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  1. kiwi808

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Considering how bad these first gen rust out, this looks pretty good. I do love a CR-X so will follow along with great interest...
  2. kiwi808

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    How is the speedo so far our? What causes that?
  3. kiwi808

    yetchh 121

    One of my favourite photos.
  4. kiwi808

    yetchh 121

    This car is so sweet. Loved hooning around in it at Nats.
  5. kiwi808

    re-registering a vehicle

    ^ Wow. That is some next level meth-headed P&T dodgyness right there. The comments are pretty lol. Especially the previous owner who reckons it’s legit as Thames factory original...
  6. kiwi808

    Removing a boss kit from an HZ Holden? Help!

    This worked perfectly. I was a bit worried that he would snap the top off the steering column as he said he was really trying hard to unscrew it. But a wiggle back and forth and a bit of pulling and it came off! Thanks for the quick replies guys. Love you long time.
  7. kiwi808

    Removing a boss kit from an HZ Holden? Help!

    And here’s the new wheel... (cause pics)
  8. So my mate who owns my old Holden has found a nice stock steering wheel and he wants to remove the racing wheel and he’s having issues. He has removed the buy but the boss kit doesn’t come off. He’s tried unscrewing it and it won’t budge. Might need a puller or something? Anyway I’m hoping a Holden Barry might be able to shed some light on this...
  9. This was my old Moggy. Sold it to a guy on here who rebuilt the motor and now it’s a promo car I think.
  10. kiwi808

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Yeah, it looks awesome on the steelies and whitewalls. Looking forward to seeing it in person some day (and getting taken for a hoon!)
  11. This is where we get to talk oil leaks, poor brakes, electrical issues and the reason why this needs a rotary engine.
  12. kiwi808

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Needs more Hotwires, oh wait... Looks sooo awesome with the patina and primer. And with the window surrounds/top part of the doors painted black. With Mazda’s being garage and trailer Queens it’s so good to see one that looks exactly like the ones we used to own 20 years ago. Probably my favourite rotary in NZ.
  13. kiwi808

    Wheels at Wanaka Easter 2019

    Weather looks poos for Saturday but okay for Sunday.
  14. kiwi808

    Wheels at Wanaka Easter 2019

    Seems like it’s $20 for both days. Can take car home each day too. But has to be after 4pm when the show closes to the public.
  15. kiwi808

    Wheels at Wanaka Easter 2019

    Long range forecast looks like Sunday could be the better day weather wise. Also you can register for a single day or get a discount if you attend both days. If you pre-register partners are $15 instead of $25 per adult.