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  1. If you drop the diameter to 9.5 mm you'll get about 90 Nm of torque and a stress down around 500 MPa, possibly a more suitable design
  2. i don't have any experience with spring design, so can't really help you here. Looks like some people see bars made from 4340, I'd assume heat treatment would be required after manufacturing? Some simple calcs estimate you'd have around 160 Nm of torque on it to get 90 degrees of twist from end to end. This torque will give a shear stress of like 600 MPa - this is getting quite high. You'd want a material with at least 1200 MPa tensile strength.
  3. Might be able to use a different catalyst to kick it off quicker Also make sure there is no moisture in your molds as that reacts with the urethane during curing and makes bubbles - that's how they make polyurethane foam for seats and stuff.
  4. As requested by @Roman, here are recent fuel consumption values, night time, in the rain, heater on, reasonably level roads/motorway
  5. Fan is bright zinc front of pulley is black zinc, didn't want to get any in the V so stayed away from that spot. The other thing is that the alternator is the one part of the engine you can't even see
  6. Before and after for back half
  7. Car was making a bit of a belty noise the other day so I pulled off the alternator belt. Pulley on the alternator had a little slop in it so I stripped it down. The front bearing seemed to have a bit more play than I'd like so I threw a new one in and vapour blasted the front half of the alternator (illegally borrowing @ProZac's blaster). I went to put it back together but my OCD couldn't cope So I pulled off the back half and cleaned it too Anywho, it looks a lot better now and doesn't seem to have any unreasonable play. I also put a new belt on, last one was about 6 years old. Nice and quiet now. $22 fix
  8. ajg193


    Mechanical force causes friction. But yeah, those setups have less than 1/4 the friction area of even the basic OEM LSDs, as cletus says. Probably fine on gravel, but won't really provide that much help in many situations
  9. Although not relevant to this build, rumour has it that early tercel steering racks fit starlets, could have pointless power steering that way
  10. ajg193


    Just get a tin of CRC tyre black and brush it on. Also makes old faded bumpers look like new
  11. Sounds like you've got a great plan. Nothing better than a lowered Starlet.
  12. If you do one component you will have to do every component or your OCD won't rest
  13. They're rated as 40 L I think the most I have ever fit in is about 35.5 L, never really had the balls to run it lower. I'd assume it would start sucking air at about 37 L. I'll check my fuel log as the tank was bone dry when I first put the EFI on.
  14. If the epoxy didn't cure before being mixed with the oil you might get away with soaking it all in acetone to clean it.