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  1. Someone made a post about the Ali knockoff said they’re ok.. ohh this on the last page:
  2. I see your scoot doing the rounds on insta now I think you’ve clocked the scoot game.
  3. And painted and fitted in place. This piece is basically just a bracket that is fitted under the mudguard. Definitely not designed with weight saving in mind haha
  4. Thank goodness for sand blasting. Threw some primer on after a clean down too.
  5. That a fkn let down! Ask for half your money back?
  6. So I’ve been up to fuck all with my bikes. When something gets to hard or doesn’t work I forget about it for a while. Next year my 550 turns 40! and that means cheap rego so I moved around the bikes to make the 550 more accessible and I’ve started bolting bits back on. I want to change the handle bars, I’ve got Hagon shocks for it and I need to rebuild a bunch of stuff to make it more reliable as a daily. Haven’t actually done much but tap out powder coated threads
  7. xsinclairx

    Aubs fa50

    Most importantly it has a Moped NZ sticker!
  8. Fairing looks good!
  9. Yeah man yellow is sweet. Custom bikes are always black or dark colours. The bright colour is great.
  10. Definitely wasn’t expecting yellow! Looks sweet!
  11. That subframe part looks oem! Nice.
  12. What’s your tyre specs on this @Truenotch?
  13. I’m thinking the shoes might be as close as possible but not the right ones?
  14. I can’t wait to see this back together!