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  1. zep's 1965 HA Viva

    For sale people http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=587284079
  2. zep's Gemini Coupe

    I've almost rewired everything under the dash. It's taking a while and my soldering is improving vastly, but it's all going well and I've probably removed a few kgs of wiring. - Installed my slotted ball joints yesterday. They're used to adjust the camber - unfortunately at maximum negative camber they foul on the control arm where it starts sloping up. I'm going to need to smash them with a hammer or weld in a flat section. Pictorial description of problem.
  3. zep's Gemini Coupe

    Cleaned the garage. Phone camera does weird things to my car - it stretches it out, looks funny. Looks way better irl.
  4. Zep's gem'

    That radiator might have different spacing to mine. The Aussie Gemini radiators (and probably the 80s NZ ones) are not as wide as the early ones. But I can measure it anyway if you like. Looks like you drill your own mounting holes in that one anyway. Thanks for the comments, gonna get it done.
  5. zep's Gemini Coupe

    I might have a dying viva, but the Gem is having life thrust into it, few pics to show how I'm getting along. Dash with tacho in place of the clock and the gauge panel coated black (with additions of switches and isolation switches) Engine bay tidy-up progress and new catch can I made (my mum has a sieve the same as the tin!) And a photoshop concept I did for black bumpers. I like it, makes him look like he has a pencil thin moustache I'm still not sure whether or not to go with the gem or Chevette bumpers. The Chevtte bumpers will require cutting up the Gemini mounts which I'm not that fond of. Either way, I'm not willing to shell out to have the Gemini or Chevette bumpers rechromed at the moment so I'll paint the Gemini ones black and see how I like it - if it's total shit I can always open the wallet.
  6. zep's 1965 HA Viva

    Regarding the water, a lot of it came when I took off the head. Not sure about how that shit got so rusty though - looks like even if it was the head gasket, it wouldn't have been long till it was ruined anyway.
  7. zep's 1965 HA Viva

    Got pissed off when I saw it and didn't check the valves, not sure what happened but I'm sure I will soon. Yeah, it doesn't look mint in there eh, though it has had water sitting in it for the best part of a month now. I've seen the other thread and am in contact with the guy.
  8. zep's 1965 HA Viva

    So I bought a head set for the 1057 to sort out the head gasket problem, only to remove the head to find that it was not the head gasket that was the main issue:
  9. zep's 1965 HA Viva

    So I sold the 1256 that I had because I couldn't be bothered swapping the engine. On friday I had a catastrophic head gasket failure. Out the exhaust it was a smoke screen. From the bonnet, a geyser. Steam was coming out the radiator cap, radiator over flow, air cleaner nose, and literally both sides between the block and the head, it was amazing! So I'm probably going to need to find another 1256, preferably one that is running.
  10. Zep's gem'

    Fine. Introducing the worst pictures ever (garage is pretty dark). You get an idea of where they sit in relation to the guards though.
  11. zep's Gemini Coupe

    Just ordered some slotted ball joints from the states as these new wheels are looking like they might need to come in at the top. Max front camber here I come / fail warrant under new rules.
  12. kpr's starlet

    I saw this! Awesome, you're more internet famous that before!
  13. Zep's gem'

    God knows! I have never received them. Probably easier to rip some off a car a Tony's anyway.
  14. Zep's gem'

    How about those clear indicator covers