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  1. So it looks like I might have been a little to quick to pull that pedal out. The thing is, e-throttle pedals have two APSs (Accelerator Position Sensors), they both read the same thing but are used for contingency so it can't get stuck on or something. Essentially, the ECU reads both sensors and if they are the same it says "go". They are both 0-5v. The Hella units are not designed in this same way. They have one APS that is 0-5v, and another PWM 12v output that is not supported by either Link or Haltech. The workaround is to split the single APS output from the pedal into two wires at the ECU
  2. If you read the tech forum you'll know I was trying to figure out where I could score a drive-by-wire throttle and pedal without having to pay over $500 for new Bosch motorsport units. On the weekend I went to Pick-A-Part to look for some rear calipers, but ended up finding exactly what I needed for the throttle setup. Turns out that almost every Euro from 2000 onwards has the right setup - the 68mm Bosch throttlebody. There are a few variations in them as some have water passages, etc, so I ended up removing about 4 or 5 before I found one I liked, which came from a Volvo V50 (2004-2012). It
  3. @cletus I saw in another thread you mentioned that Wilwoods with integrated handbrakes have failed the cert test. I wonder if you had heard or seen anything about these: https://fastlanespares.co.nz/products/wilwood-powerlite-caliper-with-handbrake
  4. Thanks. I've checked the manual and it seems easy enough. I wanted to use regular bushed joints at each end to fully reduce the harshness. I guess that I could always swap them out for heims if the thread is the same.
  5. When building 4-link bars, how do I determine what bush ends are legit and what are not? Also, are there per-determined widths that they should be? Most seem to come in 2.5" and 3". What about the centre bore/bolt size? Some are forged and some are welded: vs
  6. Apart from the wheels, what other items do the new certs have photos of?
  7. Yeah, I read the Accord Euro R ones are pretty decent.
  8. Does this help at all? https://rsmotorsport.com.au/files/Identifying_Toyota_Hilux.pdf
  9. Now that the canal has been cleared, my overnight parts from Greece can finally get back on track.
  10. Thanks man. He's out west so this should be good.
  11. I think I like the idea of the 4 bolt back mount ones, rather than 3 side bolts. For mashing, etc
  12. A colleague has a 205 gti with a busted starter. Can anyone recommend a new unit? Rock auto has them for about $120nzd, elsewhere they can go up to $500! Any suggestions? Cheers.
  13. Cheers all. Might hit up Pick a Part on the weekend and see if there's anything I like the look of.
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