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  1. A friend sent me this picture from trademe. Looks like a setup that would suit your 180 hp target beautifully
  2. I hear you about the brakes, but they really aren't a problem after the minor adjustment and cleaning. Also really do want to stay on the right side of the law/insurance. I'm pretty sure that is a different car on the poster - white roof, white plates, different window stickers, no old tow bar from the 70's, chrome trim on front guard (this one hasn't had any for about 20 years I believe)
  3. I was pleasantly surprised by how little fuel our Hilux uses. With bullbar and farmer tray on it it still manages just under 9 L/100 km on open road and about 10.5-11 with around town driving (5 speed column shift, aircon and power steering). Surely the van isn't too much worse than that?
  4. ajg193

    Sound deadening

    Why do people put so much dynamat stuff on their cars? I've always been under the assumption that you only need a small amount of it, in the right spots, to kill the resonance of the panels. I guess a huge sheet of it could hold back the heat somewhat.
  5. You'll never cry with a 3Y. Random fact, there is some significant ECU difference between these and the Hilux version. Base timing is 12 deg for this and like 8 deg on Hilux, setting timing to 12 just results in mega pinging
  6. They made it back to Auckland. They did 2000 miles and only had to put petrol in it. They didn't even have any tools with them. He once put a little oil in and then realized the car was sitting on a slope, so it now has a little too much in it. I believe there are a lot more pictures to come.
  7. Yeah, I didn't actually mean to offend anyone with the earlier comments. It would be great if we could all get out and do stuff with no commitments
  8. I guess you are correct. Probably the minority though?
  9. Tbh he's putting everyone on this forum to shame. We should all be doing this sort of trip more often
  10. They've begun their trip north now. I think they are in Hokitika tonight. My dad said it hasn't lost a drop of engine oil so far. I call BS. He reckons someone wanted to buy it from him in Wanaka but died when he stated his asking price
  11. Could also be dodgy positive feed from battery, intermittent high resistance?
  12. Too advanced timing will probably still be able to run somewhat alright when started. Would definitely be a bastard to start like in the videos though.
  13. They made it to Te Anau yesterday. No problems yet. Apparently people like it but are still calling them foolish for even trying
  14. Looks like they had clamps on factory setup. The one on the car is supposedly from a race car and is all one piece with just a flex section in the middle.
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