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  1. Seriously though, I hope this Magic’s itself better. Overheating issues are the worst. Especially when you have tried so much to fix it.
  2. Look, I hate to be the one to have to point this out but.... Rotary. Your welcome.
  3. Airbrush rota art is awesome. Please replicate. Cool having a bit of the history with the car. Makes for better sharns when out and about! /sidesharn #lingor When I sold my last Moggy Minor, I was the 4 owner, but it had only been owned by 3 old ladies prior. (Cool story bro) It then changed hands a few times and popped up at a car show in Auckland. I was like “oh cool, my old Moggy!” But the new owner was very scathing of this remark and corrected me by saying it had only had 3 old ladies owners before him. I played along for a bit before getting my phone out and showing him the car in my garage sandwiched between a couple of Mazda’s. He was a little sheepish after that. Twat. Disclaimer: this has to be one of my best/worst side sharns that is completely irrelevant to thread. Sorry/not sorry.
  4. There are some good solid 12a motors out there, but housings are getting harder to find. Go hard for what they are etc. The same can be said for older 13b housings. You could go modern churbro motor but that needs more Ned’s for computers etc. I vote find a solid 12a and make all of the revs.
  5. So glad you are doing the right thing and working through all the previous poor workmanship. Those fuel lines were terrible but I think you need to keep the gearbox mount. Not to use, but as a sort of homage to the previous owners. New mount is a work of art!
  6. I had a good chuckle at the ‘bolt colour conundrum’. I was fully suckered and lol’d again at how quickly it escalated haha. I know now this would have been the plan all along, but I can honestly say, at first, I thought that bolt was annoying you. Brilliant effort as always mate. Love your work.
  7. At high school my mates dad had a genuine one and Pete used to do skids in it everywhere. Until one service Giltrap Holden charged his dad for a second set of expensive tyres in 6 months. Good times. Sweet car mate. Probably my favorite Holden.
  8. Nice work on the return to chrome! As an FYI you can buy the number plate brackets from Phil’s Rotaries for the front bumper. Worth getting so you can mount the front number plate properly.
  9. Welcome to the 808 coupe club! Cool car mate. Well done.
  10. This is going to look soooo good with the squashed nosed 808 front on it!
  11. You can buy fuel stabiliser which you can use in the 8 month old fuel.
  12. Phil’s Rotaries (I think it was Phils’s) were doing replacement spare wheel wells and from memory they weren’t stupid monies even posted to NZ. That was a number of years ago.
  13. This car is so awesome. I’m super jelly. Are you still planning to keep it dark green? Or will you go light metallic green like in the picture in your first post. This is going to look so good slammed on some widened Steelies and white walls.
  14. *grabs popcorn and settles in for the journey*
  15. Nope, he has already committed to a 20b rowtree.