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  1. I was making great progress on my pop up katana when I made an absolutely stupid rookie error which has rendered my engine completely inoperable. A series of setbacks and fuck ups has made me realise I’m not a great amateur bike mechanic and I should probably just stick to my day job telling people off for riding them too fast. I’m not too sure what this will mean for the future of my bikes or this build thread.
  2. Installed carbs, fuel tap and new throttle cable today. Also chucked on the new tank cap! It’s nice not to have fuel all over the place again! All runs and no issues. I am going to pull the engine cover and check started clutch as this is a known problem for these old Kats. Should be all done ready for riding
  3. If you're like me and like magazines with articles on bikes you own here's a TM link for a magazine. Project Suzuki Stinger,part 10(4 pages), https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/parts-for-sale/manuals-magazines/listing-2349898071.htm?rsqid=925e97372052474c9bf82914046cadab-003
  4. It can be done. That’s all I wanted to know. Cheers
  5. I’m not overly concerned about the legalities of it, just wondering if nzta would pick up that it isn’t an original plate. If we were talking about legalities plates that are bent, chopped or angled are not legal either. Having a black plate is cool but probably not worth the hassle!
  6. Black plate questionz.. Has anyone tried sending a photo of a reproduction black plate (one from the boys at doozi) to the nzta for using as the original? I won an auction for a scoot and the plate has been chopped at both ends so not suitable for re use.
  7. xsinclairx


    Not blue and shiny is a minimum requirement. I might just have to wait until I find someone to do it this dude reckons it’s a can paint job.
  8. What size are yours? If they're 30mm tf125 ones should work.
  9. xsinclairx


    Having a look at trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/paint/listing-2338572273.htm?rsqid=2f1a4504d7504589b0d108d8834d744b-005 This guy states he can put pearl colours into colorpak cans. Is it possible to achieve a nice finish with cans? Another question, is plastic adhesion promoter something that is routinely used?
  10. Not entirely sure how far back to take the paint.
  11. Started prep on the side fairings today. The inside of both sides need some repair from cracking. I took off all the big the PO layered on there. I started removing the paint as well. It comes off pretty easy and I can even see the original white in small parts. No real idea what to do with prep and paint. I’ve just been asking lots of questions and watching loads of videos.
  12. xsinclairx


    @a.craw4d Fairings. Yeah in the same boat. There’s probably about 6 layers of paint on my bike. I thought about that to but I’d still need to do heaps of work to make it look good.
  13. xsinclairx


    Cheers, the place that quoted me does really high end stuff so I think they quote high. There really is a shortage of companies that do jobs like bikes etc. Seems everyone is only interested in insurance jobs.
  14. xsinclairx


    I don’t have a compressor or any paint gear so the can idea might work. Mid been keen to give it a try if you do have a bit leftover.
  15. xsinclairx


    Thanks for the reply @S124AB I thought something like that might be the case. I’ll see what they recommend. It sounds like pearl paint isn’t something I want to learn to paint with either