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  1. I sometimes wonder what happened to the engines from our Corollas that were written off by that drunk driver one night. Either some people got two of the healthiest 4A-F/4A-FE engine's to ever grace our wreckers or they got turned into tin cans. Would have been an absolute shame if they were scrapped.
  2. It's because you aren't putting the nitrogen through your waterblaster, that'll make it chooch properly.
  3. So you're saying I couldn't fit an Austin Princess steering wheel to my car?
  4. Did anyone buy any of these? Brantz uk website doesn't want to ship to NZ and the ireland one wants like 64 euro for shipping.
  5. You really need a set of four starlet deer head centre caps for your wheels. I hear there is a Good Engineering outfit with a little CNC mill that can make them Based on this
  6. If anyone is wanting to build an EFI system there is a whole load of high quality, ruggedised EFI gear for sale from martin jetpacks right now: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?member_listing=326563&bof=9qt4vnAL&page=3 All $1 res
  7. Looks like a recipe for pumping losses if the end is capped In saying that, I probably have all the tools required to make those out of aluminium just laying around
  8. As far as I can gather the Yellow one is getting a 12A in front of an automatic with a locked diff and will be rolling on modgies wrapped in eagers
  9. Can you please create a reference table and graph to indicate which parts are going into which car.
  10. My recipe for successful frost plugs: New coolant every few years to stop stuff corroding in the first place Brought to you by captain hindsight ®™
  11. @kpr when measuring your exhaust pressure, how are you plumbing the sensor into the exhaust? Just into the O2 bung with some sort of long tube to stop the heat getting to the sensor?
  12. The bonnet is the bump stop
  13. Have I mentioned that crc protectant stuff in this thread yet? I applied it to the super chalky bonnet pull handle and it restored it to new condition after about three applications in the space of 10 minutes
  14. Solve all your problems with solid engine mounts
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