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  1. Sooo good that this is starting. 12 slots and eagers first up please. Also, I’m off to visit dad soon so I’ll see what Cleveland buts I can pilfer.
  2. @Toddy415 I’m still on annual leave if you want to come around on Friday for a car wash.
  3. I’ll be doing the cruise on the Friday night, but can’t do the show on the Saturday.
  4. @TimShadboltfan27 is a major pest on Social Media.
  5. Bronze looks cool. But I’ve always wanted good wheels (think Simmons V4’s). Silver would be my last pick. But as mention above would look good with the Targa top
  6. Wat Nats in Cromwell? (As in where can I go to see sweet Datsuns?)
  7. I have sales brochures for all my cars, including my dailies. I think an appreciation thread is appropriate.
  8. Short answer is yes. They are really narrow, underpowered and unstable. But that’s what makes them fun when you can ride them. @Mitch.W make sure you replace the HT leads. I would even consider replacing the whole coil pack. These only need fuel and spark to work, so you really want to make sure you have good spark.
  9. Looking good mate. Looking forward to taking it for a hoon. Also, are those fast back tops available or is the cunt to get part because they are a cunt to get haha.
  10. Convert to 808 coupe for lol’s?
  11. Cool. If not I can make a template of mine.
  12. Are they as much fun to drive as everyone says?
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