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  1. I stopped by an electronics recycling place today and found a computer I have been looking for for a while. I then proceeded to upgrade it from a pentium three with 128mb of ram to an i5 with 32gb. Was good fun at pbtech when the guy couldn't figure out what I was doing.
  2. You can get manual choke carbs that are actually for a 2E though, could be worth hunting down. Then again, can't really go past the reliability of a 4K carb
  3. probably only the surface is hard. Hit it with an angle grinder first to get through
  4. Just be happy you don't have a box with synchronized reverse
  5. I wasn't suggesting it's more likely with the new setup, I'm just picturing it happening. For some reason it is too easy to hit reverse instead of fourth in my brother's capri (some modern falcon gearbox), hell of a grinding noise
  6. I'm just picturing a miss-shift from 2nd down into 1st and hitting 17000 rpm
  7. How much would something like this need to be watered down to get a cert in NZ?
  8. As above, probably just get whatever you can find. I'm still running original hoses on the starlet, no idea how much of a timebomb they are but it seems to have had good coolant all its life and there are no signs of crunchiness.
  9. This seems like the sort of doohicker you would need for your zero-vacuum engine
  10. Can always just get a big pile of desiccant instead of a dehumidifying machine
  11. I had the wrong battery in my hilux for a while, but that was because I harvested it from the LPG Corolla when it got written off. Was always expecting the battery cables to snap at any moment
  12. "Oh well, I guess my car is gonna be positive ground from now on"
  13. @fueland @ProZacare Mitsubishi weirdos
  14. Are these things mass airflow sensor or MAP? My hilux has similar behaviour when the fuel pump was bad.
  15. I recall seeing something a few years ago where a guy pulled apart the fuel/injection system on an old mercedes diesel after it had been run on biodiesel for a few years. Everything was completely buggered from corrosion internally
  16. Perfect size for putting a garlic bread in for heating up
  17. E10 would only set you back like 4% economy though?
  18. Their MSDS indicates it is just plain old fashioned phosphoric acid: https://recharge.net.nz/wp-content/themes/recharge/pdf/msd.pdf
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