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  1. When in doubt black it out …?
  2. I’ll rephrase; is the $500 unit from supercheap considered better than the Bossweld mig only… It’d be nice to be able to learn to Tig for similar money to Mig only.
  3. My other option was Bossweld 150 mig… is it better than that?
  4. Supercheap has a special on now for the Viper welders. $500 seems like a good deal for the mig, tig and Arc combo?
  5. Shipping is the killer. The likes of revzilla and lowbrow don’t seem to ship to nz (not when I last checked anyway)
  6. Basically described what I’ve done with my katana. 160/60 on the back is pretty toight.
  7. Yeah agree with everyone else. This is sick! Headlight and no fairing looks mint!
  8. Woah. I wonder what on earth originally happened to that tank. She’s pretty beat up
  9. Yup looks epic. Might actually try to make this one.
  10. I think to check it’s not seized you could chuck it in 5th with the plugs out and push it? To build oil pressure crank it over with leads off plugs. Pretty sure oil light comes on if not enough oil pressure. I might be completely wrong tho
  11. Thanks. I’d certainly do it myself if I had time energy and the space with a lift to do it!
  12. Hey team The Subaru family wagon needs a clutch done. Does anyone have recommendations for a decent workshop that can do it for me? Cheers
  13. Looks more like bacon fat that gear oil
  14. South city on Melbourne st is pretty good too. Ryan is the boss and he’s a good dude.
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