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  1. Cheers man. Will be keen to have a chat about a few different things that need a cert soon.
  2. Looking to do some chassis strengthening up the front of my car. I'll probably buy this kit, or make up my own version. https://www.retrofication.co.uk/338.html Mostly keen on the A pillar gussets and the chassis to bulkhead gussets. Am I going to run to any issues?
  3. zep

    Zep's gem'

    I probably haven;'t really addressed it. But it is a similar build to the g-series I had in there before. It's just a slightly more modern (barely) engine. Saying that, there is at least one dude in Aussie with a 10.5:1 comp g-series running 35psi or something. So it is doable.
  4. zep

    Zep's gem'

    With a turbo on an engine designed in 1980?
  5. Chris finished welding up the mounts, just need to be cleaned up and coated now. Should be super solid. Now I can get back on to sorting the sump out.
  6. Did you ask for real progress? @EURON8 and I (mostly Chris) have got the engine mounts for the D1 tacked up. Chris will weld them up and then I can get back to sorting the sump. At this point I could pretty much have put a better engine in. At least it's still Isuzu? Also, thanks to @Snoozin @Spencer and @Thousand Dollar Supercar for their help with the AE101 brake kits. They turned up this week
  7. Cool. Thanks man!
  8. Just to reply to myself further, I found this in a 2T/3T workshop manual. Can I assume from this that the factory length is 109mm? And if so, if the 110mm valves are good on the exhaust, should I go for 109mm or 111.54 on the intake?
  9. I wonder if any one reading this knows the factory length of a 2TC/3TC valve stem? I was assuming that they were 110mm based on these, which I've been told will be fine for my head (https://www.speedfactoryracing.net/products/supertech-tivn-1063-supertech-performance-valves-toyota-2tc-3tc-intake-valve-44x8x110mm-ss-backc) But there are all sorts of other aftermarket valves with different lengths. Basically I'm trying to find out what "factory length" means for these valves: https://www.euroexportinc.com/toyota-3tc-2tc-45mm-stainless-steel-intake-valve-set/ If it's 110mm then I'm good to go.
  10. Thanks for the offer but I think I'll be okay. I have a head and also you can buy new ones still, so if I mess this one up I should be okay!
  11. Hopefully I don't need to cut anything then! That could be an decent option too.
  12. This is for an Isuzu 4ZD1 with a 4ZE1 head. Stock valves are 38mm/44mm, I want to go up to 39mm and 45mm. I will be using Porsche elephant feet swivel adjusters, so there should be some room to adjust them up: https://lnengineering.com/products/oem-911-adjusters.html These will probably be what I buy for the exhaust: https://www.speedfactoryracing.net/products/supertech-tevn-1063-supertech-performance-valves-toyota-2tc-3tc-exhaust-valve-39x8x110mm-ss-blk - I've been told they work but I must be honest, I've been lazy and have not measured my stock valve length. Assuming that the 110mm length is "stock" for a 3TC valve, these guys do a 45mm valve that is 2.54mm longer, so 112.54mm: https://www.euroexportinc.com/45mm-stainless-steel-intake-valve-toyota-2tc-3tc-0-100-length/ I'm not sure if it is an important measurement, but would the distance from the grooves to the end of the valve be 2.54mm longer, or would the grooves be cut 2.54mm further up the stem? I have seen these and will probably use them if I have to cut the valve down.
  13. Haha, perhaps I don't understand what I'm talking about. I'm learning here. To keep the installed height of the spring the same as stock, doesn't the distance between the groove and the spring seat (is that its name?) need to remain the same as stock? So if the groove is further up the valve then the spring is not installed at the same height. Am I going crazy?
  14. Wouldn't that depend on the distance the grooves are cut from the valve face, relative to the stock ones?