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  1. Love a rags to riches build. Good write up!
  2. So keen but I don’t think I’ll be up for the punishing ride from Dunedin and back but I don’t want to be that guy on the big bike either
  3. Check in with Simon at good parts in Christchurch for bits if you need them. He’s pretty good with stock and is quite fair with pricing.
  4. That project is coming along nicely! Very cool!
  5. I’ve still got to get new mirrors. Put the side covers on cam cover and some other small bits. Close up of the seat.
  6. The bike is pretty much done. I just need to swap my good petrol tap over from the 750 to this and see if that will prevent the carbs over flowing. Seat recovered by Ingram upholstery. Can’t say I’m stoked with it but it’s certainly way nicer than it was! Side covers and guard used to be red. The worst colour on these 550s.
  7. I’d be keen to get a date locked in so I can book time off work.
  8. Has the date been 100% confirmed for next year? Keen but need to book leave and buy a bike!
  9. @a.craw4dthe top one is mine, doesn’t leave much clearance, would quite like to have it like the sparkly one out the side..
  10. Nah definitely not. Wasn’t sure if I should have or not tbh.
  11. That makes total sense. I’ll give that a go cheers @tortron
  12. Got a question about painting plastic guards. Sanded the crusty Matt black off and the weird cream colour under that to the original colour, went below the original colour to the bare plastic in some spots so obviously put some adhesion promoter on. Where the bare parts are there has been some sort of reaction where it looks almost like paint stripper has been put on it but only around the edge of the bare plastic. Does this makes sense? Andy ideas why?
  13. I can’t believe how well it’s actually cleaned up. Good work!
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