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  1. Marcus, I hope dassy passed the workshop manual on. Get started here http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-kent-crossflow-tuning-guide.html also put minilites on it and do a sweet single pegger skid.
  2. Why isn't 3 on the tree in here? I hear he likes holdens.
  3. wooo 355 stroker! Why you no auto? Shift kitted th350 and a high stall
  4. Unless you really want to own it, I'm not currently using it. Fancy a "long term loan" of it?
  5. Yes. Jesus himself runs a 304 in his bombodore in heaven. Nice purchase! I highly recommend the book How To Rebuild & Hot Rod Your Holden 253 308 by max ellery. Covers 304 also. I have a copy if you are interested
  6. Yes to the wood grain. Make it look like the vista cruiser
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