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  1. We bought an innovate LC2 + 4.9 sensor (had to change the output range using supplied programmer software) and I made up an LCD display using a Nano (convert lambda to %O2) and put it in a nice box. Tested it out using argon from the tig welder and it went straight down to 0.0% O2 (reading 20.9% in free air), so it looks like it will work. Assembled it onto the furnace so it should be ready for testing on Monday assuming the instrument grade argon arrives. Also, don't have sensitive electronics like arduinos near (older?) tig machines when running, it corrupts the memory instantly. If it works that means a saving of about $9k
  2. A lambda value of 1 (14.7:1 AFR with petrol) is theoretically oxygen content of 0 %. The atmosphere will be argon (inert) and will be venting past the oxygen sensor. The application is a furnace for casting magnesium. The existing oxygen sensor (over 10 years old, custom made) died and a replacement unit would be over $7,000. We're thinking we could replace the setup with a 4.9.
  3. Anyone know how well Bosch LSU 4.9 sensors work in non-automotive environments? Looking to measure the oxygen percentage in an argon environment. @Roman ?
  4. ajg193

    Flywheel removal help, Auckland

    Remove bolts. Put gearbox back on, install starter motor. Start engine. Rev until it falls off and goes through the bellhousing and firewall. ???? Profit
  5. ajg193

    Flywheel removal help, Auckland

    Hammered it when it had the load on it?
  6. Wouldn't you need to change both gears? Otherwise they won't mesh right due to different diameter combinations
  7. What sort of info did Toyota have on it?
  8. ajg193

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Jesus. That time of year already?
  9. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Anyone have any VAST coils for sale/know the best place (or vehicle) to source them from?
  10. And a fully worked 4K with a dumpy and gilmer belts
  11. You are a sick man having two 1984 cars of the exact same colour scheme. Please put Sprint rims from a Starlet on it.
  12. ajg193

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    http://educypedia.karadimov.info/library/h23.pdf Interesting reading in here Here's an example of a Toyota spark map:
  13. Volvo or some shit tried to make a 5 cyl with 3 carbs
  14. ajg193

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    I should probably find some sort of a use for the wide oval spare tyre in the Starlet (it's done about 25 km in its entire life)
  15. Apparently 5 cyl engines are practically impossible to get running properly with carbs