially folder.
  24. Valiant

    d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Wow have you splashed out on some sheet metal tools Dan? Looking flash mate!