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  1. zep

    zep's Gemini Coupe

    It's been 2290 days since my last update and it seems that all my images have been deleted by greedy internet barons. Here's a new one from the weekend. Regular programming to continue shortly.
  2. zep

    zep's 1965 HA Viva

    For sale people http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=587284079
  3. I think I first want to try push in the inner skin. I reckon it'll be all good like that. If anything will only need to push the guards out a few mm.
  4. I'm trying to achieve more that just folding the lips under, will I be able to push the metal out at all?
  5. Cheers man, where are you located? I'm sure I can figure it out.
  6. My tyres are sitting just a tad too close to (read: pretty much on) the rear guards. Not good stuff. Let me know!
  7. zep

    Flares -

    When I bought some I got them from here: http://www.thezstore.com/
  8. Hey guys, have just updated the main post with some more information. We're hoping to donate any profits we make to an appropriate charity for Christmas, so come along and bring your mates and an empty stomach!
  9. zep

    zep's Gemini Coupe

    I've almost rewired everything under the dash. It's taking a while and my soldering is improving vastly, but it's all going well and I've probably removed a few kgs of wiring. - Installed my slotted ball joints yesterday. They're used to adjust the camber - unfortunately at maximum negative camber they foul on the control arm where it starts sloping up. I'm going to need to smash them with a hammer or weld in a flat section. Pictorial description of problem.
  10. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    I meant for bleeding the master cylinder. There is a single outlet for the rear (closest to the pedal) and two up the front for the L/R front brakes.
  11. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    Any particular order?
  12. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    Should I take all the lines off at once? Or one at a time?
  13. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    Yeah, I'm sure they are correct, could not fit any other way. I always thought you bled starting from the furthest away brake first. So I started from the rear left. Hoses are all new. There is pressure to the front, but not consistent. What is the pressure cup? Easiest technique for this?
  14. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    Shitlords. I never bench bled the Gem's one and it's always been fine. Wish I hadn't forgotten about the need to do it, now will have to remove it all and start again. Mate is gonna be pisssssed.
  15. zep

    Bleeding Beetle brakes

    Hey everyone, I'm helping a friend put his (my old) Beetle back together after a paint job and am encountering some weirdness when trying to bleed the brakes. Details: '73 Aussie Beetle, drum rear, disc front. I did NOT bench bleed the master cylinder. There are no leaks in the piping from the reservoir to the master cylinder or in the brake lines. We started with the rear left - rear right: bled absolutely fine. Fronts, not a lot of action going on here. At first the fluid was pushing through the caliper well, then it just kind of stopped. Mate pushes the pedal, fluid doesn't come out of the caliper. Some times it does, but very very slow and not very much (like 20mm in the tube). Then it appears to creep back into the caliper even though the valves are done up! What might be causing this lack of pedal-fluid action? Especially when it seems to be intermittent. Am I going to have to rip off the m/c and bench bleed it? I thought it might be because the master cylinder is gravity fed and it wasn't getting enough fluid from the reservoir but checked that and fluid pissed out all over me. Help?!