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  1. Maybe you could get another tank and have one with a sight tube and one without and play swap about when you fee like it?
  2. That’s a good offer! I’ll be in touch if I can’t get it sorted!
  3. It is steel. Ideally I would like to weld/get it welded but I don’t have one and it’s probably cost prohibitive to get someone to do it for me? Tempted to get a welder so maybe I could use this $30 air box as an excuse to get a $500+ welder
  4. And painted. Replacing that oil seal so left it in.
  5. Air box is next for the clean up but it has this hole in it. I could just fill the hole with silicone after I’ve painted it but it would be nice to do something properly to clean it up. Any suggestions?
  6. I’ve been doing a few bits and pieces on the TC. Mainly just waiting for the clutch parts to come in. I quizzed the ladies at Vinz and they looked up my rego in their system. Said last reg pre 1991 so no brake declarations required which is good. Blasted and painted engine covers. Blasted the bash guard and etch primed it. Engine cover pictured is straight out of blaster.
  7. Amazing to see those bikes without a spec of surface rust!
  8. I had one of those for a first bike. Rode it from Auckland city to whenuapai everyday. They’re unstoppable.
  9. I’ve learnt a lot while working on these old bikes (I don’t have any background in automotive or engineering except school) and I continue to learn. Today I figured out how this f**king seat latch works! It took me way to long and I am quite embarrassed haha. Turns out the centre of the latch is clamped down in the tabs, it has a little keeper which holds the spring and it in no way uses the frame to push against. All the clutch parts are ordered and I’ve been scraping the gasket off which has been on there since new.
  10. That centre piece is pretty rough, I'm surprised that there isn't a bearing between them. The non Hi Low Tc's look like they have a bearing. Webike is telling me that they're unavailable now.
  11. Instead of jamming up the genera bike chat I thought I’d post here. Question: would replacing the pressure plate be a recommendation? Also there seems to be a lot of room between the push piece and the pressure plate, surely it or the push rods wouldn’t wear out enough to become short?
  12. Old vs new! Banjo snapped right off. I also think I might buy some flat slides for this bike. CV carbs are frustrating!
  13. How does the chain look when it’s on?
  14. Might just be the camera angle but it does look like the swing arm is quite far to the left.