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  1. I know a way that you could free up some cash and make space in your shed!
  2. I have to attend apprentice of the year in Dunedin which is on the same weekend.
  3. Sumo's RX3 Retro Racer

    You should bring this to Highlands so I can ogle it in person.
  4. Sidesharn. Swing by mine for beers, snow and maybea visit to that Fiat pest I know with the 2300 coupe and 30 other weird Italian things...
  5. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    Getting old bikes revinned isn’t as hard as doing cars. I wonder if it is worth getting it revinned as stock as possible before bratting it? My dad has put a heap of old bikes back on the road most of which were dead reg. I’ll talk to him tonight and see if he has any tips. Also, nice work not chopping up the red bike. Looks mean stock as rock.
  6. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    I rebuilt the carb on mine and it made a massive difference. Also, remember to change the lever over on the air cleaner to the winter setting if you haven’t already done so.
  7. @Nick Ritchie those dates do include apprentice of the year which means if one of my apprentices makes the final I have to attend. I’m also in meetings for the 3 days before that which is poo’s. So I Probably won’t make it. Soz.
  8. Think im in Dunedin for Apprentice of the year. Otherwise im keen.
  9. Tumeke's Spitfire Discussion

    Have always wanted one of these. Well actually I have always wanted a Mk1 Jaguar but these are the next best thing. Sidesharn: I very nearly bought one last summer. It was in the back of a guys shed when I was buying a Jet Ski. Looked pretty straight but the reg had lapsed. At the time I didn’t have the space for it. With my new garage being nearly finished I’m going to regret not buying it...
  10. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    Had mine painted on. $100 for the set. Also means you can run decent rubber as a lot of white wall tyres are a bit meh.
  11. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    I run white walls on mine. I also printed little Mazda logos for the hub caps.
  12. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    These are the two areas you want to clean up and rust proof. All the crap builds up in there.
  13. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    Sweet truck mate! Has the early front too which is awesome. When you get a chance take a good look at the back of the cab behind the seat and under the door rubbers for rust. Also get an air gun and blow all the crap out from under where the rear of the front guard joins the cab. This is a cab killer spot. Make sure you clean it up good and then underseal, rust treat or zink the hell out of it. I would also underseal the cab to protect it if your going to keep it. Otherwise these Utes drive well and were popular with cocky’s and they will often come up and Sharn about how rad these are. Also please add J-Port.
  14. Tempting. Probably too far the little red coupe. Might have to bring the RX-7...
  15. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    Might not make it tomorrow. A friend has just arrived with a 10litre mini keg filled with Rhyme and Reason’s delicious pale ale.