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  1. Let me be the first to say, finish your Holdens
  2. Why isn't 3 on the tree in here? I hear he likes holdens.
  3. wooo 355 stroker! Why you no auto? Shift kitted th350 and a high stall
  4. Unless you really want to own it, I'm not currently using it. Fancy a "long term loan" of it?
  5. Yes. Jesus himself runs a 304 in his bombodore in heaven. Nice purchase! I highly recommend the book How To Rebuild & Hot Rod Your Holden 253 308 by max ellery. Covers 304 also. I have a copy if you are interested
  6. An HQ rusting in the plenum chamber? Now I've seen everything. My brother had the same trouble on his sedan. Had nothing but trouble with replacement plenum panels from rare spares. Ended up repairing the fucked one.
  7. Just jam a pinto in there and be done with it
  8. What are the shipping costs like from Summit Racing?
  9. This is looking too sweet! Where abouts are you getting the new bits from?
  10. Nice VC! 253s seem to becoming more popular than 308/304s? Paint it Marlboro Brock colors just for lols
  11. Whats involved in putting the 327 into it?
  12. Looks like a top job! That floor must get a bit tedious to work on
  13. I see that you had trouble with the plenum panel. My bro bought one for his prem and it was deemed unuseable by the panel beater! A common problem? Where did you buy yours from?
  14. I like the Fred Flintstone spec floor. Ditch those modgies in a hurry and you will have a swell little rocket