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  1. Ive been working away at the 550 with the intention to use as a commuter now the reg is 39$ a year! That means looking at old pics trying to figure out what wires go where, found some from when i done piston rings and head work.
  2. Nice! Quite like these bikes. Are you staying red or going to blue? Katie Abdila on insta has a nice tidy one if you’re looking for inspo!
  3. I used the home brand stuff too! I left mine for ages but changing out for fresh after a couple days makes sense. Don’t leave the fuel tap in with the vinegar in the tank
  4. Good quality stuff like that makes all the difference!
  5. Apparently most roads aren’t engineered for the 100kp/h open road limit so they’re doing that across the country. Sure to upset a few.
  6. Did you buy another one? TF is wrong with you!? oh wait this is oldschool. It’s mandatory to have 6 bikes in the shed
  7. You’ll 100% get a ticket for Reg on hold it wouldn’t be that much fun if everyone went to hotel rooms at the end of the ride. Freedom camp somewhere
  8. Im pretty keen dependant on if I actually get my TC125 sorted/my life sorted/probably working. Sounds like an epic weekend.
  9. Someone made a post about the Ali knockoff said they’re ok.. ohh this on the last page:
  10. I see your scoot doing the rounds on insta now I think you’ve clocked the scoot game.
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