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  1. How many different brands of hoseclips does that have on it?
  2. The one after the hubnut video for example. Pretty much any google stuff you post just shows up as a circle with a line for me
  3. Yer damn google video links don't work sir
  4. Can you take it for a cert with no plate on it? That way they would just record the VIN number? /I really don't know and can't contribute in this case but I am interested in the answer
  5. You guys should all subscribe to this welsh hippy on youtube: He also did a video on @h4nd's car
  6. I was thinking "That looks stupidly similar to a Starlet fuel tank" and then I realized....
  7. Featuring LD28 madness and 2-stroke hilarity
  8. that was a really good turnout tonight. Good work everyone. /should have taken a photo
  9. MD997201 @bigfoot ?
  10. Looks almost the same as for 76 Colt but has auto choke
  11. @RUNAMUCK @yetchh @Carsnz123 @EpochNZ
  12. As far as I am aware towbars don't need any certification/approval and modifications are allowed to them.No specification that it needs to be done by an official towbar place. VIRM says tow bars never need LVVTA approval. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/towing-connections/light-vehicle-towbar-and-fifth-wheel
  13. If it's a bosch based efi system it will probably run 3 bar fuel pressure and drop at pretty much 1:1 with the manifold pressure, so like 2.3 bar at idle. Since you are running an aftermarket ECU you should be able to get away with just disconnecting the vacuum source from the regulator and running at fixed pressure and tune for that. A simple inline fuel gauge should do the job. Are you using a wideband oxy sensor? You were posting about it pulsing or something at idle? That is often an indication of your AFR being wrong so it swings between too rich and too lean You also mentioned your temperature sensor was all over the place. Fueling changes significantly with temperature readings, so this could be the cause of your issues.
  14. I head rumours that Mr. HubNut (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfxlBQnvNXX6o-2KbCMszWQ) wants to attend this meet.