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  1. Is there an active effort at lvvta to try and fix the rules or is it just a case of people who like more modern vehicles aren't lobbying at all?
  2. 4K pistons always crack from the stress relief holes drilled at the ends of the oil return grooves. Results in rods chewing up the bore. Time to get yourself some expensive swedish pistons, that sort of thing is your bag.
  3. "800W is only the theoretical power. Most of our customers are happy with the actual power of 72W"
  4. 9 years, 2 weeks and 2 days of ownership now. Just passed my 100,000th km in this thing today. Happened to be on the same piece of road that I test drove it too. Trade in value must have just plummeted to near zero.
  5. I'm running mach3, at high feeds in multiple axes it will start skipping. Otherwise it seems good enough. Is grbl a proper real time solution or do you just send it g code via serial and pray it works right?
  6. Just use my brother's secret technique and put a drill on the top of the valve stem and spin it around a couple of times.
  7. I stopped by an electronics recycling place today and found a computer I have been looking for for a while. I then proceeded to upgrade it from a pentium three with 128mb of ram to an i5 with 32gb. Was good fun at pbtech when the guy couldn't figure out what I was doing.
  8. You can get manual choke carbs that are actually for a 2E though, could be worth hunting down. Then again, can't really go past the reliability of a 4K carb
  9. probably only the surface is hard. Hit it with an angle grinder first to get through
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