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  1. Yeah I like the white bonnet and ID A-Hole look. But I like the fact you can do both.
  2. Plenty of wanker beers in the fridge mate. And plenty of room at our house if you want to stay a night or two.
  3. I think bonnet pins are fine. Some look better than others but if it fixes an issue then I saw go nuts. You could also visit a local sports store and purchase an item of cricketing attire that could be useful against dick punches.
  4. Will look great painted. But please roll rat spec for a while first please. My old man has had a few of these. Have some pics somewhere.
  5. Sounds freakn awesome mate!
  6. I use a set of 4 to move the rx7 around. They work well on a nice flat garage floor. They did not work so well in my mates garage when we were moving his Holden on a roughish garage floor. Flat floor = winning Rough floor = meh Got mine from super crap but they are all made in China.
  7. Sooo many lols at cheno5M puns. Well done gentlemen.
  8. Nice build thread so far. That digital dash is next level 80’s awesome.
  9. Nice work on being all legal beagle! Always a pleasure to watch your builds and your metal magic.
  10. Nice find! Do love me a Z car.
  11. Loving your work dude. That some impressive fabrication!
  12. Congrats mate. Can’t wait to see this in person some day soon.
  13. @TimShadboltfan27 life goals?
  14. Rad. How's the interior?