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  1. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    What cars that could reasonably be expected to be in NZ come with Bosch 4.9 sensors from factory?
  2. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Still waiting on the chinese oxy sensor. Meanwhile, BNT reckons they provide a 1yr/30000km warranty on the LSU 4.9 sensors. But they do cost significantly more than from NZefi ($210 for 0.85 m cable sensor vs $160) - NZefi provides no warranty. No idea if BNT would be able to honour the warranty or if Bosch would just tell them to bugger off though.
  3. no. Pretty sure the system needs to be kept up to date, legally. /totp fail
  4. I'm speaking more from the point that most people who go and implement some sort of electric park brake onto their car aren't going to go to the same lengths as an OEM to make it safe. I'm sure the OEM setup uses information from multiple sensors before deciding to apply the park brake and how hard to apply it. Old Brian with a modified 85 Skoda probably won't have any of those sensors and would just make it blindly go on full lock when actuated. EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm not against e-brakes. I was just trying to give a possible reason as to why the LVVTA doesn't like them on manual vehicles.
  5. Could you possibly fit some sort of front wheel handbrake setup? Subaru's used to run them. The danger with an electric handbrake and a manual gearbox is there isn't really any way to know the car is parked when engaging it, potentially locking wheels when driving. It's easy to accidently hit a button but hard to accidentally pull a lever.
  6. ajg193

    Escort/XFlow idling issues

    Check your ignition system over
  7. ajg193

    POR15 full of shit!

    TBH it's better than no paint.
  8. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    It automatically rescales with megasquirt
  9. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I've done close to 20,000 km (14 months) with my microsquirt so far. The only ecu caused issue I had was when a resistor burnt out in the first 5 seconds of operation, but that is a known common fault with them and takes all of 5 mins to repair. There are people out there that have done 300,000+ km/10 years without any issues using megasquirts - in harsh environments like off-roading too. All other faults were my own doing (like the loom being melted on the exhaust manifold on day 1 or my injectors leaking (don't use old injectors)). That being said, I'm still running it in a fuel-only mode so it is a fairly basic setup. It is all wired and ready to go for as soon as I want to set up ECU controlled ignition, just need to stick a CAS on the flywheel but I don't feel like doing it at the moment. The other day I started the car with the MAP sensor plumbed to free air instead of the manifold (I forgot to reconnect it after dealing with an exhaust leak) and the car actually ran, albeit way too rich and super lumpy. I would have thought it would have just flooded and not ran at all. Took a minute or two before I diagnosed the problem. /If I did it again I would probably just design and build my own ECU from scratch for my specific application, or just fall for the marketeering and get a link. But there isn't really anything wrong with megasquirts. I probably saved about a grand by doing microsquirt compared to a link atom. Also, stay away from Innovate LC-2 controllers for oxygen sensors. They seem to have a fairly poor reputation. The 14point7 or whatnot are supposedly good?
  10. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    While it is easy to get your AFR's to whatever arbitrary value you have decided you want, it doesn't mean you will get optimal power/efficiency. You really should use a dyno for the tuning, only using the road to configure the model for maximum tune robustness (temperature curves etc). /says the person who is running a car with a pure road tune.
  11. I did this to jump start a car a few years ago. Worked well, apart from the burn mark on the spanners after.
  12. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Timing set by ear bro. And I tell the ECU the coolant temperature by twisting a knob on a potentiometer based on what the temperature gauge says.
  13. ajg193

    Rock hard brake pedal issue help

    Could be a junk "splitter". Do what Adoom says. Also, KP61 Starlets suck bad.
  14. ajg193

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    Budget is gone too. Value now.
  15. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah, saw that a while back. I just want to see how shit the sensors actually are. If they are within tolerance and last more than 1/3 the time of genuine one then they may be suitable for non-performance applications.