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  1. Car batteries are super recyclable, one of the most effectively recycled items in the world. That's why they are still allowed to be made of lead. Unlike circuit boards, they end up getting burnt in Kenya
  2. Bloody bureaucracy I tell ya. Time to drive all our old cars into the city and protest
  3. Just put side draughts and a 4K distributor on it if you don't want wires everywhere. Pretend it's a rally 4age in the 80's
  4. Does the LVVTA not have enough power that the NZTA would listen if they told them to fix the general WoF VIRM?
  5. I'm looking for a single phase motor reversing switch/handle/knob. Something that has rev-off-forward positions The current switch setup on the lathe has one switch for on/off and a second switch for forward-n-reverse. I've seen them on old myfords and whatnot, so I know they exist. Motor is something like 2 kW Where can I find something locally?
  6. Fusible link wire near battery + terminal can get enough broken strands to exhibit this behaviour.
  7. Yes. Otherwise I have a 67 Anglia you could buy
  8. Could be a good excuse for a camping trip
  9. It's well known that dump scales read 50 kg higher on the way in than on the way out
  10. Stm pro looks like a nice piece of kit. But again, if the firmware isn't great you could be in for a harder than ideal time
  11. Nothing that I know of, I would just want something built a bit more robust
  12. Microsquirt works well enough, but is probably overpriced for what it is. The biggest drawbacks are that the fueling models incorporated in MS aren't really that great and take a lot of fiddling to get perfect If I were to do EFI again I would probably go for a Link Atom or maybe speeduino if it wasn't a daily driver
  13. How much power do you read with a dead stock 4age?
  14. When I bought the Hilux I took it for a front toe alignment. Guy was like "Yeah bro, fiddy bux" An hour and a half later of us attacking the tie rods with heat and hammers and all tools known to man the alignment was done. Tyres haven't worn out yet, so it must have been a goodun
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