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  1. Felixx stored Baldwin's Starlet for a fair bit of time. Maybe he could be convinced in exchange for a good hug?
  2. Was a good turnout. I went a different way to everyone to get to governors bay though. Couldn't see any good parking so cbf'd my way out of there.
  3. ajg193

    Switched power

    If the car originally had a fuel cut solenoid on the carburettor you could use that as a switched 12 V source in the engine bay. Probably not a very helpful response though..
  4. Would have been ideal in the Starlet
  5. Actual figures, calculated at every tank. I usually take about a month to go through 30 litres in the Starlet.
  6. I use 91 in my Starlet and get 6 L/100 km on open road without being nice to it and around 7 thrashing it around town (was pretty similar with carb, maybe 0.2-0.5 more). Hilux also gets 91, does 9 L/100 km open road and like 11-12 in town. Surely you only really need 98 in something with heaps of compression? / I'm just too poor to use 95 or anything
  7. [Regarding your datsun thread] How is it possible that your cars get such horrible fuel economy? Even with carbs I have never hit those numbers. You'd think 11 L/100km would be the absolute most a little 1100 would consume. I guess the auto sucks a bit?
  8. How many different brands of hoseclips does that have on it?
  9. The one after the hubnut video for example. Pretty much any google stuff you post just shows up as a circle with a line for me
  10. Yer damn google video links don't work sir
  11. Can you take it for a cert with no plate on it? That way they would just record the VIN number? /I really don't know and can't contribute in this case but I am interested in the answer
  12. You guys should all subscribe to this welsh hippy on youtube: He also did a video on @h4nd's car
  13. I was thinking "That looks stupidly similar to a Starlet fuel tank" and then I realized....
  14. Featuring LD28 madness and 2-stroke hilarity
  15. that was a really good turnout tonight. Good work everyone. /should have taken a photo