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  1. Short answer is yes. They are really narrow, underpowered and unstable. But that’s what makes them fun when you can ride them. @Mitch.W make sure you replace the HT leads. I would even consider replacing the whole coil pack. These only need fuel and spark to work, so you really want to make sure you have good spark.
  2. Looking good mate. Looking forward to taking it for a hoon. Also, are those fast back tops available or is the cunt to get part because they are a cunt to get haha.
  3. Convert to 808 coupe for lol’s?
  4. Cool. If not I can make a template of mine.
  5. Are they as much fun to drive as everyone says?
  6. kiwi808

    1980 B1600

    Have you taken the head off to have a look?
  7. kiwi808

    1980 B1600

    If you go for a bigger/different motor that may require a cert. Are you okay with that? A rowdy as f@$k rotary is always a good option.
  8. Good work on finding that parcel tray. Have you got a template to make the cover piece?
  9. Nice score with the Louvres, they're pretty hard to come but un broken and with the clips. I'd totally rock a set if I had them. This will be a sweet sled when finished.
  10. When is it? Could hit up dad for a favour and drop him off in the Zephyr Convertible? Some issues: If it's in winter it will be beyond freezing in the back. No one there will know what kind of car it is.
  11. It’s surprising how many of these old Utes are still being driven around in Central Otago. Apparently the Cockies loved them as the low gearing coupled with some knobbly tires on the back meant they went anywhere. I like the wheels and think the red and silver pairing will look good with the White.
  12. Not at this stage, but thanks for the offer. Mines road legal and I like driving it around. Got to get the FC running before I take the ute off the road.
  13. How hard are these to convert to rotary? I know there is the REPU but I seem to remember some sharn about it not being as straight forward as you would think for RHD? Bagged, C’notched and rotary was always the plan for mine. Still is.
  14. Convert it back to left hand drive and piston power!