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  1. @Toddy415 I have a hose or a vast array of cleaning products. Flick us a text when you're close. I'm around all day as I'm still on vacation
  2. Long range forecast for Saturday is partly cloudy, 29 degrees with a 7% chance of precipitation.
  3. It’s a big park up before the cruise starts too. Most arrive around 6 and the cruise starts at 7 from memory.
  4. Not normally. Most go back to their hotel/Ab&b and polish off the rest of their RTD bourbon and colas.
  5. I normally register for the show on Friday night. That way I have the best knowledge of the weather for the day of the show. @Bling depending on your plans your welcome to drive my little ute in the parade/cruise on Friday night?
  6. Yep, my new Outlander! @Toddy415 normally comes up for the Friday night cruise and lurks around on the Saturday. @Mazda Dave might still be around, it not sure. @kyteler should bring a car. For the car show itself the VCC parts shed is normally open and worth snooping around. A couple years ago we have had a BBQ at mine on the Friday but that will depend on who’s coming. Ill likely be tagging along with a few locals this year for both events. @Bling are you keen to head down?
  7. Not sure. Going to email them to see if I can get my car on display etc.
  8. Anyone cruising to this? It’s the week after The Cromwell Car Show.
  9. Mazda red coloured coupes are the best! (slight bias...)
  10. Needs some cliche surf store stickers on the doors and it will be radical duuuuude.
  11. Yeah I like the white bonnet and ID A-Hole look. But I like the fact you can do both.
  12. Plenty of wanker beers in the fridge mate. And plenty of room at our house if you want to stay a night or two.
  13. I think bonnet pins are fine. Some look better than others but if it fixes an issue then I saw go nuts. You could also visit a local sports store and purchase an item of cricketing attire that could be useful against dick punches.