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  1. The first time I bought nothing, quite happy about that.
  2. Please tell me the LVVTA isn't relying on the POS SolidWorks FEA system for their approvals?
  3. I'm using a 7K-E distributor in the Starlet. It isn't exactly locked as there was never any advance mechanism in it in the first place. It works absolutely fine. As long as your ECU has an idea of where the engine is in the cycle you can just aim the rotor so it is just leaving the post at 0 degrees. If you look at my thread there is an example of what I did with the trigger setup in the distributor. Originally the 7K-E distributor only had 4 points on the trigger wheel, but I made one that goes up and around the VR pickup - this gives a stronger signal as there is a higher tooth speed, and allowed me to fit more points in (24-1 in the current configuration).
  4. My brother got his plates approved from pictures, but they weren't from one of those suppliers. We drew them up ourselves and had them CNC machined. Just because it was approved doesn't mean it is legal
  5. Thick gasket water cut from copper? O-ring your block or head to go with it?
  6. It works perfectly in every case, only issues are if you don't have a strong enough stepper or miss pulses from the encoder You can even make multi start threads by offsetting the spindle position by X degrees in the software. It's pretty much superior to a gear driven system in every way. You will have issues with using the thread dial for metric threads using an imperial leadscrew though, you could probably get around that by encoding the position of the carriage too. Doing that would allow you to compensate for machine wear, effectively allowing you to cut a perfect thread until the machine falls apart.
  7. Yeah, his videos came up about the same time I started ordering bits
  8. I managed to get my electronic leadscrew on the BarryLathe to cut its first thread today. The lathe probably hasn't cut a thread in 20 years. I still need to wire up a control panel so I can set the parameters without reprogramming it, but it is great being able to cut literally any thread pitch without changing a single gear. (Thread in image is a bodgy attempt at M16x1.5 with a random piece of HSS cutter)
  9. Ling post: Chinese wideband O2 sensor still going hard
  10. Maybe give these guys a call: https://www.abequipment.co.nz/equipment-section/material-handling/
  11. He wants front sump
  12. When I had this problem with the hilux it was just a fucked fuel pump. Wasn't building enough/any pressure. Could idle and free rev fine but as soon as you went to drive it it would run like a sack of shit. On the Starlet when I first did the EFI conversion there was a faulty fuse holder for the fuel pump circuit (it actually managed to melt the fuse). This fault caused the pump relay to occasionally click off, causing instant loss of fuel pressure for like half a second at a time.
  13. Would a 7K be suitable? They aren't as big/powerful as a 4Y but are built just as well. I think you can still get both engines brand new from Toyota anyway. What length limitations do you have?
  14. I can imagine modifying would be the way to go. The Y series engine wasn't really ever used in any vehicles in the USA so aftermarket bits are a right bastard to find. Why are you going Y series? Hilux bits into something else? 3S-GE / 3S-FE engine supposedly has the same bellhousing pattern as Y series so you could possibly go that route for a better engine. They are front sump as far as I am aware
  15. Does the rev counter do stupid shit when it happens? That would point to ignition. Maybe your coil is a bit tired and it just isn't putting out enough under high load conditions?