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  1. Fuel flow rate and pressure are unrelated, if the pump can provide enough fuel for a 100kW engine it will provide that much fuel regardless. If running a fuel pump with the car unattended was a good idea then manufacturers would be doing it and there would be no laws against having a fuel pump running when the engine is off. As someone who has set a car on fire from a fuel leak in the past I think I am somewhat qualified to say that pumping fuel like you suggest is a bad idea. It only takes a second for everything to go wrong. Plus, adding more fuel to a boiling carburettor is just going to make you be at more risk of flooding the engine or filling the engine compartment with flammable vapour that will ignite as soon as the distributor makes a spark.
  2. Fuel is a fire hazard, a fan blowing air around isn't. Why would anyone would pump fuel when they don't need to?
  3. I'm just gonna dump my rant here - it's stupid that a car that gets certed for something completely unrelated to suspension or wheels gets locked into whatever wheels it had at time of cert. Example: Starlet has cert for EFI, now requires OE wheels.
  4. Freecad is getting better by the day. The CAM side of it is superior to Solidworks included CAM. Bastard of a learning curve though
  5. Have you definitely ruled out bad head gasket? Won't hurt much to check for excessive milky buildup under oil cap
  6. The Car Care Nut has a long video going over the achilles heels of these engines. If I recall correctly Toyota made changes over the years and you can tell which revision (newer = better) it is just by looking down the oil fill hole.
  7. Latest issue of beaded wheels has an article that might be useful for this situation. The national / Alexander Turnbull library in Wellington has archives of all vehicles sold in NZ from 1924-1974. Catalogue is called Registration of motor vehicles in N.Z. arranged in postal districts / New Zealand RMTA You'll most likely have to go there in person but they can possibly do an interloan to your local library. Gives rego number, model, name and address of owner etc
  8. By the logic above we need a WoF check every two weeks?
  9. Is there a particular reason to stick with 13" wheels? (Cheap supply of tyres?) Going up a size or two would remove a lot of bottlenecks
  10. My brother had a GTI as his first car, must have been nearly 25 years ago. He crashed it on the harbour bridge once Another time he shot a rod out the block doing 180 on a back road After that he replaced it with a 4WD turbo familia, he paid $6000 at the time. No idea if that was a lot of money or not back then. That was a fun car to ride in
  11. Jane says we can do it. @igorI expect to see you there, you are also welcome to crash at our place on either side of the event, we have both a room and a shack on offer
  12. I recognise those storage units, they're directly across the road from where I work in Ferrymead. One of them caught fire a month ago /Ling
  13. You'd think in this day and age the computer would do it all for you. I expect if they tried to give it a 12 month WoF the computer would throw a fit
  14. What's the go with getting a wof 1-2 weeks early these days? Twice in a row now I have gotten 6 months from inspection date instead of 6 months from original expiry date.
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