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  1. So today I went to take the little red Mazda out for a Sunday drive on Saturday. The intention was to do a bigger drive than usual 20 km round trip it often does. Probably going to be on the road for 2 hours. So the first thing I do is check the tyre pressures as one of the tyres tends to have a slow leak. Do a full walk around the car and get to the tyre with a slow leak and the and the side wall has a huge split on it. I mean huge. (Yes check tyre pressure when warm etc etc etc but this tyre has a leak. So it needs checking BEFORE you drive on it) pull wheel off, head to town, replace tyre with spare I had in storage. Continue with pre prepared trip. Job done. But that’s the problem right there. 2 weeks ago I checked and the tyre was fine. Today it was a massive accident waiting to happen. I know to constantly check these things. Fucking tourists wounders in their shìt wagons have no idea. We can’t trust people to maintain their cars. The accident statistics in Central prove that.
  2. FC plates work perfectly if you are just building a street car. Besides who needs FD irons in an FC. It’s like those guys how stick Chevy motors into Ford’s because they think it’s more reliable. Who the hell builds a rotary for reliability?
  3. 1 year wofs for cars that are 10 years old. This is a rolling date. 6 months wofs for everyone else. While we are responsible motorists, you only have to look at the state of some of the cars and vans driven around here that shows there is a blatant disregard for maintenance when it comes to new New Zealanders and tourists.
  4. My irons were mint with no corrosion at all but the metal between the water jackets and the seals is pretty small. Apparently it’s pretty common for it to break.
  5. Probably the front Iron has cracked by the water jacket. It’s a common weak point from casting. That was the cause of my first rebuild.
  6. Howdy y’all. it looks like we have ski guests that weekend. So I haven’t voted as I am a maybe. Our friends haven’t actually booked theirs tickets yet so they might pull out. Which means I would be a last minute yes. Hence why I haven’t voted yes. I’m probably going to be a no. Sorry team.
  7. I’ve just started building USS Voyager. It’s not 1/24th scale but I’ll punish you all with my terrible slow progress anyway. You’ve been warned!
  8. The most important first upgrade for one of these is a couple of lumps of 4x2 under the end of the bench seat on the drivers side to off set the years of sag. Also… ROAD PACER! Just saying. This would solve all of your 202 problems.
  9. Potential interest in a Hanmeets. Would be bringing my work car though as (free gas) it was a long slow drive to chch in the little red Mazda and would be a nedzillion dollars to bring the 7. I would get to visit all of the gas stations though in the 7…
  10. Worst case: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254669151700?itmmeta=01HRDHFGCVMNNY4YDYQD6T76ND&hash=item3b4b76ddd4:g:Ij0AAOSwV4Bffq7N&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwEc71LV05yxoGQ1oUNh4OLw41EcDSIa6Wy%2Br3FziQL6V0HzEjaWDtTDl%2BD9n7DKL%2F5QkUBVVa6gJAHpPJ09ELZsJjF7QVvmYm%2B8dS4pzt3Q5wXq%2Br9Yvcgek9Q%2FmdtujcUD4J82qMRDRmp0g0MEcX4WVQjKojsuStF4AB7pKBf5Y5sP478lA8E%2F09PZWrQnt90WAIRxjDs8W8xBCcCdNxAoO5ROtJFIoMf3v69SGwWNJ7%2F3sL9TwjeFgC8RMcajpug%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8KGvrHDYw Repro bonnet? Love the full send approach!
  11. A heap of those Bren gun carriers ended up as farm hacks down my ways. #sharn Here is part of my current pile of shame. I might dig out that LRDG truck and have a look…
  12. Our Hilux had factory Recaro’s with the rear seats matching. Was super lush!
  13. If you go for a hoon to Hyper Drive they will (probably) have all your roof racking needs. Our surf was the shape before but (apparently) the viscous fans on these is a weak point. More Barry surf’s might know more. A nice set of Reccaros buckies will look good up front.
  14. Pull them all the way out. Spray belt with 808 silicon spray. Repeat till win.
  15. So excited about about the levelling up! *grabs popcorn*
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