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  1. Is there any intention to ever get an unpaid uni intern to slowly transfer the old plate system info and photos into that database?
  2. The new LVVTA online data system is pretty nice. All it needs now is a sale price box and trademe could be put out of business https://lookup.lvvta.org.nz/search/?search_id=r3vznnobh1dg @cletus I hope you made him rectify those short window winder handles
  3. Also all four wheels can be travelling at different speeds without slip - like when going around a corner. You'd need to account for steering angle if you wanted to know the 'exact' moment of excessive slip initiating.
  4. What about a situation where a car has a dealer option genuine towbar from 38 years ago and never had a load rating?
  5. As far as I'm aware there is nothing in the vrims about tow bar load rating documentation and he would therefore have no right to fail them?
  6. Sounds like the sort of thing Ian McCall would do
  7. might be worth checking your valve clearances if it is that quiet, surely an old british engine should have a little bit of a tap? I wouldn't be surprised if it all tightened up a little bit over the years of sitting
  8. You need J30R9 hose for injection systems. Stay away from Supercheap for that stuff. Go to BNT Clamps look like this They don't cut into the hose like the other type do
  9. Just a heads up, that hose isn't EFI rated fuel hose. And those clamps aren't EFI rated. If you ever need to get a cert they will pull you up on that. Also, be careful with 'acceptable leaks'. It really doesn't take much to ruin your day - ask me how I know
  10. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/seven-sharp/clips/meet-the-gearheads-who-gather-to-celebrate-their-love-of-the-trusty-toyota I spy @Roman on tv
  11. Worn spacer/circlip in the gearbox allowing the gear to move away from synchro under decel load?
  12. This guy got 448,000 miles out of his first clutch on his Yaris 400,000 out of the brakes https://www.yarisworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45522
  13. You'd almost need new undies after the close call at 2:45 Also, is that safety car one of them newfangled GR Yarii?
  14. My reckoning is that it was like that for years and I just never paid any attention to it. I did always notice how the temperature gauge would read slightly higher when the headlights were on even though the temp was actually exactly the same
  15. This is all resolved now. It appears the biggest issue was the fusible links (sections of wire designed to safely fail if overloaded) at the end of the +VE wire from alternator are old and couldn't cope with the current - resulting in large voltage drop and heat generation. I ran a new wire in parallel (auto sparky recommended as it can be difficult to remove the factory wire from loom) with the old one and put a 60 A fuse inline (a proper fusible link fuse). New wire is 7.92mm^2, rated for like 80 amps on a 2 metre stretch. Also threw a brand new alternator in for good measure as
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